Red Panties

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Ameri Ichinose

It was a hot sultry afternoon, I was jazzed because I got off work early. I got home and started peeling off my clothes. The hot ride home had made me feel sticky. Jumped into the shower and let the cool water run over my hot body… mmm, felt sooo good. I got out of the shower and dried off, went to my drawer and looked for a pair of clean panties. I glanced up and saw myself in the mirror, my nipples were hard and standing out, it was like I was still feeling hot. I picked up a pair of red satin bikinis and pulled them on… looking once again in the mirror. My nipples were so hard they were starting to ache…. I had to touch them. I watched myself as I rubbed and pulled on my nipples… this just made me even hotter. I dropped one hand down to my satin covered crotch and rubbed my fingers over my panty covered clit. My whole body started to tingle and I could feel myself getting damp… my pussy tingling inside. I watched myself in the mirror as one hand played with my hard nipples, gently pinching them, pulling them…. and my other hand rubbed hard in my panty covered crotch. Rubbing my clit thru the satin… oohh, it was feeling good. I reached into the drawer again and felt under the other panties… there it was. I pulled out my battery operated friend…. my vibrator. It was big and hard and looked just like a hard cock. Hmmmm, I was ready for some fun.

I watched in the mirror as I rubbed it over my nipples, letting the vibrations set my whole body to quivering. I moved it down to my crotch and laid it against my clit. I could feel the vibrations right thru canl─▒ bahis my panties. It felt so good it made my knees weak. I moved and lay down on my bed. Spreading my legs apart I put the vibe against my clit again and rubbed it up and down as it vibrated against me…. I could feel myself getting all wet. I played with my tits, rubbing my nipples, pulling on them as I rubbed that vibrator over my red satin covered slit. Oooohhh, I was getting so hot, softly moaning, getting hotter by the second. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and slid the vibe into my slit… I was slick already, hot and slick, the vibe slid easily up and down my slit, over my clit and back down, barely pushing into my pussy…. rubbing it over and over, up and down… pulling on my nipples. Ohmygod, I was soooo hot and horney. I looked down and watched as I pushed that cock looking vibe in and out of my pussy, pushing my panties to the side as I slid it in and out of me. My whole body was shaking and I was starting to moan….

Just then I heard someone clear their throat……. Ohmygod, I looked up and there you stood, a box of hot pizza in your hand. I had totally forgotten I’d ordered delivery. And there I lay, with nothing on but those red satin panties, my nipples hard as rocks, and the vibrator still under the edge of my panties and halfway into my pussy.

You just said “Honey, I’ve got something even hotter and harder than that rubber cock you’re playin with”. And I just smiled and said “You can put the pizza down right over there” and beckoned you to the bed with my fingers.
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You were pulling off your shirt and undoing your pants as you walked over to the bed. You knelt down at the foot of my bed and pulled me, spread still, closer to you. You took the vibe out of my hand but kept it in my pussy as you bend down and started to nibble on my clit, right thru those red satin panties. I was smiling even wider as I felt you blow hot breath thru those panties onto my clit and started to nibble and chew on me. In your other hand you started working that vibe in and out of my pussy, fucking me while you munched on my panty covered clit. My hips started rockin and I started moaning as you shoved that rubber cock in and out of me and worked my clit. I started bucking and moaning, I was ready to cum. Moaning “Yesss baby, soo good, make me cum baby, make me cum” . You pulled the panties aside from my clit and started sucking it, licking it, sucking it while you fucked my pussy with that rubber cock and I started shaking and moaning and cummmming, cummming hard, panting as you worked me over. While I was still panting and shaking you pulled the vibe out of me, stood up and pulled those red panties right off of me. You pulled me up and turned me around on the end of the bed, putting me on my hands and knees with my bare ass and pussy facing you. I could feel you rubbing your cock along my slit… wetting it with my hot sweet juices. You put it at the entrance to my pussy and pushed inside. Even hot and slick with cum it was tight as your big hard cock pushed into me. Your hands bahis ┼čirketleri on my hips, pulling me onto your cock. Then you started fucking me, pumping in and out of me. I was moaning all over again and you just kept on fucking me…. deeper each time, deep in me. I could barely breathe I was so hot…. your cock pumping deep and hard into me.

“Ohmygod baby, you’re fucking me sooo good, yessss baby, that’s it, hard, ooohhhyessss, hard and deep, do it baby, do it to me, fuck me.”

You were slammin into me as I started screamin and cummmin again. You just kept fucking me while I came all over your hot hard cock. While I was still shaking and cumming you pulled your cock out of my pussy and put it right at my ass. Slick with my juices you slipped right into my tight hot little ass and started to pump me again. Your cock tight in my ass, fucking in and out, and you took that rubber cock and stuck it back into my pussy as you kept fucking my ass. OOooohh baby, when I felt that I went over the edge…. I could feel you in my ass and that vibe in my pussy at the same time… when you reached around me and started rubbing my clit as you double fucked me I just lost my mind…. I couldn’t stop cummming, shaking, rocking as you pumped into me with both your cock and the vibe and you kept rubbing my clit as I came and came and came. All I could do was moan and gasp for breath.

I’d never been fucked so good in all my life and I was cumming like a freight train. I heard you moan and felt you pull your cock out of me, you pushed that vibe deep into my cunt and stroking yourself you shot your hot cum all over my ass. I was just quivering with pleasure all over.

When I could finally catch my breath I said, “Damn baby, when you deliver you really deliver.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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