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Quick-Take Ch. 01: First Licks

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: “Last Licks” is an erotic story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. There are two characters, some dialog, and a little plot twist. The length is one-thousand words. The question: Can less really be more?

I hope so.


“Salty sweet like caramel sea salt ice cream,” Billy says out of nowhere.

“What?” Alice asks. Billy’s the cute guy from Poli-Sci 101. Alice is the shy girl who’s not comfortable in her own skin. Can’t be talking to her?

“Or maybe bacon shortbread,” he says.

“What?” she asks again. Billy’s pale blue eyes and easy smile unnerve her. Heart pounding. Neck blushing carnation red.

“You are,” Billy says with a look no guy has ever given Alice before. Hungry. Dirty even.

“Me?” Cheeks burning. Butterflies. Blood roaring in her ears like Niagra Falls. He couldn’t mean… No way. Not at two in the afternoon in the middle of campus.

“You,” he says, arm encircling her waist, steering her towards an old brick building on the end of the grassy Quadrangle. “I bet you taste like bacon shortbread.”

This can’t be happening. Frightened. Aroused. Alice’s heart stops. Time stops. Her blood flows backwards.

“This way,” he whispers. “My dorm.”

“But I have…” she starts. Can’t finish. Skin ablaze where his fingers touch her waist. She can only follow. Walking on air. On grass. A concrete sidewalk. Glass door. Dim corridor and a dorm room. Not much different from her own room. But with guy stuff. Band posters. Electric guitar. Football on the desktop.

“Cherry Avcılar Escort Chapstick,” he says, her books falling to the floor. Her body tumbling after. Down a rabbit hole of conflicted desires. Tongues touching. Twitching. Wet. Hot. Bodies pressing. Hard. So hard.

Yes, she’s wearing cherry chapstick.

She looks into his eyes. Strong. Dominating. Hungry. It’s not like she hasn’t thought about this. Or something like it. Fantasized about it. Read about it. But there was always a long tease. A witty conversation. An elaborate seduction.

Not now. Just raw heat. Hot and wicked. And as irresistible as gravity.

“Take off your pants,” he says from across the galaxy. Then he adds, as if it’s her name, “Salty Sweet.”

“I can’t…” she starts. Her body betrays her, melting like wax in his arms. Her fingers betray her. Weak and trembling as they undo the snap. The zipper. Wiggling. Even the denim betrays her, swishing effortlessly down her thighs. Only stopping at her ankles.

“Nice,” he says leering at her panties. Their bodies tumble onto the bed.

Hot fingers spread her thighs apart. Can’t be happening. Hot tongue says it is.

Panties still on. Warm and wet. Wet from him. Wet from her. His lips encircle her tingling pussy. Tongue pressing in her groove. Can’t be happening.

But it is.

Sopping wet and horny. He sucks her juices through the soggy cotton. Slurping. Swizzling. Pleasure radiates outward. From her pussy lips. Her clit. Her cunt. Yes. Avcılar Escort bayan From her cunt. Such a dirty, unspeakable word. So much pleasure.

She’s on fire now. Not just her cunt. The whole girl’s on fire. Every knot and thread of her. Her tits. Her nips. And she’s still wearing a push-up bra underneath a blue cardigan. The first time a guy, and a hot guy at that, ever kissed her down there. On her cunt. And she’s wearing a fucking cardigan.

Doesn’t matter. Feels so good. So fucking good.

“Panties…” He gasps for air. “Off.”

Fingers in waist band. Lifting hips. Cool air washes over wet lips. Swollen lips. Pouting lips. Something’s different. Chin stubble snags in pubic hair. Belt. Zipper. Cock. Hard, throbbing cock bulging inside his jeans right in front of her.

His tongue plays with inner lips. Sucking. Hot sparks spew like a Roman candle. New sensations. Exquisite. With a ferocious jab, his cock fills her cunt. No. Not his cock. That’s inches from her face. His tongue. Hard and cock-like. Stabbing and withdrawing.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moans. Her voice hoarse and distant. His tongue withdraws. Soft and wet and slippery, it glides up and down her slit. Flutters against her clit. More sparks. White heat. Blinding pleasure.

Instinctively her fingers reach out. Caressing his hardness. His hard cock. Through his jeans. His impatient hand reaches down. Unbuckles belt. She grasps his zipper and pulls. He lifts his hips and together they peel off jeans and briefs.

Cock Escort avcılar leaps free. Swollen. Turgid. Almost touching her lips.

“Suck it,” he commands.

Too big, she thinks. Takes him in her mouth anyway. Boy flavors. Not so bad.

His tongue attacks. Fucking her like a cock. A finger glides between her butt checks. Slippery from her juices. It pushes. Probes. Enters her with a soft pop. Everything changes. Sensations too much to process. A vast wave rises. A rip tide. No. More like a tsunami.

“Mmmmmmffff,” she groans onto his cock. Hips grind blindly. Cock thrusts. Little fingers wrap the shaft, squeezing. The wave rises. Primal. Desperate. Finger deeper up her ass. Slippery. Tongue on clit. Fluttering. Pulsing. Pushing.

It takes Alice by surprise. She knows how to make herself orgasm. Is rather good at it. Even been fingered by a few inept boys. Nothing like this though. Not remotely.

The tsunami hits with force beyond anything she’s known. The very center of her being is shattered. Ripped from its moorings. Wave after wave. Every muscle contracts. Body convulses. Twists. Thrashes. Her pleasure is contagious. Billy erupts in her mouth. Hot, sticky boy-cum pours over her tongue. Salty. Bitter. No matter.

Gasping. Gulping. Swallowing. No matter. How could she have lived so long without this? How can she live without it? No way. No more. If not Billy, then someone else. A bad boy. Haughty. Confident. But good. Must be good.

Pulls her panties up and fastens her jeans.

“Babe?” Billy asks. “Coming back soon?”

“Maybe.” Sly grin. Make him wonder. Nodding at the electric guitar, “That your Strat?”

“Yeah. So what?”

“So, I’ll be back tomorrow. And every day after that” she looks him in the eye. “As long as you keep playing me your best licks.”

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