Project Manager Ch. 02

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I had just settled my team in to their first major deadline and came back to my office updating my project plan. I looked and noticed I had an email from him. I opened it quickly not allowing myself to analyze why. The first part was all about the project, wanting to know the status of the team, the move, the first deadline, etc. I let out an audible sigh of disappointment. Then the following paragraph was different. “You’ve thought about our interlude a lot, Abby, didn’t you? That was rhetorical, I know you have. And you wonder what it will be like the next time. Or maybe you’ve decided that there won’t be a next time, but we both know that is not the case. We both know that whatever I decide will be. I almost feel you getting warm, Abby.”

How can he read me this well? It was unbelievable how strong my reaction was to his words.

“Abby, I will be there tonight – after your team leaves. Don’t leave, Abby. You will wait for me. When your last team member leaves, read your email and there will be instructions for you here. Don’t disappoint me.”

Briefly my brain said, “yeah right”, but it was ever so briefly and I knew I’d follow the instructions to the letter. I knew just as much as he did that I would be his. And the ache began.

Minutes tick by and I check my email all the time – nothing there – only this ache he escort kızılay created. My team comes in and out of my office, I answer all their questions and we develop a plan. They start to leave one by one and the last one usually leaves around 6:30 or 7:00 but sometimes he works late. I kept looking out and seeing if he’s there, and then back to my email – nothing yet. I can’t work because my body is filled with anticipation. I’d never had more pleasure than what he gave me – what he’s capable of giving me. My last staff pops in my office and wants to know when I’m leaving because he’s heading out. I told him that I had some more work and I’ll be here a while. He headed out. I went to the office door and looked to make sure he left. I went back to my desk and that envelope in the bottom right of my screen said I had mail. As if he knew, as if he’s watching me. The thought of that should have frightened me, but instead sent a warm shiver all over me.

“Abby, they’ve all gone now. Time to do my bidding. Stay at your desk and remove your bra and panties. Then open your 2nd drawer and open the box there and follow the simple instructions. But Abby, do not dare cum without permission.”

I liked my bra and panties today – a green lace set – but did his bidding and removed them. My panties were already wet from the excitement he ankara yabancı escort stirs in me. Then I opened the desk drawer and saw a box in there I hadn’t seen before. I opened it and it was a vibrator that looked like a lipstick case. The note in it said, ‘insert and push button to start then sit back down.’ I put it inside and pushed the button and my pussy went wild, it was so powerful. I sat back down but my whole body was trying to adjust to the millions of shockwaves throughout my body sending it over the edge. I couldn’t cum – not without his say so, but I don’t know how I was supposed to do that, how I was supposed to stop it. I tried to concentrate on something else – anything but this pleasure soaring through my body. I then see a new email from him.

“Abby, I know you’re struggling sweetie, but you need to work on your control.” Where was he? How can he know? I focus, I concentrate.

The phone rings and shatters my focus. I answer it. “This is Abby.”

“You’re doing well, Pet. You like this, don’t you? You like this feeling you get?”

I mumble something positive. “Are you close, Abby? If I allowed it, would you just shatter in your chair?”

I moaned a “yes”.

“Cum for me, now!” My body just shook and quivered and exploded. “Touch yourself as you cum, Abby and don’t etlik escortlar stop! Get past the sensitivity and don’t stop! Keep cumming!!! That’s an order, Bitch! DON’T STOP CUMMING!!!”

And I couldn’t. Mind-blowing orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm was wracking my body making it reach heights it never has before. I was being transported to this place where only physical ecstasy was important. “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!” I kept screaming.

Not hearing him come inside, he appeared in front of me with his hard cock poking out of his pants. He lifted me up and placed me on the couch where he very quickly removed the vibrator and placed it in my ass filling it with its vibrating magic and he entered me quickly and powerfully. He placed my legs over his shoulders, he had his shirt unbuttoned and opened and nothing else on as he pounded in to me and I kept cumming. I was almost afraid of a heart attack – the orgasms were so close together.

“Are you my slut, Abby? You want to cum only for me, don’t you? You love what your body does for me? No one ever controlled you like this and you love it!”

I heard him but was so transported that I could not answer him. But felt his words were controlling him as well and soon I felt his cock twitch. He stopped himself – took me off him quickly and put it in my mouth.

“Suck it HARD!”

I sucked and felt him pull my hair as he filled my mouth with his cum. He kept it inside my mouth until I finished sucking and there was no more. Then he put me back on the couch and held me whispering, “Next time, will be more challenging, Pet.” He winked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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