Red Lace

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You found me sitting in the closet on the floor. You sit down next to me and can tell that I have been thinking. You put your arm around my shoulder and I rest my head against you. We have a long talk about what’s been going on and when the tears have been shed, all frustrations vented out, you tilt my head up and give me a soul kiss. You pull me closer to you and I wrap my arms around your neck. You roll me over so that I am on top of you, straddling you. You pull me down and kiss me passionately. My breasts crushed against your chest, while I moan into our deep kiss. I feel your hands tracing all over my back, over my round cheeks, a gentle caress, never stopping. I begin to gently grind my hips, so you can begin to feel my heat.

Our tongues duelling, your hand caressing my neck, down my back, my butt, you grind up against me. I can feel your cock throbbing for me. I take my shirt off and feel your hands sliding over my bare skin, gently stroking it. I whisper in your ear: feel how hot I am for you, my skin is on fire, wanting your touch. Your hands move over to my breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, running your fingers over them. Kissing all the while “god I can get drunk escort sincan on your kisses” my hands are roaming your back now, our eyes closed, revelling in our kisses, in our passion. My hand moves between us, running up and down the front of your bulge, cupping you gently. You lift your hips up against my hand. I ask you what you want me to do to you, and you reply “whatever you would like to do”. I look pensive for a moment and say “I think I would like to have my way with you. I am feeling a bit horizontally challenged. I’m in the mood for some vertical exercise today”. You look at me and let out a soft growl and kiss me with a force that pushes me back slightly.

You stand up and pull me to my feet. You take me in your arms and kiss me passionately. You walk me back to a wall of the closet and pin me to it. You take my hands in yours and hold them over my head. You begin kissing my neck, in places you know drive me absolutely wild. Through heavy, aroused breaths I tell you that I have a surprise for you, and that it is under my clothes. You look at me and with renewed enthusiasm; rip my blouse open, sending buttons flying. You discover a red lace bra with hard nipples underneath. ankara escort Your hands cup my breasts as you kiss me, deeply, passionately. You step back and look at me. My breasts rising and falling as I breathe the passionate sparks and desire for you showing in my eyes. My skin is flushed. You have me so turned on for you. I ask you to take off your shirt. You pull your shirt over your head and reach for the buckle of your pants. I help you and pull the zipper down and kneel before you. I intend to give you a good blowjob. I take your hard cock out of your pants and slowly stroke you while looking up at you. You tremble slightly. Smiling at that I take you in my mouth, slowly, inch by inch. Your hard cock twitches and throbs in my mouth. I cup your balls with one hand, massaging them slightly. My head begins to bob up and down on you. Taking more and more of you every time. You run your hands through my hair as you try and steady your breathing. mmmmm you feel so good in my mouth. I take you out and stroke you while looking up at you, with your eyes closed and steady breaths. I ask if you have any requests, you look down at me and thrust your hips forward slightly. I smile wickedly etimesgut escort bayan and get back to you , sucking on that hard cock of yours. Taking you deeper now, as deep as you can go. My god I am so wet for you. I let out a small moan around your cock. I think you had enough of that because the next thing I know, I am on my feet and pinned to the wall. We hastily take off any remaining clothing. We are reaching for each other and kissing passionately. You can practically taste the heat and desire.

You take my hands and hold them over me as you kiss down to my neck. I feel the head of your cock against my pussy. Seeing as we are still in the closet, I lift myself up by holding the bar above my head; this makes it easier for you to slide inside my soaking wet pussy. We waste no time, you fuck me hard and fast, we both need this now. It doesn’t take us long, moaning, groaning and screaming, both of us wanting more. And giving more. I let go of the bar and hold on tight to you, my nails digging into your back. I scream out your name as I cum so hard on your cock. The sensation of my pussy contracting around you becomes too much to bear and you explode over and over in me.

You help me down and we both crumple to the floor. You sit with your back to the wall and I collapse over your legs, trying to steady my breathing.

I look up at you and we share a smile that shares a secret of what is to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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