Sarah’s Story Ch. 08

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It took me a moment or two to get used to the proper lighting again but soon oriented myself.

I walked along the corridor some more and met Jack and Moira, our hosts, coming the other way.

“Ah, our new girl.” Smiled Moira slipping her arm around my waist. “How are you acclimatising to our little soir├ęe?”

“I’m enjoying it, thank you Moira. I’ve visited a couple of rooms.”

“You have a delightful glow about you, Sarah.” Jack was flirting. “Perhaps you would like to indulge us by coming to our favourite room.”

I was certainly getting into this party mood. I also was very conscious that I had the need of a man’s touch and rather hoped Jack and Moira might be able to help out.

“I’d love to, thank you, Jack.”

“I’m so pleased.” Replied Jack. “Moira will lead the way.”

Moira guided me back the way they had just come until we reached a spiral staircase. She let her arm slip from around me and led the way up the stairs. Being directly behind her I had little choice as we ascended to look directly up her skirt. Her nicely rounded bum seemed remarkably firm for a woman of her age, guessing she was in her 50’s.I also noticed a strap that seemed too large for a thong running down her bottom.

It then occurred to me that Jack was directly behind me and couldn’t fail to notice that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. I could feel myself start to blush.

When we stepped out onto a small landing Moira noticed immediately.

“Oh my dear, I hope those stairs haven’t worn you out.” She asked confusing my embarrassed glow for exertion.

Jack kept a diplomatic silence but Moira obviously knew her husband’s looks.

“Ah, Sarah come with me a minute.” She instructed and led me to a nearby door.

She led me into what was apparently a bedroom suite and showed me into a dressing room off to one side.

“I know my husband very well.” She smiled. “Am I right in thinking that you showed he rather more than he bargained for coming up the stairs?”

Her manner was so polite and friendly I just had to laugh.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” I giggled. “I went into the dark room and quite forgot.”

By the time I had finished my embarrassed explanation she had opened a drawer filled with neatly folded underwear.

“I’m sure there is something here that will suit. Here, try these on.”

She held up a pair of full knickers, pink with small motifs, something that a young teenager might wear.

They were something I wouldn’t wear in a million years now but I didn’t want to offend. I took them from her with a demur smile and she watched while I slipped them on. They seemed a bit tight.

She came over and turned me around. She lifted the hem of my short dress and smoothed the material over my bum with her elegant hand.

“Very nice. They are just right.”

I had no idea what she meant and I certainly wasn’t going to ask and besides she didn’t give me the opportunity. She whisked me out of the dressing room and out into the landing again. Jack was nowhere to be seen.

“Jack will be waiting for us.” She replied to my unasked question.

She led me to another door and another bedroom suite. We crossed the room to another door which she opened and ushered me in.

Shock is not the word. I was utterly dumbfounded.

Jack was there, all right but he had changed and was wearing shiny leather pants, a leather shirt and had a thick collar on with studs in it. He stood up when we entered.

There was a large double bed, the largest I have ever seen. On it were two very attractive girls of about my age, their arms around each other. They had been kissing when we walked in but stopped and turned to greet us with broad smiles. They were also wearing similar collars to Jack and had on leather bikinis.

A young man was sitting in a chair on his own towards the foot of the bed. Again he was dressed in leather apparel with thick, studded collar. Another couple, about the same age as Jack and Moira had been sitting next to Jack before he stood up.

Lastly, sat on a throne at the back of the room was a woman in a red leather mask wearing what appeared to be a red cat suit. She held a whip in one hand and a chair in the other. The chain was attached to a collar of a man kneeing at her feet who also wore a mask and a small leather thong.

There was no mistaking who there were. It was my Mum and Dad.

“This may look a little intimidating, Sarah, but none of us bite, I can assure you.” Smiled Jack, whispering in my ear.

Moira slipped her arm around my waist again. It was rather reassuring as I’m sure it was intended to be.

“We’re not supposed to speak without the Mistress’s permission but Jack will tell you who’s here.” Whispered Moira in the other ear.

“Quick introductions, though I’m sure you won’t remember all the names at once.” Jack continued in his confident manner that made me feel more at ease.

“On the bed are Amelia and Emily, our daughters. As I am sure you can tell they are very close.” Jack paused while they said hello. “And the young man here is our son, Mark.”

Mark bareback studios porno came up and shook my hand then gave me the gentlest of kisses on my cheek.

“And this behind me is my brother David and his wife Samantha.”

Both were now standing and came over to greet me. David brazenly grabbed me around the waist, his hand slipping down over my bottom, ignoring the fact that Moira already was holding me.

“What a fine young lady you’ve brought us this time, Jack. Lovely firm ass. Look Samantha.”

I was rather taken aback by his forwardness and it must have showed.

“Please forgive my brother David, or rather Bishop David. He’s much too used to bullying choir boys, I imagine.” Apologised Jack.

“Oh Jack. That’s all in the past. I was simply complimenting young Sarah here on her rather obvious charms.”

“What’s going on there?” I could tell my Mother’s stern tones cutting through the air. “Have I given anyone permission to talk or move?” She finished by cracking the whip she was holding. I winced.

“You girl. Come forward.” Commanded Mum.

“Do as she says.” Whispered Moira. “And remember to call her Mistress when you talk to her.”

“But that’s my Mu ..” I was interrupted by another crack of the whip. I decided it was best to play along for now.

“Turn around girl and let me see your bottom.”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t think I could call Mum, Mistress and keep a straight face. I turned my back on her as I was asked.

“Bend over.” She commanded.

As I had my back to her I thought I’d give it a little try, “Yes, Mistress.” And duly bent to touch my toes.

“I agree with you Bishop David, the girl has the most exquisite bum, lovely and big and firm. She has on some rather nice knickers too.” Offered Mum.

I think David was rather taken aback that he wasn’t being chastised any longer. He seemed a bit lost for words. I could see how this game could develop so I joined in.

“Thank you Mistress. They are a bit tight, though, and they might be a bit too revealing, Mistress” I teased. “I would be too embarrassed if David saw them, Mistress, after all he is a Bishop.”

“Silence, girl.” Snapped Mum. “Speak when you are asked a question and only then.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I answered.

“You think your knickers are too revealing? You mean they are stretched across your bum cheeks so they show the shape?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” I answered. “They are quite tight against, you know, down there.”

“You mean they are stretched tight against your cunt, Sarah?” Mum slipped up a bit there, using my name but I could see a bulge appearing in Bishop David’s trousers.

“Yes, that’s right, Mistress. I’m very afraid that Bishop David would be able to see the shape of my cunt if I bent over that table there and showed him my knickers.”

“Bend over that table so that Moira and Samantha can have a look. They will decide whether it is alright for Bishop David to have a look.”

Moira and Samantha smiled at each other and I sensed some sort of tacit agreement. They replied in unison, “Yes Mistress.”

They led me to the table as they were instructed and bent me over it. I was positioned so that Mum could see as well but Jack, David and the others were in front of me.

It was a bit of a double whammy. The table was quite small and the way Moira had me bend over it meant my large breasts hung over the other side affording David and Jack and the rest of the room a view down my cleavage.

“Pull her skirt up so we can see properly.” Commanded Mum.

I felt Moira pull my skirt up. She didn’t have to lift it very far as it was already displaying a good proportion of my bum.

“Oh my goodness, Moira. They are very tight across her bum but they are rather lovely.” Commented Samantha a little out of turn.

“Open her legs a little, Moira.” Mum told her. “Let’s see if we can see the shape of her cunt.”

Moira pulled at my thighs spreading my legs enough so that both women and Mum could clearly see my crotch.

“Oh dear, it is rather obvious.” Stated Samantha. “Look how pronounced the shape is just here, Mistress”

I sucked in a quick gasp of air as Samantha’s finger lightly traced around the cleft in the material. Then I felt Moira’s hand smooth over my bum and join Samantha’s between my legs.

“The material’s a little damp too. That will only make matters worse.”

While both women did wonderful things between my legs I watched the two girls on the bed. They were idly caressing each other’s small breasts while they watched me being fondled. Occasionally they turned to each other and shared a passionate kiss. It was not helping at all with me trying to control myself.

“Perhaps we could give David a little peak. Would that be all right Mistress?” Asked Moira.

“Permission granted, Moira. Make sure Bishop David has a good look at the girl’s bum.”

David couldn’t wait to come around behind me. I heard him audibly gasp as he feasted his eyes on my big bum with my teenage girls czech amat├Âr porno knickers stretched across it.

I tore my eyes away from the girls on the bed and craned round to look behind me.

“Can you see the shape of her cunt, Bishop David?” Mum asked.

“Yes.” He breathed eventually. “It is quite lovely, Mistress.”

“Samantha, stop touching the girl’s pussy and pull her knickers up tighter.”

“Like this, Mistress?” Teased Samantha grasping the back of the waistband and pulling them firmly upwards.

I felt the crotch take the strain up against my sensitive pussy.

“They’re almost inside her cunt now, Mistress.” Said Moira.

“Almost!” I squealed.

“Do you like looking at the girl’s cunt Bishop David?” My Mum asked.

“Almost certainly.” Giggled Samantha. “You should see the tent in the front of his trousers, Mistress.”

“Silence, Samantha.” Snapped Mum, then she addressed Bishop David. “Have you got a big hard one looking at her knickers, Bishop David?” She asked.

David looked embarrassed. “Yes, Mistress. I have a big stiffy from looking at the girl’s cunt.”

“Pull those knickers down, Moira. I think David will probably explode in his pants when he sees it.” Mum’s voice had a little quiver in it. I don’t know if anyone else noticed/

The thought of a Bishop sperming in his pants, however unlikely, looking between my legs had me creaming myself. Then I felt my knickers being rolled down and the gusset slowly peeling away from my sticky slit. I moaned with delight.

“Look Mistress, you can see her swollen lips. See how wet she is.” Admired Samantha.

“Pull her bum apart so we can see her wet cunt.” Commanded Mum, her voice straining a little.

Samantha let her fingers dance over my buttocks and spread me apart.

I looked over at the girls on the bed again. They had shed most of their clothes and were just in their panties. Both had a hand down the front of each other’s stroking each other while they kissed deeply.

Jack was torn between watching Moira and Samantha molest me while David looked on and lasciviously gazing at his daughters’ lesbian antics. Also watching them was their brother, Mark.

Mum must have seen where I was looking . She momentarily switched her attention to Jack’s son.

“Mark.” She called.

“Yes, Mistress?” He sounded genuinely frightened.

“Are you enjoying watching your two sisters touch each other’s cunts?”

“I wasn’t looking, Mistress, honest.”

“Liar!” Snapped Mum. “Pull down your pants and show me your cock.”

Mark stood up and slowly pull down his leather pants. As he did so his young cock sprung out and slapped against his belly.

“As a punishment for lying you must stroke your cock while you watch you sisters but do not cum until I tell you you can.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He replied glumly while wrapping his hand around his erect penis and started to stroke it up and down.

Mum reverted her attention back to me and my abusers. It brought my own situation back into focus when she said. “David, touch the girl’s cunt with your fingers.”

Moira and Samantha together were spreading me apart for the Bishops ministrations. It didn’t take David long to take up the command and start rubbing a couple of fingers up and down my sopping slit.

I started to moan deeply and every now and again cry out as his fingers bumped against my sensitive clitty.

I felt Moira loosen the zip on my dress and I wasn’t sure why until I felt her hand ease down the front of my neckline and start to massage my breasts. Easing the dress forward with the back of her hand she pushed it down and let my big wobbly boobs fall out into the open.

David’s fingers were working around the entrance to my hole, slipping about in my copious juices.

“Let’s see Bishop David’s stiff prick. Samantha get his cock out and start rubbing it.” Mum commanded.

I heard Samantha unzip David’s trousers.

“Ooh, my what a big hard cock you have, husband.” I heard her quietly whisper.

I could hear David moaning as Samantha stroked his prick.

“I can see you like touching a nice young girl’s hot little cunt, then David. It must make a change from all those hot choir boys.” Laughed Moira. Then she added. “It is rather a monster, Samantha, I think poor Sarah here will need a little loosening up before he puts that thing up her.”

“Silence!” Shouted Mum, cracking her whip again.

“I take it from that comment, Moira that you’re wearing that strap on dildo again?”

I looked around at Moira just as she was pulling up her dress. At the same time I felt David’s fingers plunge deep in my hole making me gasp as Moira pulled down her knickers to reveal her large strap on.

“Yes, Mistress.” She quailed.

Mum got up from her throne and came over to me. Dad shuffled along behind on his knees. She placed the end of her whip under my chin and raised my head up so that I was looking at her. As she did so she leant forward, her lips close to my ear while she reached forward czech bitch porno and fondled my breasts.

“How would you like a little fuck from Moira to start with, Sarah?” She concluded by nibbling at my ear lobe through her mask.

“It would be a shame to waste that big hard cock Moira has, Mistress.” I groaned back.

Mum signalled to Moira and she moved behind me and I felt David’s fingers pull out of my pussy. Moira started to grind against me, her large phallus rubbing up and down the length of my wet slit.

“Oh, fuck me, Moira. Push your big hard cock into my cunt.” I moaned.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, Sarah? To have Moira’s hard cock up your cunt while you watch her two daughters lick at each other’s hot little slits?” She teased.

All I could do was groan with sensual pleasure. I was indeed watching Amelia and Emily writhing in an erotic 69 oblivious to their audience. Their position was such that I had a clear view of Emily’s long tongue slipping between the folds of Amelia’s shaven lips, dipping into her open hole and curving around the pucker of her anus.

I gripped at the edge of the desk as Moira pushed her plastic cock slowly up inside me. Her fingers clasped my hips as she pulled herself into me until I could feel her warm thighs press against mine.

I cried out with pleasure at every stroke Moira thrust into me. Mum continued to play with my wobbling tits as my body shook from the hard pounding I was getting.

“Slave.” Mum commanded again. “Crawl here and suck on these big fat tits until I tell you to stop.”

I could hardly believe it. Mum was making Dad suck on my nipples in front of all these people. I was incredibly turned on by the thought of it and when his lips closed around my stiff rubbery teats I nearly came.

Mum had her hand behind masked Dad’s head and was forcing his mouth hard against my nipples.

“You’re a nasty little whore, aren’t you girl?” Mum snarled pulling my head back by my hair.

“Yes, Mistress.” I wailed. I’d never seen my Mum so dominant.

“You’re such a whore you’d take Bishop David’s big hard prick in your mouth and make him wet and slipperly wouldn’t you.”

“Yes, Mistress. I want to suck Bishop David’s big hard prick.” I gasped.

Mum pulled Samantha around in front of me along with Bishop David. She was still stroking his cock and I could see the head glistening with pre-cum.

“Take your husband’s cock and pump it into the girl’s mouth. Make sure he doesn’t cum.” Mum told her.

“Yes, Mistress.” Samantha replied.

She guided him astride Dad who was still devouring my tits and offered his prick to my lips.

“Open your mouth, whore.” Mum breathed in my ear.

I did as I was told and Samantha eased Bishop David forward easing his stiff rod between my lips. She kept stroking him as she pushed him deeper inside and I could feel salty drops of cum drip onto my tongue as I started to suck him.

I could still see over to the bed where Amelia and Emily were licking deliciously at each other’s pussy’s. With Moira’s rubber cock pumping in and out of my own slippery hole, Dad driving my nipples crazy with his tongue and Bishop David’s cock being pumped into my mouth, life was just about complete. Mum then added to my pleasure with some aural teasing.

“You like those two little sister sluts, don’t you Sarah?” She whispered in my ear. “Just look at their long tongues working in each other’s hot little cunts, covered in each other’s juice.”

I couldn’t answer, obviously, but I looked up into Mum’s eyes and told her everything. She could see the lust in my face and knew I was just a dirty little whore who loved cock and cunt and just happened to be her daughter.

“I bet you’d love to see those two little cunts fucked by their Daddy?” She went on. “I bet you’d really cream yourself watching their Daddy push his nice big stiff cock up them and make them cum on it?”

Emily looked over at me, impaled from both ends, and smiled. Her face was glazed with her sister’s juices and she rubbed two fingers along Amelia’s dripping slit. We held each other’s gaze as she slipped her index finger slowly and deliberately into Amelia’s anus. I could hear Amelia’s gutteral moan in response.

Emily smiled again and, still looking at me said, “Mistress, do you want Daddy to fuck Amelia first? She’s lovely and wet and ready for Daddy’s big prick.”

Mum turned to look at the two girls and stood for a moment watching Emily’s finger slowly slip in and out of Amelia’s asshole.

“Jack,” she said, “Amelia looks like she might need your attention. You need to fuck her now.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Replied Jack who had already divested himself of his clothes.

He moved towards the bed as Amelia looked behind her and smiled at her Dad.

“Emily, take your Daddy’s cock in your mouth first. Make him nice and wet before he puts it in Amelia’s cunt.” Mum told her.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Emily slipped her finger out of Amelia’s tight little bottom and reached back to clasp her father’s prick. She leaned her head back and took him straight into her mouth while her father moaned with pleasure.

I started to moan around Bishop David’s prick as Moira pounded my pussy from behind and the sheer erotic density of the atmosphere brought me close to an orgasm. Mum started stroking my hair, fully aware of my impending climax.

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