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Been a while and a lot has happened in my life so haven’t had too much time [nor inclination really] to write but have begun again. This is a story, fictitious sadly, dedicated to a lovely young woman I ‘met’ via Literotica. It was written at her behest and she has read and enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

All the usual things you would expect from me. Plenty of anal but plenty of straight as well.

Do vote and please comment either way. I am always grateful for ideas and like to know why readers either do, or don’t, enjoy my stories. I think this was written around 2008 but not sure. A note re this submission: the first time I posted this there was some criticism that I didn’t include any lead up. I didn’t because this story is an actual continuation of plans we made. I felt they were private.



“Now,” said Sara firmly with a great big smile, “you sit there.” She indicated the armchair in the bedroom. I raised my eyebrows quizzically. “All will be revealed,” she laughed, “patience!”

I sat. Sara came and knelt at my feet. “Now, let me see what I have got to play with!” Her hand went to my fly and she unzipped me then, fishing around inside my pants, pulled out my cock and balls. Of course I was beginning to react to her ministrations. Not quite hard but not soft.

“Mmm, looks interesting! OK! No touching,” she smiled. “I mean it, no touching ’til I say,” she said with mock severity.

I laughed, “Your wish is my command oh Princess!” I sat and watched as she moved away. Then I caught my breath – she began to undress. Not exactly a striptease, just a slow removal of her clothes. God she is beautiful. Her toned body and muscles seemed to exaggerate her wonderfully nubile shape. I don’t think it was accidental either, that she managed to show her gorgeous shapely arse in my direction quite often.

By the time she was down to just her thong my cock was standing proud and I was having great difficulty in not grasping it and relieving the pressure! Not that I wanted to. I wanted to save that pleasure for much later.

“That looks very nice indeed,” she said as she came again and knelt between my legs. Her hands gently stroked my cock and balls.

“Oh shit Sara,” I managed, “you are something else!”

“Thank you kind sir!” she smiled then one hand began to gently masturbate my cock whilst the other caressed my balls. Her eyes fixed on mine, her lips smiling, as she watched her effect on me. My breathing became shallower and it took all the willpower I had to maintain control. Then she upped the ante! Her bead bent and her tongue flicked out and tasted the pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock.

“Oh fuck!” I cried as her mouth closed over my cock head and gently sucked. My body tensed as I kept control. Too early, much too early, but this woman was unbelievable.

Sara’s head bobbed up and down a couple of times and her tongue washed my cock. I groaned in almost ecstasy; rivers of pure pleasure ran over my body. Sara must have sensed that things might just get out of hand for she removed her head and looked up at me. “Mmm, better stop!” she smiled, “wouldn’t want you to go off half cocked. Wouldn’t want me to either,” she added laughing.

Sara stood then turned away, her gorgeous arse in front of my eyes causing me even more problems! Pleasant ones of course, but problems non-the-less. She walked to the bed, knelt on the edge, then looked back at me over her shoulder. “Your turn,” she laughed as she crawled up the bed, he arse swinging back and forth.

“Sara, oh Sara, you are fabulous!” I managed to say.

“I do try!” she laughed back as she lay back to watch me. I stood at the edge of the bed, my cock and balls still hanging out. Shirt soon disappeared, then slacks. I had a bit more trouble extracting my rock hard cock and tight balls from my underpants, all under the smiling eye of Sara, but finally managed. They, together with socks, joined the heap of clothing and I knelt on the bed next to her.

Sara reached up, her hands running through the hairs on my chest. “Hairy!” she said with a smile.

“You like?” I asked concerned at pleasing her.

“Mmm, it tickles!” I bent my head and kissed her gently on the lips.

“You are so lovely,” I whispered, “I want to worship you.”

“You’re daft,” she smiled, “but help yourself!”

I kissed along her neck, her shoulder, then down to the soft rise of her breasts. She gasped as my lips fastened on her nipple. I kissed, I licked, I sucked, I bit gently. Her nipples quickly swelled and hardened as I sucked first on one then the other. I dragged my teeth along the swollen nipples, biting hard enough that Sara gasped in pleasure.

I raised my head. “You have marvellous tits! Nice nipples!”

“You are kind,” she smiled, “but don’t stop!” I didn’t! I kissed her tits, covering as much as I could with my mouth and sucking. ankara escort My hands squeezed and caressed. Sara seemed to be enjoying the attention. Time to move on or, rather, down!

I ran my tongue down Sara’s body, across her tummy — gently probing her button as I passed, ending up at her thong covered pussy. Blowing gently over the whole area, I covered her cunt with my mouth. Then, biting gently through the material, I sucked tasting the wetness already leaking. Fantastic! She tasted wonderful and I savoured the flavour of her. Sara was gasping as I bit and sucked on her sex.

Continuing for a while, I was enjoying the sound of her pleasure then I lifted my head, bent and kissed her lips. “Taste yourself,” I whispered, “heavenly!” Sara smiled through my kiss.

“Fuck! More!” I smiled then, moving down the bed, gently removed her thong. Opening her legs, I knelt in between and looked down at her cunt. She was neatly trimmed. Her lips were swollen – she had obviously enjoyed being ‘bitten’ – and glistening with her juice. I could sense the heady aroma of her arousal – a potent aphrodisiac if ever there was one.

“Oh for fucks sake,” she said laughing, “stop looking and start licking!”

“All good things come to those who wait,” I laughed but I bent my head to her. Blowing gently on her cunt lips I began by kissing and licking the inside of her thighs right down to her bent knees. First one side then the other, blowing on her cunt as I passed.

I did this a few of times before, “Oh fuck Mike, you bastard, that’s good but I need your mouth on my pussy!” I smiled and ran my tongue along her cunt lips. “Fuck, yes!” Sara moaned, “more!” No problem there!

I worked my tongue up and down along the whole length of her cunt, savouring again the taste of her. Occasionally I licked her clit, firming now at my attention. For the time being I concentrated on her vagina. I gently pushed my tongue inside, my lips meeting her nether ones in a sensuous kiss. I sucked her juice then felt her body shudder. A low groan escaped her lips.

I lifted my head to look into her eyes. Sara smiled back. “More!” she mouthed. Still no problem.

“Do you like your clit sucked?” I smiled.

Sara smiled. “Silly question,” she said, “what girl doesn’t! Now, stop faffing about and get to it!” she added laughing.

“Yes mistress,” I laughed bending my head again. Using my thumbs I gently parted her lips and licked inside. Sara shuddered. Then I moved to her swollen clit. My tongue washed over the whole area, pressing hard. She groaned then as my lips ‘bit’ gently and I sucked on her bud.

“Oh god yes! Do that!” she moaned as I continued to suck and ‘bite’. Time to replace lips with teeth. Gentle at first, I sucked her clit harder, covering the whole area with my mouth. Now teeth replaced lips. I was rewarded by another low groan and a shudder but continued to work on her clit right through her orgasm. It seemed to continue for a while!

By now, however, I wad beginning to need some relief. I needed to get my cock inside her! I knew we had gone this far but would she actually want me to fuck her?

Lifting my head I looked into her eyes. “Gentleman has almost disappeared,” I joked throatily, “I need to fuck you Sara!” I said gently wanking my cock and looking down into her eyes.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “sounds good to me!” I leant over and reached into my bag for a condom, broke the pack, and slipped it quickly on. Sara’s eyes followed my every move. She smiled as I shifted into position.

I gripped my cock and wiped the tip over her cunt then between her lips. I watched her eyes as I pushed my erection gently into her. Slow, slow is my motto with a ‘new’ woman so I rocked back and forth, my cock head slipping gorgeously in her velvet heaven. Leaning forward, I took my weight on my arms, not wanting to flatten this most glorious example of womanhood.

“Oh yes! That IS good!”

I smiled then pushed deeper, giving her half my cock and fucking her gently. Almost all out then a little deeper each time until I was completely inside her. Now I was fucking her with long, deep strokes. Not too hard yet! Sara was mumbling words of encouragement such as, “Yes! Fuck me!” then, “Harder!”

I did. Speeding up now I was driving hard inside. Hard and deep. Sara’s legs came up around my waist. I could get deeper and feel my thighs slapping against hers. I don’t cum as much as I used to so I was saving myself for later – her arse I hoped! – so I kept driving into her. There was a low scream as her legs gripped and her cunt tightened around my cock.

I fucked her right through her orgasm, revelling in her sounds of pleasure until, finally, I felt her relax. Withdrawing my still erect cock – thank the scientists for Cialis – I rolled to one side and, head on one arm, looked down at her.

“OK?” I asked hoping the answer was yes.

Sara smiled. “Oh yes, oh yes! It seems it does what it says on the tin!” I bent and http://www.e06.org/ kissed her lips.

“Thanks,” I whispered, “want to turn over?” Well we had joked about arse licking! Sara smiled then languidly rolled face down, her head turned towards me, eyes watching.

I knelt up and gazed down at her laying there. Possibly the most wonderful sight in the universe — well for me anyway! Sara was all soft curves. Her hips flowing from her waist, her gorgeously rounded bottom wonderfully displayed. She smiled as she watched me. “I reckon you like what you see,” she said.

“Well,” I replied smiling back, “you did send me those pictures and the last one! Well! I think it was one of the most sensual pictures of the female arse I have seen.” I laughed, “And here it is in reality. You are truly gorgeous Sara love.”

She smiled, “Thank you — but haven’t you got something you want to do?”

“Mmm,” I said, “have to get you excited!”

“No problem there then. Your tongue worked well enough in front,” she laughed, “so I am sure you won’t have much trouble!” She was telling me to go ahead, to lick, to suck, and to possible fuck, her wonderful arse. I had to touch, to caress her first so I ran my hands over her curves glorying in the smooth softness of her skin. They ended on the globes of her arse and I stroked and squeezed the soft flesh.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “thought you used your tongue?” I smiled.

“I will,” I said as I opened her legs and knelt between. I could just see her tight anus above her cunt. Sara is lovely like this, all of her charms available to touch, taste, and fuck! My hands, one on each cheek, gently opened her anal valley displaying fully her tight back door. As before, I teased her by blowing gently on her anus but kissing along the back of her thighs and over her bottom cheeks. Sara squirmed and pushed her thighs into the bed. Time to lick her arsehole and probe as deep as I could.

I started by licking along the valley from the back of her cunt to the base of her spine. Back and forth, easing gently across her anus bringing a gasp from Sara’s lips. I did this for a while, enjoying the taste of her body, and occasionally delving into the back of her cunt. Finally, I decided to concentrate on her tight arsehole.

I began by rimming, my tongue licking round and round her anus coating it with saliva. Sara groaned and pushed back at me, obviously enjoying my tongue’s attention to her tiny star. Now I started to probe: to push the tip of my tongue against the tight muscle. Another gasp as I pushed harder and Sara relaxed. My tongue slipped inside and I tasted her. I pushed harder and began to tongue fuck her arsehole, slowly at first then harder and deeper. I felt a shudder as my tongue went deep into her arse, touching the inner walls.

I didn’t stop. Not sure whether Sara would orgasm from my attention to her anus, I wanted to show her how much I loved her arse! So I kept going, my tongue pushing inside again and again. Occasionally I sucked: each time causing a gasp and then a sigh as I continued to tongue fuck Sara there.

By now my cock was so hard that it ached an I knew that I had to ask her. Sara had said, seriously, that anal sex wasn’t her favourite but she would if I excited her enough. I hoped I had done so.

I leant forward taking my weight on my arms, my erect cock finding a natural home between her cheeks. As I bent my head to whisper in her ear I gently slipped my cock back and forth along the saliva coated valley.

“I need your arse Sara,” I said breathlessly, “fuck I need you there!” She was pushing her arse up into me as my cock slid back and forth.

“Oh yes Mike,” she whispered then said, with a smile, “fuck my arse. Please!” My breathing became sharper as I knelt back then pulled Sara up into a kneeling position. Would have loved to fuck her arse face down like that but not the first time. Sara helped as she eased herself to kneel just like one of the pics she sent me. I took a look at her like this as I reached back into the overnight bag by the bed and pulled out the lube. Sara’s eyes followed my movement.

“Lube,” I said with a smile.

“Good,” she laughed.

I knelt up then pumped some lube into her anus and began massaging it inside with my middle finger. Then a little more which I pushed gently past the tight grip of her anus. Sara gasped as my finger entered her arsehole then again as I began to work it back and forth. Adding more lube, I worked my finger deeper drawing low moans from Sara as I finger fucked her arse. I wanted to open her a little more so took my finger out, added more lube, then pushed fore and middle fingers into her.

“Oh fuck! God that feels big!”

“Just fingers Sara love. Just fingers!” I said with a smile.

I slowly entered her then began to slide my fingers back and forth until they were both fully inside her. As Sara got used to the feeling I turned both fingers inside her arse. Sara gasped as she escort ankara felt her anus stretched. I withdrew my fingers slowly then slipped on another condom before coating it with lube.

Reaching for her hips my cockhead seemed to naturally find the shallow depression of her arse. I pushed gently forward and drew a low groan from Sara as her anus relaxed and my cock head slipped inside. She was so tight. Hot and tight and close to heaven. To be fucking this wonderful young woman’s arse was a dream come true. I pushed a little harder, holding her hips as I did so, and another three inches of cock slipped inside her tight arsehole.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled back easing the pressure on her muscle, then started to gently fuck her with half my cock. I could see her tight anus gripping my cock as I slipped out then disappearing as I pushed back. I was slowly filling her with a little more each time until, finally, she had all of my cock buried deep in her arse. Sara had moaned softly as I filled her. I knew she was not an ‘anal virgin’ and she seemed to be able to deal with my 7 inches. Then I had to stop. I wanted to fuck her arse properly not shoot my load early — a distinct possibility it must be said if I wasn’t careful!

I leant forward. “OK?” I whispered.

“OH fuck that is BIG!” Sara whispered. “Yes. Feels good!”

I kissed her neck and began to slowly fuck her arse. Gently at first, my whole cock almost out then buried deep inside. The feeling was out of this world. Her arse gripped me tightly but the slippery lube meant I could move easily. She was hot, so hot. Her anus was a tight band sliding along my cock. I was beginning to lose it as I gripped her hips hard and sped up, my thighs slapping into her buttocks. I didn’t know whether Sara would have an orgasm. Andi always had one when we did this, so did several other women I had been with, but not all did.

I am afraid, however, that I was so close now that I was pounding away and had almost lost control. Suddenly it was there. The heat, the tightness, the sight of my cock sliding in and out, were too much. The slight pain at the base of my spine and the tightening of my balls signalled the beginning of my orgasm.

My cock swelled with each pulse of cum into the condom. Her rectum seemed even tighter. I heard a gasp — mine or Sara’s? I wasn’t sure. All I could feel was spunk shooting out of my body into hers — at least into the condom. Three, four pulses and I was done — well for the moment anyway!

I held Sara there. There was so much pleasure in just looking at her and at my cock buried inside her arse. That she would do this for me! Soon my cock softened and slipped from the heaven of her arse and I fell sideways onto the bed.

“Oh fuck Sara.” I managed to murmur, “you are something else again!”

She flattened onto the bed facing me. “You enjoyed that then?” she asked with a smile.

I laughed, “Naw!!! God Sara! Wow. Fabulous! What about you?” I was a bit worried I had been a touch insensitive.

“It was good,” she smiled, “can we do it again?” She asked with a whimsical smile!


I smiled back again, “As often as I can,” I said moving closer and stroking her body. “You are so bloody lovely!”

Now Sara seemed shy. “Thank you,” she said. “You keep saying that.” Then she laughed, “I suppose it’s the ‘gentleman’.”

I laughed back, “Yes, but it is the truth. When I saw those pictures you sent me I couldn’t believe that this would ever happen,” I continued seriously, “so I want to be a gentleman — well at the start anyway! Hope to be what you want really.” I ended rather lamely.

“You have been up to now,” she smiled as her hand ran through the hairs on my chest then down to my groin. “Oh dear,” she laughed as her hand found my soft cock, “seems he’s gone to sleep for a while!”

I laughed, “I’m pretty sure you could wake him up in a minute or two!”

“Mmm,” she murmured as she moved down the bed, her head level with my waist, “let’s see! I’m sure it’ll be all right.”

“Errrm . . .” I muttered, “might just be a bit soon!” I was concerned that Sara might think me unable.

“Fun anyway,” she giggled, “I can get it all in my mouth!” I took a deep breath. This young lady played hardball!

I felt her hands on my cock and balls. Caressing, stroking, squeezing. She was soft and gentle, cradling my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I felt the first stirrings as the soft warmth of her mouth enclosed my cock. I felt her nose on my pubic hair as she sucked me inside. Her tongue seemed everywhere as my cock began to grow. Soon, half hard, it was too big to fit totally in her mouth and she lifted her head.

“There,” she smiled at me, “told you not too worry! Very nice indeed!” She was wanking my cock at the base as she bent her head again and sucked me inside. I was close to heaven as I grew harder. I knew I wouldn’t cum for a good while so I could really enjoy her mouth as it slid along my cock. Occasionally she licked up and down or kissed my balls then back to sucking my cock. She was bloody good! Her hands seemed everywhere. Cradling my balls, stroking right down to my anus and sometimes pressing there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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