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Riding with Strangers, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter One — Bending Over at the Rest Stop 🏳️‍🌈

I can still remember the first time I hooked up at the rest stop. It was March of 1994 and I”d just turned 13 years old. I”d heard about it being a cruisy spot with a built in glory hole between the stalls in the men”s room, and I just had to see for myself. So on a Saturday morning after breakfast, I made my way to the rest stop on foot. As the rest stop came into view my heart started to race in anticipation of what I wanted to have happen.

The parking lot was empty but there were plenty of cars whizzing by on the highway. It wasn”t a freeway, but our little town was in such a remote area that the rest stop came in handy for travelers and for truck drivers. I went straight to the men”s room and found the glory hole cut out in the divider that separated the two stalls furthest from the door. I thought about waiting on the toilet for someone to stick their dick through so I could suck it, but I was there to get fucked. So I went outside and sat on a small concrete bench out front by the water fountains.

I was the only person there for about 20 minutes and passed the time by reading through the numbers on my pager. When no one showed up I thought about ditching the place and heading to the canal. Suddenly an old Montego pulled up and parked right in front of the bench I was sitting on. I watched as the driver got out of the car and walked toward me, so I stood up and tried to send him a signal that I was there to get buttfucked. Luckily, the man caught on right away.

“What”s your name, kid?” he asked while I licked my lips and fixed my gaze on his crotch.

“Nicholas,” I said, feeling my ass tremble as he got closer.

“What are you looking for?” he asked as I sized him up. He looked like he was about 45 years old and he had a pudgy midsection. His hair was still in tact and dark brown, and he had a handsome face that turned me on. But what really caught my attention was the massive erection that was bulging through the front of his pants. I fixed my gaze on his bulge and licked my lips, earning me a knowing smile from my new conquest.

“Wanna walk to the men”s room?” I asked, my voice husky with desire, then I looked over my shoulder and gave my horny bubble butt a subtle roll.

“If that”s what you”re in the mood for,” he said with an easy going inflection in his voice, then he put his hand on my shoulder and we walked to the restroom. My ass was on fire the whole time, practically shivering with need as we entered the stall furthest from the door. By the time he set the latch I had my shorts down and my ass in the air, holding onto the commode for balance while I spread my feet.

He wasted no time at all in taking his big dick out and using the head to tap my yearning pucker. When I moaned, he slipped a finger up my ass and found the vaseline that I”d fingered into it before leaving the house. Satisfied that I was sufficiently lubed up, he placed the massive glans back up to my hole and pushed through my yearning entrance.

I let out a hot moan and pushed my hips back, then he slid his dick the rest of the way up my ass and hissed. I could feel pleasure signals pouring down the back of my legs as his dick rested inside me, then he began to thrust. I felt his hands holding my hips tight as he treated me to a 45 second thrill ride that made my body erupt with pleasure. As he fed me thrust after thrust of his big dick, I moaned and pushed back, anxious to feel malatya escort him go deeper.

Finally he buried his rod up my easy ass and came with a loud groan. When he pulled out I sat on the commode and sucked his dick clean, then I watched with a glazed over smile as he zipped up and reached into his pocket.

“Here”s $20, kid,” he said, and before I could tell him I didn”t want the money, he threw it at me and slipped out of the stall with a hasty exit.

Hanging out at the rest stop on the highway at 10:30 in the morning to meet men for sex doesn”t sound like a good idea for a 13 year old kid. Truth be told, I wasn”t supposed to be there. My parents didn”t know where I was going when I slipped out the front door, but I think they knew what I was about to do. If they didn”t know it, then they had to be blind. I was dressed in a pair of slutty cutoffs that I”d fashioned out of an old pair of blue jeans I grew out of the year before, and my shirt was tied off at the midriff.

In 1994 I was 13 years old and on the prowl for gay sex. I wasn”t inconspicuous about my sexual orientation, or about my craving for sex with guys. In fact, I was clearly gay and obviously hooking up. It had been that way for a while, and once I started putting out, it didn”t take me very long to find out where the best spots were to get myself laid.

As it turns out, we lived less than a mile from one of the easiest places to find a dick to suck or ride. The rest stop had a reputation for being a place where men hooked up for gay sex, and once I started putting out it didn”t take me long to make the short walk from my house. We lived so close to the highway that traffic would back up into our neighborhood from time to time. Mom and dad always griped about the commuter traffic that cluttered our street, but we loved where we lived and they wouldn”t have moved for anything.

The subject of my sexuality never actually came up in our household. I know my parents knew I was gay, but it was never talked about openly. My sister April was already a handful for them to deal with. She was promiscuous and quite happy to be that way. And like me, her sexual activities were seen but never spoken about out loud.

When I was 10 I started noticing boys and feeling a strong, undeniable attraction to them. By the time I turned 11 I had the same posters hanging on the walls of my room that my sister had in hers. Boyz II Men, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Edward Furlong and Mario Lopez adorned my walls and made me swoon while I was laying in bed reading Tiger Beat magazine.

Sometime between 11 and 12, I started sucking cock in my room. At first it was just the occasional boy from school who would follow me home for a blowjob while mom and dad were at work. Once word started to spread that I was sucking dick, I started getting approached by older boys. Most of them had drivers licenses and cars, and it wasn”t unusual for me to come home from school in the company of a 16 or 17 year old suitor. If they were too nervous to come inside, I was more than happy to suck them off in their car or on the side of my house.

Eventually I started getting fucked in my room while mom and dad were at work. Then one day I asked mom and dad for permission to have a “friend” spend the night and they said yes. After that, I just started bringing “friends” over whenever I was in the mood. Mom and dad knew what was going on in my room but they never said anything about it.

By the time I turned 12 I”d outgrown several pairs of blue jeans. I was a little bit taller and my ass was getting too round for me to squeeze into my pants. Instead of giving them to mom to take to Goodwill, I used the scissors to turn them into slutty cutoffs that I wore as often as I could. I called them my commando cutoffs because I never wore undies when I had them on.

The first pair I fashioned were relatively modest compared to the others. They showed off my shapely, horny rear end and my deep crevice, but they didn”t show much skin. The next pair I fashioned were much sluttier, and left very little to the imagination. I loved how my buns practically fell out of the seat and nothing but a thin strip of denim rode up my ass crack.

The next maltepe escort couple of pairs were even sluttier. I cut a slit along the seam in the ass and advertised my rear end as easy access. The first time I came out of my room with them on, my dad gave me a long, knowing look but went back to reading his paper while I picked up the phone to answer a page from a prospective top named Kirk. He was a high school junior and hung like a horse, and I was excited to wear my new cutoffs for him. I”d spent a considerable amount of time having my ass fucked by the stud, and had swallowed more of his loads than I could keep track of. So when he paged me with 911 at the end of his number I knew what it meant.

When I wanted to get my ear pierced, mom took me to the mall. The technician asked me what I wanted and I casually told her, “I want to get my right ear pierced.”

Mom was right there and nodded her approval, and we drove home with a gold earring in my right ear and nothing in my left. When dad saw it he didn”t say much. I sat on the arm of his recliner and snuggled into his side while I showed off my new earring. He just stroked my earlobe with his fingers and kissed me on top of the head, then we went about life as if nothing were the matter.

I was standing in front of the vending machines a the rest stop when a red Silverado pulled up and parked. I watched as a blonde stud in a pair of dirty bluejeans got out of the driver”s side and fixed his gaze on my short frame. I saw him adjust his package and moaned softly, earning me a smile as he made his approach.

“What”s happening, champ?” he asked. I could feel the sexual energy in the air as he got closer, so I blatantly stared at the outline of his dick and smiled before I answered.

“Hopefully me and you,” I said boldly, and he gave me a knowing look and a nod as he proceeded to the men”s room. I was hot on his tail as he entered the last stall, then he stood to the side and let me go in front of him. I sat on the commode and unbuckled his belt, then I unfastened his fly and a thrust of hot musk rolled into my nose.

I moaned with desire and reached into his BVD”s, wrapping my hand around his stiff trouser snake and pulling it out with a grin. As soon as it came into view, I wrapped my lips around it and treated myself to its full length. He treated me to a thick glob of precum that rolled from the end of his dick and landed on my tongue. When I smiled up at him, he placed his hand on the back of my head and encouraged me to swallow his manhood.

“You like that, short stuff?” he asked me, and I nodded eagerly while I let my lips glide along his length. There had to be at least 8 inches between his legs, and I had my lips wrapped around the base of his prick in no time flat. The head was so bulbous and powerful, making my head spin with pleasure as it entered my throat time and time again. In the meanwhile the veins that bulged from his shaft were like a delightful maze for my tongue to explore. Near the base, a bush of pubes were sprouting out of his stalk and filling my mouth with the flavor of man musk and dried piss.

While I was lost in the pleasures of sucking the massive prick in my mouth, I felt him run his fingers through my hair and scrub the back of my neck with his manicured nails.

“You think you can take this dick up your ass?” he asked me in a gentle tone. Casting my fulfilled gaze up at him, I nodded with a blissful moan. Satisfied with my answer, he told me, “How about letting my dick loose so I can give you the rooting you”re after then, short stuff?”

I nodded again, this time in acquiescence, then I treated myself to a final tongue bath of his prick before I relinquished it. He helped me to my feet, then I turned and dropped my cutoffs for him, revealing my horny ass. He knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks, where he saw the creampie that the first man left there. Realizing that no preparation was necessary, he rose to his feet and took me by the hips.

He steered me onto the toilet seat, so I crawled onto it and put my ass in the air while I held onto the plumbing fixtures. I looked over my shoulder and rolled my hips around in a sensual clockwise motion, and he mamak escort responded by placing the head of his prick up to my entrance and pushing through my anal ring. I moaned like a whore as all 8 inches slid into my slutty ass with ease, feeling it push directly into my after breakfast dump but not caring at all. I knew I was about to have my fudged packed and loved it.

While I was looking longingly over my shoulder I caught site of his face and knew he was fighting off a premature orgasm, so I let him rest and regain his composure. Finally, he started to thrust and I felt my body take flight once more. His massive prick was bullying its way along the walls of my horny chute, making it burn sweetly with pleasure while the hair stood up on my arms and the back of my neck. He fed me a series of long strokes that lit my rear end on fire and pushed me over the edge of gay ecstasy as several hot spurts of pee shot from my small erection and hit the toilet seat under me.

While I was reveling in my ultimate pleasure he buried his fuck stick up my ass and unloaded his seed while I glowed with satisfaction. When he pulled out, I scrambled to get between his legs and suck his dick clean. It was coated with his sperm, my ass juice and a thick layer of my boyfudge, but I sucked it clean with a satisfied smile while he watched with an incredulous grin. When he put his dick away, I hiked my pants and watched him take off. While I was sitting on the bench and basking in the afterglow of my anonymous hookups my pager when off. I checked the number and realized it was my mom, so I went to the payphone to call her.

“Honey, it”s almost time for lunch,” she said. “Are you coming home?”

“Yeah, I”ll head home now,” I panted, still out of breath from the deep dicking I”d just indulged in.

With that, I hung up and sauntered home, letting my well serviced rear end sway from side to side the whole way.

🏳️‍🌈 To be continued? Let me know. ota

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