Rainy Day Ch. 01

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Melanie entered the building’s front door just as Justin attempted to leave. Bodies tangled, umbrellas and bags fell to the floor and they were face to face with rain coming down. Silence for a moment, until the heavy rumble of thunder broke their instant attraction.

With his hand under her arm, Justin guided Melanie into the lobby and then bent to retrieve her bag and his umbrella as she picked up her own umbrella. As he handed her bag back, they stood facing in the dim lobby, eyes locked.

“Come up.” His voice was rough, his appointment forgotten. He held out his hand and she took it.

This moment had been coming for weeks, he thought as they stepped into the elevator. He pressed the top floor and they stood in absolute silence as they had since she’d moved into the building. Daily their paths seemed to cross. Elevator. Mail Room. Lobby. They would stop, look, never speak, but both of them felt the heat, the attraction.

Now, thanks to a chance encounter on a rainy day, he knew. His hands had touched her body, felt the slender grace he’d only seen when she walked away, felt the soft skin he’d only imagined until now. Her body had brushed against his, aligning perfectly, his blood thickening with desire at the slide of her hips over his, her breasts against his chest.

With a ding, the doors opened to his familiar hallway yet it felt unfamiliar as he took Melanie’s arm to guide her to his door. With the gloom outside, the hallway was dim, secretive, and it colored their encounter. Secretive, furtive, seductive. He opened his door with a jangle of keys and ushered her into his apartment. They had barely spoken, but now she turned to him as he closed his door and flipped the lock.

“No promises.” Her voice was soft, sultry, his body heating at the sound.

“Only today exists.” He answered. She nodded. She set her bag down next to the small table in his entry, leaning her umbrella against the wall. He did the same, then reached for her coat. She turned her back, letting him slide the damp material off her shoulders. He smelled vanilla and cinnamon as the coat fell into his hands, revealing a navy dress draped over her luscious curves, exposing curve after curve by the fall and fold. His mouth watered as he turned to hang her coat on the hall tree and add his own coat and toe off his shoes.

Again he took her hand and led her into the main room of the apartment. It was the reason he’d bought the space. Two walls of windows lined the corner apartment, opening the city below his living area. In nice weather, there was a balcony running the length of the windows. In the rain and gloom, the room felt like it was in the clouds.

“I’d wondered,” she murmured, taking the lead and pulling him into the living area. He’d intended to go into the bedroom, but she had other ideas. Standing in the sunken seating area, she slid her hand up the front of his t-shirt, heating the skin beneath. Her wide eyes were deep, dark blue like her dress, and he felt himself drowning as she leaned close. Her lips just brushed his, teasing, and he caught her with a hand on her neck, deepening the kiss. His tongue pushed against her lips until she opened and he tasted her.

Intoxicated, escort ankara he fed hungrily on her mouth as he slid a hand into her hair, the blond silk cool against his hot skin. His other hand slid down her body, cupping the firm swell of her breast through the soft material of her dress. Her nipple beaded against his palm and he gently squeezed, realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. His groin stirred at the idea and he wondered what else she was or wasn’t wearing. She drew back from the kiss, pushed back from him, and he let her, his breath rough as they stared at each other.

With a wicked smile, Melanie knelt before him. He groaned as her hands slid over his thighs, his muscles tense, his cock swelling as all the blood in his body pooled. She slid her hand under his t-shirt and flicked open the snap of his black chinos. His hips jerked and she smiled again as she drew the zipper down his bulging length, teasing him with the friction. She tugged the knees of his chinos, pulling them down to expose his boxers – he’d worn the black silk with bold red chili peppers today.

“Hot? Spicy?” she murmured, looking up at him with wicked curiosity, her fingers tracing a pepper here, there, anywhere but where he wanted her to touch.

“Fun.” It came out as a croak. He was actually pretty pleased he’d managed the word at all, since there was only the beat of his blood echoing in his head and his cock ached like he’d been kicked. Since words weren’t an option, he opted for action. He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and yanked it over his head. Melanie made a little noise and he looked down to see her surprised pleasure. Looking closer, he realized his cock was almost fully erect, his head visible above the waistband of his boxers, fat and red against his belly.

“Maybe all three,” she said, licking her lips as she hooked her fingers in the waistband and tugged his boxers down. She pulled his boxers and pants off as he stepped out, completely naked in the open living room. He’d never been naked out here before, the windows more than daunting to his normal shyness. Today – today the windows only enhanced his arousal.

Melanie cupped his balls with one hand, squeezing gently and rubbing the base of his cock with her thumb. Justin groaned, widening his stance and tilting his hips towards her. His thick length strained towards her and she gave him another wicked look as she leaned close and dipped her head to lick the bottom side of his head. His dick bobbed and she smiled, swirling her tongue around his bulging tip, then up and down the slit, tasting each milky drop of precum that welled up.

“Mel…” he started to tell her she didn’t have to…then she sucked his head into her mouth and his mouth went dry. Her tongue swirled around his head as she suckled him, one hand on his thigh for balance, the other stroking his swollen aching balls. Her sucking increased as she slid her mouth down his shaft, taking him deeper with each stroke, his hips rocking unconsciously, until he was full-on fucking her mouth, his head in her throat, his shaft pulsing in her wet embrace. Justin groaned, fisting his hands at his side, his head falling back as his eyes closed, etlik evi olan escortlar the image of his fat red cock between her lips burned into his brain. Her sucking increased and his cock swelled more, his balls tightening, his release nearing – he clenched his jaw, trying to hold back.

“No, Mel…wait,” Justin groaned as he looked down to see her lipstick on his groin, his dick glistening with saliva as she worked him in and out of her mouth. The hand on his balls shifted, her palm pressing almost painfully against his throbbing glands, her middle finger stretching, pressing, thrusting into his asshole. Just the tip entered, but it was a new and intensely erotic sensation and his head jerked back as he cried out, brilliant light exploding in his head as a white-hot orgasm rolled through him. His balls jerked, his hips thrust, and his cock erupted like a geyser, spilling his cum into her throat and mouth. Her hand kept squeezing, her finger kept thrusting, her mouth kept sucking and his body shook as if he was being electrocuted, his voice lost in the intense pleasure. When she’d milked him dry, she finally drew back, letting his cock pop from her mouth and he stumbled back and fell into the leather chair behind him.

It took more than a minute for his vision to return, for his breath to slow from gasping, for his sanity to return. Justin sprawled naked on the leather, his body humming with pleasure and arousal, his cock – incredibly, unbelievably – still erect. “Damn,” he groaned, stunned by the force of his release. Melanie stood up and smiled at him.

“I’ve been dreaming of how you’d taste,” she smiled, licking a bit of white from the corner of her lips. Then she licked her bottom lip like a cat with cream and he groaned again. Her hands moved over her dress, flicking buttons open, revealing more and more creamy skin. “I know we said no promises, but I made myself a promise,” she confessed, shrugging her shoulders, the dress sliding to the floor, leaving her standing in only thigh-high black lace stockings, “If I ran into you today, I told myself I would do two things.” Justin just stared at the perfection of her naked body. Her legs were slender, yet muscular, her thighs curved, her belly flat. She was shaved bare, another new experience for Justin – although he’d seen bare pussy in mags – and he wondered how she would taste. Her breasts were firm and high, fully round, her nipples rosy and tight, making his mouth water.

“Two things?” he managed to croak. She sauntered towards him, licking her lips again. His cock strained up, rigid and fat. He’d never been this ready this soon after a release, not that he’d ever had an orgasm like she’d given him.

Melanie wrapped a hand around his shaft as she slid onto his lap, her bare thighs hot against his. “One, that I would find out how you taste,” she murmured, leaning close to kiss his mouth. He stirred himself to slide his hands over her hips, to cup her breasts as their tongues teased. She shifted forward, her hips sliding against his chest and belly, then down. Her hand guided his bulging tip to her dripping hole and she rotated her hips, teasing him, his tip teasing her, letting demetevler genç escortlar her juices drip over his head and down his shaft.

“The second…” His voice was rough, his eyes locked on hers, as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. He felt her pussy stretch open, saw the flicker of it in her face, as her tight body gradually enveloped his long length. Her inner muscles quivered around him as he penetrated her depths, the slick heat of her wrapped tightly around his throbbing member. Slowly, achingly, slowly, she took every inch of his penis inside, until her hips were flush with his and she leaned into his body. Justin wrapped his arms around her, his hands cupping her ass as they kissed hungrily.

“The second was that I would find out how you fit,” she murmured breathlessly. He smiled, rocking her hips with his hands, squeezing her ass as he slid her up his cock and let her weight push her down. A shudder went through her.

“Pretty damn well,” he murmured, one hand sliding up her spine to curl in her hair and bring her mouth to his. As he kissed her, he slid his ass against the leather, stretching out, spreading his legs to open hers wider and give himself leverage. Then he dipped and thrust, driving his cock up into her again and again. She writhed against him as he fucked her, his cock gliding easily against her slick flesh, surging deep again and again.

Justin swallowed her cries as he feasted on her mouth, his penis working her sex eagerly. He spread his legs a little more, opening her wide and he added hip movement to his strokes, languidly caressing the length of her inner passage, slamming his head against her core as he filled her. Each full stroke had her moving against him, a deep shudder at the friction of his caress and then a jerk of reaction as he hit her tender core. When he freed her mouth, she arched up against him, crying out, moaning, and he dipped his head to tease her nipples. He slid his free hand down between them, his fingers finding her clit, stroking the nub as his dick stroked her pussy.

“Yes…” she sobbed, her body tightening. He picked up the pace, ramming his cock into her, bouncing her on his lap with the force of his thrusts. She contracted more, her thighs pressing against his, her back arched, her breasts jutting out proudly. Justin’s hands gripped her hips as he shifted forward, pushing her down each time he thrust up, driving her towards her climax. It came with a breathless cry, her body straining up against his grip as he thrust deep and she came, her release gushing over him. He held her against his hips, his cock throbbing and swelling deep inside her as her inner muscles rippled around him. He groaned at the delicious torture – her contractions felt like greedy fingers squeezing his penis as her hot cum dripped from his balls. Then it was over, his shaft straining, pulsing, shooting semen up into her core, as they cried out together.

They lay on the chair for a while, bodies tangled, enjoying the boneless pleasure of release. Although his cock never went limp, Justin eased free after a few minutes and let her curl in his lap. He’d never been this horny. Despite her incredible blow job, the hot sex, he was still aroused. The moment he closed his eyes he could see her blond head at his groin, see her firm breasts bouncing in his face as he drove into her. As he slid a hand down her backside, she shifted lazily, and he smiled. Maybe it was time for a little payback…

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