Eyl 05

Roberta Ch. 1

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Roberta’s thighs made my mind spin. As I watched swivel side to side at her desk, I couldn’t help but wonder how hot her sex was. My mind’s eye viewed a scene in which we clutched each other like life itself and kissed with passions never seen before. As I felt a stirring in my pants, I quickly put my eyes back to my desk. No sense in going to lunch with a raging hard-on.

Lunch was bland for me. My mouth was fooled into believing it’d be sucking Roberta’s V. It was disappointed by the beef stew substitute.

“Yo, Sim!”

It was Branford tapping my shoulder.

“Wussup, bruh?”

I was cool with Branford. Shoot, we had to be cool. We were the only brothers on the 15th floor.

“Boss lady wants to see you, ” he continued. “Might be about that promotion you’ve been slaving for.”

“Hope so!” I’d been killing myself for department head ever since the position was created. Besides, lunch wasn’t all that.

“Be just a minute, Simeon,” Roberta Ross whispered as she covered the microphone of her headset.

As I sat, I was energized by my analysis of her greeting and manner. She seemed loose and in a good mood. I was hoping her mood was good enough for me to receive that promotion.

She was swiveling in her chair again! I was having little heart attacks each time the fabric of her skirt tightened against her full thighs. Her body was a tease encased in a conservative business suit she wore. I would define her form as “Woman.” I had often in my dreams. Her arms were soft in the sheer sleeves of her blouse. Though the front of the blouse was not sheer, the swell and contour of her breasts still commanded my attention. Her well-rounded butt cheeks appeared to be served on a platter. Never before had I been so happy about Sakarya Escort ergonomic chairs! Her crossed legs enhanced the size and shape of her beautiful calves. As I felt the familiar twitch in my pants, I decided I’d better reach for a magazine.

“Simeon, how are you?”

I froze briefly in mid-stretch. Realizing that my erection was most prominent while I was in this position, I quickly straightened and stood.

“I’m quite well, Roberta,” I charmed. “And you?”

The next five minutes consisted of standard niceties and small talk. I responded as if on autopilot. I was very aware, however, of the fact that every time Roberta reared back in her chair, her breasts would rise slightly. I did my best to concentrate on everything else in my view.

“I have the proposal you forwarded for the department head, Simeon.” She spoke aloofly as if we were talking about a car wash or tomato soup. She leaned back in her chair again, killing me.

“If you were to receive the position,” she continued. “I would need your total commitment to the plans I have. I could not stand for someone being distracted by bright shiny objects.”

As she spoke to me, her hands were idly unbuttoning a few buttons of her blouse. My gaze grew hot as I saw the cleavage I’d only dreamed about. Her bra was burgundy in color and sported a heart-shaped clasp. When she rose she leaned forward – to give me a better look? She picked up an “Interview in Process” sign and went to the door.

“Those receiving raises and promotions,” she said firmly. “Are able to manage the lead with great focus. Do you understand, Simeon?”

I nodded my mute agreement as she placed her bottom on the front bridge of her desk. Her thighs flared when she Sakarya Escort Bayan did so; and, I noticed that three of the five buttons in the front of her skirt were undone. Black stocking flesh hinted its presence through the shadows of the fabric. She wore a garter belt.

“If you don’t mind, Simeon,” her voice was very business-like. “I’d look for you to make yourself comfortable so we can get through this interview; OK?”

Once I’d nodded my agreement, she hopped down from her desk and – under the guise of looking for something on the desk – bent over and poked that generous butt right in my face! No longer twitching, my hard-on kept a solid throbbing as I studied each and every curve of her thick thighs. My mind’s eye went to work on a portrait of what they would look like naked and hooked around my waist. Would she use them to draw me in to her inner folds?

“OK! Finally got what we need.”

Her voice snapped me back to the present. My eyes bugged immediately as I saw that the heart-shaped clasp was now undone. The cleavage I saw was the most beautiful shade of brown that I’d ever seen. Her breasts appeared to be perfect 36 D’s. As far as breasts go, they were as near to ideal as one could get.

“If you would, Simeon,” she began as if she were fully clad. “Just begin with what measures you feel are needed to take this department from seed to fruit.”

As I went over the material, she walked around the room; touching my shoulders once or twice. Her voice came from behind me and quizzed me on the troubleshooting programs I suggested.

“In regard to that, Roberta, we …” My voice trailed off as she came back into view. She was now wearing just her blouse and stockings. The blouse hung Escort Sakarya off her like a sport coat, and the stiff material was lucky enough to scrape her nipples. From what I could see, her nipples were quite responsive and grew even larger before my eyes. Her hose were crotchless and no panties covered her pubic mound. To my delight her pubic hair was in a traditional triangular cut.

“Tell me ’bout that troubleshooting … Simmy,” she cooed as she again sat on the desk.

‘This is a test!’ I told myself before continuing. It was the wildest test I’d ever had; but I knew it was a test. I was just hoping I’d get some pussy at the end of all this and the promotion!

As I continued outlining the troubleshooting procedures and other pertinent information Roberta slowly rubbed her pussy with the flat of her fingers. A time or two she inserted a finger into her flowing pussy. As I went on, she took a breast in her left hand and began moaning as she squeezed and diddled the extended nipple. I was rock hard in a funky place; but I wasn’t going to let her know that.

“Mmmm,” she moaned slowly. “What about the budgeting, daddy?”

Though my voice quivered once or twice, I was cool as fielded that question and a few more as I watched my beautiful boss bring herself to rupturing orgasms – at least 3 of them! I was smooth as a glass of wine on the outside … with the exception of my sweat stain growing on my back! Thankfully she appeared to be finished.

“Very impressive, Simeon,” Roberta commented as she finished repairing her clothes. “You are just the man I want for head of this new department. None of the other applicants had you … composure.” She said the last word with a slight smile and sucked a pussy-soaked finger afterward.

I thanked her profusely without being as goofy as I wanted to be. I shook her hand with my hard-on straining against my boxers. I was sure they were splattered with pre-cum. Thankfully we only had a few details to go over before I could take care of myself in the men’s room.

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