Romance with the CEO Ch. 05 – The Finale

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Chapter 5 – The Final Chapter!

***Nick’s Point of View***

I can’t believe Justin and I are coming up on our first year of dating. It truly feels like yesterday we were just becoming friends.

We spend almost every day together, he stays at my place basically every weekend. I am ready to live with him full time, I just don’t want to make him rush into anything. I also know how big of a deal it was for him to buy his own apartment, and I don’t want him to give that up, unless he really wants to. I think it’d actually be a good financial decision for him to rent it out.

I told him I’d take care of our anniversary dinner. A romantic evening in. It may be a Thursday, but we’re gonna pretend like it’s the weekend. Yeah we have work tomorrow, but nothing that’s major.

I already sent flowers to his apartment this morning, and more at his office, and I also bought a bouquet for him to be in my place.

After work, we came home together. “I’m banishing you to the bedroom, you can take a relaxing bath while I get dinner ready for us.”

He gave me his big puppy dog eyes. “Why don’t you join me in the bath? I think dinner is overrated.” He pulled on my arm, trying to move me towards the stairs.

“Dinner is not overrated, it gives us the energy to do the after dinner activities I know you like so much.” I said with a giggle. “How about you just sit in the kitchen and chill with me, we’ll take a bath together after dinner?” He grinned in agreement.

Walking to the kitchen, he noticed the third bouquet of matching flowers I’ve gotten for him. “Nick…” damn, I love hearing him say my name. “Thank you for all the flowers.”

“I love you.” I reminded him, not that he’s forgotten.

“I love you, too. Now, let me help!” He begged as I started getting the ingredients out.

“Alright alright, why don’t you peel the potatoes? And then you can cut up some parsley.”

“Yes, chef.”

After about a half an hour, our meal is ready. Thankfully, I laid the dining room table last night with the fanciest stuff I have so all I have to do is light the candles and bring in our plates.

The table, over 30 feet long, means there’s plenty of space for us to spread out. I instead made sure to cuddle us up on one end. If I had my way I’d have him sit on my lap, but I figured some personal space (for now) would be appreciated.

After dinner, I cleared while Justin ran upstairs to draw our bath. I excitedly ascended the stairs, eager to get to my boy. Upon the second floor landing, I found the most peculiar thing.

A small, hand-sized Nerf gun, a bag with a bunch of styrofoam bullets, and a note in Justin’s neat handwriting that reads:

I figured a hot bath is only truly enjoyable after a workout. First floor only. First to get hit 3 times loses. Winner gets a massage in the tub.

God, I love this man. I grabbed the bag, loaded the toy gun, and carefully made my way back down the staircase. I think he’d be kind enough to let me get down the stairs, but I can’t trust him in this war.

I decided he’s probably on the opposite side of the apartment, as not to risk me seeing him coming from the kitchen.

I carefully peek in the living room, nothing. Gun at the ready, I maneuver in, slowly walking to make as little sound as possible. Reaching the other end of the living room, I see a bullet fly right by me. “Shit.” I call out instinctively while retreating. “That was a close one, babe. But missed me.” I call out. I move to the opposite wall to gain a better perspective. Justin comes flying out and hits me square in the stomach, then runs back out.

I follow him, knowing I have a short time frame before he reloads, giving me the upper hand. By the time I reach the doorway, he’s already turning out of the next room back towards the foyer.

I move forward, heading towards the family room. From there I maneuver around the kitchen islands, bending my knees to hide behind them, waiting for him to make his way to me.

Sure enough, a minute later, I hear footsteps near the butlers pantry. While grabbing another bullet to replace the one currently in the gun after I shoot, I peak around the corner of the island. Perfect. Right where I want him. I hold out my gun and shoot, hitting him right in the leg. “HA!” I laugh, refilling my gun.

I hear him move to the other island, so I crawl around mine, then make a break for the dining room.

I decide to hide under the table, the dark wood of the table and chairs should hide me well. I sit and wait, and wait. Dang, this boy is probably doing the same thing, waiting me out. Fuck it, I slide my way back out from under the table. I feel the slightest pain in my back, I’m getting too old for this shit, I laugh.

Looking up, I see Justin grinning at me, his gun pointed right at me. And that’s two for me. Even so, he isn’t fast enough to avoid my shot, getting him right in the butt as he makes an exit towards the study.

“That’s two-two, now, baby.” I call out as calmly yet condescendingly as I osmaniye escort can. Gotta try to scare him a little.

I feel a surge of energy, ready to get him one last time then get that massage. Adding a new bullet to the gun, I follow him into the study, stopping at the doorway and looking left, then right. Which way did he go?

Just then, I hear the sound of a piano. The cheeky bastard is brazen enough to play the piano. But what is this song? It’s beautiful, but really sad. Justin knows how much I love sad music. It must be a trap, possibly a recording.

I make my way to the living room doorway, carefully making sure he’s not about to ambush me. He’s sitting there, all his focus on the keys as he perfectly plays. I notice the sparkle around his neck. It’s the necklace, he just put it on. What the heck, how’s he do all this in under a minute?

“What are you playing?” I ask, moving to the piano.

“I wrote it. For you.” He looks up into my eyes, sending chills down my entire body.

“What?” I mutter, looking back down at his fingers.

“I know how much you love sad music, so I wrote you a sad song.” I watch and listen as he plays through the song. When he finishes, he moves his hands to his lap. “Do you like it?” I see the nervousness in his eyes.

My eyes remain locked on his, I’m completely stunned by him and his kind gesture. I take my Nerf gun and point it at my own chest, pulling the trigger. “Oh, Justin.” I move to sit next to him. “I absolutely love it. I can’t believe you wrote me a song.” I say so softly I’m not sure it even came out at all.

“I was gonna use it to trick you in here, then finish you off. But it seems you did that for me, so thanks.” I watched his lips curl, and listen to the sweet sound of his giggle.

“Master manipulator.” I kissed his temple. “Thank you for that song. I hope you realize I’m gonna make you play it for me 24/7.”

“I’ll take it back!” He exclaimed, his eyes have a playful panic in them.

“Speaking of 24/7…” I started. “I’ve been thinking, hoping… well I know how much your apartment means to you, but what are your thoughts on moving in together?” I ask, grabbing hold of his right hand.

“From a financial point of view, it’s a good market to rent right now, so it’d be a good move for me to rent my apartment… if you’re not mad that I keep it?”

“I know how much it means to you, how hard you’ve worked for it, I wouldn’t dare ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I kinda already knew that, but it’s nice to hear.” He smiled.

“So, a good financial decision, indeed…” I mumble.

“That’s only the bonus, the really big factor being how madly in love I am with you, and how dearly I’d love to live with you. And play this song for you 24/7.”

I feel a light spread throughout my entire body. I pull him in for a long, deep kiss, wrapping my arms around his body and holding him tight.

“Thank you for your beautiful gift.” I say.

“Thank you for yours.” He leans into me.

“Oh, well, I mean, that’s more of a mutual gift, let me grab your actual gift.” I kiss his forehead. “Follow me.” I take his hand and lead him to the study.

“Nick… I don’t need anything else. You spoil me too much.”

“It’s my favorite thing to do.” I remind him. “I don’t do it enough.” I sit on the corner of my desk, pulling out the box from the top drawer.

I watch his face as he opens it. A brief look of confusion is followed by an adorable look of happiness. “You saved these?” He’s referring to our park tickets from our first date in Disney World. I framed them, along with a photo of us in front of the castle.

“I was so nervous that day.” He giggled.

“You were?” I ask. “I had no idea. Probably because I was internally freaking out, worried you’d hate me.”

He moved in, pressing his body against mine. “I hated you when I first started working for you.” He responds. “By the first date, I was falling hard. I was so nervous about you not liking me.”

I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him even closer. “Good thing we hit it off, now I get to sleep next to you every single night.” I say, cherishing the idea of living with him.

“Should we go take that bath now?”

“Please, lead the way.”

I watched his cute butt sway back and forth as he climbed the stairs, holding back the urge to face-plant right into it.

In the bathroom, he gets the water going. “I think I’ll leave this on, if that’s alright with you?” He asks me, his fingers tracing the line of the necklace.

“It most definitely is.” I kiss him. I quickly search for the bubble stuff, pouring some in the tub.

As the water fills, we undress ourselves. I watch as he undoes the buttons of his shirt, revealing the soft, perfect skin of his abs and chest. I quickly undo my shirt, then my pants and underwear until I’m completely naked.

My heart nearly skips out of my chest when he turns around to pull his underwear down, tantalizingly lowering osmaniye escort bayan them at a speed that would make an old lady crossing the street look fast.

Now out of his clothes too, I admire the marvelous curve of his body, my eyes moving down the side of his back and over the smooth curve of his hip and ass. The side of his glutes, I can’t.

I hold my hand out to help him step in, then get in behind him

“How about I start that massage with your shoulders?” My hands gently but firmly knead his shoulders.

“Mmm, it feels good to win.” I hear his smile in those words.

“In all honesty, I think I would’ve won either way. Getting to touch you, now that’s a real prize, probably better than the massage itself.” I kiss the nape of his neck, a soft moan escaping his throat.

“In that case, please keep your hands on me. All of me.” He leaned back into my chest, and I do as he asked. My hands roam over his chest, moving down his stomach. They circle back at his hips, coming back up the sides of his torso. Meanwhile, my nose remains right by his hair, loving the smell of him.

“You smell absolutely intoxicating.” I whisper in his left ear, then plant a kiss right behind his earlobe, knowing how much he likes that.

My hands find their way over his hips, rolling along his thighs, just barely avoiding his penis and ball sac. His hands grip my thighs, on either side of him.

My hands go as far down his legs as possible, then return back up to his mid-torso. I think my massage efforts have failed, my arms deciding to just wrap themselves around him and hold him tight. My legs do the same to his legs, trapping his entire body in mine.

“Happy anniversary, Justin.” I kiss his jaw.

“Happy anniversary, Nick.” He squeezed my thighs three times. “I’m so comfortable like this. I feel so warm and safe.” His head rolled to rest on my right bicep.

His adorableness sends happiness through my entire nervous system, I know I’m smiling like an idiot right now.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me feel, baby.” I gushed. “You have no idea how happy you make me.” I nuzzled my face in his neck, wanting to be as physically close to him as possible.

We stayed in the tub for a while, not wanting to let go of each other. My hands occasionally ran along his silky smooth body, obsessed with the warmth of his skin.

The water no longer hot, I figure it’s best to get out. “How about we retreat to the bedroom now?”

“Whatever shall we do in the bedroom?”

“I think that big brain of yours has a good idea…”

I watch the water drop off his delightfully smooth skin, my eyes scanning down his back, halting when they reach his butt. I follow him out of the tub, grabbing our towels. I playfully toss his towel over his face and rub his head. The sound of his giggles bounced off the hard surfaces of the room, filling my heart.

“Your turn.” He said, taking my towel and drying me off, well, partially drying me.

“Come.” I whisper, taking hold of his hand and leading him to the bedroom. Reaching the bed, I sit on the edge, pulling him between my legs. I briefly kiss the middle of his stomach, then release his towel, letting it fall to the ground. I pull at his thighs so he sits on, and straddles, my lap.

He pressed his forehead to mine, our breathing getting heavier. “Put your hands on me, Nick.” He begs. “Please.”

I can’t say no to that offer. I grin, pulling his head down to kiss his lips. I hold his ass firmly in my hands, standing up and walking to the foot of the bed. I lower him carefully onto the bed, moving him to the center so he can rest his head on a pillow. I climb on top of him, covering his body with mine.

“One year of you being mine. And me being yours.” I grin, watching his stunning, alluring eyes catch the light above the bed. “Goddamn, I am completely enamored with you.” My fingers intertwine with his, bringing both of his hands above his head. My lips are drawn to his, swiping his lower lip before locking onto him.

I feel his deep breath under my chest. A moan escapes my throat, unable to hold back my feelings for him. My entire body pushes into his, my hardening cock rubbing against his.

“My hands are gonna have too much fun with you…” I grin.

“Who says it’s for their pleasure?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Touché.” My hands leave his, sliding down his wrists, along the hairless underside of his arms until reaching his shoulders. I press my mouth right at the base of his neck, beginning a downward route with both hands and my lips.

Each hand finds and teases his nipples, my tongue focused on sliding up and down, back and forth over his chest. “Ah, that feels so good.” He breathed.

I use the tip of my tongue to lick down his sternum, moving to his abs. My hands remain on his nipples, growing harder by the second. Just like something else of his lower down.

“Am I making you hard, baby?” I grinned.

“Yes.” He said heavily.

“Tell escort osmaniye me what you want me to do? These hands are already working on you, what should my mouth do?”

“Kiss me.”

I kiss his stomach. “Here?” I ask tauntingly. I kiss lower, right above his bush. “How about here?” My arms easily hold down his writhing body.

“Keep going, please, Nick.”

I kiss the skin under his bush, taking longer to enjoy the smell of him. His cock twitches. “I think I know where to go next.” I say cheekily.

I start with a kiss at the base of his cock, trailing kisses down the top of his shaft until reaching the head. I part my lips, taking his cock between them. I slide down to the base of his cock, my nose back in his pubes. Meanwhile, my hands decide to move away from his nipples and down the sides of his torso. My lips leave his cock, wanting a few more kisses near his hips. How does this man have such smooth skin?!!! It’s so intoxicating.

I close my eyes and savor the moment while running kisses across his waistline, going from one hip to the other. “Please, Nick, it feels so good.” Though not exactly clear with what he means, I understand what he wants. I return to his cock, savoring the feeling of him in my mouth.

I swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock, continuing the movement around his shaft as I move down. My hands move down the length of his thighs, feeling every inch of his body as I worship his cock. After a few minutes, I decide to give my mouth a quick break, sneaking down to lick his balls.

I hear Justin moan, good. I wrap my fist around his shaft, sliding up and down on him while sucking on his balls. After properly appreciating them, I return to his cock, eager to make him climax.

I kiss the side of his shaft, making my way back up to the tip. Sliding back over his head, I increase the pressure of my mouth.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Nick!” He breathes heavily.

“Good.” I say quickly before taking him back in me, feeling the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. I twist my head to the right, then to the left, gliding back up over his pulsating member.

“Yes! Yes!” He moans deeply. I pause to keep the tip of his cock right on my tongue, looking up to admire his hot ‘orgasm face’ which never disappoints, especially when it’s joined and complimented by his loud moans. His cock erupts, shooting hot shot after shot of his thick, delicious cum. It makes me insanely happy that I’m able to make him do this. It never gets old. Plus, I love tasting him.

I move my way back up him, his skin seducing my lips, making me sporadically leave kisses. My lips approaching his, I let my arms give out so I could rest my whole body on his.

“Tell me, what else would you like me to do?”

“Keep using that tongue, for starters.” He breathed.

“Like this?” I playfully lick the side of his face. We both laugh. I move to glide my tongue across his earlobe. “How’s this?” I ask, already knowing how much he likes that one. “It’s been a year of getting to know every inch of you, inside and out, but what is there I can do that I have yet to do, what can I give you?”

“Besides every perfect thing you already do…” his fingers roam through my hair as he ponders. “I’m not sure we’ve properly enjoyed every room in this house like we have this one…” I see the light go off in his eyes.

“What?” I excitedly ask, anticipating his next few words.

“Take me to the library, please. ‘Bridgerton’ me in there.” He requests, making me laugh at his reference.

Easy enough. I scoop him up in my arms, his chest pressed against mine. My hands are firmly holding his ass while he clings to my neck, I walk us to the library. In the room, I let him down on his feet, waiting to see what he says next.

“Would you mind getting me that burgundy leather-bound book on that shelf.” He points to a top shelf of the first floor section.

I jokingly bow. “As you wish.” I’m eager to see what he plans to do with this book. I pull the ladder out and to where needed to access the book, stepping up onto it.

Halfway up, he announces. “Never mind.” Confused, I look down to where he is now standing, in the space between the wall and the ladder. “Don’t worry about the book, I have what I need at my level now.” He grins up at me. I realize my semi-aroused cock is perfectly between two of the ladder steps, and perfectly at the level of his face.

“Why didn’t you just simply tell me to get on the ladder?” I laugh.

“Because that would’ve been too simple.” He tugs on my cock, making it twitch. “But now I have a perfect set up, and you must be very good on this ladder so as not to fall off.” His wet, warm mouth covers the head of my cock. I close my eyes and take in the sensation.

“Will you catch me if I fall?” I ask playfully.

He pops my cock out of his mouth. “Nope.” He teases bluntly. “You’ll live, it’s not that far off the floor.” He takes more of my shaft in his mouth this time.

Working to control my breath, I mutter, “Love you, too, babe.” I feel him laugh over my cock, fuck that’s lovely.

Holding the sides, I lean into the ladder, leaning into the safe, warm embrace of his mouth.

It’s now been at least ten minutes of his sensual mouth over my cock, and the sweat on my body is making it harder to grip the ladder.

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