Ria and Ryan: The Bath

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Author’s Note: This is one part of a larger story concerning the pairing of Ria and Ryan. This takes place in a cabin high in the Snowy River Mountains in Australia. Please pardon my use of elipses, I’m rather fond of them! I hope you enjoy it!


(Late afternoon)

“Ryan? What are you doing in there?” Ria knocked on the bathroom door again.

“Nothing,” his voice was muffled until she heard a small crash and then several colorful and not quite physically possible curses came from behind the wooden door.

“You ok?”

“Fine. Be out in a second.”

Ria leaned against the wall opposite the door and frowned. All she wanted was a bath and Ryan was being stubborn and not letting her in. She ran the tie of her silk dressing gown thru her fingers, enjoying the soft material that draped itself so prettily on her frame. A deep emerald green with a delicate rose pattern imposed in a slightly lighter shade of deep green, it was one of her favorites and truly suited her dark hair and eyes. Sighing, she reached up to knock on the door again when it suddenly flew open and Ryan stood there with a foolish grin lighting his boyish features and only a towel wrapped about his waist.

“Sorry, I was a little busy …drawing a bath for you,” Ria tilted her head to one side in puzzlement then smiled when Ryan stepped aside.

“You didn’t!” She stepped into the bath and looked around in delight. The enormous cast iron tub with clawed feet stood on a small raised floor, steam rising lazily in the warm air from the hot water and mound of bubbles. Candles were lit all over and with the fireplace, added a rosy cast to the room. She stepped forward and looked down, “oh, Ryan!” Rose petals were scattered across the floor and with every step she took, the crushed petals released a heady fragrance into the room.

“You wanted a bath …” he grinned.

“Yes! But …this is so … ” Ria turned and laughing, kissed him. “Now off with you…” “But I was hoping I could stay,” Ryan’s voice faded as he managed to sound disappointed. “What if you need help washing your back?”

“Oh you!” Ria laughed once more and turned back to the tub. As she stepped up the three steps leading to the tub, she slipped off her robe, allowing it to slide to the floor in a puddle of green. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched Ryan’s expression as she raised her leg to step in. The sudden darkening of his eyes made her breath catch in her chest and she had to tear her eyes away to climb in. The feeling of his eyes on her as she slipped down into the mass of fragrant bubbles warmed her far more sincan escort bayan than the water ever could.

She leaned against the far end of the tube, closing her eyes and soaking in the peace that the bath wrought in her. She felt rather than saw Ryan approach and waited breathlessly to find out what he would do. She didn’t have long to wait as he came up behind her, sliding his hands along her face, down her neck and began massaging her neck gently.

From where he sat, Ryan felt he had the best view…even with the bubbles, he could see her breasts and belly soft and shimmery in the water. All he wanted to do was pull her from the tub and take her on the floor, showing her exactly what she’d done to him with nothing more than that glance over her shoulder. Restraint, he told himself even as he began to lose himself in touching her once more. Her curls lay soft and wild against his cheek and he nuzzled her ear as his hands worked on her shoulders.

“Mmmm … Ryan … that is wonderful,” Ria whispered, wishing he would dip his hands lower, into the bubbles and caress her hardening nipples. Did he feel the tension in her? The desire building white hot at the feel of his hands on her skin? Such a simple thing … touch … and yet it wielded a magical power over her. She whimpered softly as he suckled her earlobe, trailing his tongue down the length of her neck, a promise of things to come.

Fighting the urge to take her again, he let his fingers dip lower and as the very tips of his fingers brushed against Ria’s breasts, she gasped and pushed her breasts up into his hands. “Touch me … please, Ryan… touch me!”

The last vestiges of control shattered by her words, he cupped her breasts, flicking the hardened nubs with his thumbs as he dipped his head to kiss her lustily. She lifted her hands from the bubbles, caressing the back of his hands as they stroked her breasts. Against his warm lips, she murmured, “come in, take a bath with me.”

He looked at her, her head tilted back over the edge of the tub, her skin glowing against the white bubbles, her breasts rising from the water like small pearly islands and with no hesitation, climbed in. The water lapped against them both as he settled down between her long legs, sliding his under hers. He laced his finger thru hers and pulled her towards him, the water making her skin slick as she slid across his body.

“Ryan,” she moaned as he captured her lips once more. She ran her hands along his arms as she floated lightly against him.

“No, I want you closer,” he growled, pressing his fingers into her eryaman escort lower back, pulling her hard against him. Her breasts rubbed his chest as her legs fell to either side of his. “God … you feel so good.”

Ria laughed throatily as she nuzzled his neck, “so do you.”

“How much of this torture do you think I can take…” Ryan grinned.

“How much do you want?” Ria laughed again.

“Too much!” He pushed back and as the water sloshed up and over the edge of the tub, he scooped her up and set her on the small ledge that ran around the back of the tub. Pushing aside the bottles and towels that littered the small shelf, she moved back slightly, leaning against the window, the glass cold on her back. She looked down at Ryan as he licked and nibbled her breasts, making the dark brown peaks harder with each pass of his tongue. Just watching him made her body thrum and she made a regretful sound as he left her breasts and began moving his lips lower.

“Ryan …” Ria felt his tongue in the crease of her leg, tickling and tantalizing her and she shivered as his arms wrapped around her thighs. She tightened her grip in his hair as he blew gently on the soft folds before him. “Oh god, Ryan …”

“Is this what you want, Ria?” Ryan murmured against against the sensitive skin, the vibration of his voice caressing her.

“Yes …please!” Ria begged, running her fingers raggedly thru his hair. As he dipped his tongue into her, tasting her for the first time, she threw her head back and whimpered. Her legs shook slightly until she rested them on his shoulders and then her whole body quivered as he licked and lapped at her, suckling her clit and forcing her to writhe above him. He slipped two fingers inside her hot wetness and she stiffened, gasping as she felt her belly clench. He returned his tongue to the warm and wet nub of her pleasure, bringing her higher until she finally cried out, pulling hard on his hair as she came. “Ryan!”

As she shuddered, he stood quickly and thrust himself deep into her, her eyes flying open at the sudden feeling of fullness. He groaned deep and as he hit bottom, he kissed her again, letting her taste herself on his lips. She grabbed at his ears and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer, deepening his thrusts. The cold glass against her back forced her forward, arching away, pushing her breasts harder into his chest. She ran her hands down his body, feeling the play of muscles in his lower belly as he slid his shaft into her again and again.

Water dripped down his back, mingling with the sweat of exertion as he etimesgut bayan escort breathed into her kiss, her lips nibbling on his, her tongue tangling with his. He smiled and pulled himself out of Ria, ignoring her small whimper of regret. She slid off the small shelf and Ryan turned her, bending her over the far edge of the tub, hot water sluicing around their thighs. She grasped the edge of the tub, turning to look at him over her shoulder.

“Ria …” he moaned as he rubbed himself along the folds of her, his own excitement peaking seeing the beautiful woman before him. He placed his hands on her hips, soft and pliable flesh, his eyes following the gentle curve of her back, the delicate bones in her shoulders….and the look of pure need on her face as he teased her.

“Please…” she begged for release as each movement slid him against her clit. Now he desperately wanted to be inside her…to fill her with his hardness…to feel the tightness of her…he moved and thrust into her in one hard push. Her head went down in a gasp of submission as he held her hips still, his thrusts deepening, filling her. God, she was so incredible…and she was his. At this very moment, she cried out her need for HIM….it was HIM that she wanted….and it was HIM that she let take her.

He slipped one hand beneath her and found the slick nub that lay swollen within, his fingers gently rolling it as she bucked upwards against him. Her cries grew frantic and with one last gasp, she came beneath him, her muscles spasming around him, tightening and throwing him over the edge to join her in ecstasy. He throbbed within her as he stiffened, his face pressed hard into her back, spilling his seed deep inside her.

Unable to move, she clung to the edge of the tub, her legs shaking, her body thrumming continually, her breath coming in hard gasps. Ryan held her against him, still within her as he sought her clit once more. She whimpered and looked at him over her shoulder then closed her eyes as another orgasm shot thru her from his fingers. He grunted as she squeezed him, still sensitive from his own pleasure. He held her still even as she tried to move her hips, thrusting back on pure instinct.

Slowly, she came down as he ran his hands down the soft skin of her back, still enjoying the view of this woman before him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he sat back into the water, guiding her onto his lap. She turned sideways in the water, grasping his head and kissing him deeply. She still felt the thrum, the tingle in the bottom of her feet and knew that when he was ready once more…she would be too. She whispered against his lips, “thank you…beautiful…”

“My pleasure…” Ryan chuckled as he ran his fingers along the edges of her ears and into the curls beyond, resting and holding her, enjoying just being with her. Together.

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