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Sadie and Robert Meet Again

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It had been two weeks since the massage appointment and Sadie had not heard from or seen Robert. She tried so hard to get him out of her mind, thinking that their fling was a one time event, but whenever her mind was idle, Sadie would start to daydream about that appointment. Not wanting to appear desperate, or scare him away, she avoided calling the number he used to make his appointment, even though she picked the phone up and started dialing it at least 10 times already. Sadie was beginning to fear that her boyfriend would notice how distracted she had become at the gym, constantly scanning the room, and looking to the door whenever it opened, but she could not help herself. Robert had given her the best sex she’d ever experienced, and that isn’t something she would get over quickly.

After a month had passed, Sadie accepted that she and Robert’s fling was a one time occurrence, and that she needed to move on. She settled into her life of average, once a week (twice if she was lucky) sex with her more often than not distant boyfriend. Sadie also quit her job at the spa. The thrill and arousal she experienced before Robert never returned, and she no longer enjoyed massaging the way she used to. Instead, Sadie began to spend more time at the gym, busying herself to keep her thoughts from returning to Robert.

It was at the gym that Sadie received a phone call from her mother, saying that she wanted to have family dinner the following day. Sadie usually avoided dinners with her mother, who brought up marriage and babies whenever she was in the same room as her, and had missed the last 4 dinner invites. Feeling guilty, Sadie reluctantly agreed to show up, and asked if there was anything she needed to bring.

“Just stop and pick up a few bottles of wine. Your aunt Helen is coming over. She is separated from her most recent husband, already, and I’m afraid I won’t have enough,” her mother said.

Sadie had not seen her aunt since the encounter with Robert and she immediately felt a twinge of guilt at the mention of Helen’s name. Her guilt was paired with slight annoyance though, Helen was not the easiest person to be around. She had, on more than one occasion, been the instigator of family arguments. She was especially insufferable when she was dealing with freshly failed relationships.

“Sure mom, it’ll probably just be me though. I don’t think we can afford to shut the gym down for the day, and no one is scheduled tomorrow but us. I’ll be there around 5. See you,” Sadie said, and replaced the receiver, already regretting her decision to go.


Sadie left for her mother’s house a little after noon the following day, preparing herself for the 4 hour drive. She usually chose to drive home the same day, even though it meant arriving home in the middle of the night, but she packed an overnight bag in case the weather took a turn. Right now the roads were clear, but judging by the clouds that hung overhead, she was sure she would be running into snow soon. In fact, an hour away from her mother’s house, the snow started to come down so thick that Sadie’s small car began to slide on the road.

The unexpected road conditions caused Sadie to be late to her mothers, and there was already another car in the driveway by the time she arrived. Sadie took her time getting from the car to the front door, not entirely excited to spend the evening with her mother and her aunt. She walked into the house and was greeted by the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen.

“Sadie? Is that you? We are in the kitchen,” her mother yelled.

Walking around the corner Sadie was greeted by her mother, who pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I’m so glad you’re here. We were starting to get worried with this weather,” her mother said, placing a full glass of wine in Sadie’s hand. Sadie was grateful, knowing that she would need it to handle the rest of the night. She took a long drink, as her mother continued, “I sure hope you plan on staying the night. I’m sorry, but I let Helen and Robert take your old room. But, I already set up the study for you.”

Sadie inhaled sharply and choked on her drink, “I’m sorry, who?” she asked, more loudly than she intended.

“Helen and Robert. I thought I told you on the phone?”

Sadie stared at her mother, waiting for the words to form, “You told me Aunt Helen would be here, but Robert? Her ex-husband Robert?”

Lowering her voice to a whisper, her mother continued, “Yes, Helen told me she called him after her break-up, and he came over. Mersin Escort She said that it seemed he was getting over a bad break-up himself, so she invited him to dinner with us. I think she’s hoping to get back with him. So let’s be supportive. We all love Robert, and he’s the best person she could be with right now.”

Sadie tried hard to put a smile on her face, “Of course,” she said, although she didn’t mean it. Turning her attention to Helen, she quickly hugged her and through a forced smile, asked, “How are you? It’s been too long.” While Helen went into a long monologue about her life, and her troubles, Sadie saw Robert walk into the room over Helen’s shoulder. A smile began to spread across his face, but he stopped when he saw the look on Sadie’s face. Sadie tried hard to hide her hurt and anger from Robert, but the reaction was strong when he came into the room.

“I’m sorry Helen,” Sadie said, cutting her aunt off, “But the drive here wore me out. I’m going to go lay down for a bit, until dinner is ready. We can finish catching up then,” she said and hugged Helen again, before turning and walking out of the kitchen.

Sadie was barely able to shut the door to the study before the tears started to flow. She did not know how she would be able to sit in the same room as the two of them, let alone stay overnight in the same house.

After an hour of feeling sorry for herself, Sadie decided that she would do her best to ignore Robert, and just make it through dinner. Cleaning her face up, Sadie walked back into the dining room just as her mother was setting food on the table.

Dinner went by smoothly, with Sadie attempting to visit with her increasingly intoxicated aunt and mother, before giving in and finishing her dinner silently, and ignoring Robert completely. When everyone finished eating, Sadie offered to clean up so they could go finish their drinks and visit. She was starting to need a break from the drunken laughter.

Loading the dishwasher, Sadie heard someone enter the kitchen. Thinking it was her mother, returning to refresh her drink, Sadie turned with a sigh, only to see Robert standing there.

“Before you say anything, I want to apologize for not contacting you after our visit. I realized that I had feelings for you, and I wouldn’t be able to just be friends. I was too afraid to be hurt if you didn’t feel the same. I should have handled it differently. I’m so sorry,” Robert said, standing back, looking as though he expected her to begin yelling at him.

“Why didn’t you just tell me that? Why didn’t you tell me something, anything? I’ve spent the last month and a half thinking I did something wrong,” Sadie replied, her anger beginning to fade slightly. “Also, why the hell are you here with Helen, did you do it to make me jealous? I really don’t understand.”

“I really messed up, I know. I’ll understand if you want nothing to do with me, but I only agreed to come with Helen because she insisted that she just wanted my friendship, and I really hoped you would be here. Looking back, it was the stupid way to go about it. Again, I’m sorry, and I hope you can forgive me,” Robert said, moving closer but remaining on the other side of the island. With a final hopeful smile, Robert left the kitchen.


Laying in bed, the moonlight crept in the through the curtains, falling across Sadie. It was nearing midnight, and she could not force herself to sleep. Her thoughts kept returning to Robert and what he said to her. Earlier that night, Robert must have told Helen that he has no interest in getting back together; at least that was Sadie’s thought when she heard Helen yelling down the hallway. Robert was now sleeping on the couch, directly on the other side of Sadie’s bed in the study.

Knowing that there was only a wall between them was causing her to become uncontrollably aroused, and Sadie began to wonder if she would wake the house up if she went to visit with him. Just as the thought entered her head, there was a gentle knock at the door. Before she could say, “Come in,” the door slowly opened and Robert silently slipped in.

“I’m sorry if I woke you, Sadie. I am having trouble sleeping, knowing that you are sleeping so closely to me, and not knowing whether or not you are still angry with me” Robert whispered, making his way across the room to her bed.

Smiling at him, Sadie replied, “No, you didn’t wake me. I can’t sleep either, and I’m glad you came in. I’m so glad you told me the truth. I just need you to promise Mersin Escort Bayan me that you’ll always be honest with me in the future.” With a little smile, Sadie lowered her blanket slightly and motioned for him to lay next to her.

Standing at the foot of her bed, Robert seemed hesitant. “What if we wake them up?” Without waiting for her reply, he climbed onto the bed, crawled up her body, and after parting her legs with his knee, came to rest above her.

Sadie could immediately feel the level of his arousal as he slid along her body. She cringed at the creaking sound the bed made under his extra weight, but hoped the sound wouldn’t carry across the house. With him laying between her parted legs, Sadie wrapped her arms around his lower back and stared up at him. “I’m so happy you decided to come here. You wouldn’t believe how much I missed you,” Sadie said with a sigh. Leaning down, Robert brought his face close to hers, and whispered, “Me too,” before placing his lips on hers.

Pulling him in close, Sadie ran her hands up and down the length of his back, occasionally running her fingers through his thick hair. Nibbling and sucking on his bottom lip, Sadie reached down and putting both hands on his ass, pulled him close, feeling the pressure of his rapidly growing cock through both of their clothes.

With a moan, Robert pulled away slightly, “Wait sweetie. Let’s take it slowly. We have all night, and I want to enjoy you,” he said as he rolled off of Sadie onto his side. Reaching up to gently stroke her cheek, Robert let his hand slowly trail down the front of Sadie’s top, unbuttoning it as he moved down. Pulling her shirt open, the moonlight fell across Sadie’s soft, full breasts.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” he said with a low moan, running his hands over her breasts, gently pulling on her nipples. With increasingly firmer pressure, he began to knead her breasts as he licked and kissed her neck. Sadie’s breathing picked up speed as Robert’s kisses moved from her neck and traveled over the mound of her breast. Slipping her nipple into his mouth, Robert used his tongue to circle around it. He began to lightly suck and bite her swollen nipple, sending waves of shock and pleasure through Sadie’s body.

Sadie was so focused on the pleasure that his mouth was causing her, that she didn’t realize his hand was slipping under the waistband of her pajama bottoms and panties, until she felt his hand rest on her soft, naked mound. Raising her hips slightly as an invitation to continue, Sadie gasped as Robert took his finger and parted her lips, gently massaging the entire length of her labia, spreading her juices. Sadie was becoming overwhelmed with the pleasure she was experiencing, and began to squirm and moan as Robert gently began to apply pressure to her swollen clit, rubbing it in small circular motions.

Grabbing Robert’s head, Sadie pulled him into a kiss, as she began to move her hips with the motion of his hands. Breathing heavily into his open mouth, Sadie felt her first orgasm building up, “Oh my god Robert, don’t stop. I’m going to cum!” she whispered.

“Oh, Sadie,” Robert moaned, their mouths centimeters apart as they both panted heavily. Applying more pressure against her clit, Robert could feel Sadie’s body tense.

With a low moan, Sadie came hard as her body convulsed with pleasure. Robert continued to massage her clit, using the extra moisture produced by her orgasm to slide along the slick surface. In one swift motion, Robert moved between her legs, and pulled her pants and panties down, discarding them on the floor. Laying with the upper part of his body between her legs, be bent his head down and began to plant soft kisses on Sadie’s lower stomach as he reached under her to gently knead her ass.

Robert continued to kiss her body, making his way to her soft, warm pussy. Using his hand he gently parted her pussy lips, exposing her swollen, slick clit. With his tongue, Robert began to trace small circles around her clit, stopping occasionally to kiss and suck on it. Then with rapid movement, he began to flick his tongue back and forth across her clit, causing Sadie to squirm beneath him. With his other hand, Robert slid two fingers into her tight opening, massaging her pussy walls with long, deep strokes. Soon Sadie was raising her hips, slamming them against Robert’s face, and driving his fingers deeper into her pussy.

“Oh shit baby! I’m gonna cum again!” Sadie silently screamed, grabbing onto the back of Robert’s head, and Escort Mersin grinding her hips into his face. Still sensitive from her first orgasm, Sadie came quickly, “Mmmnnn yes!” she moaned, looking down as Robert raised his head, smiling at her.

“You taste wonderful, baby,” Robert said, as he crawled back up along her body. Kissing her deep, Robert’s mouth still tasted like her wet pussy, and Sadie sucked eagerly on his bottom lip, moaning.

While he kissed her, Robert began to rub his cock along her pussy, grinding against it as his swollen head pushed hard into his pajamas. The rough texture of his pants against her sensitive pussy caused Sadie immense pleasure, and she was soon raising her hips against him. Soon they were humping each other with such force that the tip of his covered cock was nearly entering her tight opening.

“I need you inside of me,” Sadie said breathlessly as she pulled away from his kiss. Raising to his knees, and with Sadie’s help, Robert pulled his pants down and slipped them off. In the darkness of the room, Sadie could only make out the outline of his cock, protruding out from his body. Reaching up, she took his smooth, warm shaft in her hands and began to tug gently on it, pulling him toward her awaiting pussy.

Lowering his body, Robert placed his swollen head against her pussy. Easing the tip in slowly, Robert paused, waiting for her to to relax around him, before me plunged deep inside.

“Oh god!” Sadie groaned as he pierced her with his thick cock. Digging her fingers into his back, and wrapping her legs around him, Sadie held him inside her for a moment as she slowly flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth, moaning, “Do I feel good baby?”

“Mmmn Sadie, your pussy is so warm and tight,” Robert said with a groan. Slowly he pulled out, almost completely withdrawing from her, before slamming back in, his balls slapping her ass. Sadie clamped her hand over her mouth and let out a muffled scream. Thrusting in and out, Robert reached out to hold tight to her heavy bouncing tits. “Play with your clit, Sadie,” he said through labored breaths. Obeying, Sadie reached down and began to flick her clit.

The mixture of Robert’s deep thrusts and her rapid finger movements caused Sadie to moan loudly enough that Robert felt the need to help her cover her mouth. Pulling out, Robert grabbed the sides of Sadie’s hips and slowly rolled her over. Then, grabbing her hips again, raised her ass slightly, until he was able to see her glistening pussy in the moonlight. Placing his cock against her entrance, Robert thrust his body against her, impaling her.

Raising to her knees and elbows, Sadie began to thrust her body back, causing a low slap as her ass met his hips. Robert reached down and grabbed her ass, kneading roughly as he continued to fuck her.

“Mmmnnn yes baby. I love it when you fuck me hard!” Sadie said in a low growl, as she continued to rock her body back and forth. The two were so lost in their pleasure that they soon forgot about being quiet, as the headboard rocked, hitting the wall lightly.

The view Robert had of Sadie’s ass, bouncing against him excited him so much that he knew he would cum soon. “I’m going to cum Sadie, keep going! Your ass is so beautiful baby,” Robert moaned loudly. Digging his fingers into her hips, Robert pulled her back roughly onto his cock, fucking her hard. “Oh fuck Sadie!” he yelled as he felt his balls tighten.

Squeezing her pussy muscles tight, Sadie panted, “Cum for me baby! Please cum inside me, I want to feel you fill me up.” Thrusting her ass hard against him, Sadie could feel his body tense just as her orgasm was reaching its peak. Reaching out to grab onto the headboard, Sadie bounced hard against it as Robert fucked her with rough, hard thrusts, leaning over her and grabbing her tits tightly. They screamed out almost simultaneously as they both climaxed hard, completely forgetting that they wanted to remain quiet. Dropping to her stomach, Sadie laid motionless, panting heavily, with Robert still inside of her.

Between ragged breaths, Robert said, “Holy fuck Sadie, I can’t get enough of you. You’re perfect.” Finally pulling out and collapsing next to her, he ran his hands along the small of her back, and gently cupped her ass, squeezing. “I’m so in love with you, Sadie. I don’t want anyone but you, and I hope you feel the same,” he said as he looked at her, trying to catch his breath.

Quickly turning and pulling him into a frantic kiss, Sadie pulled back and told him, “Of course I feel the same!”

Resting her head on his chest, Sadie began to fall asleep, their naked bodies perfectly fitting together. She no longer worried about the reaction she would receive from her (ex) boyfriend or her aunt, because in that moment she was completely happy and content.

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