Revelation 09 – Friday (Karen)

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Revelation 09 – Friday (Karen)

Previous chapters in order of publication:

Revelation: 1 – Thursday
Revelation: 2 – Friday
Revelation: 3 – Saturday
Revelation: 4 – Sunday
Revelation: 5 – Monday
Revelation: 6 – Tuesday
Revelation: 7 – Wednesday
Revelation: 8 – Thursday
Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken & Karen)
Preface: There was so much activity this day that it was necessary to use 4 chapters to describe all that happened. If you haven’t already done so please read Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken & Karen) FIRST!

This and the other remaining chapters; Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken), and Revelation: 9 – Friday (Jill) may be read in any order you choose.


Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen)

After saying goodbye to Ken and, with a kiss for Georgia, Karen went into the store and bought a beach bag, some towels, sun block, bottles of water in a cooler and energy bars. Deciding not to use a locker, she went into the ladies room and took off her clothes and put them in her bag. Now, properly nude, she was going cock hunting! She walked out onto the path leading down to the beach.

At the beach she paused and scanned the area. She saw quite a few couples either lying out or in the water but there didn’t seem to be many single guys lying out. Hmmm, maybe she would have to see about doing a threesome! She decided to check out the cove. You could usually find one or more couples or threesomes enjoying some nice sex out on the beach yet somewhat sheltered from the beach. If she put her blanket down in the cove that would be a signal that she was available for some fun. One way or the other she would find somebody to fuck her! Better yet, she would make sure that the guys found her!

She put her head back, pushed her tits out and, as best she could walking in sand, sauntered down the beach looking for a conquest.

She felt eyes on her as she walked. She loved having people look at her!

The cove was sparsely populated but there were some interesting looking possibilities. There was one towel with a hunky looking guy all by himself. She smiled at the hunk and spread her towel on the sand. Bending over from the waist (so that her ass and pussy were clearly visible) she put down her bag and took out the sun block and ever so deliberately and slowly began to coat herself making sure that she covered her tits and pussy completely and obviously!

Now she needed someone to help her by putting the sun block on her back and as she started to turn around and ask the hunk for assistance she heard a familiar voice call out, “Karen? Karen! Oh, my god, it is you,” from behind her.

Karen turned around but at first couldn’t see who was calling her. Then she saw a girl coming out of the water waving her hand. At first she didn’t recognize her but as she got closer Karen thought to herself, “Gracie?”.

When she got closer Karen recognized that cute body, “Karen! I thought that was you! How are you?”

“Gracie? What the hell are you doing here?”

“Showing off, same as you,” and Gracie began to laugh.

By this time both women were hugging each other and doing the kissy cheek thing, which was eliciting even more attention from those people around them.

“Are you by yourself?”

“Yeah, you?”

“No. Pick up your towel and come over here and let me introduce you to my husband and his brother,” and tugging Karen along by the hand she led her over to the towel on which a rather large tanned man was laying on his stomach watching the two women approach. With a large smile he stood up and kissed Gracie and then put out his hand to Karen. The hunk was at least 6’5″ tall, tanned (all over) and cute!

Karen took his hand, squeezed it seductively and smiled back. Without really being aware that she did so she glanced down and saw that his cock was at least as big as Ken’s and maybe a little bigger. When she looked up he was grinning and then he obviously let his eyes roam over her body. She glanced over at Gracie she saw a slight grin on her face. Karen began blushing.

“Karen, this is my husband, Paul. Paul, this is an old college friend, Karen.” Karen decided that she wanted him to fuck her!

“I was watching you try to figure out how you were going to put that sunblock on your back. May I be of some assistance,” Paul said with a smile that was also a leer.

Karen looked at Gracie who, with a smile, nodded her approval. Karen handed Paul the sunblock, turned around and waited.

Gracie was an old college chum. They had started out together in their freshman year and became friends and occasional bed companions. At that time they were both just really starting to explore their sexuality.

In college Karen learned that she leaned more toward girls while Gracie leaned more toward boys and she seemed to fall in love about every other week or so with some jock or frat boy or cute guy. As time went by Karen and Gracie saw pendik escort less and less of each other except in class and an occasional sex session when Gracie had broken up with her latest boyfriend and need some consoling. And then, sometime in her senior year, Karen realized that Gracie was simply gone.

Paul took his time applying the sunblock making sure that the sides of her breast were completely covered as well as her ass and even running a finger up and down her ass crack. Karen was getting hornier!

When Karen judged that she was sufficiently covered she turned around and with a big smile thanked Paul. They all took seats on the towel and while sitting down Gracie filled Karen in on her life after leaving college. In their senior year Gracie fell in love (for the 18th time) with an assistant professor who was married. Shortly she found herself pregnant and also found out he was not going to leave his wife and marry her, pregnant or not. She decided against an abortion so she left school and went home to have the baby but began to have trouble with her pregnancy. In her 6th month she discovered that she had developed toxemia and it was severe enough that she was hospitalized while they tried to save the baby but the toxemia was too far advanced and the baby was stillborn.

It was in the hospital that she first met Paul. He was the attending physician when she was admitted. To make a long story short, he visited her every day that she was in the hospital and after she lost the baby and checked out, continued to visit her at home and call her. After a short time they were married. Gracie finally found her true love on the 19th try!

Karen sized them up: Paul is 33, Gracie is 27. Paul is 6′ 5″, Gracie is 5′ 2″; Paul weighs about 240, Gracie weighs maybe 105; Paul has dark brown hair, Gracie is a natural blond; Paul is ruggedly cute, Gracie is pixyish; Gracie is a hyper personality, Paul is very laid back. A perfect match!

During a break for air Gracie said, “Oh, here comes Lenny!” Gracie pointed up the beach to a young, tall, tanned guy walking down the beach toward them carrying drinks. She waved at Lenny and he waved back.

“Lenny is Paul’s half-brother. He’s 19, a sophomore in college taking pre-med. He bugged us so much that we finally brought him with us to his first nude beach. It’s really cute to see how often he gets a hardon watching the girls. He’s seen you, look at his cock,” and she giggled.

“Gracie, will you stop teasing my brother. I have a hard enough time not getting a hardon myself, especially with Karen sitting here.”

“Well, you better try harder because your cock isn’t cooperating,” and she laughed and reached over and stroked Paul’s hardening cock.

Karen looked down and dramatically took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Then, looking at Paul and then at Gracie she said, “My, oh my. I think you have a keeper there girlfriend!”

Paul laughed and Gracie smiled even more broadly while continuing to stroke Paul’s cock.

By this time Lenny had come up to the towel. He leaned down and handed Paul the drinks and quickly sat down on the towel to try to conceal his evident hardon.

“Hi, I’m Lenny.” He put out his hand and Karen took it. Lenny was definitely Paul’s brother. Almost as tall as Paul, maybe 6′ 3″ with hair a little lighter he still had Paul’s looks and a definite tan line.

“I’m Karen, it is really nice to see you,” and she let her glance go down to his hardon then back up to his face. Lenny began to blush.

Karen thought to herself, “Jesus, this kid is as big as his brother. I want to fuck him too, I want both of them to fuck me – at the same time!”

Paul, taking a drink and realizing that Lenny was embarrassed, and trying to protect his brother from any further teasing by Gracie put the drinks down, nudged him and stood up. “Come on, little brother, let’s hit the water and cool off a bit,” and he looked at Karen and winked. “These ladies have some catching up to do.”

Lenny looked up and smiled when he saw Paul looking down at Karen. “Yeah, know what you mean.”

Looking directly at Karen he said, “See you later?”

Karen smiled and said, “Count on it!”

Lenny grinned from ear to ear and nodded and he and Paul walked off into the water.

“I think you just kicked his horniness up to about a 15 on a scale of 10.”

“He’s cute and sooooo young it might be a lot of fun to see how horny he really is! Besides, my horniness meter reads 20!”

“So, Karen, what have you been up to? Did you graduate? Did you get married?”

Karen filled Gracie in with an edited edition of her life since college. Leaving out all references to their most recent change in lifestyle.

“So, you married the massage guy, then?

“Yeah, I married the massage guy.”

“You know, I never did get a massage from him but from what I heard from other girls he is a really good masseur.”

“He is. If you want I can arrange a massage for you sometime, no problem.”

“Yeah, that would be fun. escort pendik I’ve never had a massage.”

They sat there in silence for a few minutes Gracie sipping her drink and Karen sipping on a bottle of water. Each watching Paul and Lenny.

“So, Karen, do you like being married? As I remember it you were pretty much a free spirit in college. Are you happy with only one guy?”

Karen responded, “Very! And who says I’m not still a free spirit,” as she grinned at Gracie and raised both eyebrows in a questioning look, “I’m here all by myself. ” How about you?”

“You betcha! With Paul I found out more about myself than I thought possible. In college I was always looking for love and not finding it. With Paul I found it. He is a wonderful man and very understanding, if you know what I mean.”

“You two have an ‘understanding'”?

“Yeah. You know me; I was always having sex with any guy that wanted to fuck hoping I could find someone to love me. Now, with Paul, I don’t need to have sex to find love. Now I can just enjoy sex for the pleasure.”

“In other words Paul doesn’t mind you having sex with other people?”

“No, and I don’t mind if he has sex with other people either. We love and trust each other that much.”

Karen laughed, “Yeah, Ken and I have the same understanding. Getting it on with Lenny too?”

Gracie laughed and gave a dramatic sigh, “Not yet, Paul and I have talked about it and he doesn’t have a problem with it but, I don’t know, it just hasn’t happened. But it will! He is cute and nicely equipped, as you have noticed”

“Both of them are nicely equipped.”

“So, how is it you’re here by yourself, Paul working?”

“Nope. He dropped me off. Today is my day to do what I want with whom I want. I’m looking!”

The girls sat there in silence for several minutes, both of them watching Paul and Lenny horsing around in the surf.

“Karen, are you looking at my husband’s cock or Lenny’s cock?”


She laughed. “Well how about coming back to our Winnebago and having a snack and some drinks and we’ll reminisce some more. We’ve been out on the beach all day and need a break from the sun.”

“I can’t possibly refuse such a gracious invitation. I accept!”

Gracie laughed, stood up and started walking down to the water to where Paul and Lenny were still horsing around in the water. Gracie’s ass was just as cute as she remembered it. Wow! Maybe a four-way? Karen watched as Gracie motioned them in and stood there talking with both of them. She saw Paul and Lenny look up in her direction and then back at Gracie and they talked some more then the three of them started walking back toward the towel.

Her pussy twitched!

As they came up to the towel she heard Paul say, “Gracie’s right, we’ve been out long enough. Time to go back to the camper have some drinks and something to eat. We can come back out later this evening.”

Lenny was grinning from ear to ear and trying not to make it too obvious that he was scooping Karen out.

“Okay, big brother. Let’s go,” and he quickly began to pack up their stuff.

Karen smiled inwardly and trying to look casual got up and stretched, making sure that her girly assets were clearly on display and giving both Paul and Lenny a real good look.

As she bent down to begin packing up her stuff she glanced over at Gracie and caught her looking back with a knowing smile on her face. Gracie nodded and winked. Okay, let’s go get fucked!

With Gracie leading the way, they started off down the beach toward the pad area where the campers parked. Gracie led, Karen followed and Paul and Lenny were last in line and both, no doubt, watching Karen’s ass as she walked. She thought she heard them whispering to each other as they walked. She grinned.

Karen caught up with Gracie. “Is that Winnebago yours?”

Gracie looked at Karen and grinned. “Yeah, cost a fortune to buy and run but it sure is comfortable and we spend a lot of time in it. When we’re not on the road Lenny lives in it when he is home from college. He calls it his party central!”

They walked to the pad area and to the last pad in line. There parked was the largest Winnebago she had seen, not that she had seen that many!

“Wow, that’s a big mother!”

Gracie turned her head and smiled, “Winnebago Tour. Nice comfortable home away from home. We were lucky that they had a pad big enough to park it, that’s why we are down at the end away from the other campers.”

“Sometimes I kinda like a little privacy,” and she giggled.

Gracie laughed and raised her eyebrows.

The area where they were parked was screened on three sides by heavy bushes, trees and shrubs. It was private. The closest camper to them was three pads up and around a bend in the road.

Outside the Winnebago and under its extendable awning were three portable, folding deck chairs with folding tables next to each of them. They were arranged in a semi-circle facing a standard camp table with benches welded onto each side. pendik escort bayan Outside of hookups the camp provided only the barest essentials for the larger pads assuming, correctly, that anyone with a mobile home would already have everything they need with them.

Gracie walked up to the door and opened it and entered the Winnebago assuming that Karen would follow her. Karen had been inside a few smaller campers but when she entered the Winnebago she was impressed. It was very spacious and looked like it would be very comfortable to spend time in it.

When she came into the mobile home Karen stopped after coming through the door. Paul, coming in behind her almost ran into her. She felt him press against her lightly and swore she could feel his cock searching for her pussy. Rather than move out of his way she pressed back slightly and Paul responded by pushing slightly harder into her and then the contact was lost.

Gracie who was moving off toward the rear of the motor home to begin the tour for Karen was not aware of this byplay but had started describing the layout and fixtures. Karen looked back over her shoulder at Paul and very deliberately moved two steps backward until she was in full contact with him; she shimmied her ass a little and then smiling, moved off after Gracie. When she caught up with her she looked back again and saw that his cock had grown a little bigger.

“Oh, boy am I horny,” she thought!

“We bought the 40KD model because we wanted a king-sized bed. Kenny sleeps up front behind the passenger seat on the sofa bed right near where we came in. She took time to show her the bathroom, kitchen and lounge area. It was obvious to Karen that Gracie really liked her little play toy.

After ooh-ing and ahh-ing and making Gracie feel good. Karen excused herself and went into the bathroom to tidy up. When she came out Paul was gone. Gracie was in the kitchen area making a pitcher of margaritas and they carried the pitcher and glasses out and put them on the picnic table.

Paul and Kenny came over and filled glasses and took them back and sat down on the deck chairs. Gracie filled a glass for Karen and then for herself and indicated that Karen should take the other deck chair.

“No, you take it. I’ll just sit here,” and she turned, climbed up on the bench seat and then and sat down on the table with her feet on the bench facing the deck chairs. Gracie had just sat down and taken a sip and when she realized what Karen was doing looked over at Paul and Lenny.

Karen took a sip of her drink. She smiled at the three of them and moved a bit letting her knees open. She saw two cocks start to rise. She put her drink down and said, “The sun feels so good,” she closed her eyes and put her hands behind her on the table and leaned back. She wiggled her ass a bit as if getting more comfortable and moved her feet opening her legs a bit more. Her clean-shaven pussy was on display.

She sat up and looked down at her pussy and said, “Gracie, do you think I need more sunblock? I wouldn’t want to get a burn.”

Gracie laughed. “Maybe this needs a doctor’s opinion. Paul, would you check and see if Karen needs more sunblock?”

“Love to!” He got up and walked over to the table. Karen lifted her head and watched his cock leading the way. He looked at her and smiled. “Well, let’s see what we have here.” He squatted down until his face was level with Karen’s pussy.

“Hmmmm.” He reached out and put his hands on Karen’s knees and looking up at her said, “Could you let me have a better view, please?”

Karen nodded and spread her legs wider.

“Interesting! Lenny, as a pre-med student you need to be alert to the warning signs of sun exposure. Could you come over here for a minute?”

Kenny damn near vaulted out of his chair and in a heartbeat was kneeling next to Paul.

Looking up at Karen Paul said, “Miss, the light isn’t quite good enough here and it might be more comfortable for all of us if you would lay flat on the table. It would make the examination easier”

“Yes doctor!”

Standing up and looking back over his shoulder at Gracie Paul said, “Nurse, would you please get a towel for our patient to lie on and also assist me in the examination?”

“Certainly, doctor.”

Shortly Gracie had placed a towel on the tabletop and Karen was lying down on her back with her feet flat on the table and knees spread wide.

“Ah, that’s much better. Now, if you would kindly spread your legs a bit wider….That’s it.”

Turning to Lenny Paul said, “Now, let’s review the structure of the anatomy of this region. Come closer!”

As Lenny leaned in for a better view Paul took his left hand and gently spread Karen’s pussy lips. “Can you see clearly?”

Kenny nodded with a huge grin on his face. Taking the index finger of his right hand Paul lightly placed it just above Karen’s vagina. “As you are aware, the area immediately above the vagina itself is the area known as the mons veneris.” Moving his finger as he spoke he said, “Now, here as we move down toward the vaginal opening we find the clitoral hood and below and protected by that hood is the clitoris itself.” Looking at Karen he smiled and said, “My, you have a rather large clitoris, lovely!”

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