Red Rock Canyon Ch. 08

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Red Rock Canyon Ch~8~ “Magnum Man” goes Anal


Rex continued stroking his lengthy cock in and out of Paige’s wetness as he began to massage his thumb around inside her tightest hole. Pushing it in up to the knuckle and then feeling the hot friction as he slid it up and down inside of her. Paige moaned out with the pleasured pain of ecstasy, unaware of the two friends that were watching her and Rex from inside the tent.

“God, she is so hot.” Chad remarked.

“And he really knows how to use that huge thing of his. Seems he has a bit of an ass fetish too…can you imagine taking that monster in THAT hole?” Shelby thought out loud.

“No, I can’t but I would love to see her try to—wouldn’t you?” Chad asked in reply.

“Yes, that would be awfully hot wouldn’t it?” Shelby agreed as the hidden couple continued to watch the two on the rocks. The longer they watched Rex slip his thick meaty cock in and out of Paige, the hotter Chad and Shelby got. They watched Paige get hotter and wetter with each stoke too until they could see the juices run down her thighs.

“Too bad I’m not over there to catch the drips…hunh?” Shelby giggled.

“Now that I would pay to see!” erotik film izle Chad teased.

“What’s he asking her?” Shelby replied.

“I don’t know, I can’t quite make it out it’s a little muffled when he talks with his lips against the back of her neck.” Chad said.

“Oh, my… I guess he was asking for permission.” Shelby replied.

“Permission to do what?” Chad wondered.

“To do THAT!” Shelby said with a gasp.

As the couple continued to watch through the tent flap they heard Paige moan and squeal with both pleasure and pain. While at the same time they heard Rex grunt as he shoved his thick, lengthy manhood deep up inside Paige’s un-plundered backside.

They watched Paige’s face as it became masked with a bit of fear. Watched as it changed from pain and reluctance into extreme pleasure and delight.

It was so provocative to see her taking Rex’s huge beast into her ass for the first time that Shelby and Chad couldn’t help but get into the groove themselves. Chad had been on all fours behind Shelby as they watched the two oral sessions go by, he had rubbed his hands up and down her tight round rump, inside her thighs and between her wet, tight lips.

He film izle knew she was as ready for him as he was for her and as they watched he slipped her a little something special and listened as she moaned out in appreciation. She was so wet. Chad was sliding in and out of her in frenzy as they watched their friends in their first anal adventure together.

As Rex and Paige’s moans deepened with their intense pleasure, Shelby and Chad’s did as well.

“Mmm, you like watching Paige take it in the ass don’t you?” Chad taunted Shelby as he felt her wetness increase as they watched and her muscles begin to tighten around and tease his hard cock.

“He’s just so damn big!” Shelby replied.

“Or maybe you just like the whole idea of someone playing with her ass and yours…” Chad hoped aloud.

“Well, from here…it looks awfully good. We can always give it a shot!” Shelby replied.

Without another word Chad changed his stroke from one hole to the next and listened as Shelby’s moans turned into deeper…more animalistic groans. Her ass was so tight, she felt so good—sounded so hot. Coupled with the sights and sounds of Rex and Paige, Chad knew that he wasn’t going to last long. seks filmi izle But he wasn’t alone, and he relaxed when he felt Shelby’s own fingers dive inside her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum,” Shelby whispered.

“Oh, God, you feel so good in my ass—so hot and thick—” She continued as she felt the first hot spurts of Chad’s jizz settling deep within her ass. It was definitely the most intense feeling she’d ever felt with a guy.

Outside the tent Paige and Rex had thought they heard their friends moving around inside. But until they heard them let out the final sounds of their ecstasy, Paige and Rex had thought that Shelby and Chad were just waking.

Rex glanced back at the flap on the side of the tent and came eye to eye with the now divinely satisfied Shelby.

“They’ve been watching us,” he whispered in Paige’s ear as he continued to stroke his cock in and out of her tight little ass.

“Well, let’s spare no expense with the great ending…and then…I’ll call Shelby on it!” Paige whispered back.
Rex began to pick up the pace again and in a matter of minutes they’d both collapsed onto the rocks that had supported them.

Once Paige regained her breath she called out to their friends in the tent, “Okay naughty ones…we heard you…we know you were watching us…now get your asses out of that tent so I can see you two naked! It’s only fair!”

“I think that’s a GREAT idea!” Rex added.

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