ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 (New Orleans)

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Chapter 1.4 New Orleans

We were just out of Mobile when I went to sleep
When I woke up; I looked a around and there was no one here the van was not moving the generator was on with the AC going all the curtains were closed and the van was lock.. Oh no did they leave me? I started to panic.. I open the side door and went out looking around it was dark.. Where the Hell am I !! I think it a rest stop I could see the bathrooms but no Black Mercedes the parking lot was empty..
My heart drop the guy’s just left me here and took off !! I set on the step of the van in my pink nightie Heartbroken thinking those Bastards got into my panties Used me and Dumped me the first chance they got… I started crying I thought they were happy with me.. I gave them whatever they wanted and then some.. And started to cry again with my head down for about 15 minutes my nightie was all wet from the tears…Then I thought Fuck Them why am I sit here balling like a baby..
I started this on my own I will Finish it that way!! I turned around and went in the van and got Dressed but I was still Heartbroken I think in the 2 days I had started falling in Love with them and how happy they made me and started crying again… I sat up thinking stop these get your shit together Gurl !! Make yourself something to eat and get a plan.. I grabbed a rag and blew my nose straightening myself up.. I went outside to the back of the van I felt so alone and empty.. I notice a black car with a trailer and nice black Custom Harley on it.. I open the backup setting up the kitchen and started to cry thinking of Mark standing there with his hand on my ass.. I shook my head; Stop it get it together..
I started making something quick and easy but when I was cooking it… I started to cry again thinking of Steve with his head under my skirt playing with my Butt and laughing… Fuck it; I stopped cooking and put the stuff away wiping the tears off my face and made a sandwich.. Sat on the back of the van and ate it.. Thinking those Bastards and what I would do them if I ever seen them again.. Then thinking; I’m going to head up the road and get the Hell out of here.. I closed it up and headed to the driver’s seat.. I walked around the front of the van crying and looked at the black car with the trailer.. It was a Mercedes coupe. I look inside; There was Steve’s pen and cup and the T shirt that Mark had balled up for a pillow.. They had parked on the other side of me taking 2 spaces.. I tried to open the door but it was locked.. What the Hell is going on What did I miss.. And what the fuck is this Motorcycle doing here !!! Now I’m Really Confused… I walk over and open the drivers door of my van and there’s a note with a set of keys

[ Hey Baby] I Have Been to New Orleans Quite a Few Times.. After We Got You All Set up and Locked Up.. I Took Mark to This Badass Harley Shop.. It’s One of The Biggest In The U.S.. I Wound Up Buying 2 Bikes and a Trailer.. There Not Brand New But Only Have a Few Miles On them.. The One We Have is a Touring Bike Fully Dressed We Left You the Lighter Sportster.. When You Get This Take the Bike and Meet Us at Bouligny Tavern 3641 Magazine St Downtown I Left a Map Between the Seat and the Tank on the Bike.. I Come Here Every Time I Go to New Orleans.. Park the Bike in the Alley Beside it We Didn’t Want to Wake You Because I Know You Haven’t had any Sleep the Past Couple days So We Let You Sleep (You’re Going to Need it) I Love You Steve PS What’s the Sense in Being Rich if You Can’t Spend it and Have All the Toys..

My heart started racing and filling up with joy again; He said he Loved Me.. I blew my noise and dried my face.. Them the First thing I did was get the bike off the trailer. I hurried into the bathroom and shave my legs and trimmed everything up real nice and raced back to the van… I had never got dolled up so quickly!! Then locked everything back up..
I put my hair up into a ponytail through on the helmet Tucking my hair up in it… I Jumped on the bike It felt so good the leather seat was kind of wide between my legs..It made me feel tough.. It was like I turned into a Wild Sexy Biker Bitch in Heels.. I fired it up and WoW what a feeling between my thighs..I open the throttle a few times to get Used to it.. sending chills up my spine mmmm it started shaking between my Legs.. I started to get that loving feeling back as I put it in gear and let out on the clutch and Stalled it lololololol.. I Started back up and got it rolling..
I can feel my heart pounding just knowing I was headed to meet them.. The bike drove real nice with the belt drive my heels Locking the pegs…My legs felt alive with the Silk Stockings catching the wind.. I was a real bad-ass Bitch with the wind blowing in my face and up my skirt !! But Gurls/Girls I’m telling you have to try it with a plug in your puss when you wrap your legs around that thing and fire it up the vibration in the seat would make your panties wet.. With a plug or something in you it sends that vibration right up inside mmmm.. (I Love This Thing) and going to meet my 2 lovers makes it even more exciting..
I reached between my legs pulling out the small map from between the seat an tank… Holding it on the tank with one hand I could see I was lucky Magazine Street was close to I-10 just after the Mississippi River where it dumps off into the delta. I had to get off at Tulane ave and make a few rights and lefts bring me to ST Charles ave & Antonine st Then take a left and it’s 5 blocks to my Boys filling with anticipation as I turned left onto Antonine st Knowing they didn’t Leave me..
But 3 blocks away the streets were blocked off there was some kind of Festival is going on.. I pulled into a packed business parking lot Cautiously moving in between the cars pulling right in by the building.. I quickly jumped off grabbing the keys ripping the helmet off locking it all up and started running.. I could hear my heels clicking loudly on the ground as I ran.. I just wanted to get to them (2 blocks away)
When I came upon all the people it was crazy…There were 1000’s of people dressed up in costume Girls walking around naked with their clothes painted on… Guys yelling and screaming from the balconies with beaded necklaces and girls lifting up their tops and showing them their boobs to get them!! Guys kissing guys girls kissing girls guys all painted up in different colors with crazy wigs Little bands set up in some of the alley ways.. Guys on stall tall stilts with pants over them I pushed my way through the crowd.. The sidewalk was getting full so I moved to the street but there were people everywhere drinking and Yelling having a good time.. I finally make it to the place Knowing they were inside..
I quickly open the door and it was packed.. looking around I couldn’t find them.. 4 guys are standing at the front they stopped me and started hitting on me asked me if I wanted a drink?.. One of the guy’s asked me IF I TOLD YOU!! YOU HAVE A NICE ASS WOULD YOU HOLD AGAINST ME? I gave him a mean look and said NO I WOULD NOT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU !! I just pushed the guy to one side telling him DOES THAT LINE EVER WORK ? I move deeper into the pub.. Finally I seen them in the back in a booth I push my way through the crowd.. They looked at me and said WELL HEY; and Steve stood up to let me in.. But instead I jumped into Mark side on my knees and gave him a passionate kiss then stood up and gave Steve a real passionate one and slid into the booth next to the wall…
They can see I was all excited and Mark said WE’RE ONLY HAVING DRINKS WHAT’S GOING ON ? I told him SWEETHEART IF YOU ONLY KNEW.. and kissed Steve again I started feeling like a giddy school-girl again and right then it hit me !! I’m in love with these 2 guys.. The waitress walked up I told her I wanted some wine and she handed me A wine menu it was 6 pages.. Steve just took it from me and handed it back to her and told her BRING US YOUR BEST BOTTLE OF WINE AND KEEP THE BOURBON FLOWING FOR ME AND MY FRIEND HERE.
My heart just melted he was such a strong bold in control type of guy.. And Mark was Kind and Sweet but yet a solid man.. I put out my hands to them and they took them.. I settled down a little bit and then told them.. I LOVE YOU GUY’S and they said WE LOVE YOU TOO.. I squeeze their hands tight and said no look at me I stared Mark right in the eyes and told him I REALLY LOVE YOU AND THERE’S NOWHERE I WOULD RATHER BE THAN WITH YOU.. He didn’t say a word..
I turn to Steve and told him Steve I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU AND JUST BEING BY YOU MAKES MY HEART FLUTTER.. He looked me in the eyes… LET ME TELL YOU I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO I CAN’T GET YOU OFF MY MIND I KEEP PICTURING YOU LAYING BACK ON ME BY THE TREE WITH THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE LOOK OUT OVER THE STREAM and he kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before.. I kissed him back running my fingers through his hair.. The waitress came up with the wine and drinks HERE YOU GO GUY’S..
she set it on the table Mark just raised his hands; like I don’t know ..
We both looked at Mark and he said YOU GUY’S DON’T WANT TO HEAR THIS!! OH COME ON.. IT’S JUST A SMALL THING NOT AS WILD AS YOU TWO… OH COME ON ALREADY… I JUST WANT TO FIND SOMEONE WHO COULD SUCK ME TO THE BASE… I just stayed quit and smiled knowing I was the one who fulfilled his fantasy and he winked at me…
We finished our drinks.. Steve paid the bill and went to the bathroom.. Mark leaned over the table and took my hand.. I WANTED TO SAY I LOVE YOU TOO AND I GLAD I MET YOU AND I LOVE TO BE AROUND YOU.. His green eyes looked right through me; My heart melted & my panties got moist I want to jump him right then and there.. But we stood up.. He took back my hand and went to meet Steve halfway.. It was still packed and when we found Steve I took his hand making our way to the door.. when we got there I told them to wait a second… I yelled to the 4 guy’s SORRY GUY’S I FOUND 2 REAL MEN.. I held up there hands and we when on out into the crowded streets it was so loud firecracker going off just the noise from all the people hooting and hollering was loud..I put my arms around the guy’s and they had they hands on my ass..
I was kind of Dancing between as we walked.. All-of-a-sudden a cute little blonde come running up with no top on her boob’s bouncing and a neck full of the beaded necklaces and she jumped up on Mark rapping her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss!!! I grabbed her arm HEY !!! But before I could do anything she let go of him and
Kissed Me!! I was so shocked I let go of her and she took off disappearing into the crowd!! We just looked each other WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT Mark said FUCK MAN IT HAPPEN SO QUICK I DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE TO ENJOY IT!! We started laughing lololololololol Steve said THIS TOWN IS OFF THE HOOOOOK…This people were partying hard !! We were walking up the sidewalk Steve told us to go in the alley and we will have to push the bike out of the crowd..
When we got to the bike Steve told us WAIT RIGHT HERE and he took off into the crowded street .. I sat on the bike and Mark kissed me I gripped his 13 inch cock in my hand and kissed him back we started making out in the dark alley… I Love to feel his cock growing in my hand.. When Steve showed back up I had Marks cock laid out on the seat gently petting the top of it shaft with my hand.. WILL I SEE YOU GUY’S ARE READY he stepped up and flip up my skirt and slid my panties to one side.. He pulled out my plug and put it in the saddle bag and started munch on me..
So I moved back and bent over laying on the seat and started sucking on Mark’s big cock.. I felt Steve stop and move away so I looked back and he was waving 3 guy’s over.. I trust him so I went back to sucking Marks 13in cock slowly working it down my throat..with no worry’s Besides Mark was looking out for me.. I almost had it worked all down when I felt Steve rubbing my ass when I came up for air and started to look back tell Steve MMMM THAT FEELS G.. It was 1 of the 3 guy’s..
He was painted all gold with wings he is dressed as Poseidon god of the sea with a Trident spear..
One of the others was a cowboy in leather chaps, vest, and a hat and that was it nothing else.. The other 1 I don’t get a good look at.. I looked at Steve he said I’M GOING TO MAKE YOUR FANTASY COME TRUE.. I stood up and turned my side to the bike and looked the guy’s over good Steve made real good choices especially the cowboy he had two 6 guns and a 12in club between his legs STEVE I WANT THE COWBOY 3rd.. I went to my knees jerking off Mark and the other guy while sucking Poseidon the cowboy moved over and started shaking and stroking his cock in front of me.. My puss was dripping juice from Steve eating it..Oh man I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand I was heating up Poseidon was hard I pulled his cock out of my mouth.. I stood up and lifted my skirt showing them my ass and sexy lace panties then putting it back down teasing them 3 or 4 times.. Then I pulled it all the way to my waist and Presented my ass to them.. I open my legs some razed up on my tippy toes and started moving it around slowly enticing them to take it..
I put my.hands on the tank and looked away from them; Slowly swaying my ass waiting for them do whatever they want with it.. Poseidon step to my side and started rubbing my ass.. Then he slipped up my top and started squeezed and groping my tit’s..The other guy step up and opened me with his fingers then stabbed his cock in me as Poseidon watched with and hand full of my tit’s.. Making me start moaning Mark moved over and laid his 13in cock on the tank for me to suck I got down my throat and reached over and grabbed the cowboys big club and started jerking him off.. It wasn’t 4 minutes and I could feel the guy’s warm Cum shooting in me.. As soon as he was done he stepped back and Poseidon immediately jammed his in and started fucking me. I was enjoying the rhythm of his cock.. I had the side of my face laying on the tank with Marks cock all the way down my throat jerking of the cowboy waiting his turn…
When I felt another cock rubbing on my other arm.. I couldn’t turn my head to see.. So I just grabbed it and started jerking it off too think this is a good size One it was nice and thick..
I was in full Slut mode a cock in the front one in the back and one in each hand they were all going to town on me.. I started fucking Poseidon back real hard slamming my ass down on his cock.. Mark put his hand on my face and started throat fucking me hard as I jerked off the other 2 guy’s.. I couldn’t cry out; it just made me fuck and suck harder..
I could hear Poseidon crying out as he blasted Cum in my ass slowly pulling it back and then jamming back with every load… I was getting so Hot and wound up from all of this happening to me.. When he was done he step back and the cowboy quickly took over..
I wanted to see this I gently pushed Mark back till I was free of his cock.. Looking back I watched as the cowboy work that club in me .. It open my puss wide as he got the head in.. Making me cry out OHHH FUCK OHHH FUCK AA AA AA EASY COWBOY OOO… He did not care he was go to hit it a forget it.. He roughly jammed it to the base forcing my insides to open making me cry out louder..OOHH MY GOD OOHH MY GOD.. There was so much noise from all the people echoing in the alley no could hear me.. Ones it was all in and he was roughly fucking my ass it started to feel good and my puss opened up Loving every long stroke..YA BABY YA MMMMM FUCK ME.. Another guy came up with his cock out rubbing it on my arm..
I grabbed it; jerking them off in rhythm with the cowboy I look over to see who was next it was a tall young Black Guy with a big smile knowing his turn was coming up.. I looked back at Steve With my head bouncing around from all of them Using me and scene what look like a line of 20 guys in the shadows..
I just laid my head back down on the tank and started sucking on Mark again it was so long and stretching open my throat as it went down.. I could feel the head moving way down in my throat every time the cowboy jammed his
cock forward forcing Marks Deeper.. the cowboy started to Cum in me.. He grabbing my hips and jamming his cock from side to side forcing my puss to open even more I could cry out.. It was making me gag on Mark’s cock…
As the cowboy is shooting his loads in me it was the roughest anybody had ever Cum in me before.. but I really enjoyed it.. feeling the head being wildly driven around way up in me then a blast of warmth …
When he was done he stepped away and the young black man stepped up… None of them said a word to me they just kept stepped up and started fucking me… when I felt another cock rubbing on my arm I just grabbed it and started working it as the black guy was giving me his best moves my puss was gobbling it all up enjoying every second of it being fucked five different ways in a half hour..I could feel Marks cock down my throat starting to throb he started shooting big massive loads down it.. Moaning out with each one.. it was so wild I can feel all the Cum flowing down my legs and Mark shooting loads down my throat it was kind of gagging me and sticking to the walls of my throat as his giant cock slid in and out of it.. I started puking up cum when Mark would pull it out for me to get air..
I would quickly suck it up off the tank and swallow it again tasting it each time it would come back up and I would Swallow it letting Mark work it back down the young black man was fucking me real good my ass was on autopilot fucking him back my arms are getting tired from all the jerking..When Mark was all done he step back and watch these guy fucking me… I looked over at the one guy beside me thinking; Where is Steve finding all these big cocks and this guy dressed up as Darth Vader I look to my other side and it was a guy dressed up as Robin Hood I laughed to myself thinking I’m fucking the cast from every major film in the past 20 years lolololololol The young black man started to Cum I was so full of Cum my stockings we’re soaking wet down into my heels when he pulled it out his Cum just flowed out of me and Darth Vader stepped up quickly and started fucking me hard my chubby clip started to come all over the bike. Another guy stepped up and my hands were full of cocks again my puss started Cumming I was going crazy on Darth Vader’s cock riding it hard and jamming my ass up and down on it.. My puss was clamping down so tight I can feel every vein in his cock it felt so good I couldn’t stop it he started to Cum in me more.. I was crying out; GIVE ME MORE GIVE ME MORE fUCK MY ASS FUCK ME He stopped and before I could catch a breath Robin hood jumped in and started pounding me.. All of the Guy’s were Punishing my ass.. The guy to my left pulled his out of my hand and started shooting Cum on my face I lift my head up trying to catch it in my mouth but he was just wildly shooting it all over me.. when I look up;!! My heart dropped there was a cop standing right in front of me (BUSTED) He just stood there for a few seconds then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock shaking it in my face I started sucking it as it was getting hard in my mouth I figures out he was not a real cop.. I stopped looking around and just took every cock that came to me.. My puss was just pulsing quickly My ass was wildly moving on it’s own fucking everything that came up to it..One would pull out his cock as another one jammed his in me.. Oh it felt so good it was a none stop.. The side of me face started to hurt from it being driven all over the tank and my throat was hurting from all the different size cock being jammed in it… But I didn’t care it was better than I had imagined.. When one would pull it out I could feel my pulsing puss gape open begging for another one to fill it… Some of the guy’s I was sucking would Cum wherever they wanted down my throat, in my mouth, on my face, some I could feel it shooting on my back and in my hair.. And whatever was on the tank I would lick it up till the next one filled my mouth.. I think some of them would get back in line and fuck me again because some of them would Cum in just a little while and some would fuck me for some time.. All I know is they were Tearing My ass up and I was covered with Cum and it was flowing out of me and down me Legs into my heel and out the pep toes…My feet were soaking wet and slipping around in my heels.. I was in a state of euphoria all I wanted was more cock and more cock if two more guys stepped up I started jerking them off or if there was a fourth I would suck him.. This went on for 2 1/2 hours in the dark alley.. When the line was all gone and no one was there.. My ass was still moving like there was a cock in it !! My puss was pulsing so fast I couldn’t stop it I had been fuck for so long so hard and so many different ways it was waiting for the next one… Then Mark stepped up with his 13in cock and started slowly fucking me Gently making me slow down but keeping my hot… As he finished mixing all that Cum and pushed it Deep inside me I had finally calm down enough he pulled it out and had me suck it clean.. Steve finally came up telling me IS THAT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN FANTASIZING ABOUT ALL THESE YEAR…
I told him oh God yes thank you I never thought it would be like that it was a hundred times better than I had imagined… I wanted to jump up and kiss him but I was just so damn tired I can only move real slow.. I sat on the bike with my top up around my shoulders my bra was on but my tit’s were out of it.. I took off my heels and stockings off
I used my stocking to wipe out the insides of my heels and Steve took them and wiped off my back as I put my tit’s away .. I was lucky that the first guy pull up my top so they could play with my tit’s it was half way dry and clean.. I put it down and slipped on my heels.. Mark took off his nice club vest and shit and bent me over a little and pulled up my skirt and used his shirt to dry my ass then cleaned my plug and worked it back in me and through the shirt on the ground and put the vest back on mmmm He looked So Sexy with most of his chest and arms showing… He put his arm around me and help me walk back to the other bike and used his other arm to help Steve push the big touring bike.. I asked Steve HOW MANY GUY’S WERE THERE… He said I WANTED 10 or 12 BUT ONES THE WORD GOT OUT THERE WAS 16 or 17.. I TURNED A LOT AWAY I ONLY USED THE BIGGEST ONE… We all laughed lolololololol Oh AND WE DID MAKE $2,000 IN 2 ½ HOURS I WAS CHARGING THEM $100 A PEACE AND MOST OF THEM GAVE ME A TIP.. I told him ARE YOU k**DING ME He laughed and said NO BUT SOMEONE HAD TO PAY FOR THAT $800 BOTTLE OF WINE YOU DRANK and he looked at me and smiled.. All of us started laughing again lololololololol…..
When we got back to the other bike I gave Mark the keys and a big kiss then jumped on the back of Steve’s bike I wrap my Legs around him with my heels in his lap and my arms around his chest and pulled him up tight to me and laid my head on him..he fired it up and hollered over to Mark WITH THIS EXTRA MONEY I KNOW WHERE THERE’S A DENNY’S LET’S GET SOMETHING TO EAT IT’S 4:00 IN THE MORNING I’M HUNGRY AND STEPH’S BUYING.. And we took off quickly with both of the Harley’s roaring together (It was real loud).. I felt like a real biker Bitch with my Legs wrapped around Steve; it held my legs up a little and plants my ass firm on the seat with the bike shaking the plug around inside me making me Cum again mmmmmmm Yes I am there Slut and can’t help but to Love them both mmmm !!!!! I was squeezing him so tight and rub my tit’s on his back as we were going down the road…. When we passed a cars they would hit their high beams because half of my ass and panties were showing I couldn’t keep my skirt down with my legs up around Steve but I didn’t care it felt good with the wind blowing on it… If we stopped at a red light I know they could see my ass moving around!! But not knowing about the plug and Mark would howl like a wolf and Steve would answer him back making us laugh… and besides I was being a real Biker Slut lolololololol all 3 of were being wild and carefree; What a Good Feeling….

This Is The End Of; ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 New Orleans
Chapter 2.0 Side Tracked is next it will be up soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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