Rebel For My Cause!

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It all started because my sister overslept and missed her school bus. I was shaken awake by my parents pleading me to drive her to school as they had to leave for work immediately. I of course bitched and moaned but finally got up and took a quick shower and put on some shorts and a t shirt and waited in the car for the brat to hurry up and get ready. She finally got to the car and I drove pretty fast while she gabbed on and on about how cool high school was. Once we got there I waited for her to get in the school before driving off.

This is when I saw one of her friends get out of her mother’s car and slam the door and angrily walk towards the school. This made me pause and for reasons unknown I waited there a few minutes just watching her. She really was cute. She had been over to our place a few times and I had seen her in her bikini and let’s just say that she had a body on her. She was 18, and about 5’6″ 110 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, and a bust of about 34D. I noticed that she waited till her mother drove off and then walked back away from the school clearly cutting school for today.

I honked the horn to get her attention and she looked my way frowning but when she saw me, she gave me a big smile and came towards me. I rolled down the window and said to her, “Shouldn’t you be in class? I just head the bell ring.” She just grinned and said, “Nah, I hate school, besides my mother pissed me off. She won’t let me date until I am done high school. How stupid is that?” I smiled and agreed with her. I asked her if she was going anywhere in particular and when she said she just wanted to get away from here I offered her a ride there. She of course got in my car and we drove off. I knew that I had this very attractive as well as very rebellious girl in my car and if I played my cards right I could get very lucky.

I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere in particular and she just asked me to surprise her. I smiled to myself as I knew the perfect place. I drove to a very little known area slightly out of town where I had found a small but perfect beach. When we got there, she was a little surprised and slightly nervous as we were completely alone. I got out of the car and took off my shirt and walked towards the beach barefoot in just my shorts and dove into the water and finally came up for air and saw that she was standing by the water still fully dressed but looking uncertain. I looked at her and said, “Why are you still there? Hop in, the water is great.” She told escort sincan me that she didn’t have a bathing suit on. I just looked at her and said, “Yeah, so what? Swim in your underwear, it covers the same amount as a swimsuit. Now come on jump in already.”

I knew she wanted to appear cool and mature so I wasn’t too shocked when she took off her clothes and started to walk towards me. What did surprise me however was that she was wearing a g-string and a see through lacy bra. I smiled at her as she walked in the water and as soon as the water hit her underwear she was as good as nude to me. We played around in the water for a little while, quite innocently before I started to escalate things. I splashed her and then diving under water I got under her and stood up so she was on my shoulders and while we horse played around I managed to quite a few feels of her soft and firm tits and ass. Either she didn’t notice or care because she didn’t say anything.

We soon got out of the water and sat on the beach. We talked for a while and she told me how she was more than ready to have boyfriends and experience life and her mother just wouldn’t allow her the chance. I supported her with my words and smiles and she was very soon starting to like me more and more. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips to which I found no objection. Instead, she literally jammed her tongue down my throat. I was pleasantly surprised and kissed her hard while my hands moved covertly down her body one cupping her breast while the other snaking down to grab her perfect ass.

She still didn’t object so I lowered my head and pulling her bra down I latched my lips on her perfect pink nipples and started to suck as my hands reached in her wet panties and found her completely shaved pussy lips. She finally hesitated and pushed me gently away. I was of course by now rock hard and was in no mood to stop. I frowned at her and asked her what the problem was. She looked nervous as she told me that she wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea. I was a little pissed but decided to play it cool. I got up put on my shirt and told her that it was okay let her know that I was sorry I wasted my time with a little kid. I admit I was mean and downright dirty when I played the mother card. I told her that her mother was right in telling her what to do because she was clearly still a child.

This really got to her because she almost cried but somehow stopped herself. She quickly got up and grabbed my arm begging ankara escort me to stay. I was slapping my own back already in my mind as she nuzzled my neck and started to kiss my chest as I once again removed my shirt. She spent some time kissing and licking my chest and nipples before I kissed her again. After a few minutes of kissing I placed my hands on her shoulder and gently pushed her down to her knees. She again looked a bit scared but sank to her knees obediently and gasped when she noticed my trunk was tented with my hard cock. I dropped my shorts and my cock flung out almost hitting her face. Her eyes were wide with part fear and part wonder. She almost involuntarily licked her lips just before I grabbed her face and pushed my cock forward. She was caught so off guard that she didn’t open her mouth so my cock hit her lips and slid up and hit her nose. I frowned and told her to open up.

She slowly parted her lips as I jammed my cock in eager to feel this hot horny teen’s hot mouth around my pole. She choked immediately and I pulled out and cursed, “Look little girl, this here is a cock, learn how to please it.” She nodded gently and took me in her mouth by herself and started to lick my shaft and the head. She had a knack for it and before soon I was moaning and groaning as she was working her tongue all over my cock. I pulled her off my cock and told her to spend some time pleasing my balls. She hesitated again as I don’t think the idea of being teabagged seemed very appealing to her. I laid her down on the sand as I straddled her chest first rubbing my cock all over her tits and then her face making sure to leave a slimy trail of my precum.

I am sure in my primal mind somewhere I was marking my territory. I finally squatted over her face and let my big hairy balls rub her nose and lips before she finally reluctantly opened her mouth. I let first one and then both balls enter her mouth as I groaned loudly. She reflexively started to flick her tongue around my balls giving me so much pleasure I didn’t want to leave this position ever.

I finally pulled my balls out of her mouth and just for fun still kneeling over her face I looked her directly in the eyes and told her to lick my ass. She made a face and was about to say something but the look in my eyes made her pause and as I moved into position she gently licked my exposed asshole. I shuddered in pleasure as I had always wanted to try this but never had this chance and now my little sister’s friend was etimesgut escort bayan making it cum true. Literally. After I was satisfied with the ass licking I got up and told her to follow me. We walked till we were in the sand dunes and I told her to go by one of the sand dunes and bend over and grab her ankles.

I am sure she was afraid but by now I think her mind was in auto-pilot as she just obeyed. I don’t think it was about being a rebel anymore. It was simply the slut inside her awakened. I smiled as she obeyed and I enjoyed the view of her exposed and vulnerable in that submissive position. I walked up behind her and smacked her ass hard making her yelp but she stayed in her position. I gave her ass a good spanking till it was beet red and I could tell she was sobbing quietly. I rubbed her ass gently and spread her pussy juices all over her flaming hot ass. She finally stopped crying as I spread her pussy lips and places the head of my big brown uncut cock at her entrance. I heard her take a deep breath and hold herself in position for the upcoming fuck.

I grabbed a hold of her hips and rammed my cock in her cunt with such ferocity it even surprised me. I heard her scream as her cherry was popped and her body shook with pain. I held myself in place as her whimpering finally subsided and I pulled out almost completely before ramming right back in. I maintained this pace for a good ten minutes till I knew her insides were sore and sensitive. I finally held her hips in place and started to fuck her with short fast and hard strokes. This made her pant and gasp and I knew she was very close to losing it. I started to take longer but just as fast and hard strokes and before I knew she was cumming and I mean cumming real hard all over my cock and I couldn’t hold it in either as my cock spewed spurt after spurt of my hot slimy cum in her recently deflowered cunt.

I finished cumming and pulled out of her ravaged pussy and laid down next to her head and gently pulled her face to my cock feeling no resistance as she softly cleaned my cock with her tongue. We laid there for a few hours recovering and finally got up and walked quietly to my car. We got in and I drove her home. By now I was feeling extremely guilty because not only had I taken advantage of this young girl I had just deflowered her and basically fucked the shit out of her. I was worried she was going to hate me for it but I shouldn’t have been. I got a call from her that night when she thanked me for a great time and told me she wanted to see me again. We met again a few times after that and soon started to date. We are now married and have two kids. We will never forget how we met and we are still just as wild in the sack as we ever were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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