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Rejuvenation Pt. 01

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It was early evening on a warm sunny day and life was beginning to look good again. Three years after my world collapsed I was finally free of the hospital and able to begin the process of living a normal life again.

The medical profession had pulled off a minor miracle in rebuilding my shattered frame and repairing or replacing the internal organs harvested from persons whose identities I would never know. I did know that I was now a composite of organs from more than one donor and even then the surgeons had needed to be inventive.

For three weeks I had been in a whirlwind of administrative red tape and legal negotiations but then I had my new home. I had been here for two months, I was in a town that I did not know and looking forward to changing that and as the compensation package had been substantial I would be able to do that at leisure because I would never need to work again.

I would never be able to work again in my previous profession because I no longer had the skills and fine control necessary nor could I remember much about it. One very noticeable aspect of my new body is that I am now taller and heavier than I had been.

There is a fly in this ointment. I now underwent a physiological event of remarkable frequency and strength which was new to me and I had not yet worked out how to cope with it.

What had started this train of thought had been another sighting of the statuesque, red-haired woman aged about mid-thirties who had run into the garden of the house backing onto my back garden after a man and having caught him was now attempting to get him back into the house.

The interesting thing about this scenario was that he was naked and sporting a stiffy, It wasn’t a very impressive size, but it was noticeable.

Today she was fully dressed in a thin button-down dress the top of which was scooped such that the tops of her breasts were sufficiently exposed to anyone with an interest in such things and I most certainly fit into that group. As I looked down I saw more than anyone at ground level would see and so the aforementioned physiological event began.

It was obvious that this was not part of some sex game. She was unhappy and he was struggling to break free of her grasp, but she was at least a couple of inches taller than he was and certainly stronger. So eventually she managed to get him back inside the house.

The physiological event that had become commonplace was that I now became aroused at the sight of attractive females and any females who were in anything other than normal situations. I never had a problem in the hospitals because the nurses were, in the main, in their normal situations and always correctly dressed so I and the medical team who had worked on me were unaware of this phenomenon.

Outside of the hospital, it was a different matter and I regularly became uncomfortably aroused when out and about and I do mean uncomfortable.

Because I was in my own home I took the opportunity to release the damn thing and do what needed to be done. I would never know anything about the people who had contributed to my recovery but I did know that I was massaging the appendage of the man who had contributed it because I was now very well endowed and I hoped he had enjoyed his ownership.

I had read an article about the reports from recipients of donor organs which indicated that there may be certain organs which affected the new host. One person could suddenly speak the language of a country she had never visited and had never studied, but the donor had been a national of that country. Others had reported having abilities which were new to them. I had parts from several donors and the part now in my hand just had to have been in the blue film industry.

I pulsed semen into the toilet. It was a release, but not satisfying and I was now getting desperate to use it in the way it was intended to be used. I had three years to catch up on and already I was thinking about seeing if I could use it with my back garden neighbour, married or not.

A sudden thought made me return to the window and study the fence between our gardens. It was well-made, tall and strong. There was a row of leylandii along the whole row of dividing garden fences. They were on the other side of the fence from mine. So that side has the maintenance task and cost and most, but not all of the gardens had the trees neatly pruned.

The trees in the garden I was interested in badly needed pruning and the woodwork of the house needed paint which gave me the idea of offering my services. That would have to include pruning the trees, and painting facia boards but hopefully the effort would be well rewarded.

My observation of the garden proved fruitful because the earlier activity was replayed, but this time he was already masturbating before she came through the door. She reached him and instead of struggling with him, she hugged him as he pleasured himself. As he neared his release she moved behind him, reached around him Çorum Escort and grasped his erection then worked with him until he had finished then she marched him back inside the house and closed the door.

It was obvious that he was suffering from some form of dementia although which one was uncertain, I had seen enough to know that I wanted to feel her grasping my erection, but as a commencement to, not a cessation of events.

I spent a few days shopping in hardware stores, garden centres and a timber merchant and then a day practising with my purchases. During this period I watched further similar scenes as before and I became aware that whatever was ailing him had not stopped her from loving him. I now realised that I was beginning to hope that I might be able to make her life a little more bearable and less stressful, instead of just taking advantage of her misfortune.

I walked round to the front of the house and rang the bell. A vision in a T-shirt and shorts appeared and already I was stiffening. She was in her mid-thirties, Five feet ten or eleven inches tall, proud full breasts straining that top and long tanned legs. She wasn’t the most beautiful or even the prettiest woman I could remember seeing, but she was certainly one of the most attractive and sexiest.

I told her who I was, where I lived, and that I was a recent occupier of the house. I was new to the area, I knew no one and wished to change that. To this end, I would like to speak with her and her husband about my plan to make friends by offering to prune the trees between our gardens.

I told her that I did not work and so had time on my hands to spend on such a task. I stressed that this was not a trick of any kind, I had just spent a long time in a hospital and now wanted to begin my life again in a new location.

I could see that she was curious, but she refrained from asking a direct question. I waited as she thought about what I had said and then she smiled and asked me to enter. She led me into the lounge and offered me a drink which I refused

I learned that her name was Lydia and her husband was Frank. She explained that he had dementia and was in bed at the moment. The offer to prune the trees would be a godsend because they could not afford to hire anyone to do it and they were becoming problematic.

We arranged that I could begin in the mornings any time after nine a.m. then all the neighbours would be up and about. I asked Lydia if they would object to my building a wooden platform on my side of the fence as this would help me get high enough to prune the top and my side. I was told that I could do whatever I pleased.

Oh, how I wanted to hear her say that sometime soon.

I immediately began building the platform and steps, making certain that they were firm because I hoped to be using them often for a long time to come.

Two days later the platform and steps were ready. I had purchased a telescopic ladder which I installed so that I could ascend and descend on the other side.

At nine a.m. the following morning I began pruning the trees. The hedge trimmer was noisy but as most of the residents were at their workplaces by that time no one would be bothered by it.

After an hour Lydia brought me a coffee. She smelt wonderful and I wondered if she usually applied scent as a daily routine. As I rested and pondered on that she gave in to curiosity and asked me why I had spent so long in hospital.

She learned that I used to be a surgeon at a hospital which was being enlarged. I had been on the fifth floor, operating on a survivor from a road traffic accident when the load being lifted by a construction crane came through the roof and outer wall along with a long section of the lifting gantry. Five people died in that room and I was a hair’s breadth away from being the sixth. One of the five was my wife.

Suddenly a loud yell came from the house and Lydia ran to see what Frank was doing as I continued with my task and I had completed the face of the row by lunchtime.

I went in search of Lydia and found her kneeling in front of Frank who was seated in an armchair. She had tears running down her cheeks as she masturbated him.

“Oh damn! I am so sorry that you had to see this Max. I told you that Frank has dementia and this is one manifestation of it. His condition is worsening but I just can’t deny him his one desire. I do not feel ashamed, but I would rather have kept it a secret, He is not violent, but he has this terrible urge to masturbate and often wants me to do it for him no matter what the time of day, but he will not indulge in sex with me.

This is all he wants in the way of sexual relief. I have done my best to persuade him to go to bed with me.”

I took the chance to ease her burden and give her something else to occupy her mind. I knelt beside her and, trying hard not to give in to the effect that her scent was having on my senses, removed her hand from Frank’s erection and grasped it myself. Çorum Escort Bayan As I began stroking Frank he stopped muttering to himself and stared into my eyes.

I asked her if he slept after lunch. Lydia said that he always had but as he had never been pleasured by another man she had no idea what he might do.

“Make his lunch now then he can relax and we can have a talk because you need help, You can’t manage him on your own and you already that his condition is worsening, He will certainly quickly get unmanageable. Dementia is terrible and early-onset Dementia such as this is even worse.

The provision of care is expensive but I have time at my disposal and can help you handle things. Go on, make his lunch, he seems to be enjoying this.”

He certainly was enjoying it and to my great surprise, so was I. My cock began to stiffen and I had to change my position to relieve the pressure on my balls. I pushed the bulge in my shorts to one side and Frank immediately reached out to grasp the bulge and then struggled to get a better grip. That prompted me to take chance to bring matters to a head.

“Lydia, come here please, quickly.”

She came at a run and saw what Frank was trying to do.

“Oh Max, I am so sorry I…”

“Given what he wants to do I had to be certain that you knew because if you came in without that prior knowledge I could be in serious trouble He is excited and wants to hold me. Are you ok with that? I honestly do not mind if it will calm him. But I have to make certain that you are aware even though it embarrasses us. Now you know what he wants to do, if you have no objection to that then you should leave us until I call”,

Lydia left the room as I stood up to undo my belt and drop my shorts. He reached out and hauled my underpants down and without any preamble pulled my cock down so that I had to kneel on the floor. He took my now solid cock and began to masturbate me as he reached to my hand and pulled it towards his erection and showed me that he wanted me to do the same to him.

We pleasured each other for some minutes and I confess that I enjoyed having my urges dealt with until he climaxed. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Lydia.

“OH! Fucking hell! Max! I do hope you have plans to use that on me.”

“Well, that is the heaviest hint I have ever had that I might get lucky. When I realised what effect the situation must be having on you I began to hope that I might be able to talk you into a bed sometime soon, now I know I will and waiting will be difficult, but you were not supposed to see this. What did you see?”

“Most of it, I was not going to stay back there wondering and wanting and getting wetter. I thought I may get a chance to finally get something warm and stiff with a pulse instead of a bloody dildo.

I was thinking of Frank but I realise that will never happen and then I saw what you have and I confess I want to have it but compared to Frank’s that will take some getting used to after years of his offering .”

“Lydia, all it takes is practice and boy do I want you to practice.”

I quickly moved forward and opened her blouse to get at her bra. She had it unclipped in a second and her mouth was on mine as my hands cupped her soft breasts and my thumbs rubbed over her nipples.

Her scent was fuelling the inferno in my groin but I concentrated on kissing her and fondling her proud breasts while her husband sat in an armchair and watched as her hands grasped my penis and I felt a surge of animal lust surging through my body.

Suddenly she was on the floor, her skirt around her waist with her knickers to one side as the head of my solid and rampant cock entered her wet and welcoming vagina. She took my first four inches with a gasp and then the frenzy subsided and we both began to savour the moment of capture and capitulation.

Neither of us had experienced sex for some considerable time so that first encounter was short and sweet and I knew that the next few weeks were going to be very tiring. I came with an explosive blast of semen into her uterus as she raked my back with her fingernails and orgasmed with a wail.

We were brought into the here and now by Frank clapping and saying “again, again.” Lydia panicked and tried to cover herself, then realized how pointless that was so went to him and asked him if he had enjoyed watching. He repeated: “Again, again.”

“Did you enjoy watching us play?”

“Again, again.”

“OK Frank, we will do it again after your nap.”

I moved to her side and fondled a breast as I looked at Frank and told him that we would only do it whenever he was good and did as we asked. Then I kissed Lydia and dropped a hand to her vulva and slid a finger against her clitoris,

When she had regained some composure Lydia looked a little pensive and said that she hadn’t been expecting to be having any sex and hadn’t thought about periods or anything else. I put her mind at rest by telling her that Escort Çorum brilliant as they might be, although the surgeons had been able to sort the semen production system out, the sperm production system was beyond their abilities. So I could enjoy sex but would never be a father. I added that I would be ecstatic if she did a trimming job on her lady garden.

“I shall put Frank to bed for his afternoon nap as soon as we’ve had lunch and then you are going to take me to bed in a more romantic fashion and show me what you can remember about foreplay. You do remember about foreplay don’t you?”

After lunch, with Frank in bed, Lydia disappeared into the bathroom for half an hour. then we went into what was now her bedroom and undressed each other. We then hugged, kissed, and fondled until she told me to stop teasing her and do whatever I wanted to do to her because she wanted to be taken and I found out what she’d been doing in the bathroom.

I lay her down and kissed her from the tip of her nose to her clitoris and there were several stops along the way to that little spot of dynamite. As my tongue did damage to her equilibrium she began to plead for me to fuck her at which point I lay on my back beside her and told her to get on to her hands and knees above me in the classic sixty-nine position.

When her vulva began lowering towards my face, my penis stiffened even further than it had done earlier, swelling and throbbing such that I had never before experienced. As my mouth met her labia her mouth encompassed my erection and so began an afternoon of sexual frenzy.

Lydia experienced three orgasms. Two of those were without my entering her vagina with more than my tongue and one after my tongue managed to tease her anal passage into opening its outer gate and allowing a finger to ease into her back passage. I wanted to be able to press against the inner wall of her rectal passage but I needed to get past her inner sphincter to do that. I failed because her outer sphincter clamped onto the finger and only released it when I sucked her clitoral bud.

At that point, I lifted her so that I could slide from under her and turn her onto her back. As I eased myself between her open thighs she grasped my erection and positioned the helmet just inside the gates of heaven.

“Are you aware that from now on I shall want you every day?”

“If you continue using that scent you won’t have any need to want me but I love the idea. Do you think Frank will accept the situation?”

“I doubt that he will care as long as he gets what he wants from us, he has had me willing and ready to give him what he wanted but my offerings were ignored. I know it is not his fault but now I want what I have been missing and you are the catalyst. I think he likes you being around and normally he shies away from strangers.

It is nice to know the scent worked. I spent a long time wondering if It was too much too soon but I got the hots for you the day you first came to offer your services. Would you mind telling me what putting a finger in my bottom was intended to achieve?”

“It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I suddenly knew that you would begin to enjoy it if I did it slowly and a go a little bit further each time. I have to assume that it was something my doner did a lot of because I doubt that I ever did it to my wife.”

“Well it was a surprise but didn’t hurt and if your inner man was driving then I’m willing to learn something he knew about but I think you should do some research on the subject. Now fuck me again please.”

I found that I was able to do as requested and slid gently into her willing body and so began a long, slow fuck. Everything we did was done in such a manner that we could savour every touch, thrust, kiss, lick and nibble.

It ended when I realized that my thrusts were becoming more forceful, I told her and she responded by thrusting her hips up to meet me descending and then we both exploded into a climactic frenzy. It was a race which she won and her orgasm was surely heard down the street. I came into her as she bucked and squeezed me and then we both collapsed into a sweat-soaked heap,

We dozed and then showered and had coffee and cake and Lydia entertained herself by sitting astride me and rubbing her labial lips along my stiffening shaft. I responded by sucking a proud nipple until she determined that I was sufficiently stiff to raise herself and lift my cock in the vertical plane then she lowered herself down it.

Frank came into the room and stood alongside us as Lydia fucked herself. He stared at me until I realised what he wanted so I took hold of his cock and masturbated him with one hand whilst fondling a magnificent breast with the other.

He smiled and took hold of Lydia’s other breast. Her tempo increased immediately and her breathing became harsher as she tried to keep calm but it was too much for her. She climaxed and I thought she would squeeze my cock flat until she collapsed over me, Frank backed away and I moved Lydia onto the couch.

Frank went to look at her naked body and then turned to me.

“You fuck her for me, You better for her, me no good for her.”

“Frank you can fuck me, you are good for me, please come and fuck me like you used to.”

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