Romance With My Mom Ch. 03

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Thank you everyone for the votes and comments. This is the chapter 3 of the series. Please read the chapters 01 and 02 for better understanding of the story.


Last night was like a dream, the best night of my young life. I made love to the woman of my fantasies who happened to be my mother. I came in her twice and finally slept on her bed with her cuddling to me.

I was hearing the voices around the neighborhood, vehicles travelling on road, neighbor’s children playing and all those sounds woke me up from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes and I saw mom still sleeping cuddling to me. I looked at the window, even though the curtains were drawn together it was evident that the sun was up. I looked at the bedside clock to notice it was 9.45 a.m. “Holy shit,” I said to myself. Mom was an early riser. She never slept past 7.30 even on her holidays. 7.30 wake ups were the days when she had awful lot of work on Friday nights. Yes, it was a Saturday morning. So I decided to let her sleep some more.

Today is different. She will wake up next to a man for the first time in 19 years. Hard to believe. But that’s the truth. I still didn’t move as I didn’t want to disturb her peaceful sleep. She looked so beautiful even in her sleep. Her hair disheveled after our love making only added to her beauty.

I wanted to make the morning special to her. I decided that a bringing breakfast to her bed would be a better way to start her day. I pulled my arms around her being careful not to wake her up which would spoil my surprise. I tip toed out of the room towards the bathroom for my morning chores and headed to the kitchen quickly. I brewed some coffee while I boiled some eggs. I knew she loved boiled eggs. Then made some cereal breakfast. I took the tray with all of the to the room and placed it on the bedside table. Mom was still sleeping like a child. So I joined her again under the covers and held her close like before.

About 10 minutes passed and I felt her stir her body trying to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me. I smiled and wished her, “Good morning to the most beautiful mother in the world.”

A smile came across her lips as she said, “And very good morning to the most handsome son.”

She looked at the clock and turned to me again, “It’s good that today is Saturday. So I don’t have work and we can enjoy the whole weekend together.”

I smiled and replied, “Of course mom. So, as a start I made some breakfast for my queen.” I sat on the bed, took the tray to my hands and offered her the tray as it was some sort of offering to a goddess. Mom pushed herself back until the head board and rested her back against it. I placed the breakfast tray on her lap as she kissed my cheeks. She looked so happy after seeing the breakfast and said, “Oh sweet baby, you’ve made exactly what I’d love for breakfast. Thank you so much,” and hugged me.

I hugged her back but was careful not to touch the tray on her lap. “That’s for my lovely lady. So nothing’s there to thank.”

I took a spoonful of cereal and started to feed her ever so lovingly. She opened her mouth and took it into her mouth. Then she took the spoon from my hand and fed me a spoonful of cereal. This act of love carried on until the whole breakfast was over. She kissed me again, “Thank you sweetie. That was nice breakfast.” Then I told her to wait until I washed the dishes and rushed to the kitchen. Mom was still sitting on the bed when I returned. I jumped on to the bed again and started a passionate kiss. Our tongues roamed in each other’s mouths sharing our saliva. It didn’t feel disgusting ever to swap my saliva with hers while kissing because I loved her so much and I knew she loved me back more than that. She was the one who brought me to this world and raised me alone. So another reason I really wanted to do that was to show her the gratitude and show that I’d do anything for her.

While making out, I moved a hand to her heavy breasts while the other hand roamed around her face and hair. I gently squeezed her tits and tugged her nipples making her moan into my mouth. In reply, she moved her hand to my genitals and started to fondle my balls while occasionally jerking off my rock hard cock. That felt so good and I moaned “Oh mom…”, but they were muffled with her mouth.

I started to kiss my way down slowly towards her pussy. I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, and neck. While I was kissing my way around her neck, mom wasn’t letting me to kiss one side of her neck. Somehow I forced her face away and opened that side for kissing. She struggled, but finally gave in. Then I realized why she didn’t want me to kiss that side of her neck. I saw the red teeth marks deep in her fair skin caused by my bite during our love making session last night. I felt like stupid not to notice that before. I kept kissing that place for some time whispering, “I’m really sorry mom. I never meant to hurt you. I promised you not to let anyone hurt you, but I couldn’t keep myself from bursa escort hurting you. I’m really sorry mom. Will you ever forgive me?”

Mom held my face with her hands and pulled me up so that my face was directly in front of hers. She said so lovingly, “Shhh… Don’t talk like that my love. You were amazing last night. You made me cum twice, don’t you remember?”

“But mom…” I tried to object.

“Hey young man, Let mommy talk. Yes, you bit my neck. That’s true. But you don’t know the effect that had on me. I was really close to my orgasm when you came and your bite was the thing that pushed me over the edge. That felt really great and that was my first man induced orgasm. You took me to the great heights that I never knew existed. So why would I blame you on such a beautiful thing? And this mark symbolizes that I’m yours. Do you feel good now?” She asked me and wiped the tears forming on my eyes.

Mom really knew how to make up a broken mind and that only made me love her more. I asked, “Aren’t you mad at me mom?”

She showed me one of the loveliest smiles ever still holding my face said, “How can a mother be mad at such a sweet son? No more crying. OK?”

I kissed her and said, “I love you so much, mom.”

She said, “I love you too Jason. Hmmmm… Honey, mommy needs to pee. So, I ll quickly go to the bathroom and come,” and ran to the bathroom.

There was elegance even when she ran. Her ass swaying quickly and her black hair shining from the sunlight filtering from the curtains.

I was thinking about mom saying, “last night was my first man induced orgasm,” probably she hasn’t been satisfied with her high school boyfriends. I had this curiosity in my mind and decided to ask her when she returned. waited for some time on the bed and she returned from bathroom and jumped onto the bed.

She saw that look on my face and asked, “Is everything OK honey?”

I wanted to ask her about it, but I felt so shy as I hadn’t discussed much about her sexual life in the past. “Ummm… Mom, can I ask you something? It’s quite… personal, so you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. Ummm… May I?”

She laid back against the head board and smiled once again, “Oh honey, you don’t have to be shy to ask anything after what we did last night. Now that you are my man, you can ask anything and I’m ready to answer.”

I asked hesitantly, “Mom, you told me last night you had your first orgasm caused by a man. Wasn’t any man you had sex able to make you cum?”

She said, “I knew you’d ask me about that sooner or later. But I’m glad you asked it now. There weren’t many men I’d slept with. In fact your father was the only man I had sex before you.”

“He was probably a looser, I guess,” I interrupted.

“Well, you can’t say that. He was tall and handsome. Both of us were virgins when we had sex. Our first time was about a week after my 18h birthday. We went to a nearby motel and he was quite good in the first time. His cock was about 4 inches when erect. But the size wasn’t a problem for me. He brought me to the edge but couldn’t last until I came. I thought he would get better, but the things only got worse. Sometimes he would cum twice without me not cumming at least once. I thought he loved me and would never leave me. So, I didn’t leave him. After about a month I got pregnant with you. Then there was our graduation, but no one really noticed my pregnancy as it was the early stages. I never saw your father after graduation. He had moved to another city. Then I raised you with your grand parents and you know the rest of the story,” she finished with a deep sigh.

I pulled her towards me and held her close. “You could’ve found someone from college or work?” I was asking questions that shouldn’t have been asked by a son from a mother. But that was under different situations.

“I wasn’t interested in any sort of relationship for some time. That means all the way through college. Then there were some guys at work who wanted to date me. But somehow most of them weren’t appealing to me and some others just wanted a casual relationship. That wasn’t the situation with me. I wanted a long term relationship, start a family and feel loved. But I knew nobody wanted a woman with a child. So, I kept that side of my life closed and just stick to being a good mother to you. That’s when I noticed you as a handsome young man.”

I kept rubbing her hair during her whole story and then I kissed her head. “I’m so glad you didn’t date anyone. I would’ve died of jealousy if I saw you with another man.”

She looked at me and smiled. It was really great to see mom smile again after reminding about her past. “I was jealous to see you with other girls too. But that doesn’t matter, you saved yourself for mommy.”

I looked at her eyes and said, “I need you mom, right now.”

“Take me, my love,” she whispered.

She kissed me gently which turned out to be a saliva swapping, wild, erotic kiss. I moved on to her while kissing and made her lie on the bed. bursa escort bayan I mounted her to fuck her in missionary position, but she stopped me. “Fuck me from behind, baby.”

I pecked her lips and got up. Then she positioned herself by getting on all fours. I watched her for some time after she positioned herself. Her round ass was pushed out and her big tits were hanging from her chests while pointing her nipples down like a cow ready to be milked. Suddenly a crazy idea popped into my mind. I slid myself under her and positioned my face below her hanging tits so I could suck them. Mom looked puzzled and was looking at my crazy work without any clue.

I opened my mouth, took a nipple into my mouth and stated to suck like a calf sucking cow’s milk. A moan escaped from lips. “Aaahhhh… You naughty boy. You really like mommy’s tits. Don’t you?”

I released her nipple, “I do mom. They looked so inviting and I couldn’t help it,” and again started to suck it.

She was moaning gently. “Oh honey, you are making mommy so wet and horny,” she reached out to my very erect cock with one hand and rubbed it slowly.

It was making me crazy. Her soft touch coupled with the effect of her tits hanging over my head were getting me wild. I too moved a hand towards her pussy and rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips and clitoris. She was going wild with my movements and began to move her hips on my hand to get more friction. “Please baby, don’t tease me. Push a finger in please.”

I pushed my index finger in and moved it up and down while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She started to moan much more and she upped the pace of her hand job. I wanted to make her cum before me. So, I too quickened the pace of my hand and sucking. Her juices were flowing freely over my fingers making her pussy more slippery and allowing to make my movements faster.

“Put another finger in, honey,” mom moaned.

I pushed middle finger with index finger and started to rub insides of mom’s vaginal walls. Her hand gripped my cock like a vise and she moaned with pure lust. “That’s right baby. You’re hitting my spot… Oh god… Please honey don’t stop. Don’t stop… Aaahhhhh… I’m going to cummmmm…”

Now, she started to masturbate my cock furiously. That feeling of her gripping cock tightly and masturbating it was taking me to the orgasm at a rapid pace. I tried to think of something else to keep myself from cumming. A soccer game, A TV show and some other things that came to my mind allowed me to avoid my orgasm. Then I bit her nipple and upped the face of my fingers in her pussy. It was like mom was in another world. Even I couldn’t understand some of the words she was mumbling. “Yes, yes, yes… Bite my nipple honey… Oh baby you are making me cum… Oh my baby… Aaahhhhh…”

With that her body went rigid as she screamed in pure ecstasy. “I’m CUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!”

Her pussy contracted around my fingers making my movements harder while her hand masturbating my cock stopped its movements and gripped it really hard so that it was hurting me so much. This caused my orgasm to hold back. But mom was screaming in pure joy as her orgasm took over herself. She was squirting her pussy juices all over my hand and onto the bed. It made most parts of the bed really wet. She lowered her upper body and hid her face in a pillow to muffle her moans. his made her breasts to fall on my face and cover my whole face making it difficult for me to breathe. I thought I’d die there suffocating under those big boobs of mom. But somehow I was able to breathe and continue my good work on her.

She was flying high in her orgasm for good 5 minutes and slowly began to settle herself down. Then I felt her roll away but she didn’t release my cock. Then she moved down on me and began her hand movements but this time coupling with a blowjob. Being inside your mother’s mouth is always so special. Even if she is not experienced in it just the feeling that she is my mother is always enough to make it special. That is a feeling you can never describe to anyone. Mom was desperate to take my cock all the way in. This time she almost succeeded in it but couldn’t take it all.

Then she was concentrating on the head and was swirling her mouth around it. She looked at me with that naughty look in her eyes and gently squeezed my cock. I felt that familial sensation of cum rising from my balls. I didn’t try to hold it back this time. I warned her, “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

She took her mouth away and said me while jerking off my cock, “Cum for me baby, cum for your mommy. I need you to cum inside my mouth.”

“Did I hear that right? Did she really wanted me to cum in her mouth?”, I was thinking. But right or wrong that did the trick for me. Another one of my fantasies was going to come true. I let my orgasm rip through me with a long growl. “Uurrrggghhhh… Here it cums mom… I’m cummiiiinnnngggg!! Oh god mom, I love you… Aaaahhhh…”

I shot rope after rope of hot cum into her waiting mouth. She tightened her escort bursa lips around my cock not letting anything escape through them. Mom was swallowing down my cum but it was too much for her. But she didn’t let a drop fall out of her mouth I shot 4 or 5 long shots into her mouth and then it was over. But hat sensation lasted for some time. When mom knew that it was over, she pulled away her mouth carefully and opened it to show me that she had her mouth full of my cum.

Mom swallowed it all and gave me a naughty smile. I pulled her down for a kiss. But mom pulled away, “Let me wash my mouth, honey. It’s all your cum I just had there. It might be disgusting to you.”

I stopped her and pulled her back to me. “Mom, It’s true I’m not a big fan of my cum. But nothing’s disgusting to me when it’s about you. Now come here and kiss me.”

She whispered, “I love you” and we cuddled for another passionate kiss basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. I pushed my tongue into her mouth to taste my cum for the first time. It wasn’t quite the taste I liked it to be. Nevertheless it tasted good because they were in my mom’s mouth.

Our tongues were roaming around every corner inside each other’s mouths. I never thought of kissing a woman after giving me a blowjob. But that was amazing. I pulled away and brought my hand which was inside her pussy to my mouth. Then teasingly licked away her cum coated on my fingers while looking at her. Her cum tasted heavenly. “This must be how elixir tastes,” I thought.

Mom pulled my hand to her mouth and greedily sucked my fingers which were earlier in her pussy. She sucked them right up to the base and playfully pushed her tongue at me. Then we kept whispering our love and drifted to a sleep after sometime in each other’s arms.

I woke up to the feeling of mom rubbing my hair. I opened my eyes to see mom looking at me. She was propped on her elbow and rubbing my hair with the other hand. She smiled as I opened my eyes. “Hey baby, did you sleep well?”

Still quite sleepy, I replied, “Hmm… The best sleep in my life with the woman of my dreams,” and turned to the other side to sleep again.

Mom got down from the bed and dragged me out of it too. “Come on sleepy head. Enough sleeping. We need to get cleaned up. We just smell like sex.”

“Oh mom please. Let me sleep some more,” I protested.

She stopped and gave me a stern look. “All right young man. You can sleep whole day if you want. But you can’t touch me for the whole day if you don’t get your sleepy ass off the bed right now.”

“What?” I thought, “No touching her for the whole day?” That would’ve been the worst punishment I could get under that circumstances. So I decided to quickly head to the bathroom. I looked at the clock on my way and saw that it was almost 1 o’clock.

Mom was already there and had turned the shower on. She looked so hot under the shower with water pouring all over her body and her hair stuck to her skin. I slowly tip toed and hugged her from behind placing my semi hard cock on her ass crack. She purred like a kitten and ran her delicate hands over my thighs. “I need you baby. Fuck me right here. All I need is a good hard fuck. Can you give it to me darling?” she said with an erotic voice.

My cock was rock hard by then, just by rubbing with her ass. I bent her forward and said, “Of course mom.”

I had bend my knees slightly to get a proper access to her pussy as she was 4 inches shorter than me. Mom kept her hands on the wall and looked behind at me. “Fuck me hard baby. Just fuck me like a cheap whore.”

I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and entered her tight channel with one hard thrust. She screamed with pain which turned into screams of pleasure as I started to pound her faster and faster. I pulled my cock back until only the head remained in and rammed it hard again. At first it was long hard strokes and then it became short and fast strokes not even giving her time to breathe. Mom was moaning for the whole time and she was sometimes mumbling the words I didn’t even imagine for such a lady to speak. “Yes yes yes baby. Fuck mommy harder and harder… Make me your slut, your personal slut, Aaahhhh… deeper baby deeper… Oh fuck…Fuck me like a cheap whore, you filthy little bastard…”

I thought such words would turn me off. In fact, the opposite happened. It was really turning me on. I started to fuck her with all the energy left in me. The sound of our flesh slap against each other and the sound of water falling from the shower head filled the room. Her breathing became more and more audible as she approached her orgasm. This hard pounding was straining all my muscles, but I didn’t give up. I kept the pace up as I felt my own orgasm approaching.

I moved my right hand to her clit and rubbed it furiously making her lean back to my body. I was pushing hard into her when I felt her body started to shudder. “Oh fuck baby, you are going to make me cum…”

After hearing that I started to pound her like there is no tomorrow. Putting my free arm around her neck, I held her head closer to me and whispered her, “You want my cum, don’t you? you slutty whore. You like it when I fuck you with my hard cock and shoot my cum inside you.”

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