Purple Panties

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The kids are all gone; the house is eerily quiet. Out the bedroom window i can see the fog, its still early. As I sink into the bed, I realize how cold the bed feels and I let a hand wander to find you. I am alone. As I try to stay warm I try to remember how long its been since I’ve touched you. I look out the window and notice your car, so I venture out to find you, my cool naked body wrapped in a blanket.

I search the house and find you naked and asleep on the couch. On the floor there is a pair of lacy purple panties, still moist with the scent of a woman. I smile as my eyes look over you and I think of her. Who is she? What did you do to her? Did she make you cum the way I do?

I softly run my fingers up your leg and I see the goosebumps rise behind them. I kneel between your legs, leaning over the couch slightly. With one long stroke of my wet tongue I lick just above your knee on the inside of your thigh all the way up until the softness of your cock brushes my cheek. You let out a deep breath, but I know you aren’t quite aware of what I’m doing yet. I lick you just the same on the other leg, I can still smell her sweet cunt when my tongue tastes you so close to your cock. You stir a little again, and I smile.

I slowly take your cock into my mouth. I suck all of you deep inside the wet warmth as my velvety soft tongue reaches out to slowly tickle the underside of your cock that is coming alive in my mouth all the while tasting the evidence of another pussy on your cock. I gently move my mouth up and down on your cock, up and down over and over. As your cock becomes stiff, you stretch and I look up to you and we lock eyes, you take a firm hold on a handful of my messy hair as your eyes roll back in pleasure. You use my hair to hold me still as you fuck my mouth with your hard cock. Over and over I feel the head of your dick hit the back o my throat. ankara escort bayan I can feel my clit swelling and beginning to throb. I cant help but think if you did this to her, did she shy away when you grabbed her by the hair and forced your cock down her throat?

I reach my hand between my legs and feel how wet I am, thinking of her sucking your cock. I can’t help but moan. I slowly begin to rub circles around my clit, I don’t want to cum, but I can feel how close I am. I stop as you pull my mouth from your hard cock. With my hair wrapped tightly around your fist you pull my face to yours, I lean in to kiss you, but you pull me back slightly turning my head and softly lick my lips, I gasp. I’ve missed you. You loosen the grip on my hair and our lips finally touch. We sink into long slow kisses. Your tongue slips into my mouth as I lean into you even more, I want you. I need to feel you inside me. Your fingers. Your tongue. Your cock.

You wrap your arms around me and pull me onto you. As I straddle you, your hands wander down my cool skin and run over my hips grabbing handfuls of my ass and you groan deeply. I sit up and lock eyes with you. A sly grin comes over your face as your hand runs from my neck to the low spot between my breasts, my breathing heavies and just the thought of our naked bodies together makes my nipples harden. you rise to lick them, softly at first on the right as your hand gently pinches and tugs on the left.

I grab your hands and hold them down close to your head as I firmly kiss you again and again. I pull away just far enough to lick your cheek. I get to the soft skin just under your jaw close to your ear you can feel my breath on your neck, I lick you there first and then suck that little bit of skin and kiss you slowly making my way down your neck. Licking, sucking, kissing to your collar bone all the way across, but before elvankent escort I could start my journey down your torso, you playfully toss me across the couch and bury your face in my wet pussy. You lick my sweet wet cunt slowly with short lapping licks at first then a little faster a little rougher closer and closer to my clit. I moan running my fingers through your hair and pulling your face closer to me. I look down at you and ask if she moaned the way I do. You pause slightly between licks and give a little grin before burying your face again. You know my pussy so well, a little nibble here, a hard suckle there… and now finally a finger. I love the way you feel inside of me. As your tongue licks my clit faster and faster, your fingers rub my sweet spot. I can’t help but move my hips faster and faster sliding my clit across your tongue. Without warning my legs close down around your head and my hand pushes your face hard into me as my pussy clenches… throbbing, i can’t help but scream out as I cum all over your face.

As I relax, your fingers slow to a stop inside me, I pull you up to me and suck your lip into my mouth and lick off all of my sweet pussy juice. I do the same to the other lip, lapping up all of me. The taste of my pussy on you is enticing. As my breathing slows back to normal you push my legs between yours and I ask if I taste better than her. You chuckle softly and tell me to open wide and stick out my tongue. You slap your cock on my wet tongue a few times and take my hair in your hand then you hold your cock steady with one hand as you slide my open mouth around it and fuck my throat again. As your cock stretches and hardens in my mouth you stop and stand. Stroking it, you tell me to kneel on the floor over the couch. You raise one of my legs up onto the couch to give you a full view of my swollen pussy. You say, etlik escort bayan tell me you want me to fuck you. And I do. I tell you how badly I want to feel your cock inside of me, I want to cum all over it, I want you to fuck me long and hard and slow. Make me scream.

As you slide your hard cock into me you let out a groan, my tight pussy feels so good wrapped around you. You cradle my leg just under my knee to keep my leg steady up on the couch, I turn to see you and your hand reaches out for my throat. As I breathe slowly through your tight grasp, I whisper “did you fuck her like this?”. You slow your rhythm slightly, almost a pause, and say “yes, I fucked her like this. Slow and steady. She loved it.” I let out a moan, the thought of your cock fucking someone else only hours ago drives me wild. I slide my hand underneath us to my clit and let my two fingers trace circles around it again. I start to push back on you as you fuck me, we move a little harder, a little faster. You let go of my neck and spank my ass grabbing a handful and then letting go, leaving your mark. You grab my hair and pull my face to yours; we kiss passionately, I let out a moan as our tongues meet and twirl around each other. You lick my neck and I whisper “fuck me the way you fucked her. Fuck me. Make me cum again. Make me scream.”

Your hips pound into my ass, your cock moving in long hard strokes in and out of my pussy. My fingers playing with my clit faster and faster, your grip on my leg tightens and I whisper that I’m going to cum. Just as my pussy tightens around you, your cock stiffens and we cum together. I scream out and you turn my head into the couch to stifle my noise as you let out a deep groan. You slowly pump your cock into my pussy before you stop. I take a pillow from the couch and lay down right there on the floor. My worn red ass up in the air, you bend over and kiss me all the way up my back to my neck and whisper in my ear that no one will ever fuck like I do. And I ask you, not even purple panties? You let out a chuckle once more and say, you are the purple panties. You kiss me softly on my forehead as I drift off to sleep……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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