Prison Island Ch. 09

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Francesco was relieved to see Karl busy with bossing everyone around when he woke up and went outside. Why Karl had let him sleep so much was beyond him. The last thing he needed was to owe the asshole any favors.

Ty and Anya were bent over a bunch of peeled branches that looked flexible enough to make baskets out of them, which was exactly what they were doing. Leon carried heavy rocks and larger branches, with Ollie in tow. Mouse was probably out hunting. Karl was barking orders.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked, as he came closer.

Mouse had done wonders to his ankle, and it didn’t hurt so much anymore. Still, he had a bit of a limp.

“Nothing. You’re the boss’s wife.”

Francesco scoffed. “Stop doing that, Karl.”

Karl finally turned his attention on him. Francesco wanted so much to give him a fat lip. But not even that would make the asshole less attractive. He seemed the type of dude to wear his battle scars like trophies. Even though not yet a man like Leon, he had a chiseled chin and strong bone structure, and he looked capable of taking a beating, unlike him.

“You’re glowing, honey. Must be my facial.” Karl smirked.

Francesco looked away. “If you don’t have anything you want me to do, I’ll go scout the area.”

To his surprise, Karl agreed. “All right. Just don’t get too far. I expect a full report later.”

Francesco shrugged and walked away. It would be good to be alone with his thoughts for a bit and meditate on his condition. The way things stood, as much as he hadn’t wanted that to happen, he was pretty much a bitch.


The sound of falling water made him move closer. Following the stream, he had reached a nice waterfall, and for a moment, he took the time to admire the landscape. After throwing on few looks around, he shed off his clothes and walked under the natural shower, tilting his head back and letting the water hit his face.

He gasped when someone grabbed him from behind, but he relaxed as he sensed the other’s smell. “I thought you were out hunting and all that.”

“I was. But then I noticed a more interesting prey.”

Mouse brushed his hands over his chest, and Francesco shuddered. Because of Karl’s obsession with his tits from last night, his nipples were so sensitive now and almost hurting. But he wouldn’t push Mouse away, especially since his dick swelled in an g├╝venilir bahis instant.

The redhead walked around him, and Francesco grinned when he saw he was all naked. Mouse had a nice body, lean and tanned. Just looking at his cock made Francesco drool. He had a feeling he would enjoy to suck Mouse’s cock the most of all people.

“Wanna give me head?” Francesco asked, grabbing his cock and pumping it.

Mouse grinned and cocked his head to one side. “And what’s in it for me if I do that?”

“I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Fuck my ass,” Mouse said, his chin high and provoking Francesco with his eyes.

Francesco smirked and grabbed Mouse by the ass, pulling the cheeks apart. “This ass? You sure?”

“You can bet. Give me a dicking, Kekko. I fucking need it.”

The sound of a branch crushed under someone’s feet made them both turn.

“How are my girls doing?”

Francesco groaned when he saw Karl. The fucker undressed in an instant and joined them in the water. Francesco pushed Mouse behind him, earning a small amused snort from him. Karl was looking at him with hawk-like eyes. His cock was hard and weeping, and Francesco couldn’t stop staring. His ass wanted the fucker’s cock, and there was nothing he could do about it. Even thinking of having his ass wrecked by that tool was enough to make his cock hurt.

“Could you piss off, Karl? I’m busy.”

“Doing what? Fucking that cum-hungry whore behind my back?”

Francesco growled. “Don’t. Call. Him. Names.”

“Or what?” Karl grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him close. “You’ll do what, Cesco?”

“I’ll fucking murder you,” Francesco mumbled, although Karl’s superior strength was enough to humiliate him.

“How about you two stop fighting?” Mouse intervened. “I’ll suck you both off.”

A man of his word, Mouse knelt in front of them, and Francesco cursed under his breath as he grabbed both cocks and gave them a small kiss.

He should have hated it. But, instead, as Mouse made his and Karl’s cocks touch and the heads rub one against another, he shuddered. He watched as Mouse gave his cock a good lick only to follow with the same move on Karl’s cock. Seeing the boy he liked stuffing his mouth with the cock of the guy he hated was making him horny beyond words.

That was, without a doubt, the part of him that was a bitch and a slut. t├╝rk├že bahis He couldn’t control himself. Mouse managed somehow to push both heads into his mouth and his tongue did a wild dance making Francesco gasp and pant.

Karl held him by the waist and, in turn, he rested his hands on Karl’s shoulders.

“Good hunter, good cocksucker. He’s a keeper, this one, right?” Karl joked, but he was breathless, too. “Suck me off first, Mouse.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do,” the redhead shot back.

Karl grabbed him by the hair. “Don’t you want me to let Cesco fuck you? Do as I say, and you’ll have him balls deep in your ass.”

Francesco could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest. He couldn’t figure out Karl. He had expected him to get into a fight, but he did nothing like that. Instead, Mouse now jerked him off with one hand while swallowing Karl’s cock to the hilt.

Now, he was jealous. He watched with dark eyes as Mouse worked his cockpolishing magic on that ass-wrecker. He hated it, but he couldn’t stop feeling horny, but he ground his teeth, willing himself not to come like that.

Karl’s breath came in faster. “Here’s the jizz, cum bucket,” he whispered and held Mouse’s head until he finished filling up his mouth.

Francesco closed his eyes. He didn’t care for looking at Mouse now, his mouth red from sucking off that asshole.

“Come on, Mouse, go give Cesco my love.”

He tried to protest, but Mouse wrapped his arms around him and gave him a dirty kiss. He opened his mouth and felt the tongue and the taste of cum. His cock was leaving wet trails on Mouse’s belly.

“How is it, Cesco? Is it good? You gotta get used to it,” Karl said heatedly. “If you don’t, I’ll start jizzing in your food.”

Francesco pushed Mouse away and then turned him with his back to him. “Shoo away, Karl. I’m fucking Mouse now, and I don’t care for you watching.”

Karl’s eyes flashed with anger. “I’ll watch. Nah, even better.”

Francesco shrugged and bent Mouse from the waist. He spat in his palm and pushed two fingers inside the ass waiting for him. He was pissed off, but he didn’t want Karl to know, or Mouse, the traitor, to get hurt. But there was only this much he could do. He pushed inside, grunting in pleasure. He had never fucked a boy, and Mouse’s velvety channel was the best thing he had ever had.

Mouse began g├╝venilir bahis siteleri panting and moaning, doing better than all the porn actors Francesco had ever watched. No wonder he was a good whore. Francesco could feel his cock swelling even more inside Mouse’s ass while listening to that shameless chant.

He grunted as he sensed Karl’s hands on his ass. He didn’t want to let go of Mouse. He wouldn’t if it killed him, his cock locked in that searing heat ordering him to accept everything. Karl scissored his backdoor with hurried fingers and soon he was inside, making Francesco’s breathing stop for a moment.

“Balls deep, baby,” Karl shouted. “Man, I so love to slap your balls with mine.”

It hurt a bit, but in a good way. And secretly, Francesco enjoyed having his balls getting slapped by another man’s ball sack like that. It made him horny, along with having his ass pounded.

“Don’t you care about your bitch’s needs? Grab Mouse’s cock,” Karl said and took his hand.

Mouse mewled like an animal in rut as Francesco’s hand wrapped around his cock. Karl held his hand and they both gave Mouse a rub.

He couldn’t tell what was better, the cock in his ass, his balls getting slapped around, or having his cock buried in Mouse’s ass. He came, a first wave getting swallowed by that hungry hole, but Karl’s tool inside him forced his erection up again. It wasn’t like he had never heard of coming more than one time before, but he had thought that was a myth or something. After a short fall, his arousal shoot up again, and a second wave hit. He was sure he was coming buckets, and he wouldn’t be surprised to fill Mouse so much that he would look pregnant.

Just to check, he held one hand over Mouse’s smooth lower belly. It looked like the other appreciated the gesture because he started shooting with small cute moans.

“How’s it, bitches?” Karl taunted them. “No more jizz in those little balls of yours?”

“Shut it, Karl,” Francesco said through his teeth.

“Yeah, I should. I need to focus on shooting in you. Damn, Cesco, you’re one fine bitch. Such a tight ass.”

“Just cum already,” Francesco grunted as he barely kept himself from sliding off of Mouse.

“Eager to get preggo? Fuck, I’d love that. Too bad it’s not possible. But I’ll breed you anyway.”

Francesco could feel his cock twitching inside Mouse. The fuck, was he coming again? He was so fucked up.

Mouse moaned softly as he felt him. He turned his head and their eyes met. Francesco could feel his face on fire.

Mouse knew the truth. He knew exactly who and what Francesco was.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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