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Savannah’s Afternoon Surprise

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The room was dark even though it was 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Savannah had finished her afternoon workout, showered, and decided to take a nap. Her pale, naked body slid into the black sateen sheets, covering only her midsection. The bright sunlight shone through the mini blinds and traced a light and shadow pattern onto her perfectly supple breasts and tight torso. The coolness of the sheets and the air blowing on her from the fan in the corner chilled her and goose bumps raised around her hardening nipples. She cupped her breast with her right hand slightly pinching her nipple between her long silky fingers. She placed her left hand on her flushed cheek as she slid the tip of her index finger into her mouth.

She began to pinch her nipple harder as her mouth began to moisten. She moved her left hand to her other breast and placed her wet finger on the nipple. Her saliva coated it and the air hit it and her body began to tingle. She licked her other index finger and did the same to her left nipple. Then two fingers at the same time, rubbing both nipples in the cool air. Her entire body awakened. Her eyes closed slowly and she began to sink into the rabbit hole. Her right hand found her clit and the moisted finger moved across it, alternating flicks with her escort şişli left finger still on her nipple. She was moaning by now and did not hear the door to the garage open. She continued to work herself up a mountain of orgasm.

Braden made himself a glass of water and gulped it down before placing the glass onto the sink counter. He noticed the moaning and whimpering from the bedroom and he quietly made his way toward it. By the time the door clicked shut behind him, he was already erect and a considerable bulge had grown in his slacks. This was a nice surprise after getting freed from the office early. The click of the door brought her out of her self imposed trance. Her neck and face already flushed with desire, turned even brighter red with embarrassing humiliation. She had just been caught masturbating. He smiled. “Don’t stop on my account. Please, finish yourself off.” he said to her as he moved into a wingback chair next to the end of the bed. She stared. Hesitating. She wanted to. She was scared, she wasn’t sure how.

His tone changed. “Savannah, pinch both of your nipples hard.” She quivered at his instruction. She obeyed. Her eyes on his. His eyes piercing hers. “Keep pinching. Don’t let off.” She pinched again. She held it. His eyes controlled taksim escort bayan her now. She felt something starting to boil inside her pelvic region as she stared into his soft blue eyes. Her nipples began to numb. “The only way you finish is by following my commands.” She nodded. “Good girl. Let off. Slightly drift your palms over them in circles.” His eyes still holding her gaze. The boiling inside her pelvis moved out to the rest of her body and she began to feel like a rumbling volcano.

She started bucking and the black sheet slipped down to her knees. His stare finally left it’s lock on her eyes and fixed to her pink slit between her legs. “Turn over and flick and rub your clit until you’re ready to cum, then tell me before you do.”

As he sat in the wingback toward the end of the bed he watched her fuck and ride her hand, her tight ass bucked up and down on her wiggling fingers. Her moaning mixing with the sound of her body moving on the silky sheets became music filling the room as the light bass of her breathing became fast and short. She pressed her face into the pillow and moaned loud and hard, her free hand gripping the sheet and pulling it off the corner of the bed. It didn’t take her long before she cried out.

“Please escort beşiktaş may I cum?” She moaned.

“Yes…” his voice trailed the word slowly.” Cum Savannah! Cum for me baby.”

As the eruption was just about to leave her body she felt his hands grab her by the hips. His left hand very quickly opened her pussy and his cock penetrated her wet hole slow and deep. She gasped at the surprise and could do nothing but shake as she gave up all of her will and control to him. As he slowly built his rhythm she erupted on him, her inner muscles gripping his rigid cock that was sliding in and out of her wet, throbbing cunt. She collapsed under him. He gently turned her over and cuddled with her.

It had been a few minutes when she realized he was still hard and hadn’t come. She smiled, slid down the bed, her eyes locked onto his and took him in her mouth. She tasted herself on him as she played through in her mind how he had just fucked her. Her eyes never leaving his. She grabbed his balls and got a little rough with them, squeezing and pulling down to control his orgasm. His dick grew even harder in her mouth. She watched his eyes leave her gaze as they rolled and sunk into the back of his head while he climaxed. Streams of his warm cum filled her mouth and she did not swallow at first, but let it drip out as she continued to tease and milk him into submission. Finally she let go of his balls to allow the rest of his cum to release as he continued to moan in a very slow, very long orgasm between her tightly pressed lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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