Remodeling Carla Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Carla’s Remodel

Carla woke, feeling like a new woman. As she stretched, naked under the sheets, she recalled the previous night’s events. After days of soul-searching, Carla had decided that she needed to reinvent herself. Whether or not it would bring her and her husband closer to each other was yet to be seen, but after last night’s mind altering orgasms, she knew that she would continue on her quest.

She had enlisted the help of her friend George, who had become her confidant, photographer and now, lover. Enlisted may imply that George came willingly, and he did, to a point; but Carla had trapped him in such a way, that he really had no option. What man could resist a sexy young thing, spread, buck-naked on the edge of a tub, asking for his help in shaving her pussy?

One of Carla’s husband’s frequently visited websites was a bikini site, where women posted pictures of themselves in swimwear. Carla thought that she might get Frank’s attention if she posted some shots of herself on the site; Frank being her husband. She knew that George, a remodeling contractor, turned friend, was a photographer and sharp with computers. She would ask him to take pictures of her and help her post them on the web.

She remembered parts of the previous evening. Posing in her little two-piece; moving from bed, to dresser, to floor. Losing the top and showing off her perky breasts and searching for more and more provocative poses. Then there was a kiss, more wine, the grand unveiling. Her untamed bush proved to lush for her bikini bottom, so a trimming was in order. Carla, feeling no pain and a little playful, elected George to do the honors.

Now, neither Carla nor George was looking to start anything, but the temptations, particularly for George, were just too great. Shaving a pussy was a new one for the builder, but as in all his projects, he gave it his all. Quality control was paramount, and the best way he knew to check his work, was to bury himself in it, literally. After multiple orgasms and a final clitoral/g-spot attack, Carla had passed out, leaving George with the pride of a job well done and a raging hard-on.

Carla dragged herself out of bed and went to fill the tub. Luxuriating in the water and bath oil, she closed her eyes, reliving last night. Her fingers played with her nipples, their erection, instantaneous. While one hand remained at her breast, the other drifted to her newly shorn pussy. She marveled at the smoothness and the way her pussy felt as she ran her fingers along her slit, unencumbered by hair. Her sensitivity was multiplied ten-fold and she cursed herself for never having shaved before. As she brought herself to climax, she wondered about what else she had missed up to now.

Carla’s first chore for the day was to call George. She wasn’t sure how he would feel after last night. Was he feeling that he had taken advantage of her? Had his feelings for her changed? These were questions Carla asked of herself also, and a bit of guilt set in. She didn’t want to lose his friendship; he’d helped her through a rough patch in her life. She also questioned her own feelings for him. Where do they go from here, if anywhere? She knew that exploration into her own sexuality was to continue, but would George continue to be a part of that journey? Deep in her heart, she knew that she wanted George to be a part of her life.

George awoke that morning from a dream that had his prick as hard as an iron spike. In his dream, he was face up, with a pussy grinding into his face, his tongue buried to the hilt. One index finger was sawing in and out of the sweetest ass he had ever seen, or tasted. At the same time, this gorgeous little pixie was trying valiantly to swallow his dick, her fingers playing with his balls and probing at his own asshole. He awoke with a start, instantly recalling his midnight snack; dining on Carla’s sweet snatch. He soon soiled his own sheets with his seed, Carla’s taste still on his lips.

He too started the morning wondering what lie ahead. He knew he could easily be persuaded to continue what he and Carla may have started last night, but he did not want to be the one to drive the wedge between Carla and Frank.

Spotting his camera setting on the table just inside the front door, he picked it up and began cycling through the photos. “Pretty good,” he thought to himself, probably with a bit of bias. As he came to the nude shots that led to her introduction to oral sex, George answered his own question as to whether this little affair should continue or not. Selfishly, he could think of no one better to help Carla discover the delights that could be afforded to and by the human body.

They had decided to call each other almost simultaneously, but Carla beat him to the punch. “Good morning,” she said sheepishly.

“Good morning to you,” he answered, no trepidation in his voice.

“Well thanks for coming over yesterday and taking those pictures for me……and everything,” she said.

He could sincan escort bayan see her turn red through the phone. “My pleasure….any time,” he responded. “

Many more times, I hope,” she thought to herself, her pussy creaming a bit at the thought. “Well, I guess I need to get those photos from you and see about them posted on the bikini site. I’m anxious to see what kind of response I get,” she said.

She was anxious to see the comments, if any, from those that visited the site, and now, maybe less importantly, any response from Frank. She knew that he visited the site almost religiously.

“If the photos do justice to the real thing, then I can already tell you what the responses will be,” answered George.

Carla was well aware of George’s response; she could still feel his tongue and fingers taking her to a place she had never imagined. “If you’re not busy,” she asked, “Could you bring over the card and we can look over the pictures and maybe you could help me download them to the site? There is a lunch and dessert in it for you. I have a new recipe that I want to try” she said.

Wondering the implications of ‘a new recipe’, George quickly agreed to head on over. Slipping into his weekend apparel of loose shorts and tee-shirt, he grabbed the Nikon and was on his way.

Carla hung up the phone and scrambled to get ready. She threw her cereal bowl into the dishwasher and ran to the bedroom. “What to wear,” she pondered out loud. Giggling to herself, she grabbed a tiny red thong from the dresser, along with an obscenely short pair of daisy dukes. They were cut so short that the inner front pockets hung below the frayed edges and the back of the legs were cut so high that the back pockets had to be removed. Her firm little ass cheeks were displayed proudly below the shorts. She looked over her shoulder in the mirror to check herself out. “That should do it,” she said to the mirror. An overly snug wife-beater completed the ensemble. Her jewel adorned belly button shown proudly and as the doorbell rang, she tweaked both nipples to complete the look. George didn’t stand a chance.

Seconds after ringing the bell, the door swung inward. Carla peeked around the edge and said, “C’mon in.”

George stepped inside as she closed the door behind him. He turned to greet her and for a split second, they stared at each other, trying to read of the other’s thoughts. Within that second, they realized they were of the same mind. George sat down his camera as Carla jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs around him, locked together under his butt. Their lips met and their tongues went to town. George instinctively grabbed Carla’s perfectly rounded ass cheeks. His fingers lingered at the frayed denim between her legs that prevented further exploration. He could feel her hardened nipples digging into his chest as they confirmed their new-found relationship.

A couple minutes passed with George mashing Carla against the front door. Their kisses were ravenous and George’s hands were everywhere. Frustrated that she couldn’t reach down to fondle him, Carla broke the kiss,”This door handle doesn’t feel as good on my ass as your hands do.”

As soon as George backed up and her feet hit the floor, both her hands found George’s cock through the front of his shorts. He groaned, his head thrown back,”Oh God,” as she reached in through the top and began stroking him. “I can’t tell how long I have dreamed of feeling you, “she said.

Holding on to his cock with one hand, and grabbing his camera with the other, she said, “Let’s go see how these pictures turned out.” She towed George to her office as George tried to grab her butt.

Still holding onto her prize, she guided George into her chair in front of her computer. Begrudgingly, she released his now, throbbing member, so that she could reach around the desk and turn on the computer.

Bending at the waist and pointing her butt at George, she pushed the button on the front of the computer. Simultaneously, she let out a yelp as George leaned over and gave her a loving bite on her right ass cheek. “Ouch'” she whimpered unconvincingly. “Now you need to kiss it and make it all better,” she said, in her best little girl impression.

While the computer booted, he did just that. “I love this butt of yours,” he said, between little nips and kisses.

Having had his fill for the moment, George handed Carla the card from his camera for her to put into the port in the front of the computer. Finding her photo editing software on the computer, he started the download. There were hundreds of shots. Carla chose to sit on one of George’s knees and he could feel the dampness. They first scrolled through the bikini shots, grabbing and moving those that she thought she would to use for the website. “I don’t look like I have any boobs in that one,” as they pulled up one picture.

George reached around her with his mouse-free hand and played with her tit under her shirt. “I beg to eryaman escort differ,” as he tweaked her nipple.

They played as they continued through the files, rubbing her pussy on his knee, teasing his cock and balls. Him, occasionally pinching her nipple to get her re-focused.

Finally deciding that they had what she needed for the bikini site, George moved onto the shots he took after he had shaved her pussy bare and dropped her onto her bed. Carla couldn’t clearly remember all of these being taken as she was in a euphoric bliss after cumming from one swipe of her new lover’s tongue. The photos showed her a side of herself that she didn’t know existed.

Before they got to the end, Carla was nearly panting, and George feared for the safety of his dick. Carla jumped up from his lap and sat back down on a short file cabinet, her legs spread wide. “Eat me again, please,” she pleaded.

Not one to deny the wants of a beautiful woman, George wheeled over between her legs and began to remove her shorts. “See, here is what I mean by teasing,’ he said. Running his fingers up her thighs to the crotch of the shorts, he made his way to the button. “You wear these tiny shorts and expect a guy to just ignore them” She sat there and squirmed, the crotch of denim getting wetter by the moment, while he fussed with the top button.

Carla had had enough of his teasing. “Get out of my way,” she said as she rolled him back. She stood and undid the troublesome button. Pulling down the zipper, she turned her back to him and dropped the shorts to her feet. Now wearing just the thong and her shirt, she turned and picked up the shorts and brought them to her nose. Inhaling, she looked at George with a smile. She stepped to him and held them under his nose. Breathing deeply, he became lightheaded with her fragrance.

Turning her back to him again, she bent at the waist, grabbing the file cabinet and looked at him over her shoulder. “I’ll ask one more time; eat me, please,” drawing out the please.

Without hesitation, George fell to his knees on the hard, hardwood floor. Grabbing both her ass cheeks, he drove her toward the cabinet. His tongue went to work on her pussy, battling for possession with the drenched, red thong. He won, as his tongue slipped around it and entered her. “Fuck me,” she moaned; Fuck me with your tongue!” He stabbed as deep as he could, taking the occasional swipe at her clit. As his tongue continued its assault, his nose was trying to burrow into her asshole. Almost sweet smelling, after her morning bath, he continued for a couple minutes. Carla reached around, grabbing the hair at the back of his head, working his head in and out of her backside. Finally, his knees could take no more.

Standing, he turned Carla back toward him. She looked like a wild woman. Her hair was a mess, sweaty and in her face. The look in her eyes was saying “You’re not done yet, Buster!” He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her. She tasted herself for the first time on his lips, as he grabbed the bottom of her shirt. They broke their kiss as she raised her arms. As the shirt was lifted, exposed areas of skin were offered. He kissed her belly button, flicking at the jewelry there. Onward he went, to her glorious tits and nipples. He wasn’t sure which he liked best, her ass, or her tits. Then there was that pussy! “So many choices,” he thought.

After sufficient suckling, from breast to breast, he moved to her neck and shoulders. As he moved to nibble around an ear, her body shook, like a small orgasm. “Oh God!” she panted, looking deep into his eyes. He finished lifting her shirt over her upraised arms, and as he did, he drug his tongue along the inside of her armpits. “Unnhh,” she moaned again, as another small quake rippled through her. “I’ll have to remember that spot,” thought George.

George then picked her up and sat her down on the edge of her desk. Having always wanted to do it like in the movies, he swiped everything in his way onto the floor. The desk cleared, except for the monitor, he laid her back. As he grabbed the little strings on her hips, Carla turned her head and was looking at herself, a picture from last night. There on the monitor, she saw herself as she now felt. She would always want to feel this way.

George managed to remove the soaked thong and looked down at the present he had just unwrapped. Carla was occupied, looking at the monitor. He soon had her attention again. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, and an ass cheek in each hand he raised her to his mouth and devoured her. As the night before, her orgasms rolled through her, one after the other. As he buried his face in her pussy, eating her so that even his eyebrows were wet with her juices, the wet slurping sounds were all that were heard. Carla’s orgasms were so intense, that she nearly choked, unable to utter a sound, Sensing she could take no more, George backed off and lowered her to rest on the desk.

Carla lay there panting, trying to catch her breath. Her etimesgut bayan escort pussy and ass were drenched from her juices, as were George’s face and her desk top. She looked up at him though eyes that showed her love for what he had done for her. “You’ve made on hell of a mess, Mister,” she said, looking at his face and the remains of her office.

Shrugging his shoulders, he stood and picked her up, an arm under her butt and the other her shoulders. Looking at the aftermath, he gave her a light, but sloppy kiss and said, “The maid will get it. Right now, I think you need a bath.”

Carrying her back to the master bathroom, George sat Carla down and went to warm the water in the shower. “I’ve got a better idea,’ she smiled. “That tub you put in for us is plenty big for two.” Dutifully, he started filling the tub, following her instructions on the use of bath oils.

While the tub filled, Carla regained her footing and approached George. Standing naked before him, she began to remove his clothes. “I got a look at the important parts earlier. Now I get to see the whole package.”

Removing his shirt, she ran her hands over his stomach and chest, tweaking his nipples this time. Not the body of a gym rat, but he kept himself from going to seed. Carla then unbuttoned the less-troublesome button on his shorts and made quick work of them and his briefs. Dropping to her knees, she reintroduced herself to his rigid erection. Holding it in one hand, she moved it up and down, left and right, giving it a thorough inspection. Satisfied, she looked it in the eye, where a little drop of pre-cum sat. Looking up at George, she extended her tongue and sampled him. Unbeknownst to George, this was her first taste of a man; she knew it wouldn’t be her last. Finishing with his shoes and socks, she stood back up and swiveled to turn off the tub. He would never tire of this view.

Carla beckoned him to the tub and they helped each other into the warm water. George had never been a big fan of tub baths, but this could easily change his thinking. They took turns soaping each other up, exploring one another. George had to be gentle as he had given Carla quite the workout in the last two sessions. She took full advantage of the opportunity, familiarizing herself with every square inch of him. After nearly an hour of preening and playing, Carla suddenly spun to face George and said, “I just had a great idea. Sit up on the edge of the tub and I’ll be right back.” Not sure where this was headed, he did as he was told as he watched her slippery, shiny backside skip over to the sink. She turned back to the tub with razor and shaving cream in hand.

The look on George’s face must have said it all. Carla laughed,”Fair is fair. You don’t expect me to learn to suck your dick with all the hair in the way do you?”

Climbing back in the tub, she approached him on her knees, her breasts just clearing the water. Remembering last night, she repeated the process. First the warm towel, then on to the foam. She sprayed the foam into her hand and worked it around his balls and up to his stomach. As she grabbed the razor, she stopped, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to ask if you want to leave a little heart or stripe above my new friend here,” she grinned, still slowly stroking him.

Still a little wary, he said,” Just stop before you get to the chest hair.”

Holding him lightly, she proceeded to drag the razor around his engorged cock, moving it from side to side. The concentration on her face was reassuring. “Lie back and pull your dick back for me,” she said as she pulled his scrotum tight, trying to figure the best approach.

George was too nervous to even make any wise remarks. He wanted Carla to give it her complete attention; no distractions. After a few more minutes she seemed satisfied with her work. “Pretty good for my first time I think,” admiring her work and slowly jacking him off. “Oh, I forgot something. On your knees buster, “she ordered.

Embarrassed, but still turned on beyond imagination, he made a rather ungainly turn and presented his ass. Carla pushed his knees further apart and then proceeded to lather up his butt. After an agonizing couple of minutes, Carla took a warm wash cloth and cleaned off the excess soap. Starting to turn back over, Carla put her hand on his back and pushed him back down. “It’s my time to play a little,” she said, as her hand returned to his still-hard member.

Stroking slowly, he felt himself getting harder. At the top of his ass crack, he felt a wet sensation as she began to dribble some kind of oil on his ass. Now with both hands, she began a slow massage of his prick and balls. She continued up his ass crack to his anus and let her fingers play there. She giggled with delight when she pressed one finger slightly into his ass and felt his dick pulsated in her other hand. Taking pity on his poor knees, “C’mon, let’s continue my lesson in the bedroom.”

Slipping back into the tub to rinse off, he wrapped her back up in his arms, his hands grabbing her butt and pulling their crotches together. They both moaned in each others mouths as they felt George’s newly slick sex sliding between Carla’s wet pussy lips. “Fuck, I want you!” she groaned as they slid against each other.

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