Sauna Session With a Difference

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Thank you for clicking on my first submission! It is my first story in English, and I sincerely hope it will entertain you as much as it entertained me while I wrote it. Warm regards from London x

It was warm in the sauna that day. Infrared saunas are not supposed to be hot, but that evening it felt that Mia’s feet were almost cold. She had been given specific instructions not to lay down, but the bench, with the grey cushion was just too much of a temptation. As no-one else booked a session, she had the whole room to herself, so she swung her legs up on her towel then laid down. Two women chatted quietly by the changing rooms. ‘I can’t believe she did that to him. He is such a nice guy,’ said the tall blonde. ‘I know, right? A lover alongside a fianc├ę, then still pressing ahead with the wedding, despite knowing that she’s pregnant from the other guy’ came the response from the other woman. ‘They say she has had a miscarriage, but I am not convinced it was not deliberate’ gasped the blonde as they walked away.

Mia raised her eyebrows, briefly wondered who that poor fella might be. The cabin wasn’t big, the bench was barely longer than she was, she almost reached wall to wall. She looked at her reflection on the glass doors. Thanks to the regular workouts, she was toned, but still retained her curves. Mia was a petite woman. Often, she felt that the world is a very tough place for someone below 5ft 4, and she lived her life with her own special rules. Never dated very tall guys, for example. She did not want a daily reminder that she was too short. Never even considered anyone over 5ft9. Whenever her friends asked why, she always asked back if any of them would give up 69. But for a while now, she hasn’t had any pleasure to indulge in 69. Thinking of her failing marriage made her uncomfortable and to avoid her spirits sinking further she turned onto her back.

The owner of the gym, Jake had the sauna installed just a few weeks ago. Mia smiled as she remembered how excitedly he told her about the new equipment: ‘it will have a touch screen!’, ‘there will be near, mid and far infrared lights!’, ‘you can play your own music through the built-in sound system!’ Although Mia had no clue about the difference between near and far infrared and quite frankly, she didn’t really care, the colour changing LED lights made her stress melt every time. Today was no different and she let her chosen tracks to carry her mind… back to Jake, who was on the phone. ‘No, I haven’t left yet… I have clients still… She actually moved out a while ago… ‘ As the questions kept coming, his voice grew more and more exasperated. Mia wondered if the caller could hear it too. ‘I know… will you please stop badgering me…’ The argument went on and on, and eventually it dawned on Mia that the mystery guy the two women were gossiping about was Jake.

Mia fancied Jake. Badly. Probably since a few weeks after joining the club. Sometimes it appeared that Jake fancies her, too. However, nothing ever happened. Besides. Jake was over the height limit at 6ft3. Also 14 years younger. Married. Everything she would never even contemplate. Yet… there was something between them. She sighed loudly and crossed her ankles, letting her knees to drop to the sides. Absent mindedly she traced her middle fingers over her chest, cleavage, and belly button, spreading the tiny beads of sweat on her smooth skin. She tried to steer her thoughts back to the music, but the image of Jake kept pushing in.

A former rugby player still a keen sportsman, his sheer presence was like a magnet to her. Jake would always listen intently. Weeks, months later he would still remember the little details she shared with him. His chest and shoulders were broad, all his T-shirts were tight at the right places. He never flaunted his figure, but he could not hide it, either. He had this mischievous, boyish face that could turn very serious when it came to discussing health. It was even better when he offered to help with the stretching. Memories popped up, like when he would curtly say ‘on the floor’ and Mia duly had to remind herself that he did not mean kneeling in front of him and that she should keep her clothes on. She smiled and allowed her finger to circle around sekabet yeni giri┼č her nipples.

She felt the familiar prickling sensation in her groin as she remembered how firmly he stretched her IT band, how she didn’t even know what she was in for as she lay on the mat, when he suggested assisted stretching. A few months ago, once being told to lay down, Jake secured one of her legs between his knees, then lifted the other across, pressing his elbow into the buttock and holding the knee down with the hand of the same arm. Her principles melt forever at that very moment. Mia was laying there in pain that kind of felt good and every time he helped with stretching, she wished that he would rip her leggings off, pull the thong aside and fuck her in that very pose. Sometimes she wondered how far those leggings would have to come down so that he could get access to her pussy. Imagined him entering her, squeezing her thigh to keep her in place.

During the stretching whenever she whimpered, Jake would speak to her in a tone of voice that made her even wetter. Arms spread to the side, him pinning her down, his dick inches from her… It was mind-blowing to experience, and it was mind-blowing to think about it.

Dragging herself back into the moment, she opened her eyes slightly to check there was no-one around, but there was no sign of Jake. It sounded like the call was never going to end, his shadow paced up and down well behind the room divider. He was unlikely to walk in on her but, Mia wondered out loud, ‘would that really be such a big problem?’

By now her skin was moist from sweat and she arched on the back rest. Ran her hands across her body, gathered her breasts in her arm and played with her clit, through the thin fabric. Before long she returned to the bikini top and pulled it down to release her 32F breasts. Gently pinched each nipple, until they were erect. She knew she could get caught and that her hands were way too small to cover her breasts if anyone was to notice her; but she was not worried about that anymore. Mia kept a straight eye on the shadow behind the divider and started stroking herself between her legs again. Her breathing grew deeper, the infrared panel at her side now felt hot, the door reflected her body bathed in a superficial glow. She quietly groaned as the orgasm gave her spasms, her legs and body repeatedly shook from pleasure. Jake was still on the phone, but his shadow did not move, so she laid there, satisfied, with one hand caressing a breast, the other in the bikini. ‘Good timing’ she laughed when the timer beeped.

Reluctantly she sat up, grabbed her towel and without putting the bikini back in place, she casually walked out of the sauna to use the shower right next to the sauna. Mia chose a different album and turned the volume up so that she could hear the music in the cubicle. Jake had an argument with someone, and she didn’t want to be accused of eavesdropping, in case there was another call. Stepped under the cold water which made her more alert again, then adjusted the water temperature to a more comfortable level. Her mind started wandering again. The phone call was pretty bad. Wife of what, six months? Wife… fianc├ę… girlfriend, whomever — he did not mention anyone once in fifteen months.

Mia understood if someone wanted to remain private, but she sensed there was more to the story however, she also sensed that she would never know the details. Fragments of information bolted through her mind. ‘It is one thing to be married, another to be committed, and another one to be married and exclusive’ Jake pointed out before, which sounded fine to Mia — at least, in this case and from her perspective. Strangely, she did not mind he had a wife. She did not want to marry him. She did not want to have his babies. She cringed at the thought of meeting his family. She would be older than probably his eldest sibling. She just wanted to be close to him and his dick inside her. She wanted to feel his large hands around her breasts. She wanted to know how the touch of his short beard would feel against her mouth, fingertips, breasts, thighs, how his lips would close on her nipples. How he would look up at her from between her knees before bending down to sekabet giri┼č connect his tongue around her pearl… One of her favourite songs came on and she started singing along loudly, denying another wave of desire. Aware of the time, she quickly finished showering. Still hummed the tune on the way back to her bag. Only stopped abruptly when she realised Jake was sitting in the sauna, smiling at her.

‘I’ve never had anyone listen to The Killers in a Sauna’ he said. ‘Well, I am not anyone’ she replied, openly ogling his toned body, her crotch swelling up. That towel on his lap was bloody small. ‘What are you doing in there anyway?’ this made him smile even more. ‘Let’s just say, your singing made me want to stay late’ Mia stared at him. Little Miss Chatty, who always has something to say, was speechless. Is he pulling her leg again? She was singing ‘Shot at the Night’ in the shower. Not knowing how to ask if he was just taking the mickey or really knew the song. ‘Sorry, I’ll turn it town’ and she bent down to reach for her phone. ‘Don’t — it’s fine. I like their music,’ said Jake. ‘Why don’t you join me?’ he asked, still sitting in the same spot. Mia stood there with phone in hand and water dripping onto her shoulders from her hair. ‘I… I can’t’

‘Why?’ asked Jake. ‘Why?’ repeated Mia. Then took a deep breath. She had enough of all this tiresome game. ‘Why?? Because I am done second guessing and trying to read between the lines. I am tired of all this breadcrumbing. If you would really want me to be in there with you, you would open the door, grab my hand and pull me in there with you.’ Shocked at her own outburst, she fumbled with her phone again then remembered she should be getting dressed so she reached for her bag behind her. ‘Besides, it was 65 Celsius in there, which was okay for half an hour, but it would be too much for another session’ She almost didn’t hear the soft click of the sauna’s door. The moment she felt his finger tracing a line on her neck, from the hairline to the towel, she froze. He hooked his finger into the towel and gently pulled on it, which made her turn to face him and look him in the eyes. Jake kept Mia’s gaze as he reached for her hand. Through the double doors, heat rushed out of the sauna. She gently lowered the bag on the floor, and he pulled her back into the warm.

Jake sat down keeping an eye contact. They have done this before. Jake was a pro at it. She couldn’t speak. ‘I turned it down to 40’ he said, raising his eyebrow ever so slightly. Not letting her hand go, he lifted her hand and softly kissed her palm. They kept looking at each other, their eyes discussed the scenario, gave time for reality to sink in. They reached a turning point, and now Mia had to decide which way to go. She could make one of her embarrassing jokes and leave… or step nearer to him. With a deep breath, she chose the latter.

Jake spread his legs wider so she could get closer to him. Their gaze was still entwined when Jake reached up to her shoulder and his index finger gently traced her arm. He repeated on the other side. Mia could not move, she craved this for so long, her brain could not process that it was finally happening. Every nerve in her arm demanded his touch. Slowly she raised her hand to his face to touch his beard, his ear, and his hair. Their eyes were almost at the same height, even though he was sitting. She moved closer again, by now her leg was touching his. Holding his face in her hand she ran her thumb across his eyebrows and lips. Her eyes darted back and forth between his eyes and his mouth. Jake kissed Mia’s thumb which made her eyebrows contract and she bit on her lower lip a little.

Hesitantly, she leaned forward to brush her lips to his, still worried that he will abruptly stand up and accuse her of doing something terribly out of order, her membership cancelled with immediate effect, and she’d be barred from the club. But, Jake’s palms reached behind her back and squeezed her ass. He enveloped her into a hug as he kissed her deeply. Mia kissed him back, holding his head between her hands. The harder he got, the braver she was. Tilted her hips and pressed her pubic bone to him, then suddenly she tore away his towel, revealing his erection. She sekabet g├╝venilirmi smiled and took it into her hands. Jake closed his eyes and tilted his head back so Mia could kiss and tease him at the same time. He reached down at the back of her legs, then his hands disappeared under the towel, up to her shoulder blades. His hands rested, for a moment, on her ribcage, right under her breasts. With a gentle move of his wrists Mia’s towel fell on the floor. The delicate floral scent of her shower gel lingered around her completely naked body, which thrilled and terrified her at the same time, but Jake’s moan diffused her doubts. His eyes were burning.

‘Oh Mia…’ he groaned and moved his hands up, cupping both breasts. Mia felt a series of tiny electric shocks run through her body, as she watched his lips getting closer to her nipple. She watched, as his tongue circled around one, but when his teeth grazed her nipples, she couldn’t restrain herself and buried her fingers in his hair, pulling his head into her chest.

One of Jake’s hands was on the move again, he stroked her belly, her hip and vulva. Mia cried out as his finger slid into her wet vagina, whilst his thumb played with her clit. ‘Jake, please…’ she whispered. ‘Mmm yes?’ he asked without stopping. ‘Please Jake, please’ begged Mia. ‘What is it? Do you want me to stop?’ He looked up to meet her gaze but did not stop at all. ‘Oh no, do… not…, do not stop… please, Jake….’ She moaned. ‘What do you want then?’ he demanded to know. ‘I… I want you… to… fuck me. Yes, I want you to fuck me!’ She looked into his eyes and for a moment none of them moved.

Jake pulled Mia closer, and their kiss got thirstier by the second. He grabbed on her thigh hard, lifting it up onto his. Mia knelt up on the bench and climbed on him. As she lowered herself onto his dick, her breasts rubbed his shoulders then chest. As she rode him, she reached back to play with his balls, enjoying hearing his rugged breathing. Jake grabbed her hips to aide her moves and Mia wondered briefly if his fingermarks would be visible the next day. She certainly hoped so. Letting all her doubts go, she gave herself to pleasure. She leaned back on his legs then continued moving. He marveled at Mia’s body, pinched her nipples and circled his thumb on her clit. Jake noticed Mia was almost off. ‘Get on the floor’ he instructed. ‘What? No! How? You’ll never fit!’ asked Mia confused, but reluctantly got off Jake’s cock then threw a cushion on the floor.

‘Now what?’ asked him as they both started laughing when they realized Jake cannot straighten up in the cabin. He took the other cushion off the bench as well. ‘Hands on the bench, knees on the cushion’ came the next command. Mia obliged with closed eyes — she was ready for whatever may happen to her. Jake sat on his knees and grabbing her hips, pulled her on himself, then flung Mia’s arms around his neck. They stayed like this for a while, him slowly moving. First, he offered one then the other hand to her mouth and she suck on his fingers and these wet fingers would caress her breasts and vulva. Mia’s arms were going numb, but she held onto Jake’s neck for longer. The rocking got stronger, and her body was about to explode.

Mia couldn’t control her voice anymore. Jake shifted and bent her forward, started moving faster and faster. With each thrust she let out a cry and tried to keep the pace. She curled her ass so he can fuck her hard. One hand on her shoulder, the other on the hip, he pulled her onto his dick as he pushed in. She loved the contrast their bodies had. This tall and strong guy wanted her, he got hard for her, he was pinning her to the wooden planks. He started moving even faster, balls beating her vulva. Mia could not hold herself anymore, lowered herself onto her elbows, allowing an even deeper penetration. Within moments, she had a loud orgasm when Jake had a release, too.

A few minutes later, still inside Mia, Jake sat down keeping her on his lap. She laid back on his chest, pulled his arms around her and closed her eyes. She absorbed everything surrounding: his arms across her, his heart beating against her back, his scent, and the warmth of the sauna. With the mood-lifting lighting she felt like a cat that got the cream. Mia looked up at Jake and she confirmed it to herself that she, indeed got the cream.

Blurb: Lusty petite pleasured by tall stud in sauna

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