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Sabine At School Ch. 12

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I couldn’t watch as Ms. Wilson left our room. I was ashamed. I had let Melanie fuck me in front of her. She wasn’t a friend of either of us. We knew her, but she was a stranger, really. I shuddered as I remembered licking and sucking Melanie, too. Licking and kissing her ass. My face felt like it was on fire, along with some other parts of me. My ass wasn’t burning anymore, but was a tight ball of throbbing flesh. My nipples felt as though someone had held a match to them and my pussy felt so hot and swollen. I shuddered, remembering everything.

“Are you all right, darling?”

“Yes, I just hurt all over, especially my nipples.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left the clamps on that long for the first time.”

“I’ll live. Where did you learn all that stuff?”

“Remember the Internet? I have looked for a lot of pictures. Pictures that fascinated me. At first they made me feel funny inside, before I realized that they were arousing me. At the beginning, all I could find was pictures of men doing this to a girl. Then I found a site called Whippedass.com. It shows women doing things to women. I know it wasn’t real, it was an act like a movie, but still, it got to me. At first I wondered how it would be to be the woman getting spanked or whipped. I used to undress and spank myself, but it wasn’t that good for me. Then I began to imagine myself as the woman doing the spanking. That worked for me.”

“All of it was free?”

“No, at first I looked at their free pictures. All the sites have them as a come on to get people to pay for what’s really inside. I saved up money and bought a six-month membership through the mail. And that’s where I found the other stuff.”

“Other stuff?”

“The pictures and movies of the dominant women fucking the other women. After they had supposedly humiliated and tormented and beaten them. I think that they figured out what they were going to film before hand and then just acted it out. But, the spankings and whippings were real, the women’s asses and tits turned red and sometimes you could see red lines on bodies from an especially hard whipping. And slapping tits and using clamps or clothespins on the women. And then the fucking. That was real, women fucking other women in the pussy and then In the ass. I was fascinated by all of it. And it made me horny. And I wanted to do it to someone. And then you came along.”

“So I am just here to fulfill a fantasy of yours?”

When I said that I lowered my face, hiding it, not wanting Melanie to see my disappointment. She stroked my hair. Tears trickled out of my eyes and down my cheeks.

“Yes, you fulfill a fantasy, but you are much more than that to me, Sabine. Yes, I do things to you that I fantasize about, but even if I didn’t have these fantasies, I would still want to have you with me.”

I didn’t know if I could believe her, I wanted to believe her but what she had just told me made me hesitant. I was feeling that I was just a toy, one to be discarded when a better toy came along. I felt dirty and used.

“Darling, do you think I would have licked you if I didn’t want you for something more than just playing out a fantasy game? The dommes never lick pussy, they only tease it, slap it, finger and fuck it.”

I wanted to believe her, I really did,

“Sabine, darling, trust me. Yes, I want to spank you and beat you, because it turns me on a lot, but I’d still want you if I didn’t have these fantasies.”

I snuggled in closer to her, wanting to be held and comforted. Melanie did comfort me. It was nice to feel her warm, soft body close to mine and to feel her arms around me.

She held me for a while, all the time stroking my hair and body, kissing me when she felt like it, making me feel loved. I felt better but always in the back of my mind was going to be that doubt. The doubt that she really loved me. I was willing to take a chance on being hurt a lot, just to have Melanie be with me. I was willing to do a lot just to have Melanie with me.

After a long time of cuddling, kissing and stroking, she had me get up and she looked me over closely. I felt like a mannequin. Melanie pushed me this way and that, looking all over me. It was embarrassing but stimulating too.

“This one is going to bruise nicely. Oh God, your pussy, Sabine. It is all red and puffy on the right side. Did I hit you there? What with? Damn, I didn’t mean for that to happen!”

“It’s all right Melanie. Don’t fuss over me. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, in a few days. I can’t believe you didn’t say anything or stop me.”

“Kind of hard to say anything, with a pair of panties in my mouth, Melanie.”

She giggled at that.

“I guess I forgot that. It wasn’t too much?”

‘Yes, it was too much, but it seemed that you really wanted it, so I just went along. I really want you to like me, Melanie. Really, I do.”

“Sabine, darling, I already loved you before tonight. Now we have to do something about your pussy.”

Melanie got up and got the lotion and gently pushing my legs open she put some of it on my pussy and gently rubbed it in. It şişli eskort felt good. I lay back and let her rub my pussy until all the lotion was rubbed in. Then Melanie got a washcloth and wiped the sweat off me, taking care not to touch me too hard. Finally, she got me up and took me to bed. It hurt in spots when she took me in her arms, but I was willing to take that hurt in exchange for Melanie holding me. I kept my moans and whimpers to myself and after a long while, I fell asleep, exhausted.

Ms. Wilson didn’t come back for a couple of days. Melanie took care of me. She did the lotion morning and night and I slept in her arms for two more nights. The third day she looked at my bruises, which had turned yellow and surprisingly were not that many. My pussy was starting to look normal. Melanie got a look in her eyes that I knew meant something for me. After classes and dinner when we were back in our room, she ran a tub full of hot water.

“This will feel good, darling, and I want to join you.”

I was really happy and I got into the tub without Melanie having to push me. She was out in the other room for a bit and came back to the bathroom with her hands behind her back. I was sitting back luxuriating in the hot water. Melanie stepped up and asked me to turn my face to the wall. I did and she put a blindfold on me. I shivered, knowing she had another game that she wanted to play. I felt pressure on my left wrist followed a click, then by pressure and pulling on my right wrist with another clicking sound. I pulled back but could only move my hands a little. I started to get nervous. My left leg was picked up out of the water and I felt the pressure on it and another click. I tried to put it back in the water, but my leg was held up and out. My right leg was pulled up and the same done to it. I pulled but couldn’t move. Melanie stripped naked and got in the tub behind me. I shivered some more.

“Melanie, what are you doing?”

“I have another game, darling. Do you want to play?”

“I don’t know Melanie. I am sort of scared, not being able to see.”

“It’s just for a little bit darling. I’ll take off the blindfold in a little bit.”

With that I felt her hands cup my breasts and her thumbs rub gently over my nipples. I sighed with pleasure. Melanie teased and toyed with my breasts until my head fell back on her shoulder. Then she ran a hand down my chest, my belly and right onto my pussy. I couldn’t do anything other than wriggle as she touched me gently, arousing me. I could feel her naked breasts against my back and it felt good. She teased me, my pussy, making me squirm and breathe faster. It was so nice!

Then her hands left me, left me panting and removed the blindfold. I could see now and saw that my hands were or I should say my wrists were in cuffs and the cuffs were attached by a chain to large suction cup for each, which were pressed to the tile wall for my left hand and the outside of the tub for my right. I looked further down to see the same for my legs. I was spread open for her. She moved closer behind me making me sit up straighter. Her lips brushed my ear.

“Do you want to try something new, darling?”

While she said this, one hand toyed with a nipple and the other with my pussy. I was breathing hard enough that I could only nod yes. She giggled behind me and her hand left my breast, coming to rest on the back of my neck.

“Take a deep breath darling.”

I wondered why, but did it anyway. Then her hand pressed on my neck and I was bent down, my face moving towards the water.

“No Melanie, no…..”

That was all I got out before my face and then my head was pushed under the water. I choked as I got a mouthful and some up my nose. She held me down, feeling me struggle to get back up. Finally she eased the pressure and my head jerked up, water streaming from my face and hair. I coughed and choked.

Melanie still was rubbing my pussy. I gasped and sucked in air.

“Take a deep breath darling.”

“No Melanie, no, don’t..”

Her hand pressed on my neck and I went down again, getting another mouthful of water and some more up my nose. She held me down once more, feeling my struggling. I was fastened tight enough that it didn’t do any good. She let me up, still teasing my pussy, but this time she also teased my nipples. I was gasping and coughing.

“You’ll listen this time, won’t you, darling? Take a breath.”

Knowing that I couldn’t stop her I did and closed my eyes and mouth. Melanie’s hand was on my neck again and down I went. My head submerged once more and she held me down. I squirmed and struggled, trying to get my head back up, but I couldn’t until she let up and pulled my head up by my hair. She stroked my hair out of my face and I gasped once more. She teased my pussy and nipples again, making me shudder. Her hand was on my neck and she didn’t have to say a word. I sucked in as much air as I could and then clamped my lips shut. I went down once more, my head submerged, my body squirming. Melanie held me down longer this time. Just before I was involuntarily going escort bayan şişli to open my mouth to try to breathe, she pulled me up by the hair. Water streamed down my face and ran from my hair. I sucked in breaths as fast as I could until I felt her hand on my neck. My mouth and eyes closed and this time when I went under, I didn’t struggle. I didn’t fight her until I felt that I couldn’t hold my breath anymore, then I started to wriggle and squirm, panicking as she held my head down in the water. She finally pulled my head up by my hair, and I sucked in air, gasping.

“Melanie, stop, please, don’t do this anymore, please..”

Her hand settled on my neck and I whimpered, sucked in as much air as I could and felt her pressing down on my neck. I couldn’t stop her, and I watched as the water approached my face, then closed my eyes. My head went under again and I twisted and wriggled, trying to get loose, trying to get my head up. Melanie’s left hand was busy between my legs, rubbing my pussy and her right was clamped onto my neck, holding me under water. Restrained as I was, I couldn’t stop her. Since she was bigger and stronger than I was, there wasn’t much I could do. I tried to focus on her hand between my legs, but I panicked each time she pushed my face under water and held me down. She pulled me up once more by my hair, giggling as I gasped and sucked in air.

“I wanted to try this Sabine. It’s sort of fun to do this to you, but something is missing.”

With that I felt her move back from my back and she pulled me backwards. I opened my mouth to beg her to stop, just as my head broke the surface of the water and my face went under again. The top of my head was pressed to her breasts and I was pulling at the cuffs, trying to sit up. She held me down for a bit and then let me up, kissing my open mouth as I coughed and choked, sucking in air. She fondled my left breast, teasing the nipple and continued to rub between my legs. It was starting to feel good, even with the coughing and choking that I was doing.

“Just a couple more times, darling. You are so cute when you struggle.”

My head was pulled back again and I sucked in air, clamping my lips together. My head went under again, my body twisting and wriggling in a futile attempt to get free. Melanie teased my nipple, pinching and tugging on it. My face came up and she kissed me, listening to me gasp.

“Once more, darling and we’ll try something else to see how you like it.”

I sucked in air immediately and she pulled my head back. I felt the water start to cover my head and moaned as I went under once more. I couldn’t help but struggle against her. This was unnatural. Melanie held me down, feeling me squirm and jerk against her. Then she let me up and my head broke the surface, coughing and choking. Melanie waited until I was breathing close to normal. She got up from the tub and pulled the suction cup on my left leg, free. Then she loosened my right leg and left me again, walking back to our bedroom. I sat nervously; wondering what she had in mind.

She came back with two handcuffs and with one cuffed my ankles together. Then she loosened a hand and cuffed it with one end of the handcuff. Then the other hand was freed and cuffed. She pulled me up and out of the bath, making me kneel at the side of the tub. My hands were cuffed behind me. I was pretty much helpless.

“Wait here, darling.”

I knelt, shivering, water streaming off me. Melanie came back again and had me kneel up so my tummy was at the top of the tub. I felt something hard and cool poking at my ass. The dildo. Her hand grasped my neck again and she began to push me down. I squirmed against the pressure, watching as the water approached my face. I sucked in air, my face touched the water and then I was under again. I felt the dildo prod my cheeks, then slip down.

Just as I started to panic again, I felt the dildo slide into my pussy. Melanie released my neck and I pulled up, coughing. She thrust into my pussy, fucking me, making me whimper and moan. It felt good, but I was still down on my knees, water streaming off my face. The dildo felt as if it was bigger. With my ankles cuffed, my thighs were together, making my pussy tighter for her. I moaned, feeling her penetrate me, so easily that I was ashamed of how hot she had made me already.

Melanie fucked me for a while, listening to my soft cries, then she grasped my neck. I sucked in air and watched the water come up to my face. Again she pushed my head under, this time teasing a nipple and still fucking my pussy. I squirmed and wriggled, trying to get up, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breath either. I began to get light headed. She let me up. I sucked in air. She pushed my head back under. Her free hand went to my pussy and stroked and rubbed me, still thrusting the dildo into me. If it weren’t for the water I would have loved this.

My head came up; I was dizzy with lack of air and the fucking. Dizzy with deprivation and arousal.

“Just a little more, darling.”

My face was pushed down again. I sucked in air and felt my pussy şişli escort bayan contract. It clenched down on the dildo and I felt spasms deep inside me. Then my body jerked and I opened my mouth to squeal as I came, sucking in water. My back arched, my head still under water. Melanie let me up, listening to me cough and choke as the spasms of my orgasm swept through me. The dildo felt bigger, harder, longer inside me. I felt as though it was reaching places it never had before. Melanie fucked me through the spasms until I slumped down, hanging over the side of the tub, gasping for air.

I felt as though she had fucked me for hours. I was exhausted. My pussy was clenching on the dildo hard. She got under me more, her legs outside mine, but the dildo still stuffed up me. She pulled me back against her body.

“Fuck, Sabine.”

As tired as I was, as lightheaded, I still obeyed. I pumped my ass up and down as she felt my nipples, teasing them into hard erect points, the tingling pleasure radiating out from them. My ass moved up and down, the dildo splitting me open, so big. My pussy felt so tight. My pussy felt so good. I was breathing hard, fucking myself. I could feel her breasts on my back, rubbing me there also. Her nipples rasped along my skin as I rose and fell.

Then Melanie lowered a hand to my sensitive clitoris and rubbed it, teasing it. I moaned. It almost hurt it was so sensitive because I had just come. But her touch there made me move my ass faster, slamming down on her thighs. Grunting and panting I drove down, feeling the dildo splitting me open. My head jerked back, my mouth open in a soundless scream as I came once more. I shook and quivered. My insides clamped down, my pussy clenched on the dildo. Melanie kissed my neck, holding me as I spasmed once more. I went limp, exhausted. I felt so tired, so good. Melanie slowly lowered me to my side. I whimpered as the dildo left me, a wet sucking sound as it came out of my pussy. She moved around to my face and I looked at her, blearily.


My mouth opened and she pushed the dildo into it. I lay on my side and sucked her, tasting my pussy. My body shivered and shook from the two orgasms that had swept through me so fast, faster than I had thought they could come. They were so close together, they seemed one long continuous orgasm. I could feel my juices, not leaking out of me, but running out of me. God, I loved her! She made me feel so good inside.

Melanie pulled the dildo out of my mouth and bent to kiss me. My mouth tasted of my pussy, but she didn’t care, her tongue slithered inside it, swirling about, so she could taste me also.

She stood up and shucked off the harness, then stood me up. I clutched the side of the tub, trembling. She undid the handcuffs and got me back into the tub. Then she washed me all over, cleaning me, but still taking the time to tease my nipples and pussy. She even stuck a finger up my ass when she washed me there. I sighed and let her do as she wished, my body limp and sated. Then she handed me the soap and lay back. I knelt up, facing her and washed her. Her breasts and pussy and every other lovely part. I kissed her bare skin all over. I sucked her nipples and kissed them, I kissed and licked her pussy. I rolled her over and pulled her ass up, washed it and then kissed and licked it, all over her cheeks and then in between them. My tongue laved her anus. She shivered and moaned. I helped her out of the tub, dried her off and led her to the couch in the other room. I knelt and licked her pussy, teasing her nipples with my hands until she clasped my head hard, lifting up, pressing to my face. I felt her first spasm and she held me tight to her lips, licking as she orgasmed also. I knelt, letting her hold my face to her spasming pussy until she slumped back, limp and smiling.

“Thank you darling, that was lovely.”

My face was smeared with pussy juice, shining. I felt happy. She hadn’t beaten me today, even though I could have taken it easily. I got up, still a little unsteady from my orgasms and came back to her with a washcloth. I wiped her pussy clean of juice. Then I wiped off my face. We cuddled for a while, our bodies pressed together, warm and soft and yielding. It was good, so nice.

After that things slowed again. We had so much schoolwork that we didn’t really have the time to do all the things we both wanted. She wanted to fuck me, but didn’t, I wanted to lick and kiss her, but didn’t. I even slept alone in my little bed. We were too tired to do anything but eat, sleep, study and go to class. It was horrible. I had come to want sex, want her fucking me and teasing me. I felt deprived. I wanted her body on mine, fucking me, even fucking my ass would have been all right.

We got through that first week without too much trouble; even the stairs were not as bad. Ms. Wilson visited or should I say just walked into our room twice, both times catching me naked. She leaned against the wall, her eyes on my body. I was embarrassed because she had seen me naked so often and I still remembered her sitting beside me as Melanie fucked me that night. Those memories were both good and bad. Good because she had seen me naked, bad because she had seen me fucked. That was almost too much for me, for my exhibitionist tendencies. I almost would have preferred her touching my breasts and pussy to that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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