Rainy Days Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Note: while there is no anal in the story itself, the short epilogue has some. If it’s not your cup of tea, simply skip the epilogue! Thanks.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!

“Why is everything so different during the night?” Valeria asked herself as she was trying to sleep, hearing her father snoring right next to her. Why wasn’t she able to sleep, wasn’t able to close her eyes, wasn’t even able to relax and, most importantly, why wasn’t she able to quiet the deep pulse emanating from between her legs? She shuffled her long fine legs once again, feeling them sliding against the soft fabric. And so very close to her father’s legs. She could feel his warmth against her skin.

Twenty minutes later she sighed deeply and got up from the bed. She was briefly afraid of waking her father up, but she knew he was a deep sleeper. Despite the pouring rain outside, the room was warm and decently dry, so she wasn’t uncomfortable wearing only a tee-shirt and her panties. She sat on the couch and stared at her father’s large form. Her dad wasn’t really fat, but he wasn’t thin either. He was just a beast of a man, barrel chested and as strong as an ox. Next to him, and her brother as well, Valeria looked like a frail nymph. Tall, leggy and small breasted, yet with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair around a beautiful face.

Valeria wasn’t conceited: she had simply accepted that her long, angular face captivated the attention of most boys and men. All through her adolescence she had dreamed and wished and prayed and even tried voodoo to force her breasts to bloom and her hips to flare. Nothing happened. Nada. Yet her face slowly altered about two years ago, and she saw a clear change in how men looked at her. Valeria still envied her mother’s large breasts and rounded hips, but not to the point of crying anymore, as she had done a long time ago. Now she had accepted the plain fact that she looked more like a model of the 2010’s rather than the 1980’s.

But none of that was her problem tonight. The problem was the distinct rise she could see in the blankets, right about where her father’s cock would be. There was very little light in the motel room where they were staying, but every time there was lightening, she could see it clearly. And every time she did, she felt a definite tingle in her pussy. It wasn’t the first time she had experienced sexual thoughts about her father, but this forced intimacy had intensified the problem.

This week was supposed to have been a perfect vacation for the family. Earlier this morning Valeria’s brother left with their mom, many hours before her dad and her. A phone call earlier today had confirmed that they had made it to the rented cabin despite the pouring rain. Her dad and her, on the other hand, would not make it today: a landslide had destroyed part of the only road that connected to the mountain. So Valeria and her dad had rented this motel room, hoping that somehow the rain would stop and they could fix the road. She didn’t think it very likely, despite her father’s optimism.

The only remaining room only had a double bed in it, and on impulse, seeing the reaction of the spinster receptionist, Valeria had decided to feign being her father’s girlfriend. She was legal, if barely, and knew her father looked good enough to catch a young girl had he been single. The old woman looked at them for a few moments, frowning, but grudgingly gave them the room. It was a very small town, and clearly this woman would not have approved of a father sleeping in the same bed as his daughter.

Valeria, now watching her dad’s silhouette against the dark wall, remembered him laughing as they first got in the room. “Well, looks like I got myself a young vixen to keep me company… Am I your sugar daddy or did we find true love despite the age difference?” he asked, enjoying the roleplaying. Sitting on the couch as she was looking at him sleeping, her arms wrapped around her raised knees, Valeria didn’t find the charade so funny. She could feel her skin’s warmth, and knew her heart was beating faster than it usually did. She could also remember when her dad stripped to his boxer briefs before turning the light off to let her change.

Call it the Electra complex if you wished, Valeria didn’t care. She just liked guys that looked like her father. And none of the boys in her circles looked anything as powerful as her dad did. Well maybe her brother, who was slowly getting more muscular, but he didn’t really count. Letting one hand fall on the couch, she grabbed it hard. At first, she had suggested that she could sleep on the couch, given that her dad was just too big for it.

He had shrugged it off, inviting her to share the bed with him. He had even added that as her sugar daddy, he could decide what she did. Clearly, Valeria thought, the thought that something remotely sexual could happen between them was so far from his mind that he could even joke about it. “Is it normal that I feel bad about that?” Valeria thought, her chin on her knees and eyes closed. She sighed again. When she surprised herself by nodding suddenly, she smiled and walked back to the bed.

She grabbed iskenderun escort her earplugs, which help to cover the snoring, and tried to sleep again. One of her hands just happened to end up on her belly. Her lower belly. Before she could stop herself, she slipped her fingers against her pussy and had to contain a moan. “Shit!” she thought. “This is bad! I can’t masturbate right now! Fuck!” By sheer force of will she pulled her hand away. She could still feel her pussy’s warmth against her fingertips, but she slipped her hands under her buttocks and took a long series of deep breaths until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Roughly 24 hours later, after closing the light, Valeria was faced with the same problem. In the same pitch darkness, with the same driving rain outside, she was lying on her back with her eyes wide open. Their first full day trapped in this quaint little town had been a very strange experience. When they finally faced the fact that the rain hadn’t let up, they decided to make the most of it. A movie and the very tiny mall made most of the afternoon disappear, but everything hadn’t been smooth between her dad and her.

Valeria was on the trailing end of a bad adolescent crisis. It was much better now, but the last couple of years hadn’t been easy for anybody in their family. Mostly because of her. At around 5 o’clock, she had fallen into her old sullen and dark mood, a mood her father knew very well. They both decided to eat in silence instead of risking an argument over nothing. After dinner, her father told her that he was going to a country dance in the church’s basement. Valeria nearly threw up at the thought and when she said that she would stay at the motel her father nodded. Yet they both suddenly remembered that they were supposed to be a couple.

In the end, the deal was that she would come for twenty minutes and feign a stomach ache before leaving. Simple plan to keep up appearances. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Just before they entered the church, her father told her that she would have to pretend to enjoy herself. He then grabbed her hand, which was still strange despite having done so many times today, and she took a deep breath. Well, in a matter of minutes, Valeria was horrified to realize that she actually liked dancing to this god awful music.

Rather, more precisely, she really liked dancing with her father. He didn’t kiss her or touch her in unnatural places, like most of the other men did with their partners, but she quickly found herself feeling heady. She didn’t know any of the steps and her father patiently taught her what she was supposed to do. He felt so damn strong! Valeria was pretty sure that he could have thrown her ten feet in the air if he wanted to. When her father leaned close to her neck, she leaned back and pushed her body against him reflexively. When he whispered “I think you’ve done enough my sweet. You can go now.” she was shocked to realize that she wasn’t feigning her pleasure at all.

“She turned her mouth against his ear and replied “Nah, I’m fine. It’s not so bad to dance with my sugar daddy…” she pulled back for a moment, grinning at her dad. “In any case, I’d probably be bored to death alone in the room.”

“What? You mean that? Ok, great then! you’re a natural at this, and by the end of the evening you’re probably going to be able to dance with anyone here without fear of looking like a fool.”

But what Valeria wanted at the end of the evening was to mount her father and feel his huge cock in her small pussy. She said “Well, given that I’m your plaything, I think I’m going to stay right here with you. And by the way, if you keep touching me like a daughter, people are going to start to wonder if you really like me…”

Valeria’s father laughed out loud, and grabbed her by the waist, a bit lower than he had before. They returned to the dance floor and spent the next four hours dancing like crazy. And touching each other. Her father, while leading her in dance, was clearly letting her lead the way on that front. Gradually they forgot about being father and daughter and began holding and touching each other like lovers. Nothing too explicit, but they followed the atmosphere. The first time her father grabbed her ass, probably by pure reflex, Valeria gasped. Her father pulled his hand back immediately, but Valeria leaned in and said “Put it back! I don’t mind, I was just surprised.” And so he did, squeezing her perfect little ass in his large hand.

Valeria felt wonderfully good. She had already been hot, sweaty and aroused, but this pushed her over the edge. She felt her pussy becoming fully wet at her father’s touch and for a brief moment her knees felt weak. The rest of the evening went by lightning fast, and neither of them could believe what was happening. Her father was obviously stunned to see her enjoying herself at a country dance, and she was breathless at this new intimacy between her father and her.

Eventually they came back to the motel, wet from the rain and their sweat. She went to the shower first, and as soon as she touched her pussy with a escort iskenderun soapy hand, she knew she was on the verge of a climax. As she caressed herself, she prayed that her father would come in and take her against she shower wall. He didn’t, but the image drove her to a quick climax. Once she was done with her shower, she dried herself and put her long tee-shirt on, but decided against putting her panties on. “Such naughtiness…” she thought, smiling. Then “Such fucked-upness as well! Shit!”

Suddenly very nervous, she feigned being completely tired as soon as she got out and disappeared under the blankets. She heard the extremely loud lock close on the bathroom door, and then the shower running. Tiptoeing to the door, she put her ear against it and tried to find out if he was masturbating. Nothing. When her father came out of his shower, she was sleeping on her side, her back towards him. Despite her climax, she was still very aroused and didn’t want to risk anything by looking at him with a nothing but a towel around his waist. He joined her in bed and turned the light off. After a few minutes, he whispered “Are you sleeping?”

“No.” she replied. She turned over on her back, realizing that the hem of her t-shirt was around her waist.

“Are you sure you’re OK about what happened tonight?” she could hear his nervousness in his voice.

“Yes Dad… Don’t worry about it. Just don’t tell Mom or Michael about the dance!” she said lightly.

“OK. I know. But I was not talking about that…”

“Oh.” she took a deep breath, suddenly a bit more nervous herself. “Well, same thing? We keep this between ourselves?”

“Sure.” he said. She though he might add something, but he didn’t.

Soon after that, she heard his breathing changing and he began snoring. Turning on her side to look at him, she saw that he hadn’t worn his t-shirt tonight. Very gently, she pulled the blankets off his chest and stared at him. “How sick can I be?” she thought, smiling in the dark. Her pussy was still very wet, very ready. After a while she put the blanket back and lay on her back. Burning hot and fully aroused, she couldn’t sleep despite her tiredness. An hour of half-drowsing, half-fighting the urge to masturbate later, she felt her father stir and get up. She remained perfectly still. He went to the bathroom and left the door slightly opened, not wanting to wake her up with the loud catch.

On impulse, she jumped out of her bed and walked towards the door, silent on the carpeted floor. And there, for the first time in her life, she saw her father’s cock. “Oh my fucking God!” It was a monster. Valeria wasn’t a virgin, but she hadn’t had a slutty adolescence either. Most of her knowledge about cocks came from porn movies. Right now she couldn’t believe just how big he was, even fully soft like he was. Shit! She could probably close both her fists around it right now! What would it look fully hard! When his bladder was empty, Valeria ran back to the bed and feigned sleep again. She eventually fell asleep and dreamed of riding huge horses, huge elephants, huge cars, huge planes… all night long.

As soon as she said “Good morning.” to her dad, she knew something was different. Wrong even. When she asked, he said that everything was fine, but it clearly wasn’t. Her only guess was that he somehow regretted what had happened last night. She sure didn’t. Fuck, she wanted to go there again! Their day together felt pretty much like the horrible weather. His mood darkened all day long, and it finally got to her. They began arguing and ribbing each other, the teases gradually becoming borderline insulting. The fact that they spent the entire day in the motel room didn’t help. At all.

As they ate a cold dinner in silence, Valeria was really pissed. What was wrong with him? They’d had more fun together last night than in the past five or six years! And now this? What the fuck was going on? She had been looking forward to going dancing with him again, feel his strong arms and hands all over her… Now she only wanted to go back home and forget everything that had happened. As they were clearing the dishes, she teased him one time too many about his weight and he snapped. “Oh shut up about it!” she could see that he was genuinely angry. “I don’t know why but tonight you’re an impertinent hellcat like you were a couple of years ago. I had hoped you had outgrown this phase, but if not, I’m ready to spank that little ass of yours.”

Valeria was more shocked than angry. She had deserved the insult, but the spanking had taken her by surprise. “You wouldn’t dare to spank me at my age!”

“Pray you won’t have to find out!”

The silence that filled the room was very thick. Valeria could see that he was red faced, but she herself wasn’t angry. Just stunned. Suddenly he got up and walked to the door, but stopped as he saw the relentless rain. “Shit!” he said. Yet he grabbed the umbrella and headed out despite the rain. Valeria sat down on their bed, her long legs crossed beneath her. She didn’t even know why she had indeed turned into such a hellcat. Thinking about iskenderun escort bayan it, she thought that it was probably the rejection she had felt this morning. She had really been looking forward to dancing with him again, and when he shut her out completely, she felt abandoned, which turned to frustration. And she was now pretty sure that her father felt bad for the nearly sexual contacts they’d shared last night. “Damn it…” she thought. Nevertheless, she felt happy to be old enough to be aware of all this.

Before her dad returned, she went to her bag and fished out the nicest shirt she had brought and a short skirt. She did put a pair of panties on, but no socks or bra. She didn’t need much support in any case. When she heard someone walking outside, she knew it must be him: nobody else would be out in this rain. She stood up and waited for him. His eyes were still darkened by anger when he looked at her, but he couldn’t help from looking at her from head to toe. Making the best of this off-balanced moment, she said “Dad, we need to talk.” Before he could reply, she shushed him. “I’m sorry about my bad jokes and nasty comments. I don’t know what got into me, and I apologize. I guess I was frustrated by the fact that you didn’t want to be with me this morning and–

“That’s not true!” he said quickly.

“Dad, please. I could almost see the word ‘unease’ on your forehead. And I think I know why.” His eyes opened a bit wider as she said that. “Is it because of yesterday night?”

“What? No!” he blurted out.

But Valeria could see by his reaction that she had hit the nail on the head. “Dad. Please listen to me. I really didn’t mind our dancing last night. In fact, I was even looking forward to going there again tonight. With you. And yes it’s strange to dance as lovers, but I didn’t mind that either. Maybe it’s a very strange way of reconnecting with you.” Valeria stopped and took a deep breath. She was highly conscious of how she was dressed, of the fact that he could see nearly all of her legs and probably could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. After a long pause, father and daughter staring at each other in the eyes, she whispered “So, do I still have a sugar daddy tonight?”

Her dad took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. He closed his eyes and asked “You… you didn’t mind the fact that I… that I touched your… Fuck!” Valeria was startled because her father never swore.

“That you touched me? No, dad, I didn’t mind. Of course it’s strange, but so what. I’ve let a few creeps touch me in the past that I–“

“Don’t tell me that!” her dad replied, cutting her off. “I’m going to go out and find them, the bastards!”

“What? No!” Valeria laughed, and was pleased to see a small smile on her father’s face. “Forget them.. I meant that I don’t mind if you touch me because I know you love me.” Valeria was surprised to realize that the last part of her sentence had been hard to say. As she looked at her father’s stunned face, she recognized that she hadn’t said that to her father in years.

“Of course I love you baby!” her dad walked towards her and took her in a big hug. His wet pants were icy cold on her naked legs and cried out as she pulled back, laughing. “Oh! Sorry baby!”

“Well,” she began, taking a deep breath, “I love you too dad. And I’m sorry I didn’t say it for a long while.”

Earlier that evening, as she’d been waiting for him to come back, Valeria hadn’t planned to say at all. But now as she hugged him again, she was glad she did.

“I love you too baby.” her dad said again.

“So!” she said, pulling away, “You just have to call me ‘baby’ all night long and we’ll both have a lot of fun.”

Her dad shook his head with a small smile. “You really mean that? You don’t mind it when we play this silly sugar daddy game?”

“Not one bit!” she replied playfully.

That night at the dance, father and daughter went quite a bit farther than they had last night. Valeria thought that their discussion had definitely released him from his worries. He held her a lot tighter, let his hands wander a lot more on her body as he touched her waist, thighs and ass quite a lot more. Once his hands closed on her sides a bit higher than her waist and his thumbs were probably less than an inch away from her breasts.

That was all before alcohol happened. Valeria’s dad already knew that she drank, but despite her issues, she had never gotten herself drunk and then acted irresponsibly. Tonight they were drinking wine instead of beer though, something that Valeria had little experience with. Soon her head was spinning faster than her legs, and she was hugging her dad even more than before.

Through the night they made friends with another couple and spent a lot of time with them. Between dances they asked many questions about them, about how they met and how long they’d been together. The fact that Valeria was much younger than her lover didn’t seem to matter for them. After each dance, most couples kissed and so far, they had managed to fake it. Her dad would kiss her on the cheek close to her mouth and it worked. But now with their two new friends, they had to be more careful. Near the end of the night, as her dad was leaning in to kiss her she turned her head at the last minute and they shared a real kiss. At first her father pulled back, but when he saw his daughter grinning, he kissed her again. Longer. Much longer. When they pulled apart, they stare at each other, their eyes glowing.

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