Revenge (Parallel Universe) Day 04

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3D Adult

Day 4 — Monday

Los Angeles, California 2012 — But not our universe

Ray Williams woke up with a raging erection to the sound of his buzzing alarm clock. He fondly wished his lovely wife Melissa wasn’t away in San Francisco visiting her sick father, and was instead here in LA sucking his painfully hard prick.

The rather vivid dream he’d been having of the two hot blonde twins he’s met yesterday, Devon and Danielle, giving him a dual blowjob, hadn’t helped matters either. His balls were aching!

Ray didn’t have time to go and find an available female to relieve him however, he had a plane to Florida to catch.

Faking a cold, he called in sick to his office and then rang for a taxi to take him to the airport.

As the taxi pulled in to the drop off area near the departure lounge he quickly paid the driver and jumped out.

A few metres away a young husband and wife were hugging goodbye. The husband kissed his wife’s cheek tenderly and then grabbed his suitcase and headed inside the terminal to catch his plane.

The wife was an attractive brunette dressed in a smart grey business skirt, a white blouse and high heels. She looked to be in her late twenties.

Rubbing his crotch, Ray quickly approached her. Her husband had barely disappeared through the automatic doors as he spoke. “Excuse me ma’am, I really need a fuck.”

The brunette blinked in surprise, looking at the disappearing back of her husband and then back to Ray. “Oh… of course sir,” she agreed politely, however she looked a little put out.

“Thanks,” said Ray, descending hungrily on her, pushing her back against her car door and wrapping his arms around her slender body. “I had a tough day yesterday and I really need to get my rocks off.”

Ray’s cock was painfully hard inside his pants as he pressed himself up against her curvy body, fervently covering her mouth with his and forcing his tongue between her lips. The woman moaned around his invading tongue, awkwardly kissing him back as he squashed her up against the car with his body.

Ray moaned into her mouth as he slid one hand down her side and reached around to cup and squeeze her ass through her skirt. As he kissed her, he was rubbing his hard crotch against her thigh, pretty much humping her up against ataşehir escort bayan the car through their clothing.

They broke off their kiss and Ray reached down and tugged up the woman’s skirt, bunching it around her waist. She was wearing black stockings with suspenders, and had on a skimpy pair of lacy black panties.

“Nice,” breathed Ray as he rubbed her lace covered mound with one hand, feeling her warmth against his palm.

Ray unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rigid cock. A good fuck was just what he needed and he couldn’t wait to get his dick inside her.

Ray pushed himself between the woman’s thighs, lifting her up so that her legs were around his waist. He tugged aside the crotch of her panties and thrust himself up inside her. Ray let out a deep groan of satisfaction as his cock sunk deep into the stranger’s cunt.

“Oh fuck yes!” hissed Ray in the woman’s ear as he started to fuck her up against the side of her car. The woman moaned, her thighs squeezing around his hips as he bucked between her legs.

Ray groaned, his hips twitching and his buttocks clenching as he pumped his dick into the woman’s pussy. He was fucking her hard and fast against the car, not interested in finesse or taking his time, just wanting to get off. Ray’s hips slapped roughly and loudly against the inside of her thighs and he grunted and moaned, greedily rutting against her.

Within less than two minutes it was over. Ray surged deep inside the brunette’s pussy, letting out a loud cry of pleasure as his cock spurted, thick ropes of his spunk flooding her pussy. Ray moaned, bucking against her several more times as he emptied himself satisfyingly into the stranger.

“Oh, thank you,” he breathed as he slipped out of her. The woman’s legs slipping down from around his waist as she leant back against the car.

“It seems like you really needed that?” remarked the woman.

Ray nodded, breathing hard. “My wife’s away in San Francisco,” he told her.

The woman smiled at that.

Ray stepped back and pulled his pants back up. “I’d better get going,” he told her. “I’ve got a plane to catch.”


Ray arrived in Miami after a rather boring five hour flight. It was very rare to find an unaccompanied female on a flight escort kadıköy and although they were typically very attractive, the few stewardesses on board were quickly claimed by the more eager and quicker thinking male passengers. Fortunately for Ray, the woman in the car park had satisfied his most urgent urges.

Ray took a taxi across town and booked himself into a motel not too far from the beach where Nick and Christine were supposedly staying.

When he stepped into the motel’s reception area, a chubby looking middle aged guy was ploughing a hot young blonde doggy style behind the front desk.

Ray tentatively cleared his throat. It had been a long flight and didn’t really have the patience to wait for the clerk to finish. “Er, I’m looking for a room.”

The overweight clerk looked up from the blonde, but didn’t stop thrusting into her from behind, his substantially belly quivering and shaking each time he thrust against her nice looking posterior.

“Oh, sorry there buddy, didn’t see you come in,” the clerk said, he was short of breath from his vigorous thrusting. “Ms Smith here was just checking in so I thought I’d take a quick fuck-break.”

Ray nodded tolerantly. “Good for you. Are there any vacancies?”

“Sure thing,” the man replied. He reached onto the desk and grabbed a key, throwing it towards Ray.

Ray surprised himself by catching it without dropping it. He’d never been able to do that in high school football practise.

“We can do the paperwork later. Room 17,” the clerk turned his attention back to the blonde in front of him, slamming himself eagerly against her from behind as Ray stepped back out of the office and headed for his room.

Ray headed to room 17 to settle in. He decided that he should probably wait until tomorrow to check out the Coopers’ beach house. Chances were that Christine wouldn’t be alone this late in the afternoon; it was almost dinner time.

Instead Ray gave his wife a call at her mother’s house. He decided it was better to call Melissa himself rather than have her try and call him back at home in L.A.

“Hello?” it was Melissa who answered.

“Hi Mel, it’s Ray.”

“Hey honey, how are you doing? Not getting too lonely I hope?”

“Everything’s fine here. How’s bostancı escort your father?” Ray asked with genuine concern. He wasn’t sure Melissa’s father completely approved of her choice in husband, but he’d always been polite and generous to Ray despite that.

“He’s not too good at the moment,” admitted Melissa. “But he’s in good hands. Dr Ross who’s looking after him seems a really competent doctor.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“He’s also very handsome,” continued Melissa. “He looks a bit like one of those TV doctors, off ER or Grey’s Anatomy.”

Ray frowned, he knew Melissa loved her medical dramas.

“I gave Dr Ross a nice long blowjob this afternoon,” Melissa told her husband. “He was looking pretty stressed from all the hard work he was doing helping out Dad.”

“Mmm,” murmured Ray through gritted teeth, hating the thought of his wife sucking another man’s cock, even though he knew it would have been unthinkable for her to say no.

“He actually had a really nice cock,” continued Melissa sounding pleased with herself. “Not quite a big as Nick Cooper’s was, but still it was quite a mouthful.”

“I see,” replied Ray trying to conceal his annoyance.

“His penis tasted really clean though, but I guess he is a doctor so that’s to be expected.”

Ray was starting to regret coming to Florida. He should have followed Melissa to San Francisco and then she wouldn’t have been alone up there and wouldn’t have been sucking that handsome doctor’s prick.

“I think I definitely prefer the taste of a nice clean cock like Dr Ross’s,” added Melissa, clearly not sensing Ray’s displeasure with the topic of conversation. “One of those footballer friends of yours I fucked on Friday had a dick that tasted of stale sweat, that was a bit yucky.”

“I’m glad you’re having a good time up there,” said Ray, wanting to end this conversation as quickly as possible. It was not going as well as he’d hoped and he didn’t want to get angry, it wasn’t Melissa’s fault that he was so jealous and possessive after all. “I hope your father’s feeling better tomorrow.”

“Thanks Ray,” said Melissa.

“I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye baby.”

“Bye honey.”

Ray did his best to resist the urge to slam the phone down as he carefully placed it back on the cradle.

Ray took a deep breath. Tomorrow was his big day. He was going to fuck Christine Taylor, hottest girl from his high school and the subject of all his teenage crushes. And he was going to get his revenge on her bully of a husband, all in one fell swoop.

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