Practice Date with Kim Ch. 03

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Copyright ScottArroy December 20, 2021

This is a follow up to two earlier stories. Becky, Paul’s sister, had promised her best friend Kim that her brother would be able to fix Kim’s relationship problems. I hope you will enjoy the continuation of the story. As several of the story tags imply there is some brother sister interaction in this episode.


I’ve known Kim since she went to kindergarten. She is intelligent, kind and sexy. I had not pursued her as she was my sister’s best friend. Kim was like a sister to me.

After twelve heartbreaks in eighteen months she lost all confidence and stopped going out retreating into her shell. That is prior to yesterday when I took her on a first practice date. This morning I woke up in her bed.

On the way home after the second date Kim had declared her affection and even her willingness to be a ho for me. Kim was so desperate to find out what she was doing wrong in relationships. The fact Kim was not able to maintain one was seeing her being passed over for jobs at work.

Naked, we had just made another round of Vesper Martinis and moved to the bedroom with the intention exploring Kims sexual dynamic. When the front door opened. We moved back to the Lounge room to see Becky walk in.

“What the fuck Becky! I aggressively greeted my sister with a semi hardon and a martini in hand.

“Wow, I don’t know where to look. Kim those boobs of yours and those lovely square nipples. I’ve always wondered what they would look like when excited. And brother wow that piece of yours has grown into something fantastic just look at it firming up as I admire it!”

Kim sending me a I told you so look.

“What drink is that? Will you make me one brother?”

“Why not!” Quickly retreating behind the bar.

“I tell you why not. Because your sister is leaving. She clam jammed me this morning and it’s not happening again.”

“I’m sorry Kim but I don’t want my brother taking advantage of you.”

“No you don’t! She yelled before continuing.

You want him taking advantage of you! Kim firmly challenged.

Becky’s jaw dropped.

Kim furthered the attack.

“Deny it! You can’t can you”

Then looking at me. I told you she wanted you.

Beckys actions were swift and calculating. She pulled the smock she was wearing over her head. Naked with her bikini pattern showing on her otherwise tanned skin. A pale off blonde landing strip above her closed lip slit.

“I bloody knew it!”

“Guilty.” she said.

My jaw had now dropped. My sister had close set C size breasts with almost no separation between them and cherry red firm nipples.

“What the fuck Becky!” This time it was Kim uttering the profanity.

I started mixing the cocktail. “Can you cut some more lemon peel, while we argue, please Kim?”

Kim cut the slices calling out. “You can’t fuck your brother Becky that’s incest!”

“But you can with a dildo or strap on while I pretend it is Paul.”

“I told you she wanted you. I just didn’t think to add, too!”

“Can’t we all play together like we used to?”

“Becky, your brother is supposed to be helping me find out what I’m doing wrong in my relationships.”

“Do bodrum escort you really want to know?”

“Of course.”

“I know what it is, always have.”

“What?!” Arriving with the ice and lemon peel.

“You haven’t been dating your true love. You haven’t been dating Paul! Can you deny you want him to love you as more than a pretend sister; that you want those practice dates to be real?”

Kim dropped her head in confession.

“So we both want to be with him, won’t you share?”

They were conversing about me as if I wasn’t in the room.

“Paul, why do you think my relationships are failing?”

“You’re dating duds not dudes. Your aggressive sexual behaviour intimidates then. They start off thinking they’re dating a submissive. At the end they’re probably in fear you have a cupboard full of equipment fit for the set of Fifty Shades of Grey.”

After a slight pause I continued.

“Possibly you are seeking bad boys because the unattainable guy you want is a bad guy.”

“Are you unattainable?”

“Do you have a cupboard full of nasty things?”

“Not full. You didn’t answer my question.”

“Neither of you have answered mine. What toys do you really have?”

“Becky, they’re not toys. Used incorrectly they can cause serious harm.”

“What! You have canes, whips, restraints and such?”

“Not canes but I do have paddles and a few other novelties.”

Kim looked inquiringly at me. “So are you unattainable?”

“Are those devices for you to use or have used on you?”

“Both, I switch! Originally I intended them to be used on me but I discovered I like it both ways. I’ve never forced anyone to do anything. I’m more consensual than dominant unless it’s roleplay. I could be fully submissive to the right man.”

“What about a woman?” Becky asked.

“Becky to partially answer your earlier question and this. You would be the submissive one.”

“Oh! Oh! I see.”

“Do you still want to share?”

“Anastasia topped from the bottom. If I could do that.”

Both sets of eyes were now staring me down.

“Unattainable you asked?”

“I did.”

“I’ve never thought of myself as unattainable. I gather though I’m no longer required to escort you on practice dates. The issues seem resolved.”

“It would seem so.”

“I’ll get dressed and leave you to play with your submissive then. Treat my sister kindly, mistress.”

“What! no! I don’t want you to go.”

“We don’t want you to go!”

“Becky, you set me up. I don’t think Kim had a part in your plan. But honesty appears to have been mislaid.”

“We did not collude, Paul. I promise.” Kim desperately claimed.

“You said you had a paddle?”


“Please bring it to me, Kim.”

Kim returned with it.

“Alright Becky lay across my lap.”

“Oh yes. I’ve been a bad sister.”

“Becky laid across my lap. I paddled her left cheek at what I’d consider to be a medium to firm swat.”

I waited before repeating the blow redness already apparent. My manhood, rising in excitement. How many blows do you deserve?”

“As many as my brother deems fit but perhaps six.”

“On each cheek I gather you mean.”

“No but yes brother dear.”

I swatted bodrum escort bayan another two medium blows. “Change sides and we will settle for a total of eight.”

Becky lifted herself but in an exhibition of topping, Becky impaled herself as she laid over for her for the second set.

“Are you sure Becky.” I asked.

“Yes brother but perhaps I need ten as I may have transgressed.”

I swatted six additional blows finding it difficult not to lose my load as her vagina clamped down on me as the force of the hits dissipated throughout her body.

“Do you feel you should be punished, Kim?”

“No Paul, I don’t but if it would give you pleasure, I’ll submit to any number of paddle whacks you wish.”

“What if I said twenty and with more force than I used on Becky?”


“One hundred then.” My inner bastard appeared.

“Any number Paul.”

“Two hundred?”


“A thousand.”

She gulped.”I love you. I guess it’s true I always have. Paul if it takes a thousand paddle hits to prove it. A thousand I will have.”

“I never said we would date going forward.”

“I’ll take any chance you offer.”

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for me?”

“I can think of some pretty horrible things I’d never want to do. If you asked me to do them I would. I told you yesterday I can only judge you on how you are with me. If I felt you didn’t respect me, notwithstanding the love I feel for you, I’d give you up.”

“Would you ice my sister’s bum then please.”

Kim returned with ice which she soothingly applied to Becky’s redness.

“Earlier you said you want me to make love with you as one might if they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes to both style and timeframe.”

“Becky, it appears Kim has answered your question.”

“Did she?”

“Did I?”

“You said you wanted me to make love in the way we would for the rest of our lives.”

The two girls looked at each other. Becky ecstatic her headlights again on high beam. Running to cuddle me.

Kim joined us in the cuddle whispering in my ear.

“As long as I have you I’m ok with sharing. Are we dating for real now?”

“No Kim we are not!” Kim pulled back from our embrace.

“What no, I have a work dinner next week and I need you.”

Kim, mortified, not really cognizant with what she was saying.

Becky. I whispered in her ear. “I need Grandma’s ring you’re wearing.”


“Are you prepared to give it up forever and let me have it?”

“Yes Paul.”

“Discreetly then please take it off.”

She seductively, not discretely, cuddled me from the side, wrapping her leg around me sliding her slippery box up and down my thigh.

Sucking her finger. The one with the ring and on it, pulling it down to the second knuckle unseen because her gyrations and the C shape hand job simulation as she pretended to run her hand up and down my shaft.

Then popping the ring finger in my mouth and acting as if I’d just blown over her as I bit the ring from her finger.

“Get a room you two!”

I moved to Kim and kissed her grabbing both arse cheeks. My manhood pressing against her body. Kim escort bodrum broke the kiss to say.

“Becky darling see if you can get his meat to go in me, if you will.”

Kim returned to making out with me. It was surreal making out with Kim while Becky was manipulating my junk. Becky just had it in when I thrust forward with both tongue and dick.

Kim stopped and took the ring from her mouth. As I slid backwards freeing myself and falling onto one knee.

“You’re going to have trouble telling your kids how daddy proposed if you say yes!”

“Are you, are you asking me to marry you?”

“Well as we’re not dating it’s either friends with benefits or being engaged. And you did say the rest of our lives together. So Kim, will you make us happy and be my wife?”

“Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!” Kim kissed me again, pressing her body against mine.

“Put your ring on me then. Wasn’t this your ring Becky?”

“It was my Grandma’s engagement ring. Now it’s yours. We’re going to be sisters.” Becky pulling Kim into a lovers embrace.

Finally they broke. Admiring the ring together.

“Congratulations brother.” As I too received a lovers kiss.

“Sister, do we have enough for another round of Martinis? I like calling you sister.”

“I’ll make you two another but I feel your performance needs requires me to abstain.”

The Martinis made. All three of us headed to the bedroom.

“On another serious note, Kim, do you have a strap on?”

“I do.”

“Do you think you could use it on me while your brother is doing the same with you?”

“Most are designed for giving but not receiving unless its anal, or stimulating both giver and receiver. Fortunately mine has a removable strap that enables vaginal penetration while using a strapon dildo.”

“Do you have more than one?”


Kim answered a little too quickly.

‘I’ll bet there are other types in that draw.’

” … See it wraps around my thigh and waist. With seven vertical straps. I can just take this middle one out and wahla there’s my holes.”

Kim put the strap back in the draw.

“I’m not sure it is best used for a first time threesome but we will try. Paul can you grab the lube and a strip of condoms from the second draw.”

“OMG Kim, so many toys.”

Including two double ended didos one with a clit stimulator and a double penetration strap on all in their own zip lock bags.

‘I Knew it!’

“Yeah the real stuff is in the tall cupboard over there.”


“Becky slip the condom on the dildo and apply lots of gel. Im so wet we can explore fourplay another time. What about you?”

“My tunnel has never been so wet, maybe except during orgasm. I’m good to go. My brother is standing tall so I guess we’re all good.”

“Do we want the lights off?”

“God no!” Becky and I immediately responded.

I watched as Kim slipped the seven inch dildo into my sister. They were face to face with Becky on her back. I climbed on looking into Becky’s eyes as I entered Kims pussy from behind.

Let the love begin!” Becky said looking straight into my eyes.


Hey, my name is Scott. Please let me know what you think of this story by comment and vote selection.

I’m writing a multi chapter story about Ashlyn. So this will probably be the final episode for Paul, Kim and Becky unless there is a public outcry to hear more. A shout out to @lesliejones who altered the Kim dynamic albeit not as far to the left as she suggested.

All the best Scott.

Copyright ScottArroy December 20, 2021

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