Scenes in Person 02: Morning Fellatrix

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Scene 2 – Morning Fellatrix

Author’s Note:

This is the second in a series of erotic scenes. They are not stories with plot lines and developed characters. I want my readers to be the characters presented. I want my female readers to be the woman in the scene. Choose the man you want to join you. I want my male readers to understand they are being narrated. Choose a woman. For couples it’s even easier (or FAR more complicated). I’m but the narrator here — never mind me.

These scenes will be presented first person, present tense.

With no story line, many readers will dismiss these pieces as ‘cock-n-cunt’ stuff. Others will see my attempt to explore the profound connections that are possible through physical love. When two become one. Fleetingly.

Your feedback will tell me whether I should write more scenes, or mark this down as an ill chosen attempt.

This scene was inspired by Elorra Butler’s beautiful poem Soft Tongue.


I don’t know whether you’ve roused other lovers this way. Don’t tell me. But I’m quite certain this is the first time I’ve gone directly from sleep to seeing my cock in a beautiful mouth.

I would remember.

I wish you had recorded how quickly my eyes widened with this sight. They’re still growing. You have the head of my cock in your mouth. Your cheeks reveal the fluttering of your tongue. The feel of your tongue swirling around my velvety cap is tingling my toes. You tickle-lick my slit and the sparkle in your eyes confirms the first sweet taste of pre-cum on the tip of your tongue. You’re watching my reaction to waking me up this way and smiling around my cock. In your mouth.



Wake up swooning? I didn’t know that was one of the options.

It isn’t just my eyes that are growing. My cock too. With your mouth insisting, “It’s time to get up.”

Oh. I am.


Your wild tongue escapes confinement when you open your lips. Suddenly freed to wander, dancing and licking. Delighted tongue of your lovely mouth. Circling round and round my fringe. Tracing the course of every vein up, around and down my shaft. Licking your lover’s cock. My lovely seductress. Preening this private part of me that you take inside you in such wondrous ways. My hardest flesh for your softest center. Your tongue is twirling and stroking. Your eyes are captivated by my enchanted face and mine by your busy tongue.

You’re an artist of incredible range. What you can do with your hands and fingers and more private (exciting) (hidden) (special) (delicious) parts of you is stunning. But this morning you’re working only with your mouth and all its talented parts. Your tongue is conducting. You’re sculpting. The sculptress of my flesh. You began before I was awake. (We’ve been over that part). Licked. Sucked. You transformed malleable eryaman escort bayan flesh with your artistic tongue.

You turned Sleeping Bear into Monument of Fuck. My tumescent pole.

You admire your work and smile at me. I remember to breathe.

You work to my base. Your wet tongue slathers my sack and rolls my balls around inside their loose confines. Weighs them and their warm treat. You add kisses to licks on this most vulnerable part and gently suck at each orb to see the pleasure etched on my face. Encouraged, you stretch your lips to take the entirety of each soft sphere into your mouth, one at a time. Warm wet mouth. Swirling tongue. Gentle suck. Dancing eyes. And a hum. It’s the hum that rolls my eyes to the back of my head.

Oh. Yes.

Oh GOD yes.

Then you do them both again while you watch me with sparkling eyes.

You know. You see it and feel it. Ball suck me just a little bit more and cum will be airborne to land sticky on us. Somewhere. And you’re tempted. It’s the thought of having one in your mouth at the moment it tightens with my shot. It’s the thought of feeling my pulsing ejaculation at its source. You’re tempted, but your heart is already set on a different finish for this batch of morning cum-cream.

You let my balls fall from your mouth. They swing glistening with your spit. I remember to breathe. Barely.

Breathing used to seem so simple? Before I woke up with my cock in your mouth.

You’re kissing and licking my shaft again. Languidly. Slowing things down while you work your way back up. It’s bigger than when you went down there. Especially the head. You notice. We lock eyes and you smile.


You give a chaste, closed lip kiss to the head. Then your tricky tongue slips through loose lips to tickle. The tip of your tongue at the tip of my cock, with pre-cum emerging, starts your tongue swirling again with broad wet strokes to wet the head. Make it slippery for your stretching lips and I groan aloud with the view. So lovely a face. Your most innocent look. So sweet a mouth. Stretched over so thick a cock. Beauty and her fuck beast. Who’s really the wild one here? It’s clear in your eyes. You’re going to do me ‘that way’ this morning to show off your special skill. Woman beyond wild.


Your cheeks blush pink as I push into your mouth. Somehow your tongue keeps swirling in such tight quarters. I feed you cock. Into your darling mouth. You adjust. You relax your jaw muscles. We take our time. Nobody’s going anywhere? Work in and out – then in a bit further. Oh I could watch this forever. Please.

Your pink cheeks turn red with the next inch and I know why. It’s not effort or discomfort. It’s not strain. It’s embarrassment even after all the times you’ve sucked my cock. Not because my cock is in your mouth. But because you love having it there – so fucking much. ankara escort You’re flushed with joy. And pride. Accomplished modern woman. Sophisticated and respected. Embarrassed by your pride when you deep throat me. When you stretch your mouth for my cock to slide through, push its plum into your throat, and you’ve tamed your gag-reflex, you look at me with wild defiant eyes. Beaming eyes. “How about that!” What you’d say if your mouth and throat weren’t stuffed with cock? Your eyes say it. Proudly.

Proud? Jesus Fuck, Baby. You should be. You’re incredible. I didn’t even know it could be done, and you’re the best.

You knew it would be hot to see so I filmed you once with your phone. You watched it later when we were naked under the covers and all played out. At least, I was played out. You were enthralled by the images on your little screen. And your frantic fingers while you watched. And my fingers pinching your nipples — HARD — when your whimpers told me you were right there. We took you over twice more.

But now you’re watching me watching you. Better than any video. Watching my eyes as you pull back until only the tip is at your lips — and…then…start…back…down. Watching me watch you stretch your lips over the big head and keep going. Our eyes get bigger. And going. BIGGER. And fucking going. You love the amazement on my face as much as the cock in your mouth. And now in your throat. Until your lips are against the base and touching my balls. A kiss. I groan. The tip of your tongue sneaks out to lick my sack. I shudder.


I’m the shaky one now.

Holding me in your mouth, you roll us over so you’re on your back and I’m straddling your chest. Your favorite position. You grab the back of my thighs. I reach to the back of your head and bunch your hair in my hands. Your eyes blaze full on my face as you pull my length into your mouth. My grip on your hair tightens until I’m bottomed out. We feel the smooth head in your throat. Jesus! I’ll never not be amazed by what you can do. Never.

Our arms relax as we slide out and then pull in unison for a full thrust in. Bottomed out, your grip on my thighs tightens to rub your face against me. Your eyes implore. I get it. The next thrust is harder. Faster. I jerk you onto me by your hair as I’m thrusting from my hips. Your eyes are on me. Your hands gripping my thighs urge me. I’m falling into hard rhythm fucking your face.

You’re driven by your power now. Absolute power over me. You’ve sucked away my last shred of self-control. You have me at the edge where civilized gives way to feral and you start bucking and I fucking lose it on a thrust and give in to fucking you and my growling is continuous. You drop one hand to your pussy and cum the instant a finger touches your excited clit. You keep the hand there. There will be more. Soon.

Satisfaction sincan escort bayan courses through you. A hyper awareness of your sexuality. Your female desirability. You have emerged from hiding beneath conservative clothing and reticent demeanor – to show yourself. Everything. A seductress writhing in the open. And you’ve torn the clothing of respectability from me and made me your naked rutting animal. Fucking your mouth. Fucking your throat. Pounding your innocent face. So lovely. So loving. So exquisitely pure and fuckable.

What you love most about making me lose control is the way you join me. A wild primal freedom we reach only through sex. Honest. Untamable animals. Then unstoppable.

I’m roaring? You’d be howling if your throat wasn’t stuffed with cock. The noise you’re making is deliciously indecent. We’re beyond language. Your name? Wet female. Mine? Hard male. Us? Fuck.

I’m insane with the need to take you. I thrust. Make you feel me. Pulling you onto my throbbing shaft. Brutalizing your beauty. Fucking you with thrusts uncounted. You’re pulling me deeper and making that sound around my cock. Needing every inch of your beast. Marking each other. Loving without limits.

Then your sucking gets ravenous because you feel it coming. Proud. My final thrust buries in you. I crush your face against me. You cum again on your finger. More? I clench. Swell. I convulse and release a bizarre pre-human cry with a gush of ejaculate. Yes more. You cum again. Your third sweet ‘O’. You pull back far enough to suck my seed into your mouth. It would be wasted in your throat? You want to taste my jizz pulsing across your tongue and pooling. Filling. Count the pulses from my balls. Feel them in my thighs. What you were lusting for. Watch it etched on my face.

I struggle to open my eyes. When did I close them? I frantically look at you – realizing I was wild beyond sensibility. An aroused beast released to ravage. I could have hurt you? You’re looking at me. Your cheeks concave when you suck. Contented. You roll my viscous cream around inside your mouth. Your eyes are satisfied and peaceful. You swallow. And smile demurely.

Jesus Fuck.

I topple to the bed alongside you. Felled. Take you in my arms. We kiss open mouthed so you can share with me. Your tongue is awash in my cum. I don’t tell you you’re amazing. I don’t tell you I love you. I would? If I could form words and speak? You don’t need my words. You know. Proud of your perfection. Beyond decency. Alive.

You sit up, and then climb off the bed. Leave me where I toppled. Walk towards the bedroom door knowing my eyes are locked on your hips and incredible ass. Knowing you fucking own me. Confidence in your allure is sunlight shining on you. You turn just enough that I can see the slope of your perfect tit in the morning light. You smile. “I’ll make us coffee to have with that cream.” Walk through the door.

Jesus Fuck. What a woman.


Author’s note:

I sincerely apologize if my use of swear words offended?

More? My tongue is alive and waiting for when she comes back with that coffee. Scene 3.

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