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As I breathlessly greet you, I see in your response excitement at the adventure you have planned for tonight. What could this adventure be, I wonder with excitement. Maybe we will go to dinner and then make love in the car before going home….or maybe you will tie me to the bed and tantalize me for hours… no? Neither of these? What will it be then? Oh, I see. I will be the model in your art class for the evening.

I enter the classroom ready to pose, excited somewhat at being immortalized in charcoal and pastels. Looking around the classroom, I see only you—ahhhh, I am to be your very personal model. Climbing the three steps to the small wooden stage, I unbutton my jacket and remove it slowly, gently dropping it on the chair at the rear of the stage. My back turned to you, I carefully review my attire. Smoothing the short black satin coverup aside, I quickly check to be sure my thigh-high black stockings are smooth and that the garters holding them up are straight, oh good, they are. I turn towards you slowly, watching your eyes begin traveling up my body, first lingering at the high arch of my foot in my black patent leather heels, traveling over my trim ankles then further over my calves and knees covered with sheer, slightly gleaming black stockings. I see your eyes flare at the contrast of my creamy white thighs against the black of the stockings. At your motion, I unbutton the one button at the neck of the coverup, letting it fall open.

I smile slightly at the audible gasp that lets me know the purple lace bra and low-cut panties were a very good choice for this modeling session. Letting the coverup slide off my shoulders and drop to the floor, I walk slowly to the edge of the stage to await your direction.

For a long moment our eyes lock together, both noting the anticipation and excitement shining güvenilir bahis from them. Breaking the gaze, your eyes travel down my body, over my smooth shoulders, stopping at the high swells of my pale smooth breasts, my nipples barely covered by the purple lace. After a long moment, your eyes caressingly travel over my stomach and the curves of my hips, lingering at the panties and flaring slightly at the contrasting textures before your eyes—smooth pale skin, delicate lace, creamy thighs, sheer silky stockings.

As I stand there, motionless, you begin your drawing. Watching your hands as you make your smooth strong strokes on the paper, watching your eyes as you glance up at me from time to time, watching them linger before returning to the paper…a yearning starts in my throat and travels quickly through my body. The intensity of your glances and the strength of your hands holding the charcoal makes my breath catch, my knees weak. Without volition, my hand reaches to cover my breast, fingers coming to rest just at the top of the lace, fingertips just covering my nipple. The movement of my hand catches your eye, and you glance up just as my fingertips have enclosed my taut nipple between them…oh, desire flames through your body now. I can see the waves of it tightening your frame, I can see your muscles tense, I can feel the restraint as you hold yourself in your chair.

Quickly finishing your first drawing, you flip to the next page, strong strokes capturing the hand covering my breast, bra lowered now so the nipple clasped between my pearl-tipped fingers clearly shows. Unable to hold back any longer as you watch my fingers gently squeeze and circle that hard nipple, you stand and come close to me there at the edge of the stage, your eyes watching me closely. Your lips come close and you reach your tongue out güvenilir bahis siteleri to lathe first my fingertips then my nipple, leaving both glistening with your wetness. Quickly you draw again, trying to capture the shimmer left by your tongue on my nipple. Satisfied with the quick drawing, you quickly reach and enclose my fingers and nipple in your lips, my back arches to your touch, my fingers withdraw so you can enclose my nipple more fully, my fingers resting against your cheeks, drawing you closer. Unrestrained now, you pull me close holding me tightly between your lips, suckling on my breast. One hand slips across my hip and around my back grasping me tightly to you, the other raises to enclose my other breast, still covered, fingers slipping the bra down and gently stroking the curve.

You pull back just a little to look at my breasts spilling out of the bra now, then looking into my eyes seeing the desire and yearning in them, seeing the pulse beating in my throat, my breasts raising with the deep breaths I am taking. Still pressed tightly against your body, I feel the hardness of your cock against my legs. Ohhh, wetness floods through my body, my legs tremble with wanting. Again you pull away and with several quick strokes of your hand on the paper, you have captured my desire-tightened breasts spilling over the lace, the yearning in my eyes.

Reaching your hands again to my breasts, lingering there for a moment, then tracing strongly down my sides, to enclose over my hips, pulling me close again. Your lips lower to trace lightly over my belly, sending shock waves through me. Your hot tongue sliding lower just above my panties then probing just under the edge of them. I gasp with a sharply indrawn breath, arching against your mouth, hoping, needing your mouth to nudge those panties out of the iddaa siteleri way. Feeling the trembling in my body, you gently tug me down to sit, legs dangling over the side of the stage, then pressing yourself between them. Looking up at you, watching you look at me, seeing the fire burn in your eyes, I know the exact moment you realize my panties are open down the middle, a tiny glimpse of the soft shaved pussy showing through the opening.

Groaning with need, you slip your fingers through that opening, sliding right into my wet pussy, running one finger up to my pulsing, throbbing clit. Ohhh, I need you so much now. I reach to pull you close, but you bend over to trace your tongue where your fingers have just been. Grasping your head, pulling you closer, I feel your tongue press into me—oh, the heat!!! Arching into you, pressing closer, your hand takes mine and places it over my pussy, guiding my fingers into the opening where your mouth has left its fire.

Looking at your face as you raise, seeing the tightness of your desire, seeing the hardness of your cock pressing against your pants, I know this is the last time you will pull away from me tonight. You reach for your pad and charcoal, and standing between my legs, looking at my fingers touching myself, you etch this one last drawing. The fastest drawing yet, you throw the pad down, tug your pants and shirt off quickly, press your mouth into my throbbing heat again hard and fast, your fingers holding the panties open for your tongue. Ohh, I’m writhing against your tongue now… pressing closer into you… every sensation shooting through my entire body. Pulling you up over me, feeling you thrust deeply inside immediately…feeling your body tremble with need…long, deep thrusts filling me… fucking me…both of us losing control… then stilling, gasping with deep breaths… basking in the afterglow wrapped in each other’s arms. Ohhhh, heaven.

Breath still uneven, eyes still dreamy, we type our kisses and goodnights and log off the Internet, each returning to our own lives…but, oh!!, how real it seems.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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