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Rick’s Mom’s Story

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As promised, here is mom’s story. I just read it for the first time. You can imagine what I did after reading it. Rick

Hi. I’m Liz, Rick’s mother, from the Teaching Mom series. In the last chapter, I had left a note under my panties that I had a story to tell. I had Rick sign on to his account so I could use it. I wanted to maintain continuity with his other stories since this one is related. He wanted to stay but I shooed him out of the room. He’ll get to read it when you do. I also took off my panties, handed them to him, and told him to “make a contribution to the cause.” (Can’t wait to get them back.) So, right now I’m sitting here in my robe with nothing on underneath. I put a towel on the chair because I know I’m going to drip. In fact, I can feel it starting. My lips are already wet.

On that last day when we made love for the first time, I had phoned Rick and told him I bought something special – a pair of see through panties. You see, that morning I had determined that I wanted us to fuck. I wanted to feel his cum in me for the first time. I hadn’t felt a man spurt in me in 20 years. And there wasn’t that much to it. Like I said earlier, with his father, it was stick it in, thrust once or twice, ejaculate, pull out, roll over, go to sleep. Now I was going to feel the loving deep thrusts and hard spurts of a man who truly loved me, desired me, and cared deeply about my pleasure. I knew when I felt him cum, I would cum too. That morning I masturbated as I thought about what was to come … or rather cum.

I wanted to dress extra special for him. I wanted to be as sexy as possible. I wanted him to want me so bad he couldn’t stand it. So off to the lingerie store I went. I found a little boutique shop called “Next To The Best Thing.” I didn’t know if that strange name had any hidden meaning or not. Turns out it does. Guess I was just a little naive. I’m not going to give away the meaning. If you figure it out, leave a comment, email me (that is Rick, who knew what it meant immediately. The smart ass).

I walked in the store and started looking around, not sure of exactly what I was looking for. The clerk came over. She extended her hand. “Hi I’m Laura, the owner,” she said. “What can I help you find?”

I shook her hand and said, “Hi Laura. I’m Liz. I’m looking for something real sexy.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is everything I have sexy, it’s designed to arouse not just your partner, but you too. Y’know they say that sexy lingerie is designed primarily to turn on the male. But I’ll tell you, when I wear sexy panties and a sexy bra, it turns me on too. And if there’s no man around, I like to wear it just for me and as an aid to … well you know.”

Did she just admit to me, a total stranger, that she masturbated? I shouldn’t have been that surprised. My sexual awakening showed me that most women pleasure themselves. I’ll bet even the

pastor’s wife enjoyed a self-induced orgasm. I made a promise to myself to find out. Maybe we could masturbate together. Oh my, did I just say that? Did I just admit that I’d like to masturbate with another woman? I did and the idea intrigued me. For the first time I realized that I wanted to see another woman’s pussy in person, not just a picture. I shuddered to think I might have lesbian tendencies. I dismissed that thought when I remembered some things I had read about girl/girl sex. A lot of women were ‘bi-curious’, that is they wanted to have sexual contact with another female, but were still committed to sex with men. I tucked the thought away for a while. It was going to come back … big time. More on that later.

She added, “We even have granny panties that are sexy.”

I wondered how that was possible, but didn’t ask. “I want something that will send my man’s arousal through the roof.”

“See through Tüyap Escort panties is what you’re looking for. They’ll do that even if your man has seen you without panties. There’s just something about seeing a woman’s pussy in transparent panties that

drives a man wild. I’ll show you.”

She selected a pair of pale blue see through panties from the rack and walked behind the counter. She was doing something under the counter I couldn’t see. Then, she brought up an object that turned out to be a mannequin of a woman’s lower half. The panties were on it. I could see the perfect form of a woman’s shaved vulva through the material.

“Touch it,” she said. I did. It was as soft as mine. I could feel every contour of the lips through the panties. I said, “This will drive him crazy.”

“That’s what they’re designed to do,” she said smiling widely. “He can see you, he can feel you

and the panties both. And when he presses the material between your lips, it’ll send you both into orbit … provided you’re shaved or waxed. There’s nothing that diminishes a luscious sexual experience with panties like a mat of hair.”

“My lips are completely bare.” I couldn’t believe I was sharing such intimate details with a woman I had just met. But it felt so natural. “Wrap ’em up,” I said.

“Excellent,” she said. I could see a wry knowing smile on her face as she rung them up and placed them in a bag. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that she knew exactly what was going to be happening with these panties. “By the way, your man, is he a new flame, or an old flame?”

“I’ve known him for over 40 years, but in a way this is a new flame.”

“You’ve known this guy for 40 plus years and you’re just now getting sexually involved?”


“what kind of relationship did you have with him before? If you don’t mind my asking.”

A moment of truth was staring me in the face. Was I going to evade the answer, or come right out and admit it, admit to a total stranger that I was having sex with my son. Yet, at the same time I felt comfortable with her. After all, we both shared a little bit of our personal sexual sides. I decided to go for it. She would either be totally repulsed or politely ignore me. I wasn’t prepared for what happened.

I handed her my credit card and said, “The man is my son.”

She stopped in mid swipe. With a sudden intake of breath she put her hand to her mouth. Then I saw a single tear roll down her cheek. She came out from behind the counter and threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. I was confused, but I hugged her back. I wasn’t expecting this reaction. Nor was I expecting the next thing she said to me.

“Oh Liz, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“For what Laura? I just admitted to you that I’m having a sexual relationship with my son.”

“I was beginning to think I was perverted. You see, I’m having sexual thoughts about my son. And I’m in so much turmoil over it. I get so aroused when I’m with him or think of him. I masturbate to him, imagining us doing all kinds of things to each other. When I cum, I call out his name. Then I feel so guilty about it. I shouldn’t be having

thoughts like this, but I can’t help it. And then you come in here, a normal, healthy, attractive woman, a mother and a grandmother I presume. And calmly admit to having intercourse with your son. When you said that, the weight of guilt just flew off me. I’m so grateful to you. You can’t imagine how relieved I feel.”

I didn’t tell her that we hadn’t had intercourse yet. It might have lessened her relief. The fact was I had decided that that night was going to be our first time. I was going to take my son’s penis into my body. I was going to cum with his beautiful cock in me. And he was going to cum in my cunt. Just the thought Escort Tüyap was making my panties wet.

We hugged again. “You’re welcome Laura. Where do you go from here?”

“I’m not sure. But at least I can fully enjoy masturbating to him. And instead of feeling guilty, I can revel in the orgasmic after glow. I don’t know if it will ever graduate to sex or not. But for the time being I’ll be happy with what I have.”

“Do you want it to graduate to complete sex?” I asked. She looked at me intently and said quietly, “Yes. I want to feel his hard cock in me, thrusting in and out till we climax together. You have no idea how much I want to feel his cum spurting in me. I find it hard to believe that I’m telling you this. But you’re probably the only woman, the only mother in a hundred miles that understands.”

“Honey, I do understand. I understand completely.”

“Have you got a few minutes to talk?”

“Sure I do.”

“Let’s go into my office where we can sit and relax.”

She walked to the front door and locked it. Then hung a sign that said, ‘Back in 1 hr.’

We walked into her office where there was a desk, a recliner and a couch. There was also a treadmill. I thought that was a strange item for an office. Maybe she used it for exercise.

“Do you exercise in here?” I asked.

“No, that treadmill has a very special purpose. I’ll tell you about later.”

We sat on the couch an talked for an hour. We talked about families, husbands, careers, where we grew up, how we grew up, just everything. I found out she was 51 years old, her son’s name was Steven, and he’s 24. She showed me a picture, very good looking young man. She and her husband have been divorced for 10 years. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. We laughed and cut up the way girlfriends do. The subject of sex came up again. Turned out her ex was as much a dud in bed as mine was. But she had an advantage. She wasn’t saddled with the ridiculous religious proscription against masturbation that I was.

By the time the hour was up I felt very close to Laura and she to me as well. During our

conversation we repeatedly touched each other in reassuring and comforting ways. I felt like we had a real woman to woman sisterhood going on. And we were fellow travelers on an exciting

sexual journey. I think that brought us closer together than anything.

Finally I told her, “Laura, you can’t imagine how much I’ve enjoyed our time together. We must get together often and share where we are.”

“Oh Liz, I agree. Let’s do. And I can’t thank you enough again.”

“You’re welcome, girl.” I decided I needed to share our story with her. After all, since we were on this journey, nothing needed to be held back.

“I assume you have a computer at home connected to the internet,” I said as we walked out of her office back to the counter.


“Have you ever heard of .com.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“It’s an erotic story site. My son Rick has written our story and posted it on the site. Go there and look for member chefgiovanni. The story is called ‘Teaching Mom about Orgasm.’ It’s in 6 chapters. It’s all about how he revived me sexually. I hope you like it.”

“Wow, I can only imagine. I’ll do it as soon as I get home. I can’t wait.”

“And please call me after you’ve read it. I want to hear your reaction.” Laura handed my package to me along with my credit card and said, “Those panties are on the house. I hope they bring both of you an ocean of pleasure.”

“Why thank you. That’s very sweet.” We hugged again and said our good byes. As I was walking out of the store, I said “Don’t forget to call.”

“I won’t. Oh by the way. If your son’s name is Rick, why does he go by chefgiovanni?”

I turned around. “His real name Tüyap Escort Bayan is John Richard, but everybody calls him Rick. Giovanni is

Italian for John, and he is a very accomplished chef specializing in Italian cuisine. That’s how he came up with the name. His food keeps my tummy happy and his cock keeps my pussy

even happier.”

We laughed and I think she blushed a little. I turned and walked out the door. I couldn’t wait

for her phone call. That night I wore my panties for Rick. As you read in chapter 5, we made love for the first time. It was glorious feeling his cock in me. And when he came in me. I can’t begin to describe the pleasure. As we were lying there after our orgasms, I couldn’t but think of Laura and what she was doing while reading the story. I hoped she was reading about us fucking just as we were doing it. I was anxious for her call. It came early the next day.

“Oh Liz!” she said excitedly. “That story was so hot. Did all those things really happen to you? Please say they did.”

“Everything you read is true.”

“Thank goodness! You won’t believe what I’ve been doing.”

“Let me guess. You’ve been touching yourself.”

“Yes, and I’ve been imagining Steven and I doing all the things you and Rick did. I though of him sniffing and cumming in my panties. I pictured him standing in front of me with his cock in his hand masturbating and cumming all over my pussy. I pictured my hand wrapped around his gorgeous cock, rubbing it all over my lips and clit till he

came all over me. And I came rubbing his semen on my clit. I imagined that I had his cock in my hand and was slipping it into my cunt. He thrust in and out of me till he couldn’t hold it any more and he exploded, spurting a river of cum into me. I climaxed as soon as I felt it.”

Listening to her got me aroused, I put my hand in my panties and started touching my pussy. “Laura, listening to you has got me so hot! I’m masturbating!

“Really, Liz? So am I. I’ve got my finger between my lips and I’m touching my clit. I’m so close to cumming.”

“I am too Laura. I’m almost there.”

“Liz, let’s cum together!”

I felt the orgasm overtake me. “LAURA, BABY, I’M CUMMING. I’M CUUUUUUUMMMMMMING!” I screamed.

“LIZ, I AM TOO, HONEY!” I heard her moan loudly several times as her own orgasm washed over her.

We could hear each other breathing heavily. Finally I said, “That was so good girlfriend.”

“It certainly was. I’ve never masturbated with someone before.”

“Me either, except for Rick.” There was a pronounced pregnant silence. Both of us seemed to be sidestepping the fact that here we were, two grown women, and we masturbated with each other.

“Does it bother you, Liz?” she finally asked. I knew what she meant.

“Not in the least. I think only a woman can fully understand another woman’s orgasm. Whether it’s through masturbation or intercourse. Because only another woman can appreciate that soul stirring pleasure. It’s a level of intimacy that’s different.”

“I wholeheartedly agree. Where do you think we go from here?”

“We’ll talk about you and I later. Right now I think we need to get you and Steven to the next level.”

“How? I’ve got these feelings for him but I’m sure he doesn’t have the same feelings for me.”

“When a boy starts puberty, his first sexual thoughts are for his mother. He never truly loses those feelings. But when he realizes his mother is off limits, he transfers his sexual thoughts to other girls. But mom is always there. Those thoughts just need to be awakened.”


“When you get to work, you’ll see the answer all around you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Call me when you get there. Trust me, you’ll figure it out as soon as you walk in the store.”

“I will?”

“You will. Now get to work, girlfriend.”

“Ok. Bye doll.”

“Bye, baby.”

I hung up the phone and smiled. She’ll figure it out, I’m sure. She’ll take one look at those panties in the store and the lights will go off like Fourth of July fireworks.

To be continued

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