Riders On A Hog

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Throbbing, and sounding like a badly silenced truck; I arrive at the club on my Harley. You have been working there on your first night. You have always said that you wanted to try the tantalising dancing at this club. I nod to the doorman, who beams at me, knowing who I am from when I dropped you off early that evening.

“She’s doing real good in there,” He says smiling his white teeth.

All I can do is give him a quick glance and a smile as I push both of the swing doors open and enter the club. I stand just inside, making my usual entrance. I scan the bar area and then lay my eyes on the beauty I see cavorting on stage. It’s you. Oiled up and wearing just your chaps. I can just make out a thong between your thighs.

‘Looks like I’ve come in too late’ I think to myself.

You twist and turn; lifting your legs high to show the ogling guys at the front a near perfect view of your soaking crotch. I smile as I find the nearest bar stool and order a cold beer. I slip my long coat off my shoulders and sit on the leather-covered stool. My leather trousers stick to the stool, as the humidity in the club is thick with sweat and hot breath from the ogling males that sit in dark, concealed corners of the club.

I have not noticed you show your breasts yet to the throng as you keep them kept behind your black latex, wrist gloves.

‘Keep them, Shari, keep them on the edge of their seats. Leave it to their imagination’

I see you place your forearm across both your glistening breasts as your right hand slides down your stomach and over you mons. You knee in front of some mop-haired youth who doesn’t know what to do but stare at this electric girl that is beginning to rub herself in front of his face. He sits there, not knowing whether to touch you or himself. In a flash you get up and turn your back on the crowd. You open your legs further and place a hand on each thigh. You slowly slide down your legs and finally reach your ankles. A gasp goes up from the crowd as your breasts come into view. As quickly as they are seen, you stand bolt up right and turn your head slowly. You wink to the crowd and notice me sitting at the bar. You cover your breasts again and smile at me. You turn round and give me a two handed kiss. With that you spin round, pick up your clothes from the floor and march of stage, blowing kisses as the crowd go wild.

I sit there smiling to myself, waiting for you to come out so that we can go. In the confines of my leather trousers, my cock is trying in vain to spring free. I feel the excitement in the club as the announcer finishes your act with a short thanks sincan escort bayan and a good night. The club is finishing up. Everyone is talking about your act. It’s a shame I didn’t catch it all. Now I know why the doorman was grinning at me. He must have been taking sneaky peeks every once in a while.

As I was finishing the beer, a waitress comes over with a wry, cheeky smile.

“Lady has told me to say that she wants you to drive around back and pick her up from the back door.” He turns away, keeping her grin towards me. She looks me up and down and smirks to herself. She continues with her rounds.

‘Hmm. I wonder what she knows’ I laugh to myself, and put my coat on. I wave to the bar girl and walk out the club. The doorman is busy pushing two kids away from the door as I breeze by. I hear the stupid excuses and lies about how old they are as the doorman pushes them away.

I sit on my Harley. Looking at the club. Obviously your private dancing for me wasn’t enough to satisfy you. I smile to myself, as I kick the stand up and start the roaring engine into life. The doorman waves and beams again at me as I pull the bike around and head round back. I arrive at the door to find you not there. Then the door swings open slowly and you are standing there with your leather crop jacket and your chaps. By the way you have buttoned you jacket I can tell that you have not dressed properly. No bra.

“You took your time” You say as you smile at me.

“Get on, Shari. I’m going to fuck your brains out!” I grin cheekily as you swank on over to the bike. You lift your leg over the seat of the bike and sit down. You relax against the backrest and sort your leathers out.

“You wearing?” I ask,

“Just my Chaps and jacket” you say.

“Get the vibrations cleanly then, will you?” I say as I slowly bring the engine up to a shuddering chug. You slide down the seat and push your bare cooch on to the saddle.

“Just perfect” she whispers in to my ear.

“Hold on, Darling. We are out of here!” With that you place your arms around me and hug me tightly as I swing the bike around and onto the highway.

We ride for an hour or so. We had crossed two state lines to get you to your club. You made sure that there would be no one there you knew before doing your dance.

We start to ride through the desert back to your house. The stars are out and I can sense your rhythmic movement behind me, humping the saddle as the vibrations penetrate your cooch. Every so often, you climax as your pussy gives up the battle between pleasure and numbness. You bite down on my coat as another eryaman escort climax washes over you. That’s the twelfth since we started.

“Does it not hurt when you have so many?” I ask as you calm down and kiss my ear.

“Oh yes! Of course it does. That’s the idea,” you say as you start your grinding again. Ideas start to race through my mind. After all we are in the middle of the desert on a cool summers night.

I look into the darkness as the white beam from my headlight picks out a dirt track off to the right. I pull in and on to the track. It’s not so bumpy but the jolts from the road are pushing the saddle right into your crotch. You come straight out of your minds wilderness to see us approaching a secluded clearing.

“Where are we?” You ask breathlessly.

“Completely alone and horny” I say as I get off the bike.

From the light of the bike reflecting off the walls of the clearing I can see your juices glistening over my saddle.

I point to it and say “You’ll owe me big time for that. It’s a bugger to clean off. You know that.”

You simply smirk as I reach out and pull open your jacket. You breasts peek out from their hiding place as I take one in my hand and gently weigh it up in my hand. You pull my hand away and swing your leg over the bike. You sit there, legs apart with your chaps still on. I can see you shaven cooch as I move closer to you. You rub my cock through my leathers as I run my fingers through your canyon. Your lips are puffy and chilled from the night air. I pull on them, making them swell up even more.

I place both hands underneath you jacket as I slowly slide the jacket off your shoulders and onto your arms. I keep them there, making your less able to move your arms. You still rub my cock as I begin to roll your nipples between my fingers.

“What’s on offer?” I ask as my rolling becomes pinching.

“Anything you want, as usual, Mickie” you say as you kiss me seductively.

“Everything..” is all I can say as I grab you by the waist and pull you to me kissing you deeply.

You unbutton my leathers and free my cock. It pushes out past the fly as you begin to gently run your fingers over my hardness. You groan as I slip my jacket off and pull my white shirt over my head and onto the floor. You direct you mouth to my nipple ring as you start a rhythm with my cock. I move my hands to the backs of your knees as you tug on my cock and bite on my nipple. I pull your ass to the edge of the bike as I slide down your body to feast on your dripping cunny.

Your sex smells of your sweet nectar as I devour your pussy, licking, nibbling, etimesgut bayan escort slurping, and biting anything that I can get in to my mouth.

Soon you are flooding my mouth with your tangy juices, your pussy so relaxed that it jets out with every spasm. It splashes my chest and face as I push your climax over the edge and you start to shake with the force. I finish my attentions and give you puckered ass hole a lick. It winces as I slide up your body and position myself at your warm, wet, and slippery entrance.

“Fuck me…” you breathe.

I line up my cock and slam it hard into you. It goes all the way in easily and my pelvis hits your clit hard. You fling your legs around my waist as the wave of powerful sensation subsides from your clit.

I pound away regardless of your whimpers. Banging my cock into your sultry hole. Making squelching noises as you start to cum again.

You grip my nipples and pull as I devour your mouth in a deep kiss.

Every now and then I slow my pace down to keep me from cumming in you.

After what seems like minutes, and another brace of orgasms, I let fly my cum inside your drenched pussy.

“I’m cumming in you, baby. I’m fucking cumming in you!” I hiss as spurt after spurt lands deep in you. Your orgasm is well timed as you cum on my cock at the same time.

I slow my pace down so as to let you feel how wet I’ve made you sticky couch. Keeping my hardness inside you, I reach between us and feel around for you ass hole. It is really lubricated from our juices and I pull my cock out of you. Our cum slides out of your cooch and glides over your ass hole. I place my cock at your puckered hole and push myself in. You twist my nipples hard as I slide all the way into you right up to my balls. All you can do is moan into my chest as I ream your ass.

Pumping my cock into you, you orgasm again and again, slowly building up to your big one. I pound away, and then I start to unleash my second load of cum into you. You grab hold of me as you share in my pleasure with your own orgasm.

I slow down as my orgasm subsides.

“…. Enough…” you say as I slump to my knees.

“…. It’s…late…we must get back…” is all I can say.

You tidy yourself up, and sit astride the saddle, head hung low and panting heavily. I clamber on board after stowing my coat behind you. I put my vest and shirt on, leaving the buttons undone.

I start the engine and pull the big Harley around. After a few moments we are riding down the highway towards your state. I can feel your rhythmic humping start again as you feel our cum oozing out of your cooch and making your seat slippery.

In the distance behind us, the suns light starts to illuminate the nights sky.

“Home, Mickie. Then you can take me to bed for a repeat performance”

I sense you smile as I speed the Hog up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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