Race to Eleven Ch. 09

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Dolly found it difficult to sit on a chair and concentrate on work. Her ass cheeks were on fire and her pussy leaked the juices to make the chair wet. She still didn’t understood why she obeyed every command that her boss gave. But it made her hornier and she came like never before.

Raghav shifted to his work and got busy with it. Raghav was about to break for his lunch at the afternoon, when his door opened. He was surprised to see Pooja, who was all smiling, carrying lunch box with her.

“Surprise honey. I thought I owe you a treat after the fabulous morning breakfast.” Pooja said.

She kissed him and took a seat in front of him.

“It’s indeed a lovely surprise. I am hungry and what a treat I am getting. I love you.” Raghav said, smiling.

“Bastard, you had a better treat yesterday night, I suppose. Reena was walking so funny. You should have left something for her poor fiancée.” Pooja said laughing.

“She asked for it.” Raghav said shutting down the computer.

“And bastard, you gave it. Such a cheating husband. Who fucks her wife’s cousin in adjacent room when his lovely wife is all naked in his own bedroom?” Pooja said, opening the lunch box.

Raghav just smiled.

“Hey, you needed an assistant, right? Dolly’s boyfriend Smith is a good candidate. Just lacks discipline and patience. You can give it a try. And no one can discipline him better than you.” Raghav said, starting his lunch.

“Yea. Though I couldn’t control my cheating husband, who keeps fucking other women. What do I get for it?” Pooja asked, having the lunch.

“Whatever my love wants. It’s all yours baby.” Raghav said, trying to be romantic.

“Bastard, shut up. Even your cock is not mine completely nowadays. So, stop being so romantic. Be a cheating fucking husband, what you are. That suits you more.” Pooja said.

“Ok slut. Tell your cheating husband, what your cunt desires.” Raghav said.

“That’s better. Finish your lunch. Will tell you.” Pooja said laughing.

Raghav and Pooja finished their lunch. Pooja got up and sat in Raghav’s lap.

“And here is your desert honey. I always wanted to get banged on your office table. What say? In return Smith gets the job.” Pooja said, kissing Raghav hard.

“Fair enough slut. Just don’t complain of sore pussy at night because I am damn horny.” Raghav said, kissing back hard.

“Bastard, let your cock do the talking.” Pooja said, getting up from the lap and sitting on the table.

Raghav quickly raised her skirt up and removed her moist panties. Raghav got down and started sucking her cunt to make her moan.

“Oh fuckkkkk. Yesss honey. Keep sucking my filthy cunt.” Pooja said.

Raghav kept sucking it holding her by waist from his both hands.

Pooja dialed the intercom to Dolly. She struggled to hold the phone due to assault. She put the phone on speaker. Dolly picked it up.

“Yes sir.” Dolly said on phone.

Raghav looked at Pooja, who had a wicked smile. Raghav continued the assault.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkkk. Its Pooja honey. Hmmm. Yessss. Your boss would be busy for next half an hour. Hmmmm. Yesssss. Oh my god. Please don’t let anyone in.” Pooja said.

Dolly was surprised to hear her moans on the phone. Her own pussy tingled. Still she managed to reply “Yes mam.”

“Fucckkkkk. Thanks dear. Yessss Yessss. And please bear with the noise. Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk. Let me talk Raghav. Ohhhh fucccckkkk.” Pooja said and cut the phone.

Pooja fell down on table with the assault and started struggling to lay without making noise. Raghav further started licking her pussy with his tongue vigorously.

“Ohhh ffuuuuckkkk. You will make me cum with your tongue. Yessssss.” Pooja moaned.

Raghav continued his assault and inserted two fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her along with sucking her clit. It was too much for Pooja and she came hard on Raghav’s mouth.

“Fuccckkkkkkk. Yesssssssssssss.” Pooja screamed, definitely to make Dolly hear it.

Raghav kept drinking all the nectar flowing from Pooja’s cunt. Pooja’s orgasm finally subsided and she started breathing normal.

“It was intense baby.” Raghav said getting up and kissing Pooja to make her taste her own juices.

Pooja started sucking her own juices from his mouth.

“Hmm. I taste good honey.” Pooja said laughing and started kissing back hard.

Raghav’s cock was fully erect and he started unzipping his pants as Pooja kept kissing him hard.

“Take me hard sir. I want to be your whore secretary, who fulfills your every desire.” Pooja said looking into Raghav’s eyes.

Raghav was aware about Pooja’s games. His cock was throbbing and wanted to really pound his slut wife.

“Yes slut. Your job is to please my every demand and get your cunt filled with my horny cock.” Raghav said and spread her legs to get access to her cunt.

“Ohhh Fuccckkk. Yes sir. My cunt has to bear with whatever you do with it.” Pooja said spreading legs further to reveal her wet pussy hole.

Raghav placed his cock on her entrance and pushed it entirely into her kızılay escort cunt. It tore into her pussy.

“Fuccckkkkk. Yes sir. Yes sir. Take me.” Pooja moaned.

She wanted it really rough and hard. Her eyes were full of lust. She laid down on table. Raghav held her waist to raise her hips from the table and pushed her towards him to get cock deeper into her.

“Fucccccckkkkkkkkk. It touched my womb sir.” Pooja withered on table with the pain and pleasure.

Dolly was at the door, hearing what was going inside. Her cunt was leaking like hell. She was super horny and imagined that she was getting banged again on the same very table. She started fingering her cunt vigorously.

“Slut, now take it what you wanted. You will surely repent at the end.” Raghav said and started fucking Pooja, raising above the table, like a monster. His balls slapped her ass hard at every thrust. He showed no mercy to her.

“Nooooooo…. Fuckkkkkkkkk. Its too much. Sir, I will die. Yessssssssss. Oh my god. Oh my god.” Pooja shuddered on the table in ecstasy.

“I don’t care slut. Your cunt will take whatever I have in store for it.” Raghav roared like an animal and pounded really hard.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Fuccckkkkk. Its too much sir, please.” Pooja pleaded, her eyes and mouth wide open with the assault.

Raghav showed no mercy and kept pounding hard. Pooja felt like someone was stabbing her cunt with the hard rod.

“Fucckkkkkkk. Cummmminnnggggggggggg.” Pooja shouted as her orgasm erupted out of nowhere.

Raghav quickly pulled out the thong in his pocket and pushed it in her mouth to muffle her scream.

Pooja’s orgasm was not yet subsided, but before that she was shocked to see the thing placed in her mouth. It didn’t belonged to her. Whose it was?

Raghav too understand his mistake, but he was in no mood to slow down and kept pumping hard.

“Slut, that belongs to Dolly. I just banged her in the morning on the very same table. Fucckkkk. But not so hard.” Raghav shouted pounding it harder.

Pooja was shocked to hear it and her second orgasm hit her before her first subsided and her screams got muffled in her mouth.

Dolly was shocked to hear the revelation at the door and her cunt too gave up and she too came on her fingers hard. She inserted three fingers in her cunt and started fucking it hard.

Pooja tried to remove the thong from her mouth. But Raghav was quick to drop her hard on table and hold her mouth tight. Pooja tried to move but Raghav was too strong for her.

Raghav quickly turned her around and bend her on the table. Her face hitting the cold table. He pulled her both hand behind her back and held her tightly with one hand. He inserted his lubricated cock hard in her pussy from behind to make her scream in the thong.

Dolly recovered from orgasm and tried to adjust her skirt. She looked around to find no one and tasted her own juices. She then moved back and sat on her seat, breathing hard.

Raghav pulled Pooja’s hands back and started fucking her hard. Raghav was fucking her as if like riding a horse, pulling her hands back to get maximum penetration.

Pooja was now crying with the hard pounding, but her screams were getting completely muffled. Raghav showed no mercy and kept pounding hard for next ten minutes.

Finally, Raghav erupted in her wife’s pussy. He spurted one shot after another in her thoroughly fucked wife’s pussy. Pooja came once again with Raghav cuming in her pussy. She had stopped crying and she was thoroughly satisfied. She felt like she has died and gone to heaven.

Pooja removed thong from her mouth and closed her eyes. She tried to soak all the pleasure. Raghav tired with the pounding fell on Pooja and breathed hard.

Finally, Raghav got up from Pooja and pulled up his pants. He knew he had given hard time to Pooja and now need to face her anger.

Pooja got up from the table and her pussy was aching bad. Her body enjoyed the fucking she got but she never expected Raghav to be so rough in the office. She turned around and slapped him hard.

“Ouchhh.” Raghav looked stunned at Pooja, rubbing his cheek.

“Bastard, I am not your whore secretary to get fucked so badly on your office table. You mother fucker. You keep banging all around the place.” Pooja shouted on him.

“I am so sorry honey. I just carried away. I am really sorry.” Raghav pleaded, understanding his mistake.

“Keep your filthy mouth shut bastard. How dare you stuck up that whore’s thong in my mouth.” Pooja said throwing that thong on his face.

“I am so sorry honey. I just couldn’t think right at that moment.” Raghav pleaded, looking afraid.

“And you fucked her without letting me know.” Pooja said angrily.

“The events just turned out in the morning and it lead to me fucking her.” Raghav said, looking down.

“Bastard, don’t act like an innocent child. She might not have open her legs for you and told you — fuck me.” Pooja shouted at Raghav.

“No, I mean she didn’t objected. She liked it.” Raghav tried to argue.

“You etlik escort mother fucker. If all the women around you don’t object, then you will fuck all of them?” Pooja said.

“No. I just couldn’t control it.” Raghav said.

“Did you cum in her?” Pooja asked.

“Yes.” Raghav replied.

“In her pussy?” Pooja asked.

“Yes.” Raghav replied.

“Is she submissive?” Pooja asked.

“Yes.” Raghav replied.

“Is she sitting out without her panties outside?” Pooja asked.

“Yes.” Raghav replied.

“Was she first to get banged on this very table?” Pooja asked.

“Yes.” Raghav replied.

“Fuccckkk. I missed that. Bastard, tame her properly. She is a nice slut.” Pooja said grinning.

“What?” Raghav said looking up at Pooja in surprise.

“Yes bastard. Fuck, it was too hot to get fucked on your table and having your whore secretary’s thong in my mouth to muffle my screams. She doesn’t taste bad.” Pooja said laughing.

“Fuckkk. I was so scared. Honey, I am still sorry.” Raghav said relieved.

“Shut up mother fucker. I know you don’t mean to be sorry. Next time, let me know whatever and whoever you fuck.” Pooja said picking up Dolly’s thong.

“Hmm. Yes honey. Love you” Raghav said silently.

Pooja wore Dolly’s soiled thong as her pussy leaked Raghav’s and her own juices, to shock Raghav.

“It fits well. Now you answer her, where is her innerwear, honey.” Pooja said adjusting her clothes and hair.

Raghav just stood still with his mouth open. Pooja collected her belongings, adjusted her face and dress for the last time and left the cabin.

Dolly stood straight as Pooja emerged from her boss’ door. She didn’t dared to look into her face. Pooja, though, smiling, looked at Dolly.

“It was a hell of a lunch Dolly. Your boss is insatiable.” Pooja said, all smiling.

Dolly didn’t expected it and she looked shocked at Pooja and just nodded, her eyes wide open.

“Raghav told me about Smith. Ask him if it is suitable for coming Sunday for the interview.” Pooja said.

“Sure Mam. Thanks a lot.” Dolly replied happily.

“No problem dear. By the way, your thong fits me good.” Pooja whispered in her ear, winking at her.

Dolly looked in shock as Pooja left smiling.

Raghav couldn’t believe what happened few minutes earlier and felt himself damn lucky. He got back to the work. Dolly, too, tried to concentrate to finish her report. Her ass was still burning.

Finally, Dolly was about to finish the report at the end of the day. She completed the prints and was about to provide it to his boss, when Smith came to pick her up.

“Hello, my love.” Smith greeted her.

“Hi. You could have called me and I would have met you downstairs.” Dolly said hesitatingly, surprised to see him at the office.

“I thought to surprise you. How was your day?” Smith said, hugging her.

“It was weird and painful. But I damn loved it.” Dolly said, not knowing herself what she was talking.

“Painful but loved. Are you fine?” Smith asked confused.

“I need a hot shower. Before that will say goodbye to sir.” Dolly said, getting up. Her ass burning.

Smith found funny the way Dolly was walking but ignored it.

“Yea, have a last look for the day of your favourite person.” Raghav said teasingly. He was aware Dolly adored her boss.

“Shut up Smith. Not here.” Dolly scolded him and knocked Raghav’s door and entered.

Dolly was a bit afraid to face Raghav after morning event. But she thoroughly enjoyed the fucking she got. Somewhere, her fantasy was becoming the reality.

“Hello angel. Done with the reports?” Raghav asked.

“Yes sir. Shall I keep on your table? Smith has come to pick me up. Shall I leave?” Dolly said, still not meeting her boss eyes.

“Great. Ask him to come inside. I had a word with Pooja. She might be interested in him.” Raghav said.

Dolly wanted the day to over quickly but couldn’t deny her boss and she just nodded and opened the door and signaled Smith to come in.

Smith came in with excitement and shook a hand with Raghav greeting him, “Good evening Sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“No handsome man. The pleasure is all mine. You are a special person for my angel.” Raghav said, winking at Dolly.

Dolly gave a dry smile, her heart beating faster.

“No sir. No one is special to her than you. She simply adores you. Half of the time, she talks about you at home.” Smith said.

“Is it so? I thought she might be cursing me for making her work hard.” Raghav said laughing.

“It can’t be sir. She loves to work hard under you. She says that it is best time of her life. If she wills, then she might keep working all the time with you. Your command is her life.” Raghav said, unknowing what transpired earlier today. But, it was true whatever he was saying.

“Shut up Smith.” Dolly said agitated. Her pussy was tingling with the choice of Smith’s words.

“Is it so? I feel myself damn lucky to have such an obedient and talented secretary. She is ready demetevler escort to follow without any objection.” Raghav said, looking at Dolly.

“Yes sir. She is lucky to have you and work under you.” Smith said.

“Enough Smith. Sir knows my talent and dedication.” Dolly said, smiling at Raghav.

Raghav didn’t expected it from Dolly. His cock throbbed in his pants.

“Smith, I had a word with my wife Pooja. She needs an assistant. Would you be interested for it?” Raghav asked him.

“Definitely sir. I would meet her immediately. Thank you sir. Thank you very much.” Smith said in delight.

“Fantastic. She will call you or Dolly. Don’t worry. Till that time, you read about her business policies and work. I will mail you. Dolly has to finish her report checking. It will not take much of time. I hope you don’t mind.” Raghav said to Smith smiling.

Dolly’s eyes went wide open. He looked at Raghav in surprise.

“Definitely, not sir. Boss first. By that time, I will go through your mail. I hope it will get done by that time.” Smith said.

“It depends how quickly Dolly gets finished.” Raghav said looking at Dolly.

Dolly galloped in shock. She didn’t expected this at all, when Smith is in office. However, she didn’t objected.

“Yes sir.” She managed to reply.

“No problem. I will wait outside and get the reading done.” Smith said, greeted Raghav and left.

“Shall we start, so that you are done and able to leave?” Raghav said, opening the reports.

“Yes sir.” Dolly said, moving hesitatingly aside Raghav.

“I think Smith said that you love working under me. So you should get under me.” Raghav said, unzipping his pants to remove his semi hard cock.

Dolly looked in shock, as what his boss had in mind, when his boyfriend is sitting outside. Dolly stared at her boss cock as her heart beat faster.

“Get going my obedient angel. Smith is waiting outside. Show your talents.” Raghav said, indicating to go down.

Dolly followed her boss instruction blindly. She still couldn’t understand why she followed all the instructions blindly, whatsoever it may be. She got down on her knees and went inside the table.

Dolly took Raghav’s cock in her hand and sucked its tip.

“Fuckkk. Angel. Your mouth will make wonders. Get going. Get me good enough to bang you hard, till I check your report.” Raghav smirked and started reading the report.

Dolly’s heart was beating fast. She started sucking her boss’ cock. Her desire to impress her boss overtook her fear. She started sucking hard to make Raghav swirl in his chair. Raghav started moaning. His cock was fully erect.

Dolly applied her saliva and sucked it fast. She was trying to take in entirely in her mouth. But it was too much for her. Still, she kept trying. Her pussy was on fire and needed something into it.

It was too much for Raghav and Raghav left the reports and pushed her head on his cock forcefully. Dolly started choking but she didn’t fought back. Raghav finally pushed his cock entirely, deep into her throat. His balls slammed on her chin.

Raghav held her face tightly on his cock for few seconds and then released her. Dolly gasped for breath and coughed out the saliva and pre cum. Her eyes were teary with the choke and she looked in shock at Raghav.

Raghav pulled out Pooja’s panties, which she left afternoon at his office, from his pocket and pushed it in Dolly’s mouth. Dolly looked baffled, while Raghav picked her up from waist and made her sit on the table.

Dolly inhaled Pooja’s scent from soiled panties and was further aroused. She wanted her boss’ cock in her cunt. Raghav spread her legs wide and placed his cock at her cunt hole and pushed it hard to tear apart her hole.

Dolly’s screams couldn’t come out of her packed mouth.

“It depends upon you angel for how much time you want to make your boyfriend wait outside. I would not let you go till I pump my seed into your young pussy.” Raghav said fucking her hard.

Dolly, too, was completely aroused and wanted to be banged hard. Her heart was beating fast with a fear too, that Smith might hear something outside. She started pushing back hard on Raghav’s cock to meet his hard thrust.

“Take it slut, while your boyfriend is waiting outside for you.” Raghav whispered in her ears and kept fucking her hard.

Dolly felt like a cheap slut and felt humiliated. But it aroused her further. She started pushing it back harder, taking it more of the cock in her cunt. Her orgasm was building.

Raghav didn’t slowed a bit. He knew it would take lots of efforts to cum when he already came twice earlier. He kept drilling her hard, while he removed his shirt as he was sweating continuously.

Raghav’s continuous pounding finally burst open Dolly’s dam and she came hard on Raghav’s fucking cock. She withered on table and clenched Raghav tight as she came.

Raghav felt the nail marks on his flesh as Dolly came hard. Raghav was still not close enough to cum. Dolly was spent and she knew she need to work hard to make his boss cum, before Smith comes to know.

She sat up on the table, Raghav’s cock still embedded deep in her cunt, fucking her raw. She was sweating as if she has run a marathon. She started unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her voluptuous boobs to Raghav.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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