Quarantine: Pizza Delivery Guy

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Being in quarantine has closed the restaurant and bars… you’re so tired of home cooked meals so you decide to order in pizza before settling into the couch with a bottle of wine, and a movie, quietly complaining to yourself that you’ll be alone again.

The doorbell rings and there I am, delivering your pizza. You tell me how weird it feels not to tip with the no cash handling rules, but you assure me that you included it in your payment over the phone and to make sure my boss gives it to me.

I take the opportunity to look you up and down… you’re hair is tussled in a messy bun with strands curling down around your ear… one is caught up in the corner of your mouth and as you slowly pull it out I feel my cock pulsate while I watch your lips.

I laugh and tell you how people have been pretty creative with tipping. I tell you how I got a bottle of wine and a phone number from the last house.

You pause, keeping the door ajar with tour foot to take the pizza from me. You look at me and say ‘Just a number?’

I look straight at you checking what you meant. Oh, I can see in your eyes exactly what you fucking meant. You want some too do you baby? Hmmmmm.

I laugh and tell you how I could only take her number because I still had one more delivery to do, but as soon as I hand kızılay escort over this pizza I’m off the clock.

You’re eyes light up and you tilt your head and smile, realising that you’re my last delivery, and that last pizza just got delivered.

Can I get that door, for you?

Invite me in… you know you fucking want to.

You don’t hesitate and make a comment about maybe having a bottle of wine you could spare, but as soon as the door closes behind me the atmosphere changes, fucking, instantly.

You put the pizza down on the dining table and turn to face me…

‘Or’, you say, ‘I could give you more than a number’. I’ve had a long day, there’s nothing I would love more right now than to fuck you right here on the dining table. And you fucking want it too, don’t you? You want this cock up inside you, pumping you until you fucking cum. Pumping you until I explode inside you.

Yeah? You want it, baby? Are you touching yourself, for me right now? Tell me what that feels like. Tell me what your pussy feels like right now, baby. Are you wet, for me? Are you rubbing your clit, for me?

You need some of this hard cock don’t you baby. I’ll give it to you. Come here and fucking get some of it.

You’re pulling open the buttons of my shirt as I grab your hips etlik escort and push you back onto the table… running my hands down and pulling off your pants and sitting you close to the edge.

I’m so hard for you right now, baby. Oh god I want to be inside you right now. I want to feel your pussy squeezing around my cock as I slide into you. Fuck baby. Give me some of that.

When you’re done unbuttoning my shirt you undo the top of my pants and pull them down to let my huge, hard cock out. It’s fucking throbbing for you right now, baby. Can you hear me stroking it for you? God I need to be inside you right now. Finger yourself for me while I tell you how I’m going to fuck you on your dining table, baby. God I wish I could watch you touching yourself right now, while you’re listening to me. You need to be fucked, don’t you baby? Are you ready for it? Are you ready for this hard, fucking cock to take you now? To stretch you open? Here I come baby… are you fucking ready?

I’m pushing your knees apart so I can see you, begging for it. I’m stroking my hard cock while I slide my head down your wet pussy lips… get ready baby… oh fuck… I’m sliding into you holy fuck… your pussy feels so fucking good… oh god I need to pound you. I need to fucking pound you.

Can demetevler escort you feel it? Can you feel my hard cock up inside you right now? Deeper and deeper? Take it. Fucking take my cock and give me your cum. I want it. I want your cum, all, over me.

I start squeezing your tits while I ride you on the dining table. Your fingernails are digging into my shoulders and running up the back of my neck as you slide up and down on my hard cock. Like that? Just like that? Oh god yes. Oh my god, give it to me. I’m watching my cock sliding in and out of your hole, wet with your cum all over it. Your clit is swollen and throbbing… oh yeah you needed this didn’t you baby…

You start arching your back and throwing your head back… panting and fucking moaning with every, fucking, pound of my hard cock into you. Stretching your hole, feeling inside of you. You start to rub your clit for me and riding my cock faster.

Like that? Yeah? Oh I fucking love that. Your pussy feels so fucking good on my cock right now. Fuck me, yeah ride it baby.

Oh my god I think I’m going to cum.

I can… I can feel your pussy starting to fucking convulse on my cock… holy shit are you going to cum for me baby? Are you going to cum for me right now? Fuck yes. Oh my gad give it to me. Oh my fucking god cum on my cock right now. Oh Jesus. I can feel you cumming on my cock. Is this what you want? Can you fucking feel that? Keep cumming for me baby. Give me all of it, all over this cock.

Oh my god, our cum, together, inside you… Fuck yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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