Rebounding Ch. 02

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There was a knock on my door at 6:43. I knew that Mark was picking me up at 7:00, and figured he would be there early. Instead, Pax was standing on my stoop. I stood, frozen for a moment then moved to shut the door in his face. I’d spent months imagining what I might say or do had he called or shown up, or had we happened into one another at some point. Suddenly I had gone in one night from thinking of seeing him out, wishing I would, to being in the bed of a man who in one night had fulfilled me more than Pax had in the three year relationship that had concluded months before.

“Get your foot out of my door,” I said flatly as a size 11 boot wedged itself between the molding and the door.

“Hear me out baby,”

“I am not your baby.” I opened the door and walked away.

“I have missed you. God you look amazing. How much weight have you lost?” He asked following me into the apartment.

“Leaving the door open was not an invitation, Paxton. You need to go. I have a date.”

“You’re dating?”

“It’s been six months. As I remember it you were dating before you left, so please by all means, get out of here.”

“I have missed you. Nothing is the same without you. I’m not seeing her anymore. I’m not seeing anyone. All I’ve been able to think about is you,” Pax rambled.

“Paxton, Seriously. I don’t give a fuck. Get out of my house. I am no longer interested in your bullshit.” My hands were shaking as I returned to the bathroom to finish applying my make up. I did look pretty good. I stepped into the bedroom, slipped on some heels, admired the way the silver dress lay on my curves, not too loose, yet not skin tight. It created a lovely silhouette of illusion and contoured my ample curves quite well. The bust was a little snug. My cleavage was near perfection; I though. I had lost nearly 80 pounds since Pax had left. The first fifty had happened naturally, not eating the junk food he insisted on keeping around at all times, but never gained a pound from, drinking more water and walking every day. The rest happened with a little more work, exercising, watching what I ate more carefully. I never knew I could drop 80 pounds in 6 months, but it was done, and my Dr. said I was healthy so I wasn’t worrying about it.

“Just give me a chance. We had three years. Three Years!”

“It seems like you stopped giving me a chance when you turned and walked out of here six months ago and were unreachable. I have waited for you long enough. It’s time to move on, and I am. And if you don’t mind, Mark will be here any minute, and I would rather you weren’t here when he got here. I’m over you Pax. I have been for a while and didn’t realize it until Mark showed me how a man should treat a lady. Now go. Before you piss me off.”

“So how long you been seeing this Mark?” Pax was always the jealous, possessive type but this time around he seemed less jealous and more forlorn over it.

“Not your business. All you need to know is I am not available to you. I’ve not even heard from you in six months Pax. I’m over you. Now please, leave.”

“You heard the lady,” A deep voice came from the doorway. I smiled and slowly turned my head, never taking my eyes off Pax until my head was turned fully toward the door. His head jerked toward the door, and I could see the look of seething, shock and rage turn to a tight smile. He was shown up, and he was realizing he was nothing in comparison to the man I had replaced him with. Not in looks, stature or judging by the suit, finances. He didn’t need to know I had only met the man last night. He didn’t need to know I had gone immediately to bed with him, or the things he had done to me.

“You must be the new boyfriend?” Pax asked, stepping toward the door.

“I am, And you must be the ex? Pac is it?” Mark asked, extending a hand.

“Paxton. Paxton Roman.” Paxton reciprocated the formality and Mark gave his best grin.

“Mark Simmons” The two shook hands and for a moment, I could see Pax flare with disdain, ready to pounce, but he backed down and turned to look at me again as their hands freed from the grip.

“If you change your mind, you know my number,” Pax smiled at me and turned to walk away, not looking back. Mark closed the door behind him and turned to me. My eyes were on his face, but he didn’t look at me right away.

“How long has it been since you’ve been with him?” Our eyes met, and I could tell he meant business.

“He left six months ago. He’d been dating someone else for a few months in the end, and finally chose to tell me he was leaving when I came back from a weekend getaway with Cora and a few of the girls. He had packed up his things and was all moved out by the time I got home. I haven’t seen or talked to him since. He text me last night.”

“It’s amazing the power of the sonic boom,emitted into the universe for every ex boyfriend who has ever not fulfilled you when you reach fulfillment after him. He never shut the door on you. My guess is things recently didn’t bahis siteleri work out with his playmate, and he’s been toying with the idea of calling you again. He must have felt your earth moving last night,” Mark smiled and stepped to pull me into his arms. I felt nervous and shy all of a sudden. His lips claimed mine and my knees went weak. I couldn’t process what he had said, nor had I the interest.

His lips were possessive, his hands on my hips moved around and down my thighs to my dress. He ran his hands up my silken thighs and immediately clasped my panties and reached a hand in from the front and another in from the back. He was positioned, so he supported my weight as I lost balance, and held me with one hand on my clit, the other automatically pushing two fingers inside of me. I was swollen and sore from last night’s endeavors, but also wet.

“Is this for him, or for me?” he asked swirling his fingers inside of me.

“You,” I breathed and he moved to pull my panties down. I was spun around, panties down, bent over the back of the sofa and had him knelt behind me, devouring my juices and toying with my ass before I realized what was happening. He helped me slip out of the shoes that I was unsteady in and slid them to the side. Two fingers inside of me, he concentrated on the tender flesh around my bottom and lapped up my juices that were already dripping down my thigh. I buried my face in the couch cushion and let out a loud cry. My insides tensed up, and I was already cumming. He didn’t stop. He kept fucking me with his fingers until I was trembling. His mouth on my ass was delicious. After a few minutes, he moved to stand, and helped me up into a standing position again.

“Taste,” He commanded and slipped one silky wet finger into my mouth. I sucked it in and grabbed his wrist as we made eye contact. He smiled slightly, and the look in his eyes sent me into a frenzy.

“Don’t you taste amazing, baby?” He asked as I sucked his finger, in and out of my mouth, as though it were his manhood. He moaned and reached in to nip my ear.

I nodded my head, and he pulled his hand away. “Keep your panties off,” He said reaching down to move my shoes back over to slip them on again.

“Okay,” I said looking at them laying on the back of the couch. I was amazed at the man. He had neatly set my shoes aside, and had tenderly lain my panties instead of just letting them lay on the floor or tossing them elsewhere.

“Are we ready?” He asked and bent to kiss me again.

“Yes?” I wasn’t sure. I was still relatively out of it.

“Still sex drunk?” He asked.

“Yes.” I smiled, and he grinned back at me.

“Good, let’s go baby.” He picked up my purse from the knob on the closet door and took the set of keys and my cell phone off the table next to it “Are these your necessities for the night?” He asked, and I nodded. He dropped the phone and keys into the outer pocket of my purse and opened the door.

It felt nice as he led me to his car, opened the door, kissed me before moving so I could get in then shut the door for me once I was inside. I wavered on whether or not I should open his door from inside, or put my belt on as he walked around the large SUV, but opted for the seatbelt, thinking a lady didn’t need to open a man’s door.

“Comfy?” he asked as he got into the drivers seat.

“Yes.” I smiled at him, and he just looked at me.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” He said. I could feel the light of the street lamp illuminating me and was taken as well by the way it made his eyes sparkle.

“As are you,” I said softly and he kissed me again.

“I hope you don’t mind me wanting to kiss and devour you constantly. I haven’t been able to stop wanting you yet.”

“I don’t mind that at all.”

“I might not for a while,” he said softly and reached between my thighs again.

“You should have taken me.”

“I should. But it’s not about me. It’s about you and I have to say I absolutely love the sounds you make when Im kissing and caressing and devouring you.”

I shuttered and spread my thighs a little further apart. I clutched his forearm with one hand and the armrest on the door with the other.

“I love the sharp intake of breath when I shove my fingers deep inside of you like this,” His words were like velvet. I came again quickly as he stroked them in and out of me. He bent to kiss me again, deepening his thrusts and using his thumb to swirl my clit. My head dropped back to the headrest, and my neck arched. I tried to stifle my cries, knowing there were people passing on the street.

“Let it go baby,” He said as he bent to nip my neck. I lifted one foot up onto the dash and bore down on his hand that was now up to three fingers. He began to rock his hand from side to side as he played with me, and I lost control. I don’t know how loud I must have been, but he let me have every second of the pleasure and didn’t stop until he knew I had let it all go.

He bent to lap up my juices and kissed canl─▒ bahis siteleri me fully. Deeply, passionately once he was through.

I adjusted myself in my seat as he started the truck and put it into gear, but he reached to put his hand on my thigh and stopped me from pulling my dress back down, before I moved.

“Don’t think I am done with you yet,” He said softly and pulled away from the curb.

“Where are we going?” I asked and smiled through intoxicated lashes at him.

“I made reservations at Petersburg Inn. They have a great restaurant.”

I wondered if the reservations were for the Inn itself, or just the restaurant. I had never been but had heard great stories of their foods.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said and reached to flick my clit some more.

“I need to hear you cum again before we get there.”

I lay my head back on the seat and shifted to give him free access. I watched him as he watched the road, and reached to rest my hand on his groin as he stroked my clit. He was as hard as I had remembered feeling him last night. I wanted him inside of me again. I longed for the sensation of completion he gave me.

His jawline was strong. His eyelashes. Thick. I was completely in lust with this man right at this moment.

“I want you to do something for me baby,” He said softly as he bent to open the glove box.

“I have a toy in here. I want you to slip it inside your bottom. It’s a small one. There’s lube there too. Do it before we get to the Inn.

I complied. I could see him looking at me as I took a long, slender butt plug from its case, put some lube on my finger, and shifted in my seat to access my expecting bottom. I looked at him smiling at me as I slipped it into my ass. The feeling was incredible. I moaned, and he immediately reached to finger me some more.

“Good girl,” He grinned and bent to kiss me while we were stopped at the light.

“How does this feel?” he asked, slipping a finger to the base of the plug and pressing on it with a pulsing motion. A moan escaped my lips, and he smiled again. I felt like I was drugged somehow.

“Imagine as you sit straight up in the seat at the inn, and shift a little in your seat, as you bend to take a bite or move at all, how this is going to feel.” He spoke in whispers.

I fought the urge to moan again as he slipped his fingers inside me again.

“Do you feel naughty?” He asked and smiled as I nodded my head

“How naughty do you feel right now?” he asked.

“Completely,” I admitted and succumbed to the orgasm he brought me too. I tried hard not to make a sound, and succeeded aside from a little groan in the end.

“Good girl,” He said softly and bent again to kiss me. He licked my juices off of his fingers and kisses me again.

“I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this taste. You were made for me, it seems,” I didn’t know how to interpret his words. I also didn’t know where this was going to lead. I wasn’t going to ask.

“Are you ready?” He asked. I didn’t realize we had already made it to the Inn. He told me to wait, and he would get my door.

We went in the Inn doors and straight to the elevator. He pressed a button and put his arm around me. There was another couple on the elevator with us. I suppressed a reaction when he moved his hand to my ass and pressed in on the plug with a pulsing motion. He was looking at my face, which I felt probably looked pretty funny, but I looked up at him, matched the expression of hunger in his eyes, and he smiled broadly. I returned it.

He kissed the tip of my nose and swatted my bottom a little when the door opened, and the other couple got off.

“Good girl,” he whispered in my ear as he moved his hand to usher me off, and he took my hand in his and led me to the restaurant.

“Been here before?” He asked, and I shook my head

“Neither have I,” He admitted, holding the door for me. I wasn’t sure I believed him, as confident in direction as he seemed to be, but I took his words at value and allowed him to usher me in.

“Reservation for Simmons,” He said to the matradee. My tummy growled as the smells of delicious cuisine came to meet me, and he smiled down at me. I wondered if he heard.

“Ahh, yes, Mr. Simmons, your table is ready.”

We were taken through the dining area to a corner booth. He encouraged me to slide in first, and he slid in beside me. I scooted until I was at the curve, and he came in close. He waited until the materdee walked away, before leaning down and speaking quietly

“I could just lay you up on the table and spend the next hour or so eating that sweet little pussy. That would be the best meal in the house,” He kissed my temple then leaned away enough to see my grin.

“I wouldn’t imagine the nutrition you’d get in that meal could sustain you,”

“No, but who would mind that!”

“I’m sure the waiter waitress wouldn’t want to see that, or that older couple in the center,”

“Ah,” he laughed and reached canl─▒ bahis for his water glass.

The conversation of the evening turned as the waiter came to take our drink order. Mark consulted me on my wine preferences, and we reviewed the menu together. He took my order and delivered it to the waiter when he came and made sure I kept a full wine glass.

He asked me about my childhood and my best friends and family members. He asked me about my career and my aspirations. He asked if I wanted children one day and listened to my story about infertility.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t do casual relationships well, and I am an all in or all out guy,” He had said at one point. “I know last night probably made it seem like I am the guy to take the girl home and lay her down right away, but usually I’m not. There is something about you that has immediately turned on everything in me.”

“I,” I stammered a bit, “I can subscribe to the all in or all out method of relationship,” I finished, and he bent in to kiss me.

“I will so spoil you rotten,” He said as the waiter came to ask if we wanted dessert.

We ordered an exquisite, something or other very overpriced, super decadent chocolate cake for two and took it to go.

In the elevator, I looked into the mans eyes, heard his voice, listened again in my mind to the stories he told at dinner of the family he had growing up, the dreams he had, the friends he kept, the dedication to his profession he had, and a little about his most recent ex-wife, who had left him for her personal trainer.

“How is that little plug doing in there?” He asked once we were in the car.

“Feels amazing,” I admitted and he grinned. He reached for my hand and held it as he drove. There was a comfortable silence as we rounded the streets and found our way back to my place. He walked me to the door, kissed me good night and lingered. I invited him in, and he accepted.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked, kicking off my shoes. He smiled and nodded, not saying anything. There was suddenly a shift in the communication, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I kept looking at him through the divider between the rooms as I poured him his requested bourbon on the rocks with a glass of soda on the side. I wondered if he was waiting on me to make a move, or ask a question. I was suddenly unsure of what to say or do next. He sat on the sofa and picked up the panties he had left on the back of it. I watched him finger the lace, and lift them to smell them. He grinned and looked at me.

“What perfume do you use?” He asked.

“Just Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion after my shower,” I smiled and he nodded.

“It’s incredible with your body chemistry baby,” He smelled the panties again then lay them down. He stood up and took off his jacket.

“Thank you,” I said as I brought him his drink as he kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie. I took the jacket and put it on the back of the dining room chair, and decided as I rejoined him, since he had taken a sip of his drink and set it down, that I would make a move. I straddled him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled up at me and ran his hands over the contours. He was looking at my chest.

“Do you like that?” I asked and he smiled

“Absolutely,” He bent to kiss my cleavage softly. I wrapped my arms up around his neck and caressed his hair. He put his hands on my ass and massaged the flesh.

He lifted his face to mine and kissed my mouth. He kissed me deeply and probed my mouth with his tongue. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. We kissed like this for a while.

“Can I make love to you baby?” He asked,before flipping me onto the couch and laying atop me. “yes,” I answered

He kissed me and caressed me some more, never making a move to take off, or even open his pants. He did start to grind into me, after a few minutes

“Yes, please,” I gasped between kisses and he moved to nibble on my neck. “please,” I begged.

“Please what, baby?” he asked, grinding harder into me. I let out a deep moan and clutched him harder

“Make love to me,”

“Do you want me inside of you, baby?” He asked, grinding harder

“Please, yes, please,” I begged.

He shifted to slip his fingers into me, and I bucked my hips to take him, he kissed me deeper and harder, stroking my insides.

He moaned as I tightened and seized around him. I came hard, and he moved swiftly to free himself from his pants and slip into me.

He moved a little faster in sliding into me than I expected and with the plug in my bottom, I felt like I was ripping, but it was such a good feeling. I cried out, louder than I had before and came again quickly. He pounded into me for a few minutes, then slowed.

“Im sorry I should take it easy on you,” He said into my ear

“No, no you shouldn’t I won’t break,” I said and lifted my hips taking him into me.

“You like it rough baby?” he asked as he started to pick up the pace again.

“I do,” I clutched at his shirt and worked to get it off of him, he had worked to shift my dress to release my nipples so he could suck on them, and I was starting to cum again when a fierce pounding came on the door.

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