Salenna Ch. 04

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The party was a great success but this was a new day and also a new day for both boys and girls, what a big learning curve it was yesterday and it was just beginning.

They were all gathered together, naked and sitting on cushions or chairs sipping their coffee after breakfast, the boys fondling the girls and the girls playing with the semi flaccid penises, Christy leaned over to her bag and got out a packet of tablets, pressed one out of the foil and swallowed it with a sip of coffee.

“What was that?” asked Celeste “I’ve never seen you take pills before.”

“They’re called Microgynon and I take one a day to keep my periods regular and to stop cramping when I get it.”

“I thought Microgynon were a contraceptive pill” said Ray.

“They can do both things but I’ll bet the convent doctor didn’t tell Christy that when he prescribed them for her.” said Roger

“Does that mean that I can’t get pregnant” asked Christy.

“Well about 99.5% sure you wont” replied Roger

Ray had just analyzed the last bit of conversation when he realized what it all meant.

“Does that mean if I fuck Christy and cum inside her cunt instead of her mouth she wont get pregnant?”

“Top of the class, Ray” said Roger, not meaning to be sarcastic.

All the boys clicked straight away, while they had been sucked off or given hand jobs yesterday, none had been allowed to come inside the girls for fear of getting them pregnant, not that this form of relief wasn’t pleasant but they all wanted to try something new.

Ray who had been fondling Christy’s breasts moved his fingers to her nipples and started squeezing them, this caused them to harden and create a warm sensation in her pussy, she in turn took a sip of the hot coffee and placed her mouth around Ray’s cock, with the heat and the swirling tongue Ray was rigid in an instant. Christy lay on the floor and put a cushion under her bum as Roger had taught her to do, raising her cunt up in the air and with her legs spread wide apart she was waiting eagerly for the fucking to begin.

Ray was on his knees and with his wet cock plunged it into Christy’s pussy up to his balls, the fucking was slow at first and built up as time went on, but the anticipation for both of them, that for the first time Ray was going to cum inside her made the pace become hectic.

“I’m cumming………………” said Ray and his whole body stiffened, his balls contracted and he could feel the fire, like rose thorns shooting up his penis as he released his sperm. Christy had felt his body stiffen and knew that he was about to cum and this hastened her anticipation and she convulsed with an orgasm as it spurted into her.

One, two, three, …….four,…………five,…………..six,…………………seven, shots and Ray slumped over Christy.

“My God that was the best ever, nothing in the world can beat that, just magic” said Ray after a few seconds.

Ray rolled off Christy and Sean who was mesmerised by the action saw that Christy was still in the throes of her orgasm, without asking permission he plunged his member straight in and within minutes he was cumming as well. Christy was coming down from the multiple orgasm she had with Ray when she felt this cock pumping inside her and the cycle started again, this time her orgasm was more intense as the cum was injected in short sharp spurts.

“More,………..more………” Christy yelled and as Sean peeled off, Barry was in like a flash fucking her as if his life depended on it, the size and girth of his cock lifted Christy to another level of her orgasm and he too came in a quick time, being milked by Christy’s cunt as it contracted around his cock.

Craig had seen this phenomenon in Salenna and when Barry had finished he entered Christy, but with long slow strokes of his huge black cock he kept her orgasm going till the rec room was filled with one long wail as Christy bucked, convulsed, cried and continued her orgasm.

. The contractions of her cunt sent her fluids mixed with the cum of three boys, squirting out around Craig’s cock and onto the cushion, Craig had held back long enough and let his load go, this was something else, cumming inside a ladies cunt, and he vowed that it wouldn’t be the last time. Christy’s contractions melted into a continuous vibration as her orgasm peaked and then nothing …………….she had passed out

Roger cuddled the limp body of Christy till she came back to life and her sobbing slowed, she looked up at him and kissed him.

“I feel as if something has broken in side of me, because I don’t want to fuck anymore”. Roger kissed her hot tears away from her cheeks,

“It will be okay in a little while, everything will be back to normal, you have just run the equivalent of two marathons in the last 30 minutes, have a rest you may need it, the boys seemed to enjoy cumming inside you and they may want to do it again”

“I loved it as well”. said Christy “Did it show?” she asked with a saucy smile.

After much cajoling from the girls Roger büyükesat escort set off for town to get Christy’s repeat prescription filled, they all wanted to experience the feeling that Christy had just had of having cum pumped into them as they came.

Salenna, Jill and Celeste were as horny as hell after watching the boys empty themselves into Christy, so the boys obliged by licking and sucking their pussies while they themselves recuperated.

The four boys rotated between the three girls and each noticed that not all clits were the same, Salenna’s was the biggest almost like a small penis, Jill’s a lot smaller but very sensitive and Celeste’s was hidden until stimulated then it grew to a little knob and was covered by a hood of flesh much like that of a nun’s habit.

They also took note that this was the most sensitive part and by just sucking and licking could get the girls off, a little more exploring and with the first two fingers inserted into the pussy there was a spot high and in front that was also very sensitive and the combination of stimulating this spot and sucking the clitoris caused an orgasm and a subsequent ejaculation of female fluid. l This knowledge was being stored in the boys memory bank for later use. The whole group were now satiated for a while so they listened to music, swam and talked, not least was what they wanted to experiment with sexually next.

Celeste was the first to make a suggestion, “I’ve only been fucked by Sean, and Roger when he was teaching us, would you Craig or Barry like to fuck me?”

“I want to feel the difference, if there is any, between a white cock and a black cock.” Craig and Barry looked at each other and nodded, they led Celeste to the couch and had her kneel on it,

Barry stood to the side of it and Craig was on his knees behind her, with a high five Craig and Barry acted as one, Craig straight into the moist pussy and Barry into her wet mouth and with the precision of a Swiss watch they fucked both holes. Celeste felt them both slide into her at the same time and the felling was exquisite, Craig’s huge cock expanded her cunt as if it would split and as he prodded she could feel her it pushing her stomach wall. At the other end Barry’s cock filled her mouth and her jaws ached as she held it open, she had to hold her head back so that she could get all of Barry’s cock down her throat and her neck muscles started to ache as well.

The discomfort she was enduring was well worth it, compared to the pleasure she was receiving. Time stood still as Celeste was double teamed, then like a volcano the rumblings of an orgasm started and they grew stronger and stronger till it erupted. Barry fired down her throat and then Craig kept pumping till Celeste was spent then he moved to the front and let his load loose onto her mouth, the three of them laughing hysterically as they collapsed on the couch.

Well I wont have to ask the difference again Celeste said to herself, I definitely like huge ebony cocks, then she smiled to herself as she thought, I like my cocks like I like my coffee big, strong and black. The two blondes who were sucking off Sean and Ray pumped furiously with their hands knowing that the two boys were heading for the finish line with a rush, and within a second of Craig and Barry cumming they too shot off as well.

Celeste recovered and still with a mouth full of cum went over to share it with Salenna and dribbled some into her mouth before swallowing the rest, as they hugged each other Celeste whispered into Salenna’s ear,

“Now I know why you nearly went crazy when Craig was away for those few days and why you were screaming in the video, he’s magnificent. I don’t ever want to wake up if this is a dream, I just love SEX.”

After lunch they decided to head into town to do some shopping or just relax over a cup of coffee and regain some strength for later that night. If Salenna stopped traffic on her own, you can imagine what four of the most beautiful girls all with big tits, dressed in shorts and halter tops in high heels with no bras or pants did, it was if Pamela Anderson was walking down the main street naked, nonchalantly looking in shop windows.

The traffic on the road and on the pavement turned into chaos, the girls were completely unaware that they were causing all the strife as they strolled along talking among themselves with the boys on tow about two paces behind. The boys were also unaware of what was going on, how they had matured in two days, normally when in town their heads would be spinning like show ground clowns looking for something to leer at and when they had something in their sights the lurid thoughts that would go through the minds, does she fuck, does she give good head, are those tits real or is her bra padded, I wonder if her pussy is shaved?

The girls had passed the sex shop and Ray had to whistle them back, the whole gang entered and this was the first time for any of them, çankaya escort they were fascinated with the items that were for sale. They flicked through magazines and looked at videos and then checked out the toys and aids, rather than individual purchases they pooled their resources and bought a variety of things.

The girls felt that four cock rings were the most important items, the boys settled on four internal vibrators that were remote controlled, three different size dildos, some tickler condoms and finally some vibrators of different sizes, the girls made sure one of them was the same size as Craig or Barry’s cock.

The pictures in the magazines were most informative and the ideas were stored for future reference(by both boys and girls), with all the items packed into bags they headed for the cars itching to put some into practice as soon as they arrived home.

Roger had been editing the tapes from all the cameras in the rec room, what a job, their was enough material to make 2 epics but none was cut and wasted it was just stored for the future. The front door opened and they all trooped in, bags were dropped on the floor and all clothes were peeled off and into the pool they went, after a cool down and a few laps they all got out, no towels or clothes just naked they walked inside to get a drink, the boys a beer and the girls now accustomed to an alcoholic mixer,

The bags were tipped upside down and out poured the goodies, what to try first? The boys opened the internal vibrators which were shaped like a plastic egg and inserted them into the nearest pussy, batteries fitted to the controls and the first one assembled switched to ON. The girls started to giggle as the eggs went to work, it was then realized that they were all on the same frequency so anybody with a control could turn them all on or all off, it was decided to leave them all going while they unpacked the rest of the toys.

Fifteen minutes had passed and the guys had forgotten about the eggs and were looking at the ticklers, the girls on the other hand were as randy as hell so they started massaging the cocks till they were hard and helped fit the ticklers. The boys were laughing and making jokes about the ribs or the frills that adorned the top of the condoms when they were pushed over and mounted in one fluid movement by each of the girls, the vibrating eggs had made the girls horny and wet and they needed fucking.

They had all got up a good rhythm and tits were swaying and flopping to the beat, the frills and ribs were doing their job and soon the heightened sensations inside the cunts started orgasms that could be felt from their toes. The boys were less sensitive because of the thick rubber and they weren’t ready when the girls started cumming so they just kept pumping till the girls were begging that they stop because they couldn’t handle the massive orgasms that the ticklers were producing, cocks were pulled out and condoms torn off and cum spurted everywhere, in mouths, on tits, in hair until the girls guided the cocks into their mouths and clamped their lips around them rather like stopping an errant fire hose from waving around.

It was now time for some tenderness as the girls came down from their high, the boys understood and cuddled them and kissed them as they drifted off in a trance like sleep that only lasted for a few minutes but was all rejuvenating. During this quiet period the boys were reflecting on the last two days, even in fantasy their mind could not have come up with what had happened and they vowed to themselves that they would protect this dream in a cocoon from the outer world.

The eight of them were closer than a tight knit family, yet none were related in any way. It started when Salenna walked out to the pool and Sean, Barry and Ray thought that they would never see anything that beautiful again, they were even to shy to look at her she was so perfect yet in 48 hours she was sucking them off, anyone of them could fuck her and she didn’t mind – actually enjoying it. The girls felt the same with Craig, an Adonis, perfect body with the biggest cock in the world yet he was willing to share it with all the girls without favor, Jill, Christy and Celeste could understand him fucking Salenna, she was a goddess, but he classed them in the same bracket and so did the other guys, why bother with us when they could fuck Salenna all day, it was this equality that made the bond so strong.

The group headed for the warm spa to relax before bed, they were all having a drink and discussing the days events, the boys exhausted but still very fit were talking about some of the pictures in the magazines at the shop and how they must try some of the positions tomorrow. The girls were also talking about the pictures in the magazines.

“One that I saw had two girls in a contest sucking or fucking off four blokes, the men were all in a line and the two girls started at each end and the first to reach ankara escort the other end was the winner” said Jill.

“I bet I’d win that.“ said Salenna, in a joking tone of voice “Cos I luuuve sucking and fucking cock”

“I’ll race you.” said Jill “Cos I luuuve sucking and fucking cock too.” as she mimicked Salenna

“Do you want to play?” they asked, looking at the boys.

“Okay” they replied in unison.

They had the boys get in a line laying on the floor, Ray, Barry, Craig and Sean.

“Celeste and Christy you be the judges.” Said Jill.

“No favorites!” said Christy “when you are ready to cum just shoot, no holding back.” She said, addressing the boys.

“No spillage” said Celeste talking to both Jill and Salenna “You swallow the lot any spillage will incur a ten second penalty”

Looking at the wall clock Christy called “take your marks”

Both Jill and Salenna had their mouths over Sean and Rays cocks and hands at the ready

“get set” the boys were waiting.

The clock ticked over the twelve “Go” said Christy.

There was a flurry of blond hair as both Salenna and Jill sunk the mouths over the soft penises of Ray at one end and Sean at the other, heads were bobbing, hands were sliding up and down pumping the cocks and the tongues were working over time, within 2 minutes the boys backs were arching, muscles tight as a drum as they came in the girls mouths, Sean just shaded Ray but there was only 2-3 seconds in it.

The girls took a short breather as they swallowed. Salenna moved to Craig, she thought she may have an edge over Jill here as she knew most of Craig’s preferences, so she mouthed his cock till it was rock hard then she moved up and sunk his cock into her cunt and fucked him mercilessly, willing him to cum quickly,

Craig must have read her thoughts because within a few seconds he pulled out and blasted all over her back and as the contractions got weaker, left big puddles of cum on her bum.

Jill was just as crafty because she knew Barry’s weakness’ as he had been her fucking partner most of the last two days, as she mounted Barry she leaned forward as she was fucking him and wobbled her tits in his face then smothered him before dropping one of her hardened nipples into his mouth, he suckled it like a hungry baby, Jill slipped off Barry and reached behind her, grasped his cock and with only a few strokes had him cumming.

Halfway, now the contest was really hotting up, all even, with only a second or two in it, both Craig and Barry had just cum and now they were set upon again as Jill and Salenna swapped over.

Christy and Celeste were cheering as if they were at a wrestling match “Don’t spill any Jill or you will loose time”

“Give it to her Craig”.

“Fuck her harder Barry”

“Good one Craig, it must have gone two feet up her back!”

Both Salenna and Jill were sweating it was running in rivulets from their faces over their tits and down their bodies. Neither was giving and inch and they attacked both Barry and Craig with vigor, kissing them, snaking their tongues into the boys mouths, into their ears all the while trying to get the flaccid cocks to attention.

Salenna had Barry’s cock between her tits massaging it to its full size, all the while looking at him with her big blue eyes, as Barry looked down he saw his huge black cock between Salenna’s huge alabaster tits and her gorgeous face and eyes pleading for him to cum. He couldn’t deny her and shot a stream of juice over his own stomach, it wasn’t the thick ropes of cum he fired five minutes ago this was diluted and watery like saliva but Salenna lapped it up with long strokes of her tongue.

Jill looked over just before Barry came and knew she had to do something to stay in the race, she was on top of Craig fucking him to a climax but this was not going to be quick enough, she pulled out of him with a plop, licked her index finger, shook her hair and put Craig’s cock in her mouth. Using her mouth and two hands round his cock she sucked furiously then slide a hand under Craig’s bum and found his asshole, she inserted her finger slowly at first till the first joint, then right up to the prostate, then a wiggle. That did it. Craig came, he had no control, he ejaculated down Jill’s throat almost choking her, she wouldn’t lose time here for spillage, the sperm went straight into her tummy.

Three each, one to go and still neck and neck, the girls changed again this time Jill with Ray and Salenna with Sean. Both boys had a breather since they last shot but they needed coaxing to fire again, Salenna was using every trick she knew as she smothered her tits in Sean’s face, she shook them from side to side slapping him on both cheeks with her huge melons and reached behind milking his cock, it was rising to the occasion, but slowly.

Salenna moved down and starting using her hands and lips on his cock till it was rigid, but could she make him cum? Salenna got on her knees leaned forward on her tits and spread her arse cheeks wide open,

“Fuck me in the arse” she commanded Sean.

No need for a second prompting, Sean eased the head of his cock in Salenna’s arse and she did the rest, pushing her bum into his balls till he was buried deep inside her.

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