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By BrettJ © 2015

Her name was Patricia, but almost no one called her that – save for Grandma, who could get away with it. Nor did she like to be called “Patty” or any of the other variations of her name. A few of her friends from grade school still called her Tricia and she barely tolerated that.

Everyone who knew and loved her and who wouldn’t? – to a one, they all called her Princess.

She loved being a Princess, acting like one, being treated like one and most of all, looking like one. Princess went through a tomboy stage, as did most girls. The difference was, hers ended after only a few months when she realized that tomboys did not wear pretty dresses, makeup or high heels. No thanks, not for Princess.

Despite her mother’s objections, Princess started turning sexy when she reached the age of 13. She was offered a lucrative deal as a teen model and her mother vehemently voiced her objections. Daddy overruled each and every one of them. “My little girl is a true beauty,” Daddy said proudly. “Why shouldn’t the entire world get to see that?” He allowed his youngest to sign the deal and entrusted her career to a long-time family friend. Princess liked her Aunt Vanessa very, very much. She herself was a former teen model and knew the world into which her friend’s daughter was entering. Jacob “Jake” James would have trusted his friend with his life. He still had the same crush on the cool, leggy brunette that he’d had when they were 14 and juniors in high school. If he could have swayed her after prom, she would be his wife, Princess’ mom and he would have lived his very own “happy ever after” existence.

By the time Princess James reached her 16th birthday, she was known for her great beauty and her sexual allure. Even the teachers fell all over themselves trying to do for her. She took it all in stride. Despite her beauty, fame and fortune – there wasn’t anyone she knew who had more money than she did – Princess was not a snob. Selective yes, a snob, no. She loved people, after all, she loved being the center of attention and people provided her with attention. Aunt Vanessa had instructed her that she should never be too busy or too proud to give someone a kind word. Those people had helped her climb up the ladder of success. Princess adored her aunt and took those lessons to heart. Her mother and her aunt had reached a truce, but only barely. Princess wanted so very much to like her mom, but she couldn’t. Her mom had stood in the way of her success. Her mom was loving and kind to her other children and cold as the girl in “Frozen” to Princess. Princess had enough money to spoil her mother rotten, she suggested shopping trips or lunch dates or vacations – they could have gone anywhere – all entreaties seemed to fall on deaf ears.

She adored her daddy and wanted to be around him all of the time. The handsome football coach looked like a man of 30, not like a man nearing his mid-40’s. Strong, broad-shouldered and intense, he was the kind of man the lovely teen aspired to be with. No wimps for Princess, she wanted a man who could take command. She made more money and had more success than any man she knew. Only a strong man would be able to take command in the relationship so she could be free to be spoiled and adored, the way that a Princess should be.

Princess wasn’t going to sit around her home and feel sorry for herself that she didn’t have a special guy in her life. Nosirree, not this gal! She would dress herself in something sexy – and usually, short – complete with high heels that cost more than many of her friends earned in a month – do her makeup as Vanessa had taught her, pick out some nice lingerie – a girl should always have on something silky or lacy and frilly – and call her friends to go out.

Several of her friends were kids she had known for years, Princess was loyal to a fault. If you loved her, she loved you. There were lots of handsome boys in her crowd and she flirted with them, dated a few, but nothing came of it. They were just boys and she had seen the world. How does a high-school student compare with that? There was also a legion of girlfriends, pretty to a one, not quite as attractive as Princess. All of her girlfriends liked clothes and shoes and she could talk to them. Still, their worlds were equally small. They were nice to look at and be around, Princess did enjoy that. Vanessa – she had dropped the “aunt” last year – was always telling Princess that she should enjoy her time being young and pretty as it didn’t last forever. Princess just thought her aunt was being silly – she was stunning and carried herself very well. By now, she also realized the reason for her mom’s hostility. Daddy had a thing for Vanessa and her poor mom had been second choice. Despite her mom’s treatment of her, Princess felt sorry for her. That couldn’t have been an easy situation to deal with.

Now there was another situation looming on the horizon and its name was “sex”. Princess was now eighteen Tepecik Escort and the kind of girl that drew gasps and stares when she entered a room. She had the elegance of a runway model and the wardrobe that made people, men and women alike, sit up and take notice. The offers started coming, not that they hadn’t before she had turned eighteen and became legal. Vanessa had been her chaperone and rebuffed those offers on Princess’ behalf. No longer.

Still somewhat naïve about sex, Princess was understandably confused.

“You’re eighteen now, baby,” Vanessa said as she hugged the 5’10” model. In heels, Vanessa was about 5″ taller, without them, she was only an inch taller. “I can’t protect you forever and I shouldn’t. If there is some guy – or gal, these are modern times – you want to fuck, I say go for it. Just be smart and careful, otherwise, enjoy the ride. I sure did!”

Princess smiled and nodded and got ready for her night out. Vanessa’s statement had both confused and shocked her. Girls? Really? She knew about lesbians and bi-sexuals, some of the other models had already made passes and she herself had a few bi girlfriends. She hadn’t considered sex with a girl as an option for herself, although she was always quick to notice an attractive girl or woman. It had also surprised her when Vanessa used the “F” word. She supposed that Vanessa was now going to treat her as an adult, which made her warm all over.

Out with her friends at a popular dance club, Princess watched them all interact. She was never lonely and had lots of friends, but no one special as yet. She admitted that she wasn’t actively looking, but a steady partner would be nice. She had been offered a lot of work for the coming year, so after graduation, Princess would be taking a year off from school. It would be nice to have someone to spend time with and she did have – urges. She’d had those for quite some time and in conversations with her girlfriends, she learned a vital fact. She was a very sexual, very sensual young woman. If Princess had a steady companion / lover, she knew something – she would spend a lot of time fucking. She would act the part of the slut, take pleasure in being thought a whore. Why the hell not? She had the face and the body for it. She now possessed the sexual allure of a magazine model and had been approached by magazines like Playboy to pose for them, now that she was of age.

Vanessa said no – Princess replied by saying that she would think about it. She was flattered by the offer from the infamous magazine and she felt really sexy. It was the very first time that she and Vanessa had disagreed on anything.

An attractive stranger sent Princess a drink, she turned and smiled at the man who had sent it. He was tall, dark and handsome, which appealed to Princess a great deal. Too bad he was only in his mid-20’s. Had he been ten years older, she would have joined him at his table, flirted a bit and perhaps allowed herself to slide down that slippery slope. Thank God Princess earned enough money to buy all the sex toys she wanted because she had been so horny for months. She sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for marriage to get fucked, which made her giggle. It was the first time she had thought of herself in a sexual situation. She sipped the Singapore Sling and enjoyed the fruity flavor. Technically, she wasn’t old enough to drink as yet, although she knew that no one in the bar would say a word. It added to her prestige to have her here. Everyone by now had gotten word that she was here in a sexy little outfit, showing off those famous legs of hers.

Her closest friend came running over to Princess, a host of male admirers following her every move. Candy was so sexy that she could have been a model, it only so happened that she was only 5’2″. Still, adorable and super-smart, despite her bubbly blonde persona. “Oh my gawd Princess, have you heard the latest rumor about you?” Candy giggled and took a few sips of Princess’ drink.

“No – and do I want to?”

“Hmm – prolly not,” the slightly older Candy giggled. Princess noted that her friend was already a few sheets to the wind, but it only made her cuter. “I’m going to tell you anyway, because we’re besties!”

Princess rolled her eyes. Candy could be such a ditz, despite her IQ being somewhere around 145. Still, it was the dichotomy of those two personas that made Candy the intriguing little sexpot she was. Princess wasn’t without an intellect of her own.

“They’re saying, like, that you’re a lesbian!” Candy said as she sat down beside Princess, her short skirt riding up. Now that there were two women, they were attracting a lot more attention. Princess soaked up as much as she could. “Like, not that there is anything wrong with liking girls!”

Candy was very “out” with the fact that she swung both ways. She had been enjoying sexual escapades for some time now and delighted in relating them to an interested Princess. A Escort Tepecik few of them had served as masturbatory fantasies for Princess, as Candy’s descriptions were very graphic.

“You know that isn’t true, you’ve spent the night at my house lotsa times,” Princess said as she rolled her eyes. “Have I ever made a move on you or indicated I was interested in girls?” Princess knew if she ever found herself liking girls, someone like Candy would top the list.

“No, but a girl can always hope,” Candy giggled. Princess knew that Candy thought she was oblivious to her friend’s girl-crush on her. She wasn’t.

“Candy, you know my daddy intimidates people. He watches me like a hawk and that’s also why Vanessa is my chaperone.” Princess sighed. “My place is like a fortress. I couldn’t sneak a guy or a girl in there without daddy catching me.”

“How is your dad?”

“I thought he’d be lonely since mom left, but nuh-uh. He’s perfectly happy and he isn’t seeing anyone that I know of,” Princess said.

“I’d see him in a heartbeat, your dad is gorgeous,” Candy smiled. “I bet he’s got a big cock – I love big cocks!”

“You really are a fucking nympho!” Princess exclaimed. “This is my dad you’re talking about!”

“Wow, since when does the Princess use the `F-word’?” Candy squealed with laughter. “Relax, he’s still a guy and if he wanted me, I’d fuck him in a New York minute. Maybe he’s screwing one of those cute university cheerleaders – mmm, a cheerleader, how yummy!”

“Yep, total slut!” Princess groaned, although she knew a lot of her girlfriends had a thing for her daddy. She supposed she couldn’t really blame them, he had everything a girl could want. She was glad that her mom was moving on, but daddy deserved some happiness.

Princess partied up a storm that night, partly because graduation was a week away, partly because her 19th birthday was in two days and only partly because of her upcoming trip to Paris. She loved it there, it was so sophisticated. Candy would have probably loved it for the sexually-charged atmosphere.

As she had enjoyed several drinks, Princess left her car at the bar and took a taxi home. Her BMW was only a month old, an early birthday present to herself. She had no intention of wrapping it around a telephone pole. The guys at the bar would keep a watchful eye on it in an attempt to curry her favor.

The house was dark when she arrived home, which was no surprise at 2AM. Tomorrow was Saturday, so her daddy could have stayed up and watched a movie, but the den was dark as well. Princess was ready to kick off her Jimmy Choos and call it a night when she heard the noises.

She followed them and began to recognize the whispers, grunts and moans for what they were. She saw the light shining from her daddy’s bedroom. Princess should have turned back, but she didn’t want to turn back. She wanted to see …

… and she got an eyeful!

“Oh yeahhh baby, fuck me, fuck me good with your big, wonderful cock!” The woman who was on top of her daddy’s supine body groaned. Only it wasn’t just any woman – it was Vanessa! “I’d forgotten just how great, how fucking big your cock is!”

Princess had to stifle a gasp as she saw Vanessa sliding up and down on her daddy’s cock. Candy had been right on the money, her daddy’s cock was massive. It was thick and long, at least 8 inches and maybe more. Vanessa didn’t seem to be complaining and she was really giving it to daddy. Princess felt a bit guilty for playing the voyeur but only a bit. This was better than any of those porn films she had borrowed from Candy. This was the real thing and she was on a first-name basis with both of the actors.

Giggling to herself, Princess wondered if perhaps they might like a co-star?

Candy would have died, but watching her daddy fuck Vanessa was a huge turn on. Princess had played it safe – until now. She knew immediately that she wanted to join them, she just didn’t know if it was her daddy or Vanessa that she was into. Or was it both? She didn’t care about what that might imply, just that it looked hot and she wanted in.

Princess knew one thing very well – it was time. Tonight might not be the night, but it had to be soon! Being constantly horny was frustrating and she sure as hell did not intend to go to Paris as a virgin. She wanted to unleash the inner Princess on those snooty Europeans and teach them a thing or two about fucking – once she learned those lessons herself. She watched Vanessa fucking her daddy and marveled at how beautiful she still was. Perfect body, great legs, great tits and a mouth that … well, that answered one question for the teen girl. It was both of them she wanted to fuck.

Fuck it, no time like the present! She pushed the door open and entered the room.

The older couple broke apart and stared at Princess. “Wow daddy, you sure as hell know how to fuck,” she said as she sauntered over to the bed, her hips Tepecik Escort Bayan swaying as she had been taught. “You were really giving it to her. Hi, Aunt Vanessa,” she smiled, thinking this was the first time she had called the woman “aunt” in some years.

“Wow,” Vanessa said, not even bothering to cover her nudity. “This is really happening.”

“What is really happening?” Jake said, covering himself as best he could under the circumstances. Princess could see that her daddy still had his hard-on despite all of this. “Patricia,” her daddy said sternly, using the name she hated and he only used when very angry “You do not belong in here!”

“Yes, she does,” Vanessa muttered quietly under her breath.

“Daddy, every sexy, 110 pound inch of me is dying to get in that bed with the two of you and join the party,” Princess said. She did not intend to be dissuaded. “It might be different if I was a kid, but I’m almost 19. I decide what to do with my life. You are two sexy, gorgeous, mature older people who can teach me a lot about fucking. So, the only thing to be decided is if you are man enough to go for it and not worry about the societal BS?”

Vanessa was still acting as if she was in a dream. “Oh God, it’s as if all of my fantasies are coming true,” she moaned softly.

Jake spun around. “Vanessa, for God’s sakes, you’ve fantasized about …?”

“Sex with Princess? Yes Jake, I have. She’s gorgeous and now, she’s totally legal. I’ve seen her naked, I know what her body is like – and I want to feel it against mine. You know I like girls more than guys, it’s one of the reasons I didn’t marry you. Look at her – she’s one of the most gorgeous young things I have ever seen and yes, I want her – and so do you, look at your cock!” Vanessa exclaimed.

It was true, Vanessa saw it and so did Princess. Jake should have been turned off and fading, but he wasn’t. His cock was bigger and turgid. He was turned on, the forbidden thoughts were as hot to him as they were to the two women. All that he had to do was give the go and let Vanessa and Princess do all of the work.

“Christ,” Jake murmured and shook his head. “I suppose that I can’t deny the fact that my daughter is one sexy little bitch.”

“I could be your little bitch, daddy,” Princess urged. “Yours and Vanessa’s, just give the word.” She posed herself on her high heels, presenting herself in the best light. Vanessa was already sold and salivating over the prospect. Princess only had to break Jake’s resolve.

Jake looked at his daughter. Her outfit was intended to entice, a blind man could have seen that. Her blonde hair fell in golden ringlets almost to her waist. Her long, tanned legs were accentuated by her new shoes and her face, that sex kitten face of hers, was beaming at him.

“I’m out of my fucking mind,” Jake shook his head. “Okay, you’ve got me. If you think you can handle this, feel free to join daddy and Vanessa in bed.”

The pretty blonde squealed and went to kick off her heels, then noticed Vanessa shaking her head “no”. She picked up on the cue and left them on, only removing her top and tight skirt. She stood proudly before her wonderful daddy in the sexiest lingerie and heels he had ever seen. “Christ,” Jake croaked as she moved to the bed.

“You said that already,” Princess giggled. She wrapped her slender fist around his cock and it jumped. Vanessa moved in behind her, one hand on the small of her back.

“Let’s do him together, okay?” Vanessa purred and leaned in for a soft, sensual kiss, albeit with lots of tongue and heat. “I know that this is your first time giving a blowjob, your daddy is 9 inches of man, so follow my lead and you’ll be fine”

Princess nodded and kissed Vanessa again. It was so very wonderful, kissing another girl. The next time she got together with Candy, look out! She appreciated Vanessa’s instructions and made sure to take her time. She mimicked Vanessa’s moves, going up and down the thick shaft and all around. It was a bit weird to suck her daddy’s balls, but if Vanessa could do it, so could Princess.

Vanessa was a bit stunned to see what a fast learner the pretty teen was. Her hands stroked the small of the girl’s back as she allowed herself to luxuriate in the reality. Princess was truly the loveliest thing she had ever seen and to possess her, even for a minute, was an incredible feeling. Every so often, their mouths would meet and they would kiss again. These were the moments Vanessa never wanted to end. She looked over at Jake, who had his eyes closed. Was he trying to block out reality or overcome with the intensity of his dual blowjob? Vanessa decided that it had to be the latter.

Princess had never before, at no point in her life, been this happy! She was sucking a cock, she had made out with another girl and there was more on the way. She thought that she might have ruined her sexy little thong because she was so very wet. That didn’t matter because the lingerie manufactures practically forced it on her and she could always get more. She moved about the bed as Vanessa instructed and was perched above her daddy. Vanessa nodded and the thrilling moment came as Princess lowered herself to her daddy’s tongue. He was going to eat out his sexy little girl.

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