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Scents , Tastes of Pleasure

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The movers strain and sweat in spite of the cool autumn air. Watching, with pink shorts and tie-shirt in the front, I am amused at their frequent glances at my body. A voice behind me, dripping and sensual, remarks, “Dear, you have a MOST attentive audience!”

Perhaps she had felt my own gaze earlier on her ass as she was weeding her lovely garden. There’s a wonderful smile and her eyes are brown and bright. They don’t hide her thirsty approval of my tanned, curvy figure near the fence. She also has no bra, and it is apparent to me when she was on her knees digging with the hand-spade, that under her thin, tight shorts…no panties. With my back to the sweating men, they could not see me lick my lips…

“My name is Betty!” she gushes in greeting, her nipples large, prominent in her hubby’s T-shirt. “I’m so glad that someone has finally moved next door to me! I’ve been lonesome for company!” Her eyes scan again, and I smile when I move closer to the railed length. “Dot,” I smile. “…And so happy to meet you! I hope we can become VERY good friends!” I spread my legs and rock a bit, and she notices the crease between my pussy lips through the tight, “Daisy-Duke” shorts.

One of the movers shouts to me, “Hey, lady. I need to know what room you want this chest!”

I whisper to Betty, “My god! THAT particular item has my “erotic goody” box in the center drawer! If he opens it, he’ll pole-vault back to the van!” Betty laughs so hard her titties giggle on top of the fence! I’m thrilled the comment amuses rather than disturbs her.

I know she watches me sway to the van, and I am very aroused with so many eyes that follow my every move. After I tell the man where to take it, he moves off…and I come back to the fence again. Betty is still there, her gorgeous tits resting soft, full, and splaying on the broad span of the top. It’s 12″ wide, so I rest my nipples on my side of the ledge. Betty does not budge when our nipples touch. Instead our eyes are locked and we say nothing for about 15 seconds. I feel a warming from her eyes. They seem to fuse with knowing.

“Why don’t you come to dinner tonight, Dot? Hubby is out of town…AGAIN! And I can give you a “proper” welcome. Delightful dinner…a bit of wine perhaps? Fireplace? I’d really love for you to come!” There is a nice rolling timbre in her voice at the word, “come.”

“Delighted!” I reply, loving her use of the word, but mentally with my own erotic spelling. “I’d dreaded the thought of being alone tonight,” I continue, “And I really want to make new friends, especially with you!” Her eyes grow very large, so beautiful and flashing in the sun. She pats my hand and stares boldly at my nipples again. “I think,” she whispers, “We’ll get to know each other quite well this evening. I’ll build that nice fire after dinner while we chat about our thoughts…and many other things, ok?” A wandering finger barely grazes my granite nipple, and I arch to her.

“You’ve got a date!” I say provocatively. “About 7pm?”

“Splendid,” she replies. “…And dress casual! I don’t think we’ll need any frills!” She watches me stretch, and her eyes are lasered again on my hard nibs. Our eyes are locked…even more intently than before.

With reluctance, I twitch and sway across the lawn to the grunting men and filling house.

The entire afternoon, many very erotic thoughts streak through my mind like sensual comets on a very pleasant journey…

I wear my favorite blouse, sheer black with lace that barely covers my nipple tips. I love to barely conceal my 38d’s when I feel this hot! The top slants deep in alluring “V” to just above my belly button. The skirt is split front and back; tight, and short. I think my whole attire will show well in candle light…and SO delicious against the back-drop of a robust fire.

At 7, the traipse across the yard is a wet anticipating mind-trip through the grass. A rather stiff wind has cooled the afternoon air and my pointy grapes react by straining against the lace…

Betty is so beautiful tonight; escort şişli a mini skirt draped with ½”ruffles at the bottom. Split along both sides. She too has worn a wonderful low-cut peach blouse which plunges to her navel. Seems our idea of a pleasure evening has melded very nicely!

There seem to be zillions of candles throughout the home. She holds a candle near my face.

“How beautiful you look!” she tells me.

“And you are such a beauty!” I reply. Even before the table is set, she has already started the fire, and tiny flames consume the huge log in the center.

The dinner is a feast! Prime rib, croissants, broccoli, baked potato…and a large bowl of Concord grapes for nibbling. She watches me roll a grape between my thumb and finger, smiling into my eyes when I lick it first, then ease it gradually into my mouth. The air is crackling between us. Her tongue moves very slowly over her moist lips and she moves a wet finger through her cleavage. “Ooooooo…that feels delicious!” she squeals. She knows I am fascinated with her sensual, feminine movements. My eyes gleam in the amber light with approval.

I’ve leaned back on the sumptuous sofa, uncrossed my legs and parted them slightly. The split in the mini is now quite wide. Her eyes salivate at the sight of my upper thighs.

“This is all so wonderful!” I say; “So enticing, scrumptious and inviting!” I know my voice is a soft purr, appealing in the subtle innuendo of the moment. We both are sharing thoughts not yet spoken. There is the sensuous eye-lock again, and neither of us hides the powerful focus on each other’s bodies. Our eyes are roving over titties, tummies, thighs and calves, providing ample views that, for the moment, our sexy clothing veil from total view. We both know what our mouths are thinking! Ummm!!!! I know my gaze is an erotic rake that devours her splendid body.

We sip wine on the sofa, close by the fire. That, plus the candles, are the only light. But the dancing hues on the wall could not be more conducive to erotic, rabid sex! Then she takes my hand for a tour of the rest of the house.

A long plush hallway ends at the master bedroom. And such a room it is! There are Reubens copies on the walls; nude, plump women who were the beauties of that time — legs clenched tightly at the “V” but shaved as was the custom then.

But what appeals most are the one-sheet mirrors on every wall! And on the ceiling too! Our images are reflected everywhere! The Gods have truly smiled on me for having moved to this place. There’s also a four-poster bed with soft straps dangling from the headboard. I have an image of her arms secured and hubby sprawled between her legs, devouring abundant cum when she gushes to his mouth! Or perhaps another woman feasts on the dripping, pouty lips! My mind is whirling with these lovely thoughts!

On impulse I pull her close and hug her to me strongly. My breath is raspy, erratic. “I dearly love this room, Betty! It literally REEKS of vibrant sexuality!

I can hear my heart pound in my head. My tongue moves gracefully, teasing over her neck and down that wonderful cleavage. ‘It will be so intense’, I think. ‘I want to taste very inch of this vibrant woman!’

She moves her hands to my ass and strokes with so much passion, I am ready to buckle!

“God,” she gasps. “I want you so much! I want everything! I want all of you!” I let my fingers move under the lace to her pussy…oh God! She is so wet already!

Betty’s nipples grind so fiery, needing against mine; our nipples skiing blindly through our valleys.

When my fingers gently enter her drenched cunt, she humps and moans, her voice a sensual plead for more exploring.

I ease deeper into her, feel the juices increase in volume. She watches intently when I slowly lick my fingers soaked with her flowing cum. Her breath is short, uneven and her darting eyes swathe every inch. I pull out again to taste, but she pulls my fingers to her mouth and sucks them like a cock.

“My pussy is taksim escort bayan delicious,” she says softly. “…And I want to drink from your cunt forever!” I move into her pussy again, soak three fingers, then smear her nose and lips with the cream and lick, kiss, suck her mouth! Her hands grope my ass, fingers seeking my split. ‘Yes,’ I think. ‘She knows exactly what I like!’

Back in the living room, we sit naked on the sofa. There is no speaking as we watch each other savor our own pussies with our fingers. Sensual and provocative, our eyes are glued to each other’s movements.

The fire needs another log, so Betty lifts the wood onto the grate. She’s on her knees, revealing the most beautiful ass I have ever seen! I crawl to her and flick my tongue from her clit to her puckered opening; smelling, tasting…needing to devour every drop of her sweet cum! With my thumbs I pry open her ass and ram my hard tongue deep and fast, twirling the walls and soaking my fingers in her dripping cunt!

“Does hubby ever tongue-fuck your sweet ass?” I ask.

“Oh, God…yesss!!…I love it!” Betty moans. “He knows it will make my cum explode all over his face!”

I lie down under her as she piles another log on the heap. My tongue is like an erotic rapier, plunging deep inside her scrumptious pussy! Her cunt fucks my mouth with total pleasure and abandon! Her blazing eyes follow every move of my tongue and I feel her thighs tremble and squeeze my face with rampant desire and need!

“I’m so happy you have a shaved pussy,” I say in a husky voice. Two fingers move into her sopping cunt while my tongue flicks over her twitching clit. My thumb finds her ass and slowly enters the pucker.

Betty is delirious now with just pure lust. She turns around and moves her pussy back to my mouth. Her fingers and hands move over my titties, down my belly. Then her own tongue trails a wet path around my clit and then my oozing cunt. I hear low moans when her mouth engulfs the dripping slit, then plunges deep inside the drenched cavity. My mouth covers her entire pussy and she hunches down to feel the full thrust of my tongue again between the long puffy lips. Betty’s mouth is ravaging from my nipples, so taut and eager now, to my gushing cunt, screaming to this wonderful woman who is so thoroughly insatiable!

“I’ve got to see this in those mirrors,” I almost choke. “I’ve never seen my pussy so wonderfully loved and fucked as you’ve just done! Can we invade the “lust den” of the bedroom?”

“Yessssssssss!” she screams. “Let’s go watch this on the bed! I so much want to feel and see my tongue move over your exquisite fucking body!”

Betty lights an incense stick and puts it in a vase. The moon smiles through the window and we can see the shadowed glen behind the house. Sated for the moment, we simply lie on the bed and talk in very soft tones.

“Have you and hubby ever fucked in that lovely glade out back?” I ask.

“God, yesssssssss! Lord! Jonathon and I have fucked in every conceivable place, including some public ones!” Her voice grows wispy when she says, “He even fucked me once on a bus!”

I cannot contain my laughter! “A bus? How did you pull that off?”

“Simple,” she grins. “The bus was crowded, but we had seats. An older lady was standing up, so Jonny got up and gave her his seat. I stood up and sat back down on his lap. But my full skirt was hiked up when I sat back down! Somehow, he eased out his cock and I felt it plunge into my pussy!” The erotic thought streaked through my mind like a banshee!

“Did you cum?” I quiz, the image burned in my mind.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!…my cum gushed so fast and hard! If others knew, they ignored. But my pussy flowed and drenched his cock and balls! And I felt his cum squirt deep inside and soak my pussy like never before! It was the best orgasm I ever had. Perhaps because of the sheer erotic naughtiness of it all!”

The view from the ceiling mirror is almost too much to bear! I spread my legs and şişli eskort let my fingers pinch my clit, then ease into my arousing pussy again! And Betty follows suit, raising her legs and inserting fingers from her right hand deep into her cunt. The middle finger of her left slowly eases into her ass. I think the moon smiles again with lusting approval!

Suddenly, her mouth surrounds my left tittie, taking as much as she can hold, and flicking quickly over the marble grape she has aroused again.

“Oh yessssssss, baby! Yesssssssssssss!” I scream. “Suck me, darling. Lick and suck my titties till I murder the air with shrieks! God, I love it so!”

Betty bounds from the bed, flings open a drawer, returns with a thick, twirling vibe that rotates at different revolutions, depending on speed. “You like?” she asked coyly. “Ummmmmm! I love!”

She eases my wrists through the soft straps on the bedposts then puts my ankles through other loops that drape from the straps. My arms are flayed and my legs are spread wide open. I did not see her pull another toy from the drawer, but now she sensually straps it to her waist. There is a medium cock inside that will plunge into her cunt when she thrusts that fleshy vibe-cock in my cunt! A simultaneous, mutual fuck, if you will…

I feel helpless but excited! Instinctively, I know there will be no pain, just lusting pleasure for both of us!

The strap-vibe hums and it, too, twirls in erotic gyrations inside my cunt. Slowly, she enters, inching till my muscles adjust to the thick, tapered girth. She reaches behind and inserts the hand-held cock into my ass.

And then the rhythm starts. There are hums as both vibes twist slowly in both openings. Betty’s fingers tweak my nipples, watching them swell from all this splendid attention to my body. I feel my cum cascade again to this pleasure game so new to me. She bends and sucks both nips again, biting slightly to increase the joy that courses with my blood!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…so gooodddddddddddd! So absolutely fucking gooooodddddddddddddd! Fuck me, fuck, fuck me!” I cannot contain the raucous screams that leap into the night from my throat!

“Fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!”

Faster, harder she slams into my ass and cunt! Her mouth a suction on my tits, her cock imbedded deep inside my squeezing cunt. My pussy is one continuous river of cum, a dam that’s broken, releasing every drop contained in my lusting mind and pussy!

Betty screams so many times! “I’m cummmmminnnnggg too! God, my pussy is on fire! Againnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! Cummmminnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!”

I see us in the ceiling, on both walls…fucking with total erotic abandon! Fucking, fucking, fucking…..!!!!!!!!

I strain to touch her, but the bonds keep my arms apart, my legs askew as if in childbirth.

Then Betty pulls away, discards the strap. “I want to taste your final cum. Give me all your juices, baby. Fill my mouth with your delicious body! Cum for me, darling!”

“I just had a scrumptious thought!” I moan softly.

“…And what’s that, sweetie?”

“Ummmm…you won’t be angry if I tell?”

“Not at all!” she squeals. “Please, please! Tell!”

Not quite sure, I roll the dice. “I’d love to suck your hubby’s cock while you fuck me…”

“Oh, god! Yesssss!” Betty screams. “I’d love to see his cock disappear inside your sucking mouth! And I’d love to see his cum overflow and cover your lovely chin!”

Once more, cum surges down the channel to her licking, lapping, devouring mouth. The viscous cream is like a torrent that’s found its surging way to happiness. In spurts, my cum shoots in her mouth like a man! Her face is drenched and the sweetness drips from her chin down to her titties. God, it is such a sight to see. The epitome of erotic, sensual pleasure!

The moon casts an eerie shadow over the pale room now, focused on the dying embers of the incense stick. The candles have long ago burned out. Somewhere, deep in the glade, I hear chirps and squeals of furry things awakened by the first faint hues of dawn. We’ve cuddled in deep sleep for many hours, spooned as lovers should always be. Dreams of many pleasure to come. Future feasts to twitch about when others have no clue what makes us smile!

* * *

© 2002 biDotty

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