Revenge Is Sweet

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(Enjoy reading. Take care.

She had always moved carefully when she had known he was watching. Nothing too obvious, just a liberal amount of bending and stretching, perhaps reaching up to a high shelf in the kitchen, fully aware that his hungry eyes would be watching the soft line of her breasts as the smooth cotton of her shirt strained against them.

She had often found herself aroused by the idea of his hard cocking bulging against his jeans in anticipation as he watched her. So aroused in fact, that often, after she had paid him and made a little small talk, she would slip into her bed and re-enact various scenarios, which always resulted in the most fantastic climax, heightened by the clandestine nature of her masturbation.

She had dressed with thought that morning, not wanting the scene to appear too staged and so she had chosen a simple white lace set of bra and thong. She had stopped to admire her physique in the mirror and could not help moving her hands over her smooth, pale skin. Her nipples stiffened achingly as her mind played with her fantasy and the anticipation of what she was about to do, the hardened, dark flesh became clearly visible through the white lace that covered her breasts. Her hand moved lightly over her stomach and down the front of her panties, her middle finger leading the way, connecting with her rosebud, which was swollen and aching for her touch. She began to move her finger in slow strokes up and down her full, moist pussy lips then harder in small circles over her clit. She rocked her hips back and forth as she watched herself, shivers running through her. She felt a climatic wave building and swiftly withdrew her fingers. Inwardly she scolded herself for being such a greedy little whore, there would be plenty of time for that later. She slipped a pale turquoise silk kimono over her underwear and tied her hair up loosely.

She checked her watch now, smiling with the realisation that he would be here at any time, Ray, the man who cleaned her windows. As soon as she heard his ladders banging against the wall of next door she would assume her position in the bedroom and the game could commence! At last he was here, and she pounced excitedly up the stairs, pausing at her bedroom door as a last minute wave of fear swept over her. This wasn’t the type of thing she usually did and she after all the anticipation, she had a sudden bolt of fear that she couldn’t go through with it. Stella had been right when she had mocked her at the office party. Sherridge had refused to join in with the drunken sexual revelry that had ensued, and Stella had cruelly named her ‘Ridge the Fridge’ – a stupid, childish name that, sadly for Sherridge, had stuck long after Stella’s hangover had been banished.

“No, damn it! I’ll bloody well show you who is frigid.”

She took her place on the bed and swished her long, dark hair over the pillow, picking up her book and bending one knee upwards, so her silk kimono slid up her soft leg, revealing her thigh. Her heart was pounding now and her sexual tension was palpable. She heard Ray’s ladders scrape across the gravel of the driveway and come to rest with a bang against her front wall.

She opened her book and began to trace a slow line up her thigh with the other hand. She could hear with footsteps mounting each rung of the ladder with a metallic thud. After a second she was aware that he was now at her window and could hear his whistling as he began to clean. She was running her hand over her thigh and did not even glance in his direction, but she knew that he had seen her when his aimless whistling came to an abrupt halt.

She continued to hold her book with one hand, pretending to be engrossed in the novel, and slipped the other inside her silken robe as she began to gently stroke her breast. She pulled the material just far enough to allow Ray a glimpse of the virginal white bra in which her lovely tits were nestling. After several gentle strokes her exploration became a little firmer, as she began to circle the nipple and pull at the little nub of flesh with her nail. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat and tilting her hips off the bed at the same time. The thought that he would already be hard and aroused spurred her on and she began to relax and really enjoy herself. She cast her book aside and let her free hand explore her sRayach, moving her fingers in gentle strokes that guided her nearer and nearer to her already wet pussy. In doing this she had allowed her kimono to fall on either side of her, exposing the lace of her panties. The idea she had originally was to perform for him without making eye contact, but she soon found that her arousal was so intense that she needed to see him. Her fingers glided their familiar path over her naval but this time instead of tracing the line back up to her breasts, she plunged them inside her thong, thrusting her hips at the same time. She rolled her head back on the pillow then tipped it sincan escort bayan to the side and found his eyes with hers. He wore a look that reminded her of a boy in a sweetie shop, who had just been told he could fill his bag with whatever his heart desired – a mix of disbelief and pure, unadulterated greed.

His expression encouraged her and her fingers were deep inside her thong massaging her clit with short, hard strokes. The other hand had slipped inside the cups of her bra and brought her round silky tits into the open air, one by one. She spread her legs wide and began to rotate her hips, pushing the little strip of lace to one side allowing his a long, hard look at her beautiful, glistening cunt. She stroked her slit slowly, allowing her fingers to dabble inside her lips, drawing out her succulence. She pushed two fingers into herself and began to finger fuck herself, hard and fast. She could see that Ray was becoming unsteady on his ladders and she didn’t know how much longer she could control herself before she gave way to the yearning that raged inside her. She slowed her fingers right down, stopped toying with her nipples and lowered her eyes again to look at him. She brought her fingers to her lips, opened her mouth slowly and sucked the juices from them, looking into his eyes the whole time. He smiled eagerly, nodding his head in encouragement. She slid her legs off the bed one by one, ensuring he had a fabulous, lingering view of exactly what he was longing to come in and take from her. She walked to the window, pausing only to reach her hands behind her back and unclasp her lacy white bra, allowing it to fall at her feet. She reached up to the window latch, pressing her creamy globes against the cool glass as she did so. Pausing, watching his greedy eyes on her.

“Lick me,” she mouthed to him. His head bobbed immediately and his tongue began to lap eagerly at the glass. The idea that any of her suburban neighbours may catch sight of this made her pussy clench again. She untied her hair now, allowing it to fall over her shoulders and she raised her hands, lifting her breasts as she toyed with her hair. She had a burning need to feel his hardness against her, wanted his hot, willing mouth to close over her hard nipples, without the glass there to shield them.

She reached to the latch again and opened the window.

No words.

He stepped over onto the sill and in through the window, standing in front of her, gazing at her soft breasts. She slid her arms behind his head and began to run her nails softly down the back of his neck, swaying her body softly, pushing just a little, so her mound nuzzled against his leg.

“I…Christ…” he started. She continued to sway rhythmically, snaking her hips and lifted her finger to his lips, to signal his silence.

She tugged his shirt free from his jeans and pulled it over his head with a swift stroke. Her hands ran across his chest, marvelling at how powerful he looked, thinking about how he would use all his strength to take her hard, bending her over and spreading her legs wide, but only when she instructed him to do so!

She allowed her fingertips to slide down his chest and over the waistband of his jeans. The erection that met her touch was so solid that she instinctively tugged at his button-fly and pushed him back onto the bed. She straddled his loins and he grabbed her around the waist, pulling her towards him roughly.

“Do you know how many times I have thought about this? About touching you, tasting you, taking you?” he breathed against her ear.

“No, Ray, but I want you to tell me in explicit detail exactly what you have fantasised about, and as you tell me I want you to show me.”

He took her by the shoulders and allowed his hands to slide over her neck and collarbone. They were slightly rough from his manual labours and she loved the way they felt against her skin, which tingled with expectation.

“I have watched you through the window, admired your perfect full breasts, fantasised about sliding into your juicy little cunt.”

She moaned as he whispered this against her ear and his fingers began to circle her nipples roughly, she arched her back, inviting him to mouth her engorged nipples. He greedily traced the line down her neck until his tongue was flicking hungrily over the mound of her breast and as he did so, describing how he had imagined doing this to her and, in his fantasy, what his hands had been dong while his mouth pleasured her tits.

“Show me, Ray,” she gasped with excitement.

He drew his hand down the small of her back and inside the thin lace strip of her

thong, he cupped the cheeks of her smooth botRay and allowed his middle finger to draw a line slowly down the valley between them. She arched her back, thrusting her tits further into his mouth and lifting her pussy from his lap. His fingers probed her further, slipping underneath and a small cry escaped her lips as his rough digits eryaman escort made the connection with her wet, swollen clit. He smiled and whispered hoarsely,

“Exactly as in my fantasy, wet and smooth and begging to be fucked! Would you like that Sherridge? Would you like me to spread those juicy lips of yours and slide my length into you?”

“Stop asking, show me,” she breathed hoarsely, as she began to move frantically, grinding her pubic bone against his large hand. He rubbed his hand back and forth over her several times and then grouped two of his fingers together and pushed them deep up inside her, just has she herself had done when she had teased him and made him watch from the window. His hands were much larger than hers and his probing fingers touched parts of her deep inside where her own never had. She was bucking her hips now, thrusting down onto his hand and rubbing her clit against him, aching,

“Oh yes, mmmm, God..Ray, yes..I’m aching for you, finger fuck me, so deep, so fucking ….deep.” Her breath was ragged, she couldn’t hold back her orgasm any longer and she cried out as it ripped through her. As she peaked he forced his fingers further into her channel and maintained a steady rhythm, watching the soft line of her face contort with ecstasy.

“Oooh yes, cum for me baby, you like that don’t you? Sexy little bitch, so easy for me, just like I imagined you to be.”

Her breathing slowed a little and she brought her eyes to meet his and smiled, her pussy throbbed with the afterglow of her orgasm and, although he had been expert in his technique, she hungered for more stimulation and ached to be filled with his swollen cock, which jutted against his shorts.

“Now Ray, my darling, let me show you what I have thought about each and every time I have watched your lean, muscular physique at my window.”

He lay on his back and she reached into the small cupboard at the side of her bed and took out two long, silk scarves. He expressed a low groan of anticipation as she knelt on the bed and began to crawl up between his legs, like a tigress stalking her prey.

She sat astride his erection and first tied his wrists together, then bound them tightly

to the ironwork of her bed head. Next she lifted his head from the pillow, bent and gently kissed each eyelid in turn, then obscured his sight by knotting the scarf tightly behind his head. She traced her fingernail across his chest and climbed off the bed.

“I’m taking off my thong now Ray,” allowing a sigh to escape her lips, teasing him, watching his reaction as he lay bound and helpless on her bed.

“Oh I taste so good, Ray, I’m licking all my sweet juices from my fingers, mmm, my pussy produces the sweetest honey.”

He squirmed with expectation and she smiled as he shifted position on her bed.

“Would you like to taste my honey, Ray?” her voice husky and dripping with suggestion.

“Oh fuck yes, let me taste you baby. I want to lap up all your nectar, I want to slide my tongue between those succulent lips of yours and…”

The rest of his words were lost as Sherridge slid her thigh over his head and sad astride his face. She rocked her hips and his vigorous tongue soon found its way inside her, fucking her like a miniature cock, sending new waves of pleasure through her. She played forcefully with her tits, squeezing her nipples hard as she gyrated onto his eager mouth.

“Ray, my pussy is so very greedy, she wants so much more.”

She slid from his face and bowed her head to kiss him, his tongue sought hers and she licked all her sweet juices from around him mouth, their tongue mashing together with a deep, urgent passion.

She moved further down his body now, swishing her long, dark hair over his chest

and sRayach and finally coming to rest when her body pressed tightly against his hardness. She sat very still and began to caress his chest, pinching his nipples. He groaned pushing his body to her, trying to coax her into pleasing him entirely. She had teased him, made him wait and now she would give him all that he desired. She lifted his hips from the bed and removed his shorts. This was the first time she had seen him in his naked glory and she sat a moment, admiring his thick, solid member.

“Please Sherridge, don’t make me wait any longer, Christ I need to take you, your smell,

your taste, the feel of you, you’re driving me insane.”

She reached again into the cabinet and he winced, slightly nervous.

“What are you doing Ridge?”

“Shh, you’ll see Ray. It may feel a little cold but I promise I will soon warm you up!”

She allowed lubricant to drip slowly from the bottle onto his erection he recoiled sharply as it did. He quickly relaxed as her hand began to massage the lube up and down his shaft and she wrapped a delicate string of pearls around his length. She wanked him slowly with deep strokes, then faster, varying the pace and intensity.

“Ohhh God, that’s so etimesgut bayan escort good…mmm fantastic,” and he began to mirror her motion with his hips, feeding his cock further into her hand. She moved more rapidly now and her free hand massaged his balls and stroked the smooth, sensitive area just beneath them.

She spoke to him softly, telling him how she had masturbated herself in this very bed,

thinking of him and longing for him. He cried out primitively as his release came and he filled her hand with his hot cum. She unwound the pearls ands took his wet cock in her mouth catching the second waves as it escaped from the tip of his beautiful organ.

She untied his wrists and removed his blindfold. They lay together in the bed while they caught their breath, he leaned across, kissing her hungrily.

“That was amazing, but don’t think for one minute I’ve finished with you, lady.” He traced a finger over the soft curve of her belly and circled the short dark hair of her pubic mound.

“Nobody has made me cum so deliciously before, and for that my darling Sherridge, I think you deserve a reward. I’m going to fuck you harder and longer than any man before. I am going to spread your lovely legs wide until your delectable pussy is pleading for me.”

He grasped her under the buttocks and squeezed her flesh hard. He knelt between her legs and grasped her ankles tightly, as he bent her knees, allowing him greater access into her throbbing core. She was so wet from her orgasm and the depth of her arousal that his thick shaft slid into her quite easily. He raised her hips from the bed and began making long, slow strokes, knowing that the penetration she desired was harder and deeper than he was allowing her. He smiled playfully, looking at the frustration on her face, telling her to be patient.

“Play with those delicious tits for me Sherridge,” he commanded her. She cupped one in each hand, lightly stroking the flesh, pausing to squeeze and pinch her nipples, rising up like pink bullets. She found that the harder she stimulated them, the harder Ray drove his cock into her opening.

“So, that’s your game!” she thought, and began to grind her hips against him, resting her chin on her chest, cupping her breast upwards and taking her hard nub between her teeth. She watched his face intently as he began to fuck her harder, aroused by the sight of her licking and biting her own tits. He pulled her roughly from the bed and carried her across to the dressing table, placing her down so she was standing facing the mirror. He stood behind her and their eyes met in the mirror, and without taking his eyes from hers he spread her legs. He held his cock in one hand and made short, gentle strokes just around her opening using only his head, making her shiver with the intensity of the feeling he created as her stroked and teased her lips. She pushed her hips back hard, signalling her need to be taken hard, fast, now! Ray smiled at her in the mirror and obliged, leaning into her biting her neck and grasping a fistful of her long hair, the other hand on her hip. He began to move into her hard and fast now, pulling back roughly on her hair and using her hip as leverage. They moved so vigorously that the small bottle adorning her dressing table began to shake and topple over. She leaned forwards, her bare breasts forced against the cool wood, allowing him even greater access to her, changing the angle of his penetration. She tightened considerably around him, his climax hitting him just as she came, slamming back onto him, locking their forms together, crying out, gratified.

He did not withdraw immediately, but returned to the gentle strokes that brushed the now swollen, tender lips of her pussy, soothing them with soft caresses. They watched each other in the mirror, catching their breath, and when their bodies finally parted, she turned to face him.

“Thank you Ray,” she murmured against his chest “I’ll leave you to get dressed, would you like a coffee before you leave?”

He shook his head silently, and she picked up her kimono, tied up her hair and walked from the room, without looking back.

When she got down to the kitchen, her legs began to shake and she reached out to the kitchen surface to steady herself. The enormity of what she had just done hit her full force. She had been completely consumed by the feelings that Ray had aroused in her and her need to express her sexual liberty. She opened the fridge and poured a tumbler of orange juice, pressing the cold glass to her flushed face, she had a brief craving to light up a cigarette, despite having given them up many years before.

When Ray came into the kitchen a few minutes later, tucking his shirt into his jeans, his hair ruffled, her heart lurched, was it her heart of her sRayach? Something moved inside her, at least.

“Why?” he asked her simply.

“Look Ray, you’re a great guy, and I’ve fancied you for many years, I’m sure you know. I’m not in the market for a long-term affair. I’m sorry if you thought this might be more than a one-time fling, but you have much more to lose than me. Today was amazing, I won’t ever forget it, you’re a fantastic lover, Stella is a very lucky woman.”

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