Private Lessons Pt. 03

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Amanda beat Sarah to the door and opened it to see a very stunned Gavin.

“Ms Goh? Why are you here?” Gavin asked, worried that their secret was going to be found out.

“Hey Gavin. Come on in.” Amanda said cheerfully.

As Gavin walked in, he saw that Ms Lui was dressed comfortably in a white t-shirt and black butterfly-cut shorts. From the hard mounds sticking out against her thin t-shirt, he could very clearly see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Ms Lui what-?”

He was interrupted by a firm smack on his ass and he turned to see that Amanda had been the one to administer that slap. “Nice ass, Gavin!” Amanda smirked, before reaching out and cupping his crotch. “And that feels like a nice hard cock. I can’t wait to feel it for real. I’ll wait inside, Sarah. Come in when you’re both ready!”

Amanda sauntered into Ms Lui’s room, smoothly taking off her top, baring her tanned back with a very prominent tan line right where a bra strap would be, leaving Ms Lui to explain the situation.

“I need to explain something Gavin. Remember that time we had sex in the locker room after your training?” Gavin nodded. “Well, it turns out Alex from the swim team saw us. And it turns out you aren’t the only student that wants to have sex with me. Alex and Amanda, or Ms Goh, as you know her have been having the same kind of relationship we do. Amanda helped set things up for him and Alex and I had sex. Amanda was curious how good you are in bed and I thought it’s only fair if she gets to have sex with you.”

Gavin stared at her for a moment, his shocked brain taking some time to process this new information. “So… Ms Goh… Amanda, is in the your bedroom waiting to have sex with me?” He asked, clearly not believing what he had just heard.

“That’s right. I may have said that you have amazing stamina and can go all night. Things like that. Try not to disappoint her okay?” Ms Lui asked, clearly amused.

He blinked once and rushed in to Ms Lui’s bedroom, quickly removing his clothes as he raced in. Ms Lui followed more slowly behind him, removing her clothes as well.

She entered her room and saw Amanda just as naked as her and Gavin, eagerly sucking on Gavin’s cock. Gavin had taken a seat on the bed and Amanda was on her knees, giving him a blowjob like her life depended on it.

She bobbed her head up and down a few times before surfacing, a thin strand of saliva connecting her lips to his cock. “Glad you could join us Sarah. This is a wonderful cock to suck on.” Amanda gushed before wrapping her lips around Gavin’s manhood again.

“Enjoy it, Amanda. It’s all yours tonight.” Sarah smiled as she took out her reliable dildo and slid it in to her already soaking pussy.

Gavin groaned, wrapping his hand in her black hair and forcing her to speed up her blowjob. His eyes were closed, concentrating on how good her mouth felt around him. He was no stranger to good blowjobs since Ms Lui had given him many before, but there was something about Amanda’s mouth that was just special.

“I guess you really wanted to fuck Amanda, Gavin. What a naughty student you are, fantasising over your teacher.” Ms Lui teased as she continued to play with herself.

“I’ve wanted to fuck her almost as long as I’ve wanted to fuck you.” Gavin said hoarsely, it was clearly taking a lot of effort to control himself. “There’s a window that’s broken at the top of the girls toilet. You can see into the girls toilet from the hall. I was walking past one day when I saw Amanda changing. She looked so sexy I just had to fuck her.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when he felt a stinging slap on his thigh. At the same time, Amanda’s mouth came off of his cock, but her hand remained in place squeezing it tightly and stroking up and down. “You pervert.” She scolded jokingly. “Which part of me did you want to fuck?”

With each body part she named, she would accompany it with an action designed to turn him on.

“My mouth?” She pursed her lips and made a big air kiss before giving his cock a lick from the base all the way up to the head and jabbing her tongue into his pisshole, causing him to shudder.

“My pussy?” She slid a hand down to her bare lips and inserted her fingers in, collecting a thick layer of her fluid and bringing it to her mouth. She licked her hand clean and hummed in enjoyment. “Oh god I’m tasty.”

“My tits?” Her hand left his cock so that she could cup both her boobs as she gave them a good shake. “Aren’t they bigger than Sarah’s? Aren’t my hard, pink nipples bigger than hers? Don’t you just want to suck on them? Thrust your manhood between them?”

Gavin was captivated by her performance. “Oh god I want to to fuck you tits. They look so big.”

“My ass?” Amanda stood up and turned around, bending to touch her toes, showing off her brown hole. She spanked her ass, letting it jiggle before turning back around and continuing to jerk him off.

“Which do you want to fuck? Or do you want them all?” She whispered, staring straight into his eyes sakarya escort as she opened her mouth in an O and devoured his cock. She slid all the way down, burying his thick member in her throat, feeling her nose get tickled by his pubic hair, the smell of his musk intoxicating her.

Gavin felt his hips jerk involuntarily as her throat constricted around his cock, pushing him close to the edge. Amanda slid off of his cock and resumed stroking him. “Well? Which is it?” She asked seductively.

“All. I want them all.” Gavin gasped “I want to fuck your pussy, your tits, your mouth. I want to fuck your ass so hard you can’t walk straight. I want to fill your stomach with my cum and cover your face with my sperm. I want to fill your vagina with my semen. I don’t care if you get pregnant.”

Gavin was horny beyond any self-control, all the teasing that Amanda had done had pushed him too far to stop.

“Then take me, Gavin. Take me and fucking use me!” Amanda cried, “Don’t be so fucking gentle with me! Use me like you use Ms Lui!”

Gavin growled and wrapped both hands in Amanda’s head, ready to fuck her face. She opened her mouth and grunted as Gavin jerked her head forward, thrusting his cock forward at the same time, sliding his cock into her mouth, feeling it press against her throat. Amanda gagged slightly, not expecting the ferocity that he was showing.

“Oh damn Amanda.” Sarah laughed at the side, “I hope you’re ready. When he gets like this, the fuck doesn’t stop until he’s done.”

Amanda didn’t waste her breath on a reply. Instead, she relaxed her throat and got ready for his next attempt. Gavin tried again, forcing her head down onto his cock, and this time she was ready. His cock slid into her throat with ease, and right as she was about to reverse direction and come up for air, she felt his hands pushing her down.

Her face turned from tan to a dark red as he kept her from coming up for air. When she was about to pass out, Gavin jerked her head off of his cock, letting wheeze and catch her breath. Thick strand of drool connected their bodies. The strands broke one-by-one, leaving trails of saliva on her chin.

She hadn’t even caught her breath when Gavin exerted force on her head again, forcing her back down on his cock. He continued to choke her with his cock for almost 10 minutes. While he enjoyed having her act like a slave to him, she struggled with almost blacking out every time he slid into her throat.

The next time he let her come up for air, Amanda came up coughing. She coughed and spluttered, spraying her spit everywhere. Gavin gripped her armpits pulled her up slightly so her chest was on the same level as his cock. “Titfuck me, Amanda.”

While coughing, she maintained enough presence of mind to follow Gavin’s instructions. She gripped her C-cup boobs and wrapped them around his drool-slick cock. Using her arm strength, Amanda dragged her tits up and down his manhood, suing the tight valley formed by her titflesh to pleasure him.

Every time she dragged her tits all the way down, the head of his cock was stick out. The second time that happened, she bent her head down and licked his head as it protruded. “Fuck, keep doing that Amanda.” Gavin groaned.

Feeling her soft boobs around his cock, he couldn’t help adding some input of his own. Keeping one hand on her head, Gavin planted his other hand on the bed for support as he thrust up every time she licked him. He turned to the left and saw that Ms Lui had her phone out and was filming the whole thing. “Do you want to join, Sarah?” He asked.

“Maybe later, Gavin. This is some great footage.” Ms Lui said, delighted to be able to record this wonderful encounter.

Gavin shrugged and turned his focus back to Amanda who was still on her knees and giving him a titfuck. He noticed that she was swallowing down. He guessed her arms were tired but he wasn’t done with her boobs yet. He wanted to spray his first load all over her face and breasts.

Taking matters into his own hands, Gavin gripped her armpits again and lifted her off the ground and onto the bed. He planted her lying face-up, her breasts resting on her chest, not a hint of sag on them. They really were much bigger than Sarah’s.

Gavin knelt over her chest, sliding pressing her tits together around his cock and began to thrust hard and fast between them. The bed sagged as Sarah joined them, She knelt behind Gavin, wrapping both arms around his neck, her phone held securely in both hands getting a first-hand view of Amanda getting her breasts fucked.

He felt Sarah’s firm boobs press up against his body, her hard nipples pressing into the muscles of his back. Amanda looked down between her tits and stuck her tongue out cheekily, licking Gavin’s pisshole once again. Gavin groaned at the stimulation and felt his balls swell.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” He exclaimed, gripping his cock in hand, jerking it wildly as he came, shooting his cum all over her face. Jets of semen shot sakarya escort bayan of his penis, landing on her face, neck and the remainder trickling out and staining her gorgeous breasts.

Once he was done, Sarah let go of him and went to get a close-up of Amanda’s cum-streaked features. “Alright, time for me to take a quick break…” Amanda trailed off as she saw Sarah shaking her head.

“Who said anything about a break?” Sarah asked.

“What? He can’t be hard again this fast.” Amanda protested in disbelief.

“Look for yourself!”

Sarah moved back to her chair and sat down, letting Amanda see that Gavin was indeed ready to go again. “How are you going to take her this time, Gavin?” Sarah asked cheekily.

“Missionary. My favourite.” Gavin said briefly before sliding down her body, dragging his spit-coated cock between her tits and all the way down to her pink folds. His cock left a trail of saliva behind as it slid down her abs. An idea crossed his mind, and he decided to voice it out.

“Sarah, aren’t you super horny right now?” Gavin asked. It was really more of a rhetorical question since he could see that she was vigorously thrusting her dildo in and out of her pussy to relieve the need she was faced with.

“God yes. But I want Amanda to enjoy your cock.” Ms Lui responded.

“I’m going to fuck her all night. But why don’t you get some pleasure from her too?” He thrust hard into her, burying his cock halfway into her soaking cunt, her legs spread wide to either side of him. Pausing to let her adjust to his girth, Gavin continued speaking to Ms Lui. “Let her lick you.”

Ms Lui was stunned at the suggestion. “I’m sorry what?” Her hands stopped moving. “I’m not a lesbian, Gavin!”

Sliding out entirely, Gavin made another strong thrust forward, impaling more of his length into the teacher under him. “Fuck, Ms Goh. You’re tight.” He commented, her hot and wet insides felt amazing. “You don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy her mouth! And she’s such a fucking tease, she won’t mind. I want you to do it. Please?” He almost begged.

Amanda was gripping the sheets tightly, groaning in satisfaction as Gavin stretched her out. “Oh god, that’s good. Please Sarah! Let me taste you!”

She hesitated one final time before resting her phone on her study table and getting on the bed. The bed sagged under the weight of 3 bodies, but held. Sarah straddled Amanda’s face before lowering herself down and burying Amanda’s face in her folds.

Immediately, she felt Amanda’s hot tongue dragging along her slit and Gavin’s hand cupping her head, pulling her forward. “Fuck that’s so hot.” Gavin growled, pulling Sarah’s lips to his, roughly shoving his tongue deep into her mouth.

Eyes closed in pleasure, enjoying having a skilled tongue burrowing into her folds and stimulating her sensitive walls while her lover made out with her, Sarah could hear the bed springs creaking slightly as Gavin began to pace up his thrusts into Amanda.

Sarah briefly pulled away from Gavin to gasp out, “More Amanda! Your tongue feels amazing!” While saying this, Sarah proceeded to grind her pussy harder against her colleague’s lips in an attempt to get that strong tongue deeper into her hole.

Once she felt Amanda’s tonguing get more vigorous in response to her encouragement, Sarah bent her head forward and resumed kissing Gavin, moaning into their lip-lock.

After a few minutes of this, Gavin gently pushed Sarah away, a thin strand of their mixed saliva remained to connect their lips before It broke off. “Sarah, lie down on your back. I want to take her from behind.” Gavin said, slightly out of breath.

He reluctantly pulled out of Amanda, groaning in slight disappointment when her hot folds ceased to hug his member. It slid out with a soft ‘pop’ sound, heavily coated in her vaginal fluids. Just as reluctant, Sarah re-positioned herself, getting off of her friend’s face and lying down. While shifting positions, she took a moment to look at Amanda’s face.

She couldn’t hold back a giggle as she saw how red Amanda’s face was, glazed with a combination of her cunt juices and Amanda’s spit. Stuck in that glaze were several strands of Sarah’s curly pubic hair had gotten dislodged in Amanda’s oral assault on her nether regions. It was beautiful.

She heard a click and looked up to see Gavin had taken a photo. “You read my mind, Gavin. Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Sarah asked, admiring her beautiful work friend. While Sarah was beautiful and sexy, her body was softer than Amanda’s. Amanda who had played netball since her secondary school days had a much more toned body.

“Those long, strong legs. Those firm abs… and look at how defined her arms are. Toned without being overly big. Isn’t she just the hottest woman you’ve ever had sex with?” Sarah asked in awe.

She felt Gavin wrap his arms around her and pull her close to him. One warm hand held her cheek and turned her face towards his. “She is beautiful. And I have escort sakarya wanted to fuck her for a long time.” Gavin whispered, staring deep into his lover’s eyes. “But to me, you’re even more beautiful. I love your body.”

He then pulled her into a kiss, and it started off very different from their previous one when they were both in top of Amanda. This was a kiss that conveyed just how strongly Gavin felt about Ms Lui Sarah. She felt herself going limp into the kiss as he pulled her close, his hard and slick cock digging into her abdomen, reminding her that they had unfinished business.

Breaking off, their faces flushed from the intensity of their emotions, Ms Lui said, “I think you wanted to fuck Amanda right? Come on, she’s waiting.”

Gavin laughed and turned back to Amanda Goh to see that she had already turned over onto all fours and was looking back at them impatiently. “Come on, lovebirds. Fuck me already!” Amanda demanded.

Getting in position, Gavin squatted behind Amanda and sent a hard slap into her firm ass cheek, making her gasp from the stinging pain. “Alright Ms Goh. Let’s fuck.”

“Call me Amand-AHHH!” Amanda’s statement was interrupted by a shriek as Gavin thrust all the way into her, his cock still sufficiently lubed from his first penetration of her. Her eyes scrunched shut in response, gritting her teeth to keep from further cries.

As deep into her as he could go, Gavin stopped to let Amanda’s breathing settle. As the hissing of her breath escaping through her teeth gave way to more regular but still laboured breathing, Amanda opened her eyes and saw Sarah’s matted pussy in her face.

Sarah giggled at Amanda’s shocked expression. “You were curious about how it feels to have my hair in your face right? Well, you’re going to get more than enough to satisfy you.” Sarah teased.

Amanda stared at the spit and cum-drenched bush of black hair nestled between Sarah’s pale, smooth legs, keeping Sarah’s luscious pink lips hidden from most of the world. “Oh god it looks even better in person. You tasted so sweet, babe I can’t wait to get another taste.” Saying that, she buried her face in Sarah’s crotch, groaning in delight as the taste of her juices filled her mouth.

“Oh yes you feel so good, Amanda!” Sarah purred, feeling that hot tongue once again lapping up her fluids. She just couldn’t resist wrapping her legs around Amanda’s face, trapping her co-worker in position. With that done, Sarah’s free hands moved on to cup her own breasts, squeezing them tight to add to her own pleasure.

By this point she was desperate to cum. She wasn’t used to waiting this long and she was doing everything in her power to bring herself over the edge. With Amanda enjoying eating her friend out, Sarah was in for a treat.

Every once in a while, as a result of Amanda’s strong tongue work, Sarah’s folds would release a fresh wave of fluids for Amanda to lap up. As more of the sweet juice bathed Amanda’s lips, she couldn’t help but hum in pleasure. The vibrations flowed through Sarah’s folds and sent waves of pleasure through her, bringing her one step closer to her desired climax.

While Amanda’s tongue was keeping her tongue busy with her colleagues hot folds, her own cunt was busy getting stuffed. Gavin had his shaft buried fully in her leaking orifice and he was grinding his pelvis against her ass in circles, providing Amanda with just enough stimulation of her sensitive pussy without distracting her too much from satisfying Sarah’s needs.

“Ohh come on, Gavin!” Amanda took a brief pause from licking Sarah out, her face thoroughly drenched in Sarah’s fluids to egg her student on. “Fuck me like the bitch I am! I need it!” Before she could lower head back down to continue partaking of Sarah’s delicious cunt, she felt a pair of hands gripping her head tight and pressing her head down towards Sarah’s nether regions.

“Don’t stop, Amanda! I’m so close!” Sarah cried trying to bury Amanda’s face even deeper into the space between her legs, seeking that last piece of pleasure that would open up the floodgates for her.

“MMF!” Amanda grunted in muffled protest as Sarah’s strength of desperation pushed her head down too far. Amanda’s lips were now pressed up against Sarah’s asshole and with Gavin fucking her from behind and Sarah’s hands pressing her head down, there was no way for her to get out of it.

Resigned to her fate, Amanda stuck out her tongue and briefly licked Sarah’s backdoor, grimacing slightly at the strong taste it left on her tongue. While it was mildly unpleasant to Amanda, she couldn’t help but notice the shiver that ran up Sarah’s body in response.

As the taste of Sarah’s ass lingered on her tongue, Amanda found the aftertaste wasn’t unpleasant at all. In fact, she might even like it. Hesitantly, she stuck out her tongue once again and probed deeper into her friend’s anus, and even as she tried to decide if she liked the taste of her ass, in the back of her mind she was grateful that Sarah’s ass was clean.

After several more licks, Amanda came to the shocking realisation that she actually liked the taste of her ass. It was, to her, an acquired taste. Having decided that she enjoyed it, Amanda began to enthusiastically attack Sarah’s backdoor, savouring the slightly bitter taste that it left in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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