Ağu 09

Reform School Sisters Ch. 08

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Now that Paige knew where her sister was sneaking off to, she began to wonder how she had never suspected anything before. Bree’s excuses were becoming increasingly flimsy. She would tell Paige she had forgotten her bag in the cafeteria, or that she had to return a book to the library, and be gone for hours.

At first Paige hoped Bree would come clean with her… that her trysts with their mother had just recently begun and that any day she would confess everything and ask Paige to join their incestuous romps. It wasn’t long, however, before she realized that just wasn’t going to happen.

She was disappointed initially. Her sister and lover was deceiving her… sneaking away into the arms of another woman. The idea also aroused her profoundly, however.

The first few times Bree sneaked away, Paige resisted the temptation to follow. Try as she might, however, she couldn’t keep her mind off the image of her two sexy family members together, and soon she was going to the visitor’s wing herself. She listened at the door and masturbated furiously at every available opportunity.

Throughout her knowledge of her sister’s affair, Paige didn’t let on that she knew anything. She continued to fuck Bree regularly. The sex, in fact, continued to get better. She loved her sister… she just wished she could be included in their mother’s taboo visits as well.

Paige was in the science lab one evening, finishing up a biology project that was due first thing the next morning. She couldn’t wait to get it over and done with, so she could get back to her sister and have a few strong orgasms before going to sleep.

After leaving the lab, she headed quickly for the dormitories. On her way, she passed the public phones, and paused, an idea suddenly popping into her mind. She looked around anxiously, then went to one of the booths, picking up and dialing her mother’s office.

“Hello, this is Lilian Nixon’s office, Krista speaking.”

“H-hello, Krista! This is Lilian’s daughter… Breanna.” Paige stammered.

“Hi Breanna. Would you like me to put you through to your mother?”

“No! No, that’s ok! I don’t want to bother her at work. Can you just give her a message for me?”

“Sure thing, Hon.”

“Awesome! Can you please just let her know that I’m going to be too busy to see her on her next visit… and I was hoping she could come up tomorrow morning instead. At, say, 10 o’clock?”

“I’ll pass that along, Sweetie. I’m looking at her schedule now and it looks like tomorrow morning shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s great! Thanks so much, Krista!”

“No problem, Breanna. Have yourself a nice evening.”

Paige smiled, thinking of the evening with Bree she still had ahead of her. “You too, Krista. Later!” She hung up and stepped out of the booth. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her mind reeled at the possibility of what might happen the next morning. Could she really go through with it? How would her mother react?

She giggled excitedly to herself, and rushed back to the dorms. Putting her plan into action had her body on fire, and she couldn’t wait to get fucked by her sexy big sister.


The next morning, Paige had a free period at 10am. Her stomach did flip flops as she headed toward the visitor’s wing.

“Good morning!” she said cheerfully to the guard at the visitor’s desk. “I’m here to see a visitor for Breanna Nixon?”

The guard looked at her sluggishly, then scanned his clipboard. “Yup.” he grunted. “She’s waitin for ya, room 512. Go on in.”

Paige’s heart hammered in her chest, and she grinned excitedly. “Thanks!” she chirped, before heading past him toward the hall of visitor’s rooms. She got to room 512, took a deep breath, and knocked.

She heard a voice from inside call out to her: “Come in!”

Paige turned the knob, pushing the door open, and stepped into the room. The bedroom seemed empty, and without thinking, she called out: “Mom? Where are you?”

“In the bathroom, Baby. Why don’t you come join me?”

Paige’s cheeks burned, and she slowly walked across the room. The door was Tozkoparan Escort slightly ajar. She took a deep breath and gently pushed it open. When she stepped in, she saw her mother laying naked in a large, foamy bubble bath.

“Paige!” Lilian cried when she saw her daughter. She tried in vain to cover her nudity. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“What’s wrong, Mother? Expecting someone else?” Paige asked, stepping coolly towards the bathtub. She tried to seem casual, but inside, her stomach was doing flips. Paige knelt next to her mother, looking her straight in the eyes, and started to unbutton her blouse.

Lilian’s eyes darted to her youngest daughter’s chest, then back up to her face again. Paige pulled her shirt off, followed quickly by her bra. She leaned over the edge of the tub, letting her naked breasts rest against the cool porcelain.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time, Mom.” Paige dipped her hand in the water, sliding it between the older woman’s thighs. She cupped Lilian’s pussy and started to stroke it with eager fingers.

‘No… I can’t do this… not with my baby girl too…’ Lilian said to herself, even as her thighs slid open, allowing her daughter greater access to her moistening cunt.

“Paige… I w-want you to stop this im-mediately.” she stammered. Paige smirked and started to rub her mother faster. The older woman groaned, leaning back in the soapy water.

“Does Mommy like the way her little girl is touching her?” Paige asked. Her tone was almost mocking. She was obviously growing more confident in her position of control. Her mother seemed to be melting in her experienced hands.

The girl’s teasing caused Lilian’s eyes to flash with sudden anger, and she grabbed Paige by the arm. She pulled harshly, dragging her surprised daughter over the edge of the tub and into the water with a large splash.

Paige sputtered in astonishment, causing water to cascade over the sides of the bath and onto the floor. Lilian moved swiftly, flipping Paige over until she was kneeling on top of her.

“Listen to me, you naughty little whore. I am still your mother, and I do not tolerate such horrible behavior.” She pinned Paige down with one arm, and reached between the girl’s legs, tearing her drenched panties down around her ankles. She plunged two fingers inside the girl’s pussy, pumping them savagely in her daughter’s steamy channel.

“Shit, Mom!” Paige cried. Her heart still pounded with shock, but her body was immediately responding to her mother’s rough actions. She still wore her skirt, which ballooned around her hips as it filled with bath water.

“I think you need to be taught a lesson, Dear.” Lilian chided. Her fingers continued to piston in and out of Paige’s wet pussy. Her daughter gaped up at her with wide eyes. Her jaw hung open, and she whimpered helplessly as her mom fucked her needy cunt.

Lilian reached over the edge of the tub with her free hand, feeling around for her bag. She found it, and pulled out a large, 14 inch, flesh colored double dildo. “This wasn’t meant for you, Sweetie. But I think it’s just what’s needed at the moment, don’t you?”

Paige didn’t respond, but her eyes bulged as she stared at the massive rubber phallus. Her mother slipped the large dildo under the water. Paige groaned as she felt it pressing against her dripping opening. Lilian shoved it slowly inside her, stretching her pussy walls to their limit.

“Oh my God, Mommyyyyy…” Paige whimpered as she was steadily filled to the hilt. She looked up into Lilian’s face with pleading eyes. She began to tear up, and bit her lip as she fought to take the gigantic monster in it’s entirety.

Lilian reached forward, stroking her daughter’s cheek gently with one hand. “That’s it, Sweetheart. There’s a good girl. Take it all.” She leaned forward, and her lips joined with the younger girl’s. They kissed sweetly, their tongues sliding together inside their open mouths.

As they kissed, Lilian climbed over her side of the double dildo, and began to lower herself on top of it. She sucked in her breath Escort Tozkoparan as it filled her gradually. Paige reached up tentatively and held her mother steady as the woman slowly impaled herself.

“Ok, Dear. I think we’re ready.” she said with a shaky voice.

Paige remained quiet, but nodded her agreement. The two women kissed again, and Lilian began to rock her hips steadily against the giant toy. Her daughter moaned into her lips as she felt her end begin to move inside her.

“I’ve wanted this for… s-so long, Mom…” Paige stammered.

“Oh, Baby… You turn your mommy on so much… I just can’t help myself any longer!” Lilian replied. She started to fuck her hips faster, and the younger girl squealed in response. Water began to splash over the edge of the tub as the two women began to fuck more furiously.

“Oh, shit, Mom!” Paige cried. She was instantly silenced by a passionate kiss from the older woman. They made out hungrily as they pounded their wet bodies together in the soapy water. The dildo slid easily in and out of their gooey pussies, forcing itself deeper with every desperate thrust.

Paige reached around Lilian, grasping her bottom with both hands and pulling her harder into her own needy cunt. They slammed together over and over again, until their gaping pussies devoured the entire phallus and they felt their clits mash together.

Both women threw their heads back, howling with pleasure when their cunts first made contact. Their hips bucked frantically, driving their open cunts together again and again.

As Lilian arced her back, her tits jiggled enticingly in front of her daughter’s flushed face. Paige craned forward, running her tongue eagerly over the wet, fleshy orbs. They were still covered in soap from the bubble bath, but Paige didn’t seem to care. She lapped at her mother’s chest with enthusiasm, covering her chin with the fluffy suds.

Paige clamped her lips tightly around one of the woman’s nipples, sucking it deep into her mouth. Lilian squealed, pushing her chest eagerly into her daughter’s face. She held Paige’s head with one hand, encouraging her not to stop, while supporting herself against the edge of the tub with the other.

By now the bathroom floor was covered in bath water. The tub was barely half full, as most of it’s contents had spilled over the edge already thanks to the two women’s wild fucking. Paige’s skirt still clung to her wet thighs, the fabric now twisted and wrinkled.

Lilian had pulled away from her daughter’s lips, laying back on the other side of the tub. One of her legs hung over the edge, and she was pushing herself hard against her end of the double dildo.

Paige was laying in a similar position. Her legs were tangled in her mother’s, spread wide to allow the rubber cock to thrust deep inside her hungry cunt. Both women were dripping wet, their asses sliding around on the bottom of the tub as they continued to fuck.

“Don’t stop, Mommy! Don’t stop fucking me… I’m getting… getting close!” Paige cried. Her eyes were twisted shut, her head hanging back as she continued to thrust her tired body.

“Cum for your mother, Baby! I’m going to cum too… I’m going to… to… OOOOOOOOOHH!!”

Lilian’s wet body went rigid and she began to convulsed as a powerful orgasm erupted from her mangled cunt. She bucked her hips, pummeling her daughter’s cunt with the double dildo.

“Jesus, FUCK!!” Paige wailed, her own climax exploding from her boiling pussy. The two women writhed together, causing the remaining bath water to slosh around their trembling bodies. Their cunts gripped the thick shaft, coating it with their combined pussy juices.

The churning water eventually began to calm as the two women slowed their manic thrusts. They both sank back into the water, dropping their heads over the edge of the tub.

“Oh my God, Mom… Holy shit!” Paige gasped. She struggled to lift her head, gazing across at her disheveled mother.

Lilian reached between them and winced as she slid the large dildo from their battered pussies. She Tozkoparan Escort Bayan dropped it to the floor with a wet thud.

Paige sat forward, and the two women kissed tenderly, wrapping their arms around one another. They pushed themselves closer, and wrapped their aching thighs around each other’s torsos as they continued to kiss.

“Darling… that was incredible… but we have to keep this between the two of us.” Lilian said in a low voice.

Paige nodded distractedly, then shoved her tongue back in her mother’s mouth. She kissed Lilian with renewed excitement, and began to paw greedily at the older woman’s body. Lilian shivered, returning her daughter’s passion.

The two women started writhing together again, and pushed their hips forward. Their burning pussies melted together as they wrapped their legs around one another. They began thrusting against each other again, this time without the dildo between them.

“Oooooh, Mommy…” Paige groaned. Her mother ran her tongue along the girl’s throat. She sucked at the sensitive flesh, sending shivers through her daughter’s inflamed body.

Paige smacked her pussy harder into Lilian’s, pounding their clits together with increasing desire. Their lips collided again, and they made out ferociously as they fucked.

Lilian eventually leaned back against the tub once more, letting the younger girl climb on top of her. Paige scissored her legs with her mother’s, and slammed her cunt down frantically into the older woman’s. The two women squealed and grunted as they pummeled each other’s cunts. Their pussy juices gushed over each other’s slick lower bodies.

Paige dug her fingers into her mom’s slippery tits. She kneaded the pliant flesh savagely, supporting herself on them as she gyrated her hips.

“Yes!” Lilian cried. “Harder, Baby! That feels so good!” She grabbed Paige by the back of the neck, pulling her down and kissing her passionately. The younger girl whimpered into her mother’s mouth, her body hurdling to another powerful orgasm of her own.

Lilian gripped Paige’s skirt with both hands, pulling her down into every thrust. Their wet pussies slapped together relentlessly. It finally became too much, and Paige tore her lips from her mother’s, screaming desperately as she exploded in ecstasy.

Paige pummeled her climaxing pussy into her mom’s. Lilian lay back in the tub, holding her daughter’s skirt tightly, and tried to help the frantic girl stay perched on top of her. The force of Paige’s fucking drove her mother over the edge with her, and the older woman tossed her head back and wailed with her own intense orgasm.

Pussy juice cascaded over their stomachs as they ground against each other. Their mouths frothed as they hung open, their screams melding together and filling the small washroom.

Paige fell against her mother and buried her face in the older woman’s neck. Lilian slid her hands up her daughter’s back and hugged her tightly as their pleasure began to fade. The room fell silent, and the two naked women lay still in the now cold bath water.

After recovering from the intensity of their sexual encounter, Paige lifted her head again, and looked down into her mother’s eyes. She started to tear up, and broke into a wide grin.

“I love you so much, Mom! Thank you! Thank you so much for this!” She started to cry, and Lilian wrapped her up in her arms and shushed her affectionately.

“I love you too, Sweetheart. This was incredible… I feel so close to you.”

They lay together for several minutes, cuddling as lovers. Paige eventually looked up again, wiping the tears from her face. “Shit… What time is it?” She looked down at her mom and gave an apologetic smile. “I should get going… I have a class at one.”

“Of course, Hon. Let’s get out of this cold water before we freeze!” Lilian replied.

The two women stood, dried off, and got dressed in silence. Paige’s skirt was still soaked, so she did her best to ring it out. She decided she would have to run back to her room in it to change.

Before she left, Paige hugged her mom again, and gave her a tender kiss. “Can we do this again? Please?”

“Certainly, Sweetie. But remember… It’s our secret.”

Paige gave a mischievous smile and pulled away from her mother’s arms. “Don’t worry, Mom… Who would I tell?” She said goodbye and left the room, rushing back to her dorm to change out of her damp clothes.

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