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Sandy Loses Her Cherry

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Larry and Sandy Wilson were relaxing in front of the television on this spring evening. Their three children were paying attention to the program that was airing; but Larry and Sandy were less engrossed. Sandy was paying more attention to the book that she was reading and Larry was dozing off periodically. Larry began thinking about how they had gotten to this place in their lives since he met Sandy while they were both in college in Ohio.

Larry had been in the first semester of his senior year at Ohio State when he saw this short, blond-haired girl in the mathematics class he was taking. After a couple of classes, he learned that her name was Sandy Hall and she was a sophomore. What initially caught his attention were the large breasts packed on the five foot-two, one hundred and five pound body. At the beginning of the semester he was concerned about that class because it was the last of his general education course requirements and if he didn’t pass he wouldn’t graduate in the spring. Early in the semester, Larry was struggling with the math class. Which brought about the second thing he noticed about Sandy, she was a wizard at mathematics. After a few weeks of frustration for this Business Management major, Larry decided that he would approach Sandy about some help with his math class.

Sandy had noticed Larry before she was approached about helping him with the math class. In fact, when she was approached, she hoped that he was interested in dating. Although somewhat disappointed with his intent, she agreed to spend some time helping him through the course work. Initially they started meeting a couple of weekday nights per week to study mathematics. After about three weeks, Larry asked one night, “How ’bout if we meet Friday to spend about an hour on math and then catch a movie or something.” Although her mind told her to jump at the chance, she suggested that they study some math and just go have coffee or something. Things went fairly well on that ‘date’ and Sandy agreed to go out with him the following weekend. Although she was not a prude when dating guys, she was still a virgin at the age of nineteen. Larry was trying to get in her pants from the beginning, but Sandy was intent on hanging on to that precious virginity for the time being. Although he was not enthused by her desire to remain chaste, he respected her wishes for a few months.

As they were getting into the swing of the second semester, she became frustrated from using her fingers to satisfy herself back in the dorm after their passionate make out sessions at his place after one of their dates. The spring semester had started and the two of them had become almost inseparable. It was an unseasonably warm day for late January so Sandy put on a short skirt over bikini underwear and a tank top over her bra-less, voluminous breasts. When Larry arrived to pick her up on this Friday evening, in his eight-year old car, the sight of her nipples protruding from those gorgeous mounds, although covered with a thin layer of cloth, made his mouth water. He remarked, “You look especially fine tonight, Sandy.”

She shot back with, “You mean that I don’t always.”

He stammered, “That’s not what I meant. You always look fine, but tonight you look especially good. Very sexy.”

Grabbing her own breasts, she said, “Well, you keep messing up the clasps on my bras trying to get at these; I decided save you a little work and save the wear and tear on my wardrobe.”

“What do you want to do tonight?”

“I don’t feel like going out and spending a lot of money tonight; let’s just go to your place and watch some TV.” That was another thing that Larry liked about her. She was concerned about his finances and more that once paid for their evening’s entertainment.

With a big smile crossing his face, he answered, “Sounds good to me. I’ve only got about twenty bucks left to last the weekend. Should we go?” With that, they got into his car and started the short drive to his place. When they arrived he went to the refrigerator to grab them each a soft drink then came back and turned the TV to a movie that he thought she would like. “This look good to you?” he asked.

“Yeah, I hear that this one is pretty good.” He then went to the couch, sat down and put his arm around her and started watching the TV. After a few minutes of watching the movie, he started squeezing one of her breasts. This made her scoot closer to him on the couch. Eventually he slid his hand to her waist so that he could slide his hand under her tank top and start working it up to her bare breast. When he started kneading it and fingering her nipple, she turned from the TV and started to kiss him. After about thirty minutes of heavy petting, she pulled away and slid her tank top over her head saying, “Let’s get this out of the way before you stretch it all out of shape.” By now, his cock was straining against the front of his pants. He thought that he was going to cum in his pants. He had a mouth full of tit and started to work one hand up Avcılar Escort the inside of one of her thighs. The pace of her breathing started to increase and she thought, “Am I going to be able to go through with this. I’m scared.” After a few minutes his hand reached her panty-clad pussy mound. She started hunching her crotch against his hand and he took that as a sign that he could move to the next step. He started to slide his hand under her panties. This was not a level that he reached every date, but it was not the first time for him to feel her bare pussy.

After several minutes, he had two fingers in her pussy and was using his thumb to flick her clit. Suddenly, she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away and he thought, “Well, here comes another night of pounding my pud.” But he didn’t argue. That was another thing Sandy liked about him, he always let her control how far they went on any given night without openly expressing his disappointment at being cut short of his desired goal.

This night, though, she lifted her ass off of the couch and slid her panties down her legs and kicked them away. She said, “They’re going to get ripped the way you’re pawing around. What time is your roommate due back?”

Larry, short of breath, panted, “He’s gone for the week-end.”

Sandy, also short of breath, replied, “Good. Then we won’t be interrupted.” She then put her arms back around his neck and resumed kissing him. Larry returned his hand to her now bare pussy and the other to one of her tits. Sandy’s hand slid down to the front of his crotch and started rubbing it. Larry was becoming surer that he was going to come in his pants any minute. By now Sandy was working his zipper down and working her hand into his shorts. After his erect eleven-inch cock was out in the open, Sandy dropped her head to his crotch and started sucking on his throbbing member. She had done this for him once before, but that time it had taken a lot longer for her to get there. For someone as inexperienced as she was, she sure was doing a good job on his dick. As excited as he already was, it didn’t take long for him to blow his load into the back of her throat. Although this was only the second time in her life that she had done this, she managed to swallow like a pro, not spilling a drop. Very shortly, Larry regained his composure and returned his hand to her now-dripping pussy. After a couple of more minutes of finger action, Larry dropped to his knees in front of the couch and began to slowly nibble on that juicy muff. Larry had managed to accomplish this usually about once a month and it was usually accompanied by her giving him a hand job. Suddenly, Sandy’s legs locked around his neck and she started to pull the back of his head so hard into her crotch that he thought for a second that his whole head was going to end up in her pussy.

Finally, Sandy began to whimper and her whole body spasmed as she came. Larry nuzzled against her for a few minutes while he regained his breath. The he moved back up and kissed her. When he did so, Sandy furiously sucked on his tongue. When he stopped for a second, she said, “I always wonder why you’re so anxious to eat my pussy until I suck the juices off of your tongue afterward. I love the taste of my own pussy so much, I wonder if I would like someone else’s.”

Larry answered, “Do you have someone specific in mind?”

“Well, my roommate has sort of been giving me the idea that she would like to try it. But before I try eating someone else’s pussy, I want to see how my pussy juice tastes when I’m licking it off of a cock that has just fucked me.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you’re ready to lose that cherry finally?”

“When I find the right guy.”

“He’s sitting right here.”

“I know; that’s why we’re going into your bedroom right now.

It was quite a sight as the two of them started walking toward his bedroom; Sandy dressed only in her short skirt that was so bunched up that it looked more like a wide belt than a skirt and Larry pulling his shirt off with his fly open and his semi-hard cock flopping in the open. When they got next to the bed, Sandy removed her skirt and climbed onto the bed while Larry finished removing his clothes. He then joined her where they embraced and began kissing again and Larry returned to fondling her boobs. His cock did not take long to return to full erection. Sandy returned his kisses with fervor and started stroking his hard dick. She stopped kissing long enough to say, “I am ready for that thing, but please take it easy.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ve waited too long for this to mess it up.” With that he started to slowly insert his cock into her dripping, but virgin, cunt. He slid about three inches in and stopped and pulled back about an inch and then slid it almost halfway in until it met resistance. He then pulled it about halfway out and slid it in further this time and watched as she started to bite her lip.

He slid it part way out and started to slide Avcılar Escort bayan it in a little farther when she grabbed his ass and pulled, saying, “All of the way this time, dammit.” And she pulled him all of the way in. “Finally, oh that feels good. Fuck me.” Larry obliged her and continued with slow, easy strokes until he felt that churning in his balls and quickened the pace until he blasted a full load into her tight, slippery pussy. When they had finished, they cuddled for a little bit and then Sandy, true to her word, began sucking the mixture of her own pussy juices and his cum from his flaccid dick. Sandy stayed at Larry’s apartment that night and they fucked twice more that night, again in the shower the next morning and a couple more times on Saturday morning. Once Sandy had lost that precious cherry, she couldn’t get enough of Larry’s cock and they screwed three or four nights per week.

While Larry was thinking back about the early days of their relationship, Sandy sat there with her book in front of her, although she was not really reading. She too was recalling the past. About a week and a half after the night of her de-flowering, she sat in her dorm room alone. Larry had gone out with the guys that night and her roommate was out on a date. About eleven o’clock her roommate returned and slammed the door as she entered the room. The first words out of her mouth were, “Fucking, worthless men. They’re all ass holes.”

Sandy quickly replied, “Lisa, they’re not all ass holes.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’ve got that perfect guy who leaves you well fucked and satisfied all of the time. Where is Mr. Super Dick tonight?

“Whether we are or are not having sex is none of your business or anybody else’s for that matter. Tonight, Larry is out with the guys. I like it when he does that because then he doesn’t think that I’m trying to control him. What was the problem with your date tonight?”

“Typical college kid, but he acted more like a freshman than a junior. We went to a movie and when we left he stopped to park and right off the bat; one hand goes to a tit and the other to my pussy. He seemed to think that he had a sure thing. Yeah, I fuck on the first date sometimes but it’s not a foregone conclusion. I like to get worked up a little before the guy can start reaching for my goodie-box. This guy — after one kiss, he’s groping for everything.” Then rubbing her pussy, she said, “And I was horny tonight, too. I guess that I’ll have to make do with my fingers.”

Sandy said, “I think that sometimes when you don’t have a guy that you find something besides your fingers or a dildo to satisfy yourself. And you satisfy someone else in the process.”

Lisa quickly replied, “What makes you think that?”

“I’ve noticed that you pay particularly close attention every time that I’m changing clothes and that you’re constantly looking at my ass or my boobs and you manage to rub up against me whenever you get a chance.”

By now Lisa had stripped down to her bra and panties and said “Well, in case you don’t know, you do have nice boobs and most people with boobs as big as yours don’t have such a small ass. What’s not to like?”

As Lisa’s bra went flying to the corner and her size 36C’s were bared. Sandy said, “You’ve got nice tits yourself, you should be proud of them. But you haven’t answered my question; do you mess around with women?”

“Well, I prefer a long hard dick, but when there’s not one around or I want a change of pace, I’ll lap on a pussy. What about you, do you?”

“I haven’t.”

“But you’re thinking about it, right?”

“I’ve thought about it; but the only pussy juices I’ve ever tasted are my own.”

“How did you taste it, off of your fingers or off of his dick after he’s screwed you?

Sandy turned crimson at that comment as she said, “Both. Sometimes off of his tongue after he has eaten my pussy.”

“So you do like having your pussy eaten?”

“Hell yes. What woman in her right mind doesn’t?”

“But you’ve never eaten a pussy?”

“Right, but I’ve thought about it. ? Lately, I’ve thought about it a lot.”

Lisa walked over to Sandy and kissed her and said, “You know, I am horny tonight and you’ve been all alone tonight. You could find out whether you really like pussy or not.” Lisa then reached up and massaged one of Sandy’s tits. Sandy was unable to answer; she just returned the kiss and felt one of Lisa’s firm bare tits. Lisa said, “Why don’t you get out of that nightgown and come to bed with me.” Lisa then dropped her panties and went to the door to make sure that it was locked. “Don’t need any nosy neighbors walking in.” Sandy hesitated but finally pulled her nightgown over her head revealing her large globes and her golden-fleece covered mound. Sandy slowly crawled onto Lisa’s bed and Lisa followed her. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing. They then started fondling each other’s tits and feeling for each other’s pussy. After about Escort avcılar ten minutes of foreplay Lisa started kissing her way down Sandy’s body toward her pussy. As Lisa reached Sandy’s honey-pot, Sandy pulled at Lisa’s thigh and Lisa scooted her crotch into Sandy’s face.

Sandy had never done this before, so she just did what Larry had done to her in the past. After about ten minutes of mutual split licking, the two girls orgasmed almost simultaneously. They both had furious cums. When they caught their breath, Lisa said to Sandy, “If that was your first time eating pussy, you are a natural.”

Sandy responded, “I just tried to do what Larry does to me.”

“Then he must be some pussy eater.”

“I’ve got no complaints.”

The two girls then entwined themselves and fell asleep together. They continued to get it on together for the rest of the school year, usually on nights that Larry went out with the guys or stayed home to study. On occasion when Sandy and Larry had sex, Sandy would return home to have Lisa eat Larry’s cum from her snatch. Lisa may have been Sandy’s first female partner, but she wasn’t her last.

Things were going smoothly for Larry and Sandy until Sandy returned to Chicago for Easter. The first night that she was back, Larry picked up Sandy and they drove to his apartment. His roommate was now spending almost all of his time at his girl friend’s apartment, so they were alone. Larry hadn’t had much to say on the trip over and Sandy was somewhat concerned. After they had been in the apartment about five minutes, Larry said, “Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.”

Now Sandy was worried and she said, “What’s the bad news.”

“The bad news is that I just about went out of my mind while you were gone. I missed you so much I couldn’t stand it.”

“And. . . . “

“That’s it. That’s the bad news. Now do you want the good news?

“Yeah, please.”

“I got the job that I was after in Indianapolis. I start the middle of July. It gives me time after graduation to get everything settled before I go.”

Sandy got a very sad look on her face and said, “That’s a long way away. How often are we going to be able to see each other?”

Larry said, “Every day. I want you to go with me. ? I want to get married before we go. That’s why I told them that I couldn’t start until the middle of July. That will give us plenty of time to get married and find a place to live in Indianapolis.”

Sandy screeched, “I love you Larry. Of course I’ll marry you. ? Oh God, is this going to piss my parents off that I’ll quit school.”

“You can finish school in Indianapolis. It’s not The Ohio State University, but there are several good schools there.”

“Yeah, I could do that. Unless I get pregnant or I have to work so we can make ends meet.”

“You can stay on the pill if you want until you get out of college and my job will pay enough for us to get by with your money management skills.

“Let me use your phone. I’ve got two calls to make.”

Sandy the picked up the phone and dialed, then after a few seconds said, “Lisa, can you get over to Larry’s apartment; I’ve got something important to talk to you about. ? OK, see you in a few minutes.” She then turned to Larry and said, “Can you get me a beer. I want to celebrate tonight. One more phone call.” Larry went to get her a beer and she returned to the phone. He came back and gave her the beer. About five minutes later she hung up the phone at almost the same time that the doorbell rang. It was Lisa. When Lisa came in, Sandy took her in her arms and screamed, “I’m getting married and I want you to be my maid of honor. Will you do it?”

Lisa screamed, “Oh fuck. Hell yes.”

Sandy turned to Larry and said, “My mother wants to know if we can get married the Fourth of July weekend at my church in Chicago. It’s only about an hour and a half for your family to drive and they can stay the weekend. She’s going to start checking on the availability of the church and a reception hall in the morning. I’m supposed to call her tomorrow to let her know what we want to do.”

Larry replied, “I guess that will be all right. I need to call my parents to let them know what we’re planning. I haven’t even told them about the job yet.”

Sandy said, “Come on, Lisa. Let’s leave him alone to make his phone call.”

As they reached the couch Lisa embraced Sandy and said, “Oh, I’m so happy for you.” Lisa then started fondling Sandy’s boob and Sandy started to reciprocate.

They were starting to go at it fairly hot and heavy when Larry walked in and exclaimed, “Hey, I’m still here. Can’t you two wait until you get back to the dorm for that?”

Lisa got a shocked look on her face and said, “You mean he knows?”

Sandy answered, “Of course. He even knows that you eat his cum from my pussy some times.” Now Sandy didn’t drink much and she had chugged that first beer while she was on the phone and was almost done with the second one and was getting a little giddy. She then shocked everyone by saying, “Maybe tonight, we’ll turn the tables and I’ll eat his cum from your pussy.”

Lisa said, “Don’t tease me with the offer of a hard dick; you know that I haven’t been out with a guy in over two weeks and you’ve been gone for a week.”

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