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Sam’s Love Pt. 06

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“As long as we are telling stories, I think you would enjoy hearing about what happened to me just last semester at the university.”

“I had arranged to meet one of my professors at his home to discuss a paper I was writing. While I never planned anything to happen, I admit I wanted to be appealing to him. I wore a tight pair of white shorts, an open weaved white cotton sweater (without a bra), a pearl necklace and a pair of high-heeled sandals, all of which looked quite good against my deeply tanned body.”

“I showed up at his house at about eight-fifteen in the evening and we sat in his den, talking about English. But being in a non-classroom setting with him made him seem even more attractive to me, so I flirted.”

“He was slow to respond, trying to remain very professional. At around nine-thirty, after one of my stronger flirting glances and smiles, he said, `You know, you are a very good-looking young lady. And if you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to have to do something about it.'” “`Whatever do you mean?’ I protested innocently.”

“He replied with something to the effect that my body was stimulating and my face alluring. I blushed, but I was also pleased, and I felt my nipples suddenly harden. He stared right at my breasts and then stood up, walked around behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him and smiled sweetly. I knew he was looking down at more than my face, and I liked it. I nipples tingled under his stare and I felt them push against my sweater, realizing that he would notice. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. I responded with my tongue. Then I felt his fingers on my nipples, lightly rubbing them through my sweater. I cooed and arched my breasts up toward him. It felt divine. I was absolutely turned on by being touched on only my lips and nipples. I wanted him to go on caressing me more and more.”

“At this point he must have sensed how hot I was. He stopped kissing me, reached down and lifted my sweater above my breasts. He was seeing in full light my exposed pink nipples protruding like tiny erections from my bare, white breasts. I was very turned-on. He reached down with his fingers and began rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I felt a flood of warmth between my legs and threw my head back, closing my eyes. My breasts were lifted up as he caressed them, driving me into a frenzy of lust.”

“After this had gone on for a while and I was wild with the tension that had built up between my thighs, he told me to play with myself. I was very embarrassed at the idea of doing it in front of him, but I was so excited that I needed to try to relieve my longing. I reached up under the leg band of my shorts and found my clitoris. He was still rolling my now throbbing nipples, sometimes between his thumb and forefinger, sometimes with a circular motion using the tip of his finger.”

“My shorts were too tight to allow me as much movement as I needed to get off. So I pulled my fingers out from the tight leg band, undid the front of my shorts and thrust my hand inside. I rubbed my wet clit faster and faster while my hips bounced up and down on the chair. Finally my orgasm burst through my being. As I sat there, my body trembling in the aftermath, I looked up at him and smiled.”

“`That was fantastic,’ he said. `After you have collected yourself why don’t we go into the living room.'”

“After I rested for a moment I pulled down my sweater, fastened my shorts and followed him into his living room. When I sat down on the couch I expected him to be all over me, but instead he sat down in a chair that faced the couch. I blushed and looked at him questioningly and he just smiled.”

“Then he said, `Your body is beautiful, and seeing you so turned-on really turned me on.’ I blushed even more and he continued, `What I’d like would be for you to take off you clothes so I can enjoy seeing all of you naked charms.’ After the pleasure he had just given me, it seemed like the least I could do for him.”

“I ankara escort leaned forward to unfasten a sandal, but he said, `No, leave your shoes on. Your beautiful, long legs look so tempting in heels.’ So I stood up and paused for a moment, not sure what to take off first. Then, I guess because he had already seen my breasts, I removed my sweater. As I pulled it over my head, he said, `Very nice.’ I folded my sweater neatly and laid it on the back of the couch. When I stood up straight, I sucked in my tummy. Being aware that this caused my breasts to thrust forward, my pink nipples protruding invitingly.”

“I opened my shorts, peeled them down over my hips and thighs and stepped out of them. I folded them and turned around to put them on top of my sweater. I heard a sudden intake of breath when I bent over slightly. I knew that the back of my panties had slipped into the crack of my ass leaving my cheeks almost completely exposed. I turned back to face him and saw his growing anticipation clearly outlined in his pants. I smiled seductively then pulled my panties down and off, tossing them on my other clothes. I stood there utterly naked except for my pearl necklace and white sandals.”

“`God, you are beautiful,’ he said with sincere appreciation. `Let’s go make some hors d’oeuvres and get a drink.'”

“I was taken back. He, still fully dressed in his jacket, pants and tie, caught my hand and led me into the kitchen. He kept looking admiringly at my breasts, bush, ass and legs, but never once even tried to caress me. He ignored my embarrassment and acted as if the situation was normal.”

“`Here, peel this cucumber and slice it thinly,’ he said. While I did so, he proceeded to de-crust, quarter and spread butter on pieces of bread, all the while glancing at me, occasionally saying things like, `My, you are pretty,’ or `You really have a sexy ass,’ or `Your breasts are so firm and lively.’ Once he said, `Seeing that soft mound of hair atop your shapely thighs is driving me crazy.’ I felt my cheeks reddened with each comment, but they turned me on immensely. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just stood there, being watched and complimented and slicing the cucumber. Then, at his instruction, I put a slice of cucumber on each bread quarter and sprinkled it with lemon juice and pepper. He stood there smiling and watched me. `Take them back into the living room,’ he told me while picking up a bottle of wine and two glasses. I went out ahead of him and I knew he was watching the way I walked so I tried to make my hips sway alluringly.”

“I put the tray of hors d’oeuvres down on the coffee table and thrust my ass back at him. I heard him chuckle and we sat down as before, me on the couch and him in the chair. I kept my legs crossed so that only the top fringe of my bush and my breasts were revealed to him. It was very erotic to sit there in the nude, talking, eating and drinking wine. He asked me about my love life, how much I dated, if I flirted much, how far I usually went and if I enjoyed making love. I answered vaguely and was becoming embarrassed again. He asked me what I liked a lover to do to me. I said that I hadn’t really thought about it much.”

“`Uncross your legs,’ he told me. I did, exposing the damp slit between my legs to his gaze. He stared directly at it, making me tingle. He put down his drink, got up and walked over to me. He kneeled down in front of me and kissed my tummy, then the top of my bush and then moved lower. The sensation was thrilling. I slid down on the sofa, opened my legs wide and thrust my box up to his mouth. Gently, he probed with his tongue, flicking it onto and around my stiff clit, first lightly, then faster and more intensely. I began writhing under his expert ministrations. He grabbed my buttocks with both hands and buried his face in my blonde bush. His tongue was like a continuous lightning bolt, licking my pulsating clitoris then probing deeply into my pussy.”

“I began to cum wildly, vaguely aware of the heightened sensation of his fingers http://www.e06.org/ as they explored my anus. I gasped and moaned, the pleasure became so intense that I tried to get away from his thrilling tongue and probing fingers. But he held me tightly when I squirmed. My orgasm crashed through me, I soared higher than ever before. His tongue stopped it’s maddening lapping of my clit and gradually I returned to my senses, only to have it come blasting back when he renewed his efforts. Again and again he brought me to new peaks of pleasure. He finally stopped, caressed my clit slowly one more time with his talented tongue before kissing me and sitting down next to me. I was shattered, I lay there with my legs spread, gasping.”

“`I want to do something for you.’ I felt marvelous and I wanted him to feel that way also.”

“`You will,’ he said, `but I want you to see that turning someone else on is as sexy as being turned on yourself. Physically, the need is to be stimulated, and it’s great. But emotionally, mentally, the real kick is exciting someone else. Also, while there is physical need for eventual release, the build up, being turned on and waiting, is really the most fun. It takes self-control and the ability to defer physical pleasure to enhance the erotic mental enjoyment. What we have been doing has been fantastically arousing for me.'”

“`Anyway, now I want you to take off your clothes and stop hiding your body from me.'”

“`Okay,’ he said and got up to remove his suit. When at last he dropped his shorts, I saw his big cock.”

“`Mmmmmmm,’ I murmured.”

“He stood before me for a moment, his dick pulsing slightly, and then said, `Let’s have dinner. I’ll stay like this, but I want you to put something on. Sometimes wearing a few clothes is more exciting than wearing nothing at all.'”

“He left and quickly returned with a dress. It was silky, clingy and cobalt blue. It was like a long shirt but only had two buttons at the waist and was cut very provocatively. At the top it was cut low and very wide, revealing my navel and the inner halves of my breasts, with just enough material to cover my nipples. The bottom was split from my waist down. If I stood perfectly straight and still, all of my charms were hidden. But when I walked, my inner thigh, right up to my bush was exposed. If I leaned to one side or the other the top would gap open to reveal an entire breast.”

“Although he had already seen me nude, being dressed like that was even more of a turn-on. I watched his cock twitch with pleasure each time I moved and bared a portion of my anatomy.”

“We went into the kitchen to prepare dinner: a couple of steaks, baked potatoes, corn and a salad. As we cooked, I could not keep my eyes off of his prick. I had never really taken a close look at a nude man before. Whenever my nipples were revealed, his cock pulsed.”

“When he seated me at the dining room table, the split skirt of my dress fell open. His prick jumped against the back of my neck and I reached up to stroke it. He bent over to kiss me warmly and then went to the other side of the table to sit down. While we ate, by candle light, his naked cock and my exposed crotch were hidden by the table. My box got wetter and wetter at the thought of the sensuality of the situation. As often as I could, I leaned forward or to the side so that my erect nipples would flash into view. I always acted like it was an accident, smiled and then recovered myself.”

“After we finished eating we cleared the table and returned to the living room. He sprawled out on the couch and said, `Now you can do some things for me. You know how your sexy body excites me. I want you to dance for me, to do a striptease.'”

“I stammered `I don’t know how,’ blushing fiercely”

“`Improvise,’ he said. `Remember your goal is to excite and tantalize me. It will arouse you and that will excite me even more.'”

“I started to take off the dress when he stopped me. `Oh, no,’ he said, `Not yet. You should be able to go escort ankara a long way with it on.’ I must have looked puzzled. `Look, think of all the ways you can tease me by showing just a little, then a little more. You could drive me wild fully dressed.’ He saw my continued confusion. `Wiggle. Gyrate. Hunch. Hump. Go ahead.'”

“I began to understand and started to undulate before him like a belly-dancer, letting the split in the dress flick open and closed. Soon I really got into it. I wiggled my breasts so they popped out of hiding and I saw his cock throb. I sat on the coffee table in front of him and thrust my pelvis up and down. I was really turned on so I dropped my hands to my pussy and parted the lips, caressing myself. Now his cock was as hard as a rock. I stuck a finger into my wet pussy and slide it in and out, coating it with my juices. Then I raised my wet finger to my mouth and started sucking it like it was a miniature cock.”

“`Now. Now take it off,’ he whispered hoarsely. I stood and did so, slowly and wantonly, all the while running my hands over my body. For a while I just had the top part off, then I let the whole dress fall to the floor.”

“`Stand on the table,’ he said and I did. He looked up at me hungrily. `Turn around, let me see that beautiful ass.’ I did as he asked and wiggled my butt obscenely. `Oh,’ he gasped. `Bend over.’ As I did I knew that my dripping pussy was totally revealed to him.`Oh, you look so good like that, with your firm breasts hanging down and you sweet pussy winking at me between you cheeks. Touch yourself.’ I slipped a finger down and into my wet box as he stared at me. My fingers were rapidly moving in and out when he said, `Come here, knell on the couch.’ At first I didn’t understand, but when I felt his cock pushing against my pussy from behind I was ecstatic. Then he guided his prick slowly into my waiting hot box and pressed his body into mine. Slowly and gently at first, he slid in and out. Gradually he picked up speed, thrusting rapidly and more powerfully. His hands found my breasts and pulled on my hard nipples. I was torn apart by bolts of pure pleasure, more deeply sensual and sexual than I had ever known. I hurtled my hips back at him, meeting each lunging stroke. I wiggled and gasped as my breathing quickened. His pace and ferocity somehow increased again. I felt my climax building as I arched my back up to him. My orgasm coursed through me like rolling thunder. His hot cum filled me and then he collapsed upon me. We lay there exhausted and both totally satisfied.”

“`Let’s take a quick shower and go to bed.’ I nodded my head in approval and let him help me up and lead me into the bath. He adjusted the hot spray until it was as soft as a gentle waterfall before placing me under it. He soaped down my body and then rinsed me clean. With an oversized towel he gently patted my body dry and then carried me to his bed. We sank into it’s softness and I instantly fell into a deep sleep.”

“There was one drowsy, sensuous fuck sometime in the early morning which ended in a sleep-muffled, gentle climax, but otherwise we slept.”

“The next morning I had to leave in a hurry so as not to be late for my first class. He smiled at me and said, `The next man who asks you what you like sexually, you will be able to answer.'”

“I wanted to go back to relive those exciting pleasures with him but I never seemed to be able to get away again, something always came up. At the end of the semester he moved away and there hasn’t been any other man in my life, until I succeeded in seducing you.”

“What ever happened to him?” I asked.

“I heard that he was killed in a terrible car accident about a month after he moved away,” Sam sobbed as she began to cry.

Tears were steaming down her cheeks and I tried to comfort her. “There, there, honey. Don’t cry. Just try to remember the happiness he gave you and know that he has gone on to a better world.”

“I know, David, but I can’t help it. Just hold me and I’ll be alright in a little while.”

“I love you, baby. Let’s go to sleep.”

I turned out the light and hugged her gently until her sobbing gradually faded and was replaced by the deep breathing of sleep. When I was sure she would not wake up I let myself join her in dreams.

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