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Purple Orgasm

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I had gotten in the Electricians Union very soon after graduating high school. My father was a big wig in the union, so I was fast tracked in. I was employed for 5 years at one of the east coast’s largest power suppliers. The money was great, especially for a guy in his early twenties. But then, due to a ‘weak global power market’ I was laid off.

Between the union benefits, state unemployment benefits and the money I had in the bank, being laid off was actually pretty great. I was told by the union to just be patient. They expected I would be back at work in about a year. I was living with my girlfriend at the time. She was working on her master’s degree. Suddenly having me home all the time was making it hard for her to study. So I thought it would be best if I took this free time to visit my mother in California.

I was an only child. My parents split up after I was done with school. My mother had family in California. So after the divorce was final, she moved out there. Since then, we talked once a week on the phone and she’d fly in for a few days during Christmas. My girlfriend was in her last month of the school year. She would be extremely busy with papers and exams. It was a perfect time for me to stay with my mom out west. After my girl was done with her school, she’d come out to join us for a couple weeks. Then she and I would fly back east.

Mom met me when I landed at LAX. I was stunned at how attractive she was. She had let her gray grow out, so her hair was a long, straight salt and pepper that hung half-way down her back. She sported faded jeans that accentuated her plump and juicy ass. She wore a light colored blouse that couldn’t hide the fact her c cup breast were unencumbered by a bra. It was all so different than the typical conservative PTA mom she played back east.

Our relationship had changed since she moved out west. Through our phone calls and brief visits, I assumed it was because I had grown up and was no longer someone she had to ‘mother’. But on our drive back to her apartment in the valley, I found out the changes were more profound. She had become a vegan. She was also now into holistic medicine for her mind and body. She meditated daily as well as practiced yoga 3 times a week.

But the biggest instigator in her changes was her medical marijuana card. Back east, she would get debilitating migraine headaches almost weekly. They led to depression, troubles in her marriage and just a generally poor quality of life. When she moved to California, her sister persuaded her to visit her doctor. He prescribed she start smoking weed regularly. Since then, not only had her headaches disappeared, but her whole outlook on life and the world had improved. She was an overall happier person than the woman who raised me.

Now I had smoked a bit in high school but very little since then. I liked it, but not enough to live that stoner lifestyle. My mom had embraced it 100% and I had to admit, it seemed to be working well for her. She seemed healthier and more vibrant than I had ever seen her.

She had a one-bedroom apartment, but it was in a safe, quite neighborhood. She worked part time at a local florist. Between that, alimony and state assistance, she was able to live a frugal but contented lifestyle.

She tried to offer me her bed while she slept on the couch during my stay. I’d hear nothing of it. Arrangements would be cozy but nice for the next month. When my girlfriend came out, she and I would get a hotel room for a couple weeks before going back.

After I settled my things in her pad and washed up, I took mom out to dinner. It was an upscale Spanish-style place. Like most every restaurant in the LA area, they had plenty of vegan options. I offered to get us a bottle of wine, but my mother advised she no longer drank. She had given me a little lecture on why I shouldn’t be eating meat and now that was followed by a lecture on why I shouldn’t drink alcohol, even a glass of wine with dinner. I was glad my mother was blossoming in her new life out west, but she seemed to be a stick in the mud when it came to life’s simple pleasures.

It was clear dinner wouldn’t be followed by a bowl of ice cream, let alone a glass of whiskey, so we headed back to her apartment. She took a shower and put on her bed cloths, which consisted of a pair of men’s silk boxers and a loose-fitting tank top t shirt. I took a shower and came out with my own pair of boxers and a t shirt. She had turned down the lights, lit some candles and a sweet but not over-powering cone of incense. On the stereo was the sound of crashing waves over a dreamy new age piece.

“Would you like to smoke with me?” she asked, as casually as though she was asking if I wanted a glass of milk and a cookie. (Although I was sure she wouldn’t approve of milk or cookies)

“Absolutely,” I replied. If there wasn’t going to be good food or booze for the next month, I sure as hell wasn’t going to pass up the weed.

She smiled. Before her was Teşvikiye Escort a glass jar filled with fat green and purple buds. There was also a lighter and a pack of rolling papers. What looked even more enticing was the vast amount of tit that was exposed by her tank top t. Not only on the sides and the cleavage in the front, but I could clearly see the shadow of her areolas through the thin material. I suppose I was lusting after her because she was so different than the person I knew growing up.

I sat down on the couch. She scooted over so our hips almost touched. She looked like a goddess in the weak candle light. She asked me to roll us a joint. My rolling skills were fair, so I agreed. When I unscrewed the lid to the jar, the skunky aroma smacked me in the face. I knew just a little of this bud would do me fine. I grabbed a fat one by the stem. I was amazed how sticky it was with resin as I broke it apart onto the paper.

“This stuff is called Purple Orgasm. I’ve never tried it. I just got it this morning,” mom smiled as she watched me prepare the joint.

When I was finished, I held it up for our inspection. Not bad, I thought. It was on the thinner side. But this shit was obviously potent. My mom whisper, ‘Nice’ then placed a hand on my shoulder and told me spark it up.

My mom likes to fill her mouth with smoke than inhale it into her lungs where as I like to suck it straight down. Man, that bud was super smooth. We each took two hits. When she passed me the stick for a third, I had to wave her off. I was flying. She took a third hit then put out the roach. I leaned back on the couch. Mom snuggled up to me, placing my arm around her shoulder.

We talked and laughed… laughed a lot. Her body felt soft and warm next to mine. As we talked, she would emphasize a point by placing a hand on my chest or my thigh. It felt good. And when I looked down at her, she seemed the most beautiful woman in the world.

Weed can make you hungry, sleepy or in this case, very horny. I started to hope mom may want to go to bed soon so I could get under the covers and jerk off. Turns out, she was feeling the same way.

“I don’t know about you, babe. But smoking always makes me hot and bothered. Normally when I’m here alone, I’ll get high, relax, then play with myself until I fall asleep.”

She was definitely under the influence to say something like that. But I understood. We were bonding. We were sharing a wonderful experience together.

“I believe it, mom. I plan on doing some playing myself once you go to bed.”

She placed a hand on my bare thigh and started rubbing slowly up and down.

“It a shame we have to go to our different rooms,” she spoke in soft, sultry tone. “I feel so close to you right now. I want to share more with you.”

Her voice became even softer.

“Would it be too weird if we… took care of ourselves, like, together?”

I was feeling so good, so calm, so close to her. I didn’t hesitate.

“I don’t think so. I think it would be beautiful. How do you want to do this?”

She kind of squealed with delight then directed me to lay down on the couch. She laid down next to me. The couch was just wide enough as long as we were snuggled up together. We were both on our backs. My arm was around her, her head resting between my shoulder and chest.

“Should we do it at the same time?” she giggled.

“No. You go first. I want to watch you. I don’t want to be distracted.” I whispered back.

“Oh honey,” she breathed while sliding a hand into her boxers. “I love we can do this together. I feel so close to you. I love you so much, my handsome, sexy boy.”

I watched the silk of her boxers rise, fall and roll as her fingers teased and played underneath. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open, little gasps and coos escaped as she pleasured herself.

“Baby!” she gasped. “I’m so wet already.”

I gently grabbed her wrist and withdrew her hand from her shorts. I brought her glistening finger to my mouth. I licked and sucked away her lube. She watched the erotic sight with disbelief. I directed her hand back to play when I was done. Her t shirt had ridden up, exposing her belly. I placed my hand on the exposed skin.

“Yes baby, touch me. Touch me. I love when you touch me.” She twisted and turned for a moment, removing her t shirt and tossing it to the floor. She then settled back next to me and continued masturbating. Her tits were wonderful. Fat, pencil eraser nipples on top of half dollar areolas. They were soft and sagged as a woman’s breasts in her late 40’s should. I ran my hand all over the exposed skin, pulling and pinching the nipples to her delight.

Her moans became louder, turning into shouts and cries. I could tell her hand was alternating between vigorously working her clit and finger fucking herself. The sloshing sound was musical to my ears.

“Here I cum, baby. Hold me, baby! HOLD MEEEEE!” She threw Teşvikiye Escort Bayan her body on top of mine, jerking and trembling. I wrapped my arms around her as she rode out the orgasmic waves.

“Oh baby… oh honey… that was incredible,” she panted. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath and relax. She eventually raised her face to mine. She wore a happy, satisfied smile. She leaned up and gave me a long, loving kiss. Then she pulled back and giggled.

“From what I’m feeling, someone liked that very much as well.” Her thigh was resting over my shorts. She could feel my rock-hard cock throbbing under the pressure.

“I guess it’s my turn,” I smiled. I gently moved her so I could remove my shirt and shorts. I wanted my cock free for this experience. I also wanted to feel her warm, soft skin on mine. She was on her side, lying next to me, her head on my chest.

“My love, your thing is amazing!”

I knew I had an impressive piece. But her complement made me feel even more sexual and at ease as I began to slowly stroke myself. She moved her mouth up to my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine.

“You’re so sexy, baby. Is there anything mommy can do for you?” she breathed in my ear. Her hot and humid breath driving me out of my mind.

“Would you touch my balls? Please?” I panted.

“You want mommy to touch your balls?” she whispered back. I nodded yes while she slid a hand down my chest. She placed a hand over mine as I continued to stroke. Then she moved her hand down, lightly raking her nails over my sensitive scrotum.

“You like that?” she cooed. “You like mommy touching your balls? They’re so full of cum. Are you going to come for mommy?”

Her sexy talk was driving me insane. She slid a finger down my perineum until she was touching my asshole. She softly circled the crinkled entrance while lightly licking my ear. I moaned in ecstatic agony.

“Ohhh.. baby is just like his mommy,” she panted. “You like your ass played with too.”

It was too much. How I lasted that long, I don’t know. I took my hand off my cock and replaced it with hers.

“I’m going to cum, mom. Please help me cum.”

She looked down at the long, thick shaft she now held. She immediately started jerking me off. In about 10 seconds, the first blasts shot into the air, landing on my chest and her arm. It felt like my entire being was blasting out of my cock with the force of a cannon. I moaned and twisted, lost in the throes of ecstasy. My mom was shouting, “Yes, baby! Yes! Cum for mom! Cum baby!”

I collapsed on my back, amazed at the intensity of what just happened. Mom continued to softly rub my deflating pecker and emptied sack while I caught my breath. She then used her discarded t shirt to wipe off the jizzum that covered both of us. When she was done, she kissed my cheek and laid her head on my chest. I was asleep soon after.

I woke up with your classic stoner hangover. It felt like my brain needed a jumpstart. It took me several moments to realize where I was. I was by myself, naked under a blanket, and this wasn’t my couch. When I heard my mother humming to herself in the kitchen and preparing coffee, it all came back to me. Lastly, I remembered our side-by-side sexual release the night before.

‘Oh God’, I thought. ‘Is she freaked out? Are things going to be weird between us now?’ As for myself, I was totally cool with what happened. But I know most people get hung up on social constructs and will freak out when faced with the ‘taboo’.

I wrapped the blank around my nakedness like a toga and walked into the kitchen. Mom turned around to greet me with a big smile on her face.

“Well good morning, sleepyhead!” she beamed, giving me a big hug. She was in a long terrycloth robe. It was neatly tied up so I couldn’t tell if she was naked underneath or not.

“Baby, I need you to get a quick shower. You can drive me to work and have my car for the day. Then you can pick me up at the end of my shift.”

I thanked her. She kissed my cheek, turned me around and smacked my ass to get me moving. I was so relieved she wasn’t emotionally shaken or doing the whole ‘We need to talk’ thing.

My mind was still fuzzy as I stepped under the warm water of the shower. I was just starting to enjoy the feeling when the shower door opened behind me. I jumped in surprise. There was my mother, as naked as I was. She had done her hair up in a bun. She gave me a naughty smile as her eyes shamelessly roamed over my body. She was a vision of milf perfection. Her breast hung large and a bit saggy. Her nipples were strawberry red and fat. Her hips were wide. She had a cute pooch of a belly. Below it, a nice black bush with flecks of gray.

“Just trying to save some time and hot water,” she giggled as she slid her body between me and the warm shower spray. My cock went from flaccid to full-on stiff in about 15 seconds. She grabbed a bottle of body Escort Teşvikiye wash sitting on the shelf. It was pink and smelled like flowers. She poured herself a handfull then proceeded to soap me down. She started at my chest, squeezing my muscles, pulling playfully at my nipples. She soaped up my belly and pubes. Then, squatting before me, she soaped up my legs, totally bypassing my throbbing, bobbing hard on and balls. In fact, my stiff rod accidently brushed against her cheek a few times as she lathered my legs. She glanced up at me with a wicked grin. But she avoided any further contact with my cock.

She stood up and had me turn around. She washed my back with the slippery, sweet-smelling soap. She really focused on working my ass cheeks; rubbing, squeezing, massaging. She got my asshole squeaky clean as well, even letting a slippery digit slip inside a couple times. Finally, she turned me around to face her once again.

“God, baby. I just love your beautiful body,” she moaned as she cupped my aching balls in one small, soapy hand while the other slowly ran up and down the length of my upright cock. Grabbing the bottle of body wash, I began to clean her as she had cleaned me. Starting at her slender neck, I worked every inch of her torso over. Lifting, caressing, massaging each breast. Pulling, pinching, teasing each nipple. All the while, our mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, tongues erotically dueling as we moaned our pleasure into each other.

I was close to blasting my seed, so I reluctantly dropped to my knees. As she had done with me, I ignored the glistening lips there in my face, begging for attention. Mom even placed her hand on my head, trying to direct me to her sex. I kissed her thighs and pubis, but I avoided her honeyhole for the moment. I finished washing her legs, stood up and turned her around.

I began washing her shoulders and upper back. She pushed her ass back against my cock, sandwiching it between her cheeks. It was such a fantastic feeling… so warm, wet and slippery. I bent her over at the waist. I started sliding my cock up and down between those plump globes. Soon I felt a rhythmic tapping on my balls. I looked up to see mom and one hand against the shower wall while the other was working her clit. It was all too much. I shot 4 long strands on jizz across her back. Before my orgasm was done, I fell to my knees behind her. I guided her fingers away from her pussy. I moved in, placing my nose between her engorged labia. I started strumming her clit with my tongue.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. “Oh fuck, honey! That’s so good. That’s soooo fucking good!”

She rocked her hips back onto my face. She was trying to shove my nose into her pussy while my tongue sped up to triple time on her clit.

“Mommy’s cumming baby! Oh shit! Here I cum!” With that, I could sense her whole body releasing in a massive wave of bliss. Her legs started to give out, so I quickly stood up behind her, holding her body to mine, keeping her from collapsing. Once she was composed, she turned to face me. We made out gently, lovingly. We both giggled over the unbelievable and unabashed passion of what just transpired. Finally, she said we had to get a move on. We rinsed off and got dressed.

I never saw my mother so happy as I drove her to work. She laughed and sang and kissed me at every stop sign and red light. And me? I was loving it. When you love and trust someone completely while at the same time finding them extremely sexually attractive…. that is as good as it gets in this world.

When I pulled up to drop her off, she handed me the address of a vegan grocer and a list of things to buy for dinner that night. She gave me a quick peck and confirmed the time I was to pick her up. I had GPS on my cell phone, so I had no trouble finding this store. A young and cute hippy girl was working there. She helped me find everything on the list, most of which I’d never heard of or could even pronounce. She asked me where I was from. I amused myself buy telling her I was honeymooning in LA from New Jersey. She smiled and pulled a bottle of capsules from the shelf.

“Take two of these a day. It’s made from a special Indonesian root. It will keep your gun loaded, if you know what I mean.” she winked.

As soon as I paid for everything and got back in my car, I popped two of them. I made my way back to my mom’s apartment, put away the groceries and finally called my girl back east. I had texted her when arrived in LA, but she had been out of my mind since. She said she was getting a lot of studying done. When she asked how things were with me and my mom, I told her it was a typical mother and son vibe. I certainly wasn’t going to tell her I face-fucked my mom in the shower that morning.

I picked up my mom when her shift was done. She was as happy than as she was in the morning. I got just as many kisses on the way back as I did on the way to drop her off. She made tofu curry from the ingredients I had picked up. I must admit, it was delicious. We went for a walk after dinner, holding hands and talking about everything lover’s talk about.

When we got back, She took a shower while I cleaned the dishes. When she was done, she came out in her robe. It was very loosely tied. There was no question she was naked underneath.

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