Realtor’s Dream Ch. 04

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My name is Lana. Some months ago I sold a house to a billionaire named Robert. Since that time Robert bought out the real estate agency I worked for. I am now his employee and sex slave. At least it seems like I am a slave to Robert’s cock. Whenever he needs laid I go to his home and let him take me. I haven’t figured out what Robert wants with me. I am in my forties and Robert is a dot-com billionaire in his mid twenties.

Robert wanted me to move in with him and I refused. I am thinking that he is trying to punish me for that fact. The punishment comes in the way of his long cock. Robert has to be eight inches in length and he knows how to use that dick. I have been close to quiting but for some reason I keep thinking I can get free from Robert.

I now run the real estate agency that Robert owns. I guess he did that to keep me in line. He knows I won’t walk away from all that money. I got a call from Robert today. He told me to arrive at his house around eight pm. It was an order more than a request. When I rang the doorbell Robert answered in a short bathrobe.

“I’m so glad to see you tonight Lana.”

Robert took my coat and he led me back to the bedroom. This was normally how things went. We made love and then went on to business afterwards. Robert bahis siteleri started taking my clothes off. I stood there as each piece of clothing left my body. I am still in pretty good shape. I have curves and I am a thirty six ‘C’ cup. Robert dropped his robe to the floor. I was staring at his giant prick. Robert got me over to the bed.

“I want to try something different tonight,” he said.

He opened a drawer and pulled out two pair of handcuffs. I didn’t like how this was going to work out but what could I do. Each of my wrists were snapped into one end of the cuffs. The other cuff got attached to a rail of the bedpost. Robert then got hold of my ankles and pushed them back to my chest. I was exposed to anything Robert wanted to do.

I soon knew what we were going to try. I felt Robert press his massive cockhead to the opening of my ass.

“Not there Robert!” I begged to to stop.

Robert just got this evil grin on his face and he started to feed me his monster. I screamed as his thick pole invaded my ass. I never liked anal and I had never taken a cock of this size. Robert kept pushing his rod deeper into my bottom. I thought I might faint but he somehow he got most of his prick into my tight hole. That was when the fucking began. He was sliding canl─▒ bahis siteleri all eight inches into me. I knew he was getting it all inside me because his egg sacs were touching my cheeks.

What else could I do? I got into it. I begged Robert to fuck my ass as hard as he could. He did just that. He took to ramming that python into me as hard as he could. I thought he was ripping my ass apart. Maybe it was because I was so tight back there. Robert didn’t last as long as he normally did when he filled my pussy. I heard his grunts as he drove deep into me one more time. Robert then unloaded his thick cum into my tight hole.

It felt like he turned a hose on inside my bottom. All that sticky cum shot into my body. I have to admit, of all the times Robert fucked me this time was the most intense. I felt totally spent after he hosed me with his hot cream. Thankfully he undid the cuffs and let me free.

“We are going to have to try that again sometime Lana.”

I think I finally couldn’t anymore abuse from Robert fucking me like I was his whore. I probably had been his whore up to that point but not any longer. I pushed his cum out onto the sheets. Robert just watched me. I gathered my clothes and got dressed.

“Where are you going?” He asked canl─▒ bahis me.

“That is the last time you touch me or fuck me with your cock,” I told him.

“I guess you know you will be out of a job as of tomorrow,” he said.

“I don’t give a fuck, find someone else you can abuse, not me!”

With that I got my coat on and I stormed out of Robert’s house. I hopped into my car and drove home. By the time I opened my front door I had cooled off. I realized I had just pissed away my six figure job. So be it, I figured. I didn’t want to be in real estate the rest of my life. It was long hours and no guarantee of a sale. I had some money stashed away for a rainy day. Tomorrow it would be pouring.

I got into bed that night. My ass felt raw. I reached down and I felt Robert’s cum still dripping from my ass. I brought some of his white froth up to my face and I looked at it. God, he had fucked me more than any other man I had ever been with. The problem was, it was all about him, never me. With that, I took my cum stained fingers and began to rub my clit with them. Even though he fucked my ass that night, I wish I had a cock in my pussy right now.

I used his cum as a lubricant and I fingered my pussy until I brought myself off. My pussy was dripping wet with juices when I finally finished. I don’t know how things will end up from now on. I know I will miss Robert’s cock in me. I just won’t miss him treating me like a cheap prostitute. At least I hope it all plays out that way.

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