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Red Penis Rising – Ch. 02 – More punishment for the Pink

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“I need to explain to you something about Pink physiology. Along with the other implants, we also reinforced your vagina, anus and mouth. Make sure they can’t break. After all, they are going to get a lot of work. I actually broke a Pink a few years back. Broke her neck wide open. Real mess. Anyways, where I was really going was we can’t do much about the nerve endings. Instead have to stop the pain in other ways. Like the Cupid’s Arrow. Which as I mentioned is doing the reverse right now. You are not only feeling all the pain, but even more than you would without it. Now that that is all clear, I need to show you something.”

He took her roughly by the hair again and put his dick in front of her. It was still glistening with her saliva and a bit of cum was dripping off the end. As she watched, she could actually see it slowly getting longer and wider. At first, she thought she was imagining it. Then she thought it was just getting closer, but no it was actually growing in front of her eyes.

“When I got this implant, I wanted to try it out. That was how I accidentally killed that Pink. But don’t worry, this isn’t going in your mouth. At the same time, you should worry about where it’s going.” With those ominous words, he said “Mango, position doggy style.” The Gravshackles started to move her ankles down and towards her body, while her hips stayed in the same spot. After a few moment she was now in a position where her face was still facing the floor, the top half of her body was still spread-eagled, but her bottom half was in a doggy style position, just floating in the air. The bedroom had a large mirror on one side of the room. Now that Eros was no longer in front of her, she saw how much of a mess she really was.

Gently caressing his dick, he slowly walked behind her. She was a thing of beauty. Perfect legs, back, pussy and ass. He took one hand and ran it along her muscular butt cheeks. Each time he touched her, it sent a small shock of pain to her from the Cupid’s Arrow. She was trying to see what he was doing. Looking in the mirror, left, right, and even underneath to get a better look. He then gave her a hint of what was about to happen. Taking her perfect butt cheeks, he gently pried them apart to reveal her asshole.

“Oh, bloody hell no. That thing will kill me. You will split me in two. You can’t seriously be considering. I said I will be loyal! I swear on my mother’s bloody damn life!” She was trying to get loose. Shifting back and forth in the Gravshackles, trying desperately Çorum Escort to get free. Eros took his finger and rubbed the outside of her hole. Not for any reason, just to prolong the suspense. He then took his massive cock and ran it slowly up and down her crack, pausing near her rectum but then moving on.

“Please, I will do anything. I will tell you anything. I will do anything, just not…”

In mid-sentence, he shoved the head inside her hole.

“OHHHH…MY…GOD…Take it out, please! I beg of you!”

The first part was always the worst for them. Well, it was one of the worst. He decided to accommodate her and pull it out. She immediately relaxed for a bit. But a moment later, he started to rub it again around the outside.

“I can’t take this…please…anything…” she whimpered. In response, he took his dick and put it back in, this time a few inches deeper, and held it there.

“BLOODY FUCKING DAMN” Mango screamed as loud as she could. He could see in the mirror her face was red with pain and anger. She was trying to breath in and out to control the pain, but it was not working. Eros looked down and could see how widely he was stretching her. But he had barely started. He ran his hand slowly up her back until it got to her head. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled he head up, causing her to gasp in pain. Now she was looking up in the mirror and saw this massive man standing behind her. She looked tiny compared to him.

“Bitch. You thought you knew pain before. Get ready for…” and he started to push his dick into her “…real gorydamn pain”

“Rrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhh” she started a long scream as each inch got pushed in more. She started to buck, trying anything to get loose. But she could barely move an inch between the Gravshackles and him holding her hair. Eventually, he hit bottom. His dick was buried deep in her, his balls rested against her pussy. Her loud scream had turned into a crying whimper. He could see the tears rolling down her face in the mirror. Between the sweat and tears, a lot of the cum from before had slid off her face. With his free hand, he groped one of her butt cheeks, which looked a bit warped right now due to the massive cock in her ass. She was still moving around as best as she could, adding to his pleasure.

“Bet that hurts a bit. I can really see how much I’m stretching you. I may not break you, but it’s going to take a while before you poop normally again. Even worse, I just came in your mouth. That wasn’t an accident. I wanted Çorum Escort Bayan to make sure when I fucked your ass. I would last a while. I want to make the pain feel like it’s going on forever.”

With those words, he started to pull himself out until just the head was in and then violently thrust it back in to the bottom again.

“BLOODY GOD…DAMN…FUCK…OH” all she could offer were screams and barely forming words. He let go of her hair, and her head dropped down, so he could no longer see her face. With both hands, he took a firm hold of her butt cheeks, so he had a good solid hold of her. Pulling back out, he shoved his prick back in quickly, down to the base. Now he began moving in and out of her, each time almost all the way out and then down to the base again. Each time, she gave out a piercing scream. Soon the room was filling up with an ever-increasing slapping sound every time he jammed it into her. He enjoyed watching her beautiful back flex every time he jammed it into her. Eros leaned over, reached underneath and grabbed onto her large tits that were swinging underneath her each time he penetrated her. When he began massaging them, it increased her already loud screaming. He leaned in close to her ear.

“You like being buggered bitch? Does this feel good? Was this worth trying to escape, you useless whore? You belong to us. Don’t you ever…” and he thrust back in “…forget it again. You are…” another thrust “…our slut to use as we want. You had better not…” another thrust “…forget it”.

He had been violently fucking her ass for close to fifteen minutes. Her voice had become hoarse from the screaming. Sweat was dripping off of her body. Her head had completely flopped down. She was truly broken. Pain was the new normal for her. It was time to end this.

“I bet you can’t wait for my cum. Hoping I would just finish. “He said, never slowing down the pace. “I want you to beg me to cum.”

Eros reached over, grabbed her hair again. Looking at her face in the mirror, all the cum from before had come off with the hard fucking. He leaned in closer to her ear. “Beg me to cum”

“Please…please…make it stop. Please cum”

“That didn’t sound convincing enough,” he said, picking up the pace a bit.

Despite being mentally exhausted, she composed herself just enough, even though her head was still being held like a trophy. “Please, my master. I want your bloodyhell cum. I want you to fill me with your juices. Please…oh…please.”

Eros took his free Escort Çorum hand and gave her ass a hard slap, imprinting on her bum. He then grabbed onto the cheek and used it like a handle again. He kept fucking her for another minute or so, but he was ready now. A few long thrusts and then he held it deep in her.

“Gorydamn! Feel my cum, you whore!” He kept spurting more and more into her until he had emptied his balls again. He looked deep into her face. Her eyes were shut, but a small smile appeared. It was over. Eros let go of her head, which flopped down in exhaustion again. He pulled out slowly, leaving a trail of cum dripping down her pussy. Her rectum was completely gaping but was starting to close slowly.

“Mango, position vertical X” The Gravshakles straightened her out and lifted her body, so it was vertical but spread eagle again. Her head was still resting on her chest from exhaustion. Eros walked over to her, lifted her head by her chin, and looked into her face.

“I bet that felt like the world was coming to an end. Let me explain something to you. There are eight more settings higher than that on the Cupid’s Arrow. That was a pretty low setting. I will also say that if you ever disobey us again, let me explain what will happen to you. We will send you to one of the whorehouses where the Reds mine. You won’t have a bedroom. Instead, we will just put the helmet back on. We will then bend you over and stick an IV in so you never need to eat again. You will stay in that position while dirty Red miners come by and use your holes. You will never see their face, and you will never know they are coming until they are in you. They will fuck you, and they will leave. Somebody will hose you down for the next time. You will have to sleep between fucks. But when you are fucked, because of Cupid’s Arrow, you will scream every time, but they won’t hear you. They will think…she loves this. Usually, a Pink will last somewhere between one to two years before they just break. The constant pain wears down the system until the body just gives up. Sometimes, we try and recover them, and make them last another year, but they are usually done by then. Is this something you want?”

“No…puh..please” she said, voice all raspy.

“Prove it. Mango, position blowjob, hogtied.” The Gravshackles lowered her. But her arms were moved back until they touched her ankles. She was now staring at Eros cum covered cock. Immediately, she reached out her tongue and tried to reach it. “Clean me up”

Mango, despite being painfully stretched, immediately got to work. Licking his dick up and down, trying her best to clean everything off of it. She even took his balls in her mouth without him asking, cleaning each one.

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