Ryan’s Thoughtful Afternoon

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My glorious girl Tracy torments me so, never trying hard. Just this morning, after a night of nakedness sleeping with her, after a day of being delighted with tales of soapy girls showering together, touching each other, then naked dreams of the same, naughty girls together in the shower and knowing I was watching; all it took was one of her passionate kisses, sucking my lower lip into her mouth, to keep me heated all day.

Now, later in the afternoon, I had to relent, and pour out this text.

It’s been before Christmas, well before, since I’ve been shaved, spanked, and fucked. I need it so desperately. Ass high on a pillow, being shaved smooth by my sexy baby, made ready for her further touch. Then put on all fours to be spanked, reddened, and then my ass marked by her to claim me.

That gets me ready to service my lover, whatever she needs. Massage those powerful thighs, kiss her deeply, admire and stroke her ass, provoke her clit to an erection, and suck it until she comes. I’m dying to see her bring herself off, she’s just so sexy when she canlı bahis performs for me. Like me, she’s a master of knowing what her body craves, and can give it just what it needs. Those moments feel so like she’s giving all of herself to me…letting me have all of her sexuality. Then tossing her…getting my tongue on her delightful little pink rosebud, so sensitive and responsive, pinning her knees to her chest, exposing all her parts for me to savor.

Then, getting to be boy-fucked by Tracy, again. Lately, I’ve asked her to just “take” me…lotion my rim, and her cock, then just force her shaft into me, making me take her inside, with no preliminary fingering or “making-ready”. Glorious. The feeling of initial resistance, then release as the head of her cock makes entry, and then the length of the shaft fills me and bonds me to her. Face to face, like lovers, where I can caress her hair, kiss her, or then let myself be completely at her mercy. I can bring my knees back, tilting me further and taking her in even more; wrap my legs around her and just savor bahis siteleri the deep thrusting. What’s especially gratifying is those times when I manage to stay rigid during her entry. It’s not something I can control, maybe no one can, but what a special gift when it does happen. My baby’s cock fucking me, and I’m getting to show her a rigid cock in return.

And then, how to cum? One glorious way is to bring it off while I’m being fucked…Tracy deep inside me, my lotioned fist bringing me off while she watches, covering my chest with hot cum. Or after all this anal play, put her on her tummy and fuck her glorious ass, stroking that small of her back, her curvy globes, admiring her tattoo, and then releasing shot after shot.

Can’t wait for tonight. I can’t remember if she’s actually strapped me with the largest of the cocks we have, or merely toyed me with it. That image of my strapped baby, in black, with that huge cock making ready to fuck me is something that’s really driving me this afternoon.

And then, there was last weekend, or maybe bahis şirketleri a few days before.

I’d chosen to sleep naked for the first time in a while. Tracy gave my ass a few playful strokes as I drifted off to sleep. And, as often happens, vivid dreams quickly followed. I loved this image of a dark castle, the heavily-posted bed with crimson velvet and satin bedcovers, and a knight who’d wandered in. The mistress of the castle, an enchantress, had cast a spell on the knight, filling him with passion and willed to her commands. All dark, so gothic, the mistress wore strapped high sandals, laces to her knees, and a long black cape.

Luring the knight onto the bed, she dropped her cape, leaving her barely dressed, her breasts exposed and lifted by a strappy top, her hips wrapped by the straps of a long, erect, lady’s cock, all black and shiny in the candlelight. Curved and almost parallel to her torso, it was perfectly formed to drive her knight into a sexual frenzy. She positioned her knight on his back, rubbed his cock and crevice with a slippery potion, and slowly, passionately, applied this same potion to her erect shaft. Her spell drove the knight to crave her touch; she went to him, pinned him, then began her ritual of penetrating him and making him hers. Forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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