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Question of Incest

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For years now I’ve read numerous stories and articles concerning the subject of incest. The sheer amounts of them on the Internet has always made me believe that little if any had an ounce of truth to them. I’ve read articles about fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, aunts and nephews, nieces and uncles, brothers and sisters and even grandparents and their grandchildren. The pure sanctity of the parental relationship with their children always brought that one question to my mind. “How could this happen, how could a parent or grandparent allow this type of thing to occur?”

In the past I never really understood my fascination with incest, especially in light of the way I was brought up. I was born out of wedlock when my mother was 14 and raised by the strictest of grandparents until I was 12. My Grandfather was an old fashion bible-thumping minister who had the strongest theological morals of anyone you would ever meet. His view concerning sex was one of procreation and that’s all it was meant for. It was a pure evil that had to be fought with on a minute by minute basis and must be overcame to save your soul. I can only imagine what it was like for my mother after she became pregnant with me, living daily with my Grandfather hammering her about sex outside of marriage. It must have been hell; if my Grandfather ever found out my conception happened in the balcony of his church I’m sure it would have meant certain death for her. All I know the day she turned 18 she moved out of my grandparents home.

Mother was always around me but wouldn’t live under the same roof as my grandparents, so for the next eight years I was raised and guided by my grandparents. When I was 12 my mother told me the entire story of how things had happen and she wanted me to live with her and my biological father. After all this time they had married and now she wanted us to be a family. Almost to the day a year later when I was 13 my father was killed in a construction accident, so my mother and I were alone for the first time in our lives.

Still today I can hear my Grandfather’s sermons concerning the evils of sex. Now that I’m grown I’ve realized sex has always been a major portion of peoples lives and their thought process down through the ages; the world has been so consumed about the ultimate sexual experience most would try any and everything to satisfy that hunger. I won’t deny I’m the same way–as the world is, so am I. Totally consumed in the search for the ultimate, wildest and most sexual encounter a human could experience.

Being a fairly attractive thirty-one year old man and regardless of my past teachings, I ‘ve had a wide and varied sex life that started when I was 18. Many times I’ve reflected back on that first sexual encounter with a great deal of pleasure and some remorse. My first experience was with a 32-year-old woman who at the time I thought I was the love of my life, however at the age of 18 what did I know, all I can say is she taught me everything about sex.

Rachel was married to a man 15 years her senior who had been stricken with MS about five years before they moved into our neighborhood. Later on in our friendship she explained to me the disease which had over taken her husband caused him to be completely impotent and she had been sexually inactive during the entire period of his illness. You could best describe Rachel as one of those people we think of in society as a plain Jane, her face was ordinarily looking, her fashion sense and personal demeanor were always a little on the side of old fashion and never wore clothing which would accent the body.

The first time I saw her was while mowing my uncle’s lawn that lived next door to her. It was one of those steamy hot summer days in mid July and she was lying in her backyard sunbathing in a very tiny multi colored string bikini. I had taken a little break and as I pulled the cord to restart the mower, her movement caught my eye as she raised from the lying to upright position. No one could imagine the body this woman had from the way she dressed and looked when she was out in public. Her waist was so extremely tiny, legs and ass were contoured as beautifully as any centerfold you would have ever seen, and the upper portion of Rachel’s body; the nicely rounded shoulders, firm arms, and petite firm breast were as perfect as any model you could think of. You would have never guessed she had three children and it was clearly evident she had put a lot of effort into getting and staying in shape after her children they born.

She waved and motioned for me to come over to where she was laying. Approaching her I could see there wasn’t a blemish, stretch mark, or an unsightly wrinkle anywhere on this woman’s body. As I stood there and looked upon her I developed a raging hard-on. She asked if I would mow her lawn after finishing with my uncle’s. My eyes couldn’t resist the temptation of running up and down the entire length of her body as we talked, she told me her husband would pay me well Tokatköy Escort if I decided to do this for them. I nearly creamed my jeans while staring at her and I don’t think I heard a word she said, Rachel could have persuaded me to agree to anything at that point and I wouldn’t have even known what I was agreeing with. The only thing I knew was I better get the hell out of there before I cum right in my shorts.

Well that started a two-year sexual adventure that I will never forget. Rachel taught me everything about making love to a woman and it wasn’t anything like Gramps had portrayed. From the first time she began teaching me all the ways to kiss, touch, stroke, feel, lick, all the things that pleasures a woman. She taught me about oral, anal, and just out and out fucking. Within the first 6 months she had taken a 18-year-old teenager who knew nothing about sex and turned him into a lust crazed fucking machine.

Publicly everyone knew Rachel as shy, quiet and withdrawn, the epitome of propriety, my Gramps would have loved her. No one would have ever guessed she was such a wild sexual animal. During the summer months her and I would fuck three or four times a day and during the school year we would sneak away to secluded wooded areas, marinas, parking lots; anywhere we felt safe.

Almost two years later it was late August and I was working my summer job at the local boat club. Rachel showed up and was horny as hell nearly raping me right there in the parking lot. Well old Mrs. Burns the local snoop, gossip and busy body must have had her field glasses out that day. Unaware to Rachel and I old lady Burns had telephoned my mother. Before mom had shown up we had made our way down to one of the vacant boats in the cove and were into a very heavy sucking and licking session. Rachel had already cum three times before my mother stepped unto the houseboat and with my face still between her thighs hungrily licking away at her pussy she began to moan out another orgasm as mom burst through the door. I jumped from between her legs with a face covered in pussy juices as mom came flying towards me. She hit me across the face with such force it knocked me off of my feet and over the kitchenette table. Then she went flying towards Rachel.

Now keep in mind my mother was a couple years younger than Rachel but looked ten years older. Mom’s a little on the frumpy side with large heavy tits and she’s so physically weak that moving a kitchen chair is a chore for her. It surprised me she had knocked me for a loop the way she did but she was no match for Rachel. After being pushed down on the floor with such ease I think mom realized she wasn’t going to be able to scratch her eyes out like she was screaming she would do. Mom’s resistance faded and picking herself up from the floor she was greeted by me standing in front of her with an enormous hard-on. With me not more than a foot away with an fully erect eight and a quarter inch hard-on, her mouth gapped open and she just stood and stared. For the first time in about five minutes she was speechless, mom simply told me, “cover that thing up and get dressed before Ms Slut here gets any further ideas.”

On the drive home, mom kept prodding and questioning me about how I ever learned to do “that thing” she saw me performing on Rachel. She wanted to know where I ever got the idea to do that with a female, she must have ask it 10 times before we arrived home. She wanted to know how long it had been going on, what other types of things we had been doing, and where we had been doing them. When I didn’t answer she became enraged, yelling at me “her and my father never done anything like that”, I retorted back at her by telling her “maybe they should have then she might not be such a bitch about it if they had!” She started to slap me across the face and I probably deserved it but this time I caught her hand as it started for my head. She ordered me not to see her again and if she ever heard of us being together she would find a way to put an end to it. That angered the hell out of me, shouting back at her, “I would never forgive you or speak to you again if that happens!” For the next few minutes we stood silently looking at each other and then we turned and walked away.

The next several months my mother and I barely spoke. Then one afternoon when I came home from school I found her sitting at the kitchen table crying like a baby. I stood in the doorway listening to her sobs and my heart felt like it sank to the floor. I startled her by asking if she was okay and she jumped from her seat and ran over to me telling me “I’m so sorry if I’ve done anything to hurt you, it was just a motherly instinct to protect her baby from the bad things in life.” She wanted to start being close, her desire was to be family again. We put our arms around each other and stood there for the longest time. Mom snuggled into me as I held her in my arms pressing hard into each other it felt as if she was trying to force Escort Tokatköy her body into mine.

Sobbingly she asked me “hold me baby” and as I stepped in as tightly as I could she explained she hadn’t realized how much I had grown and how strong my arms felt around her. At that point it felt as if our entire bodies where completely entwined, touching and pressing hard into each other. I felt the fullness of her breast crushed against my chest and began to feel a developing hardness in her nipple area. To my surprise my cock begin to thicken causing it to press down my leg and against the material of my jeans.

Mom’s sobs had stopped and silence engulfed the kitchen, it was if we both stopped breathing at the same time and just stood there felling the reaction to each other’s body. My cock became so stiff it strained to be freed and to my shock I felt my mother kind of gyrate her pelvis against my stiffened cock with a slight moan escaping from her throat. In an instant she quickly released me and stepped back, I could see her bodies’ reaction by her hardened nipples pressing against her tight fitting blouse. Our eyes met for the slightest of moments and then I watched her eyes trail downward resting upon my cock. We stood for a few minutes in silence and then she said we needed to have a long conversation after dinner.

After we ate and cleaned up we sat at the kitchen table. The conversation started off with another apology and how sorry she was things had turned out for the two of us in the way it had. Then the question of Rachel came up; mom wanted to know all the details. She wanted to know how it started, how long it had been going on, the things we had done, and the places we had done them at. Mom was talking to me as an adult instead son. I explained to her I felt uncomfortable telling her everything she wanted to hear but she insisted we should be able to talk about anything and it was all right for me to take my time and just tell her about it.

I started by explaining how it all began, from first meeting Rachel in the backyard until the first time her and I had sex. Mom seemed impatient she kept asking me about the sexual aspects of what had occurred so I went on to describe in more graphic detail our sexual relationship. As I became more descriptive about Rachel I noticed mom’s face glowing with a little reddish tint. I told her how Rachel loved being taken in the ass and how wild she became when she was fucked in that manner, mom appeared to become more nervous with each image I described to her. At first I feared she was growing angry, then I realized it wasn’t anger it was something I had seen in Rachel many times before. Mom’s face was now a bright reddish color and she had this wild glazed look in her eyes. As she settled back into the chair and I noticed her nipples were visibly hard, protruding outward through the fabric of her blouse. I was certain now it wasn’t anger; my mom was totally turned on by hearing the things Rachel and I had done together in the past.

I stopped and suggested that she tell me a little about her sexual experience. She explained that her and my father really didn’t have a sexual relationship. The first time she experienced sex she became pregnant with me and that sex consisted of my father mounting her, cumming and it was over. She explained he was the only man she ever had sexually and that was the extent of what she could tell me about sex.

In the weeks and months ahead I began to notice changes with mom, she started taking more time fixing her hair, wearing make-up, eye shadow, and dressing a little more stylish. Like I said she was a little frumpy but had a very cute face. She was never one to exercise or do to many physically related activities, then out of the clear she starts buying these exercise videos and home gym equipment. At a early age and as long as I can remember I was always interested in lifting weights and worked out daily; mom approached me one evening and asks if I would help her start a exercise routine.

For the next several months she become completely consumed with her workouts. The under the arm flabby she once had disappeared and her thighs, butt, and legs became lean and trim. Mom’s breast was always the one thing you noticed when you saw her now that she had lost weight and trimmed down, their size were even more prevalent than in the past. They seemed to set a little higher on her chest and even appeared to be larger; she was stacked! She laughed more easily and even began to be a little touchy-feely with me; everyone noticed the change in her.

Gramps chastised her about becoming a harlot of the world in the way she was dressing and fixing herself up. As usual with mom anything Gramps said fell on deaf ears and only added fuel to her desire to do the opposite of what he was harping about. To me she had become an absolute beauty to look at and I know that infuriated the hell out of Gramps.

For the next year and a half Tokatköy Escort Bayan mom and I continued to grow closer, every once in a while she would ask me about things between Rachel and I. This one particular evening she asked if I would describe Rachel’s reaction when I went down on her. At first I was a little surprised by the straight forwardness of her question but I began describing the way she would trash around grinding her pussy into my face and how vocal she was right before cumming. I noticed mom had laid her head back against the sofa tightly shutting her eyes. From her facial expressions she was imagining the things I was describing and was being carried away in her mind. She abruptly got up off the couch stating she was going to shower and get ready for bed. I heard the shower running in her room and this devilish thought came to my mind but I resisted acting on it.

The next day was going to be a difficult time because I had kept the fact away from mom that I had enlisted in the military. We had become very close in the last two years and I knew it would be painful when I finally told her. As expected the moment those words came from my mouth she actually passed out in the middle of the floor. Scared beyond believe I didn’t know what to do so I ran to the phone and called Gramps. He rushed over immediately but by the time he arrived mom had regained her senses and was sitting up in a chair. I hadn’t noticed but Gramps did, as soon as he walked in the door he starts going off on mom, calling her a shameless slut and asking her what thought crossed her mind by dressing this way in front of her own son. I finally realized what he was ranting and raving about when she straighten herself up in the chair. The short skirt she had on rode nearly all the way up her thigh and as she sat down and you could clearly see the hair that covered her pussy. Gramps continued to verbally bash mom about what a terrible daughter and mother she was; at that point I had heard and taken enough of him speaking to her in the manner he was.

It appeared he was about to backhand her when I stepped in between them and boldly proclaimed, “I had heard all I was going to hear and that he better never raise a hand toward her again in his life!” ‘If he ever came against my mother like that again I would be compelled to take whatever actions needed to put a stop to it.” Gramps was completely thrown back by what I had just brazenly told him, but being Gramps that didn’t stop him. I brought to his attention I was no longer that little boy that he use to spank for what he called sinful acts of the world and now I had ten times his strength and would never allow him to harm her again. With that he stormed out of the house shouting biblical phrases back at both of us.

Well two weeks passed very quickly and during that time mom tried everything to persuade me to stay but my mind was made up. So off I went to 11 weeks of boot camp and then another 18 weeks of specialty training. It would be sometime before I would get back home or so I thought. I called mom almost daily and each time we spoke I could tell she was becoming more depressed as time went by. I suggested she start dating or going out, do something to get her mind off of things, however it had no affect on her.

Before I knew it the 11 weeks of boot camp was over. After the final pass and review exercise of graduation the unit commander gathered our squad together to issue our first set of orders. He informed us those who were to report for their 18-week’s of specialty training would have a delay of approximately a month prior to reporting. So I requested a few days of leave and headed home for a visit.

When I opened the front door and entered the living room I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, it looked like a cyclone had hit the place. Mother had always kept our house so clean and orderly now it was in a terrible sight. There were clothes, shoes, kitchen plates, silverware, thrash thrown everywhere, and the carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed since I had left. I walked in the kitchen and mom was sitting at the table. If I had thought the house looked like a wreck I never imagined how a person could fall into such an unsightly condition as she was at that point. Her hair looked like it was all matted together, huge dark circles around her eyes, her nightclothes looked as if she had worn them for weeks. Her physical appearance was utterly repulsive, the women I had left 11 weeks before was almost unrecognizable as my mother. She had lost weight to the point of being a sack of bones sitting in the upright position; it was clear see she wasn’t well. Here was a woman that three months before was at the top physical condition of her life and now she looked as if she was the walking dead.

Being so disgusted with what my eyes where seeing I lost all composure, yelling at her “what the hell is wrong with you, what have you done with our home and yourself?” It seemed to startle her as if she hadn’t even realized or heard me come into the house. She looked up at me as if it took all the strength in her just to lift her head. Not a single word was spoke between the two of us for the next week. It took me an entire two weeks to clean the house and get her back to where she could stand on her own two feet.

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