Rock Star

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The first part of this story really did happen. Somehow “Gina” and I got to talking about this site a while after the true part of this story happened and I asked her if she would like to read how I would have liked the evening to go. She said yes, so here it is:

The band I play in had been booked for night at a smaller hotel a few towns over. The manager of the hotel was a friend of our guitar player and said he could get us some rooms comped for the night. I was talking with my sister the night before (easy-she sings in the band, it’s not that kind of story) and she said we should share one room-one guy always brings his wife and they wanted their own room; the other two guys wanted to party. That way we could party for a while but have somewhere to go when we got tired. Fine with me, I was just happy I wouldn’t have to drive all the way home after playing.

The day of the gig, my sister called again-would I mind if Gina stayed in the room with us. I think I may have been getting set up. I’m sure my sister knows I have the hots for Gina. But there have been complications with either of us acting on this-my wife and her husband. Maybe with us being out of town and without our significant others would change things.

“Sure, fine, she can stay-as long as she can behave herself,” I said.

“You’re probably the one that needs to behave!” was my sister’s reply.

The gig went great-lots of people drinking and dancing and having a good time. I kept trying to get over to Gina during our breaks, but kept getting held up by other people on the way over to her table. When it was time to get back on the stage, I would be completely frustrated. I hoped she would be at the after-party for a while so I could get a chance to talk to her.

We didn’t have time to check in when we first got to the hotel, so we were surprised to find out the manager had given us three of the four suites to stay in and set up the last one with a bar for us to party in after the music was over. We’re usually lucky to get paid at the end of the night and we were very happy with the “rock star” treatment we were getting. When I got to the room I was sharing, there was no trace of my sister or Gina-I figured they must have already made it over to the party room. I threw my bag in an empty bedroom and headed for the party suite.

My sister had a drink waiting for me when I got there, but there was no sign of Gina. I was scanning the room trying to find her when I heard my sister laugh.

“She’s in the bathroom,” my sister said.

“Who?” I answered. “I was just looking around to see if Eric had shown up.”

She wasn’t convinced. “Right,” she laughed again, finishing her beer. “I know who you’re looking for. I’m having one more than I’m going to bed. DON’T wake me up when you come in.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I assured her, telling her not to worry. She shook her finger at me and walked away. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her my absolute best innocent-baby face.

I turned around for my drink and saw Gina walked out of the bathroom. She walked right up to me and took my drink.

“That’s gonna cost you,” I said.

“How much?”

“I’ll just put it on your tab, along with my birthday present!” This made her laugh-she had told me at my birthday party a erotik film izle few months earlier that she was going to give me a big kiss for my birthday. We then proceeded to get drunk and she forgot all about it. I didn’t, and brought it up every chance I got.

She came back with, “You know that my birthday was last month and you forgot about that, so they must cancel each other out.”

“No-no-no! You still owe me and now I owe you.”

We had a couple more drinks and things got flirtier as we got drunker. We were standing closer, talking lower and she kept bumping my arm with her chest. Maybe she was just having trouble standing, but I think it was quite intentional. I was feeling pretty good and was enjoying the moment. Gina noticed I was slipping off somewhere else and asked the worst question ever-“What are you thinking about right now?”

I was rummed up enough to answer her truthfully. “All of this! A great gig, a great party and a great person to share it with. I feel like a rock star!”

“Well, Rock Star, I’m getting drunk and don’t remember where our room is at. Would you walk me back?”

Taking that as my obvious cue, I finished my drink and took her glass and set it on the bar. “I’d hate to see you get lost and wander around up here all night,” and walked her out of the room, trying to keep my cool.

Once we got back to our suite, she headed right for the room she was sharing with my sister. Figuring that she was drunk and needed to get to bed, I tried one last-ditch effort-“I’m gonna have one more drink, then go to bed. Care to join me?”

“Sure. I was just going to take my shoes off.”

Thinking she wasn’t comfortable with the direction this was going, I just mixed us a couple of drinks and sat down with the remote and turned on the tv. We sat quietly for a little bit and I tried to figure out if I had been too pushy when she said, “I hope all this noise doesn’t wake your sister up…”

Maybe I still had a chance! Maybe she hadn’t lost her nerve! I tried one more time, “There’s a tv in my room, maybe we should finish these drinks in there?”

I stood up, grabbed my drink and headed for my room. I took off my shoes and laid down on the bed, waiting to see what would happen. I could hear her moving around in the other room and figured she was just getting herself ready for bed and nothing was going to happen. So you can imagine my surprise when there was a light rap on the door.

Before I could say anything, the door opened and there she was-looking kind of nervous. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said.

“But I’m a rock star, remember?” I couldn’t help my grin. “Plus you still owe me for my birthday!”

“And you still owe me for mine,” she said as she closed the door behind her.

I was still really trying to figure out which one of my smooth moves I could try to escalate this situation when she sat on the bed next to me. I was about to say something witty, but she leaned in and cut me off with a kiss. Not the little birthday peck I was expecting-it was aggressive and anxious. It left me feeling that I wasn’t the only one who wanted this to go a little further.

I tried to say something again, but she held a finger to her lips and with a quiet “Shhhhh” pushed me down on the bed. She film izle swung a leg over me and came down for another kiss-this one even better than the first. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her closer while she stuck her tongue in my ear and gave me some of the best dry-humping I’ve had since high school. I ran my hands around to those beautiful tits, grabbing as much of them as I could get in my hands. Her nipples were rock hard so I gave them each a gentle pinch, enjoying the way it made her squirm. She sat back on my hard cock and put her hands over mine, pulling them away. I thought I had pushed it too far, but then she flashed me a big smile and reached down to start unbuttoning her shirt.

As she peeled her shirt off, I reached around to unhook her bra. She slid the straps down her shoulders and I finally got to see her great tits. In a flash, I had one of those hard nipples in my mouth. She couldn’t take too much of that and pushed me back down, then stood up on the floor in between my legs and looked me right in the eyes as she reached to undo my jeans.

She slid my jeans down my legs, brushing her cheek against the tent I had in my shorts. After she had my pants off, she knelt on the floor and reached up to get my shorts. I moved forward on the bed to try to help out and once she got the waistband over my hard-on, it was pointing right at her face. Still looking me right in the eyes, she grabbed my cock, opened her mouth and leaned in.

In an instant she had my whole cock in her mouth. She reached up with her other hand to play with my balls and then really went to work on me, sliding all the way back till her lips were right at the end of my prick and then taking me all the way back in with long, slow strokes.

After a while, the hand she had on my balls slid down and started tickling my ass. I scooted closer to the edge of the bed so I could spread my legs a little wider. She let my cock plop out of her mouth just long enough to suck on her finger to lube it up some and took me back in.

She gave me a wink as she put her finger on my bung and started to wiggle it in. The combination of her fingering my ass and the unbelievable head I was getting was just too much-I was gonna cum hard! She must have felt my legs tensing up, because she kept her mouth clamped on my cock and worked another finger in my ass. WHAM!-that was it. I couldn’t keep myself from thrusting at her mouth as I came, but she kept me in her mouth until I was finished, sucking me dry.

She got up from the floor and lay down on the bed next to me as I caught my breath. I rolled over and kissed her on the mouth, tasting me on her lips. I think she must have really dug that, because she let out a little moan and pulled me closer.

As we broke off the kiss, I was anxious to repay the great head I had just received and reached to undo her pants. Nothing slow or gentle going on now-I could feel the heat between her legs as I yanked the rest of her clothes off. All of her hard work had gotten her pretty riled up.

I took her place on the floor and looked up to see her with both of her hands on her tits, pulling at her nipples. I would have liked to watch the show for a while, but I’m sure she was ready for some attention. I knelt down and put her legs over my shoulders, seks filmi izle then reached in with both hands to gently spread her lips. I ran my tongue over her clit a couple times, then sucked it in between my lips. She let out a “YESSSSSS!!!” and grabbed the back of my head.

I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and kept nibbling at her clit. She started bucking back at my fingers and took her hands off my head so she could get back to pinching and twisting her nipples. I tried to back off some and slow down so we could both enjoy this for a while longer, but she wouldn’t have it. She grabbed the top of my head and mashed my mouth on her clit and scissored her legs tight so I couldn’t go anywhere. Since she seemed to want to cum as hard as I did, I really let her have it-nipping at her clit and adding a third finger to the two I was already pushing in her. After a few minutes of this she did cum hard-I almost ended up with a broken neck and a nosebleed for my efforts.

Her legs finally loosed up and as she was coming down I ran my tongue slowly up and down her wet slit. I licked the inside of each thigh, and worked my hands down to her ass. Thinking she might enjoy some of the same attention there as she had given me, I cautiously ran my tongue over her tight hole not sure how she would respond. It must have been okay with her, because she let out a quiet “ooohhhhh” and pulled her legs up. I kept up the rimming until she relaxed some, then worked my tongue right up her ass. I knew she was close to cumming again by all the bucking and moaning she was doing.

I replaced my tongue with a couple of fingers. Working them in and out slowly at first, I sped up and applied more pressure as she got more comfortable. Her pussy was almost gushing, keeping my fingers and her hole nicely lubricated. I worked my other hand around her leg and got two fingers on her clit while I started lapping up her juices off her lips and thighs.

Sensing she was just about to pop again, I backed off just a bit. “COME ON FUCKER!” she yelled, “I’M GONNA CUU…U..U…MMMM!” I sucked hard on her clit and worked a third finger in her ass and that was it. The scream she let out was almost enough to shatter the windows and she kicked her legs out so hard she almost knocked me through the door. I got back on the bed next to her, kissing her neck and chest as she came down for the second time.

We must have both noticed the sun coming up at the same time. She jumped off the bed and started grabbing her clothes. I decided to just pull the covers over me and watch her run around. She stopped and looked at me, starting to blush. I couldn’t help but laugh-after what we had just been through, me watching her walk around naked had embarrassed her.

She stopped again in the open doorway and turned to say something, but instead just smiled and walked over to her room of the suite. I just drifted off to sleep-smiling, sweaty and sticky.

We met up again at breakfast in the hotel dining room. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, but couldn’t catch her eye. I was hoping there wasn’t going to be too much awkwardness between us-that maybe I should just take it for the unreal experience it was. As I was deciding what to have for breakfast, she finally looked at me over the top of her menu, and with a little wink she slid her foot up my leg and started rubbing at my cock with her toes…

This was written for a very special audience of one. If she likes it, I’ll write more, but any comments are welcome.

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