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“Boy, tonight you’re on your own again,” Kevin’s stepmom reminded him with barely hidden glee. The oversexed, overdeveloped thirty-two year old musclebitch and her equally oversexed, overdeveloped, musclebitch-fucker stepson were on a week-long college tour during Spring Break week, and they were about to finish dinner at a local diner in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I remember. But what areyour plans?” he asked sarcastically. Kevin was well aware what Trish had in mind for herself, at least in general terms. To get herself fucked as quickly and as hard as possible! By a man if at all possible – if not by a woman.

Madison was about to experience the unbridled lust of two of the McKenzie clan! It wasn’t the first town and neither of them expected it would be the last – the University of Wisconsin was the mid-point of their trip.

Kevin was 18, a tall, ripped stud who knew what he wanted and how to get it: tits and cunt. One small and the other huge – but not in that order!

His dad was back home, trusting his second wife as Kevin’s chaperone and tripmeister (while banging his secretary once upon arriving at work and once before leaving – but that is a different story). Trish did a pretty good job at the latter, getting the two of them from city to city and arranging for the campus tours, etc.

And Kevin thought she did a pretty good job with the former too, mainly by turning him loose most nights to ravage and pillage the resident pulchritude. That means: to fuck the hot co-eds!

Kevin reached down below the table to shift his dick slightly. The thought of the night about to begin started the blood flowing to his oversized prong. Half a pint had moved there in the last few seconds, rushing to fill his cockbarrel. The stacked waitress leaning over him every few minutes was helping the cause. One of her tits had brushed his head a few minutes earlier, and it didn’t appear to be an accident!

His crotch adjustment didn’t go unnoticed by Trish – not much ever did. She was as sharp as she was lewd, and as crude as she was built.

“You already stiff, stud? Maybe you should show the bitch what you have in there.” She cocked her head toward the twitching ass of the wonton waitress as she sashayed away from them.

Trish knew very well what he had “in there” – they had been fucking behind the back of Kevin’s dad for two years!

“Trish, she must be close to 30; what would I want with a broad that ancient?” he said with as straight a face as he could muster. He knew, and he knew Trish knew he knew, how hot and horny a woman that age can be.

Trish didn’t say anything in response. But looking stern, she reached under the table, and took hold of as much of Kevin’s shaft as she could through his jeans. Her strong hand began to squeeze the massive dong as she looked into his eyes, her grip slowly tightening. She kept up the pressure, her bicep bulging, applying far more pressure than most women could attain, and far more than most men could take. She could feel his pulse through the denim.

Kevin just grinned at her. “Are you doing that to make me hornier, or to make yourself hornier?

Trish laughed. “Both, I guess – as if either of us needs it. I’ve been dripping ever since that sophomore football player led our tour this afternoon. I thought I would die from lust when I saw the package he’s packing!

“Too bad for him that some other guy is going to get the benefit of what he started,” responded her stepson. “And I saw him mentally undressing you . . .”

“Too bad for you you’re such a cretin. While you were making time with that slutty looking girl you intercepted on the sidewalk, I slipped him my cell phone number. And we have a “date” in about ten minutes!” she crowed.

Kevin was surprised, but quickly recovered. He looked over at Trish, and studied her more closely for a moment or two. He reassessed her for the first time in a while, and concluded she was as good looking a woman as most men will ever see in the flesh. Long dark hair, a Marie Osmond look, about five feet eight inches tall. Heavily muscled from years of tennis and intense weight-training. Tits the size of cantaloupes – big cantaloupes at that. Her tanned juggs looked like they were about to jump out of her low-cut top; her swollen deltoidswere jumping out of her short sleeves.

Trish thanked God for her physical assets every day, because they made it possible for her to attract the cock she craved so much. Trish was a nymphomaniac and ugly nymphos have a tough time of it!

The thought of Trish and Mr. Football balling added another inch or two to Kevin’s cockstand. Enough banter, he thought – let’s get the show on the road. He spoke up.

“Yeah, while you were busy finding a cradle to rob, I made a date with that chick. And I hope she is as slutty as you think she looks, ’cause that’s why I moved in on her.”

Trish clucked like a disapproving mother hen. “It takes one to know one, baby. You won’t have any trouble eryaman genç escort bayanlar scoring with that one tonight. One look at your prong and she’ll be gone! Ten inches’ll make most girls cream, and she didn’t look like any fucking exception to me. Trish hesitated for a moment, then concluded “She looked like a fucking whore instead!”

“Let’s get going.” Kevin was impatient. “I said I would meet Lisa at some video arcade near the bookstore, and I don’t want to be late. Where are you meeting Mr. Football?”

“So ‘Lisa’ is the slut’s name? ‘Mr. Football’ is coming right here. I figured he knows his way around this town better than me, so why not let him pick me up? We’ll figure out where we’re going when he shows up . . .” Trish voice trailed off, as her mind focused on her memory of the guy’s tight ass and her fingers under the table stroking her wet snatch.

* * *

Mr. Football was at that moment only a block away. If you thought he was excited, or nervous or anxious, about his date with the aggressive nympho, think again. Trish was only the latest in a long line of young mothers away from home who had found his looks irresistible – even if she was hotter than any of his previous tour-generated conquests.

But Mr. Football – Chad actually was what people called him – had the confidence and experience of a man 20 years older than his 21 years. Of course, he had been fucking since he was 13, and had probably balled over 150 skirts of every age. Chad didn’t think the bitch existed that his dick couldn’t tame.

Chad reached the door of the diner and his eyes began to search for Trish. Kevin and his superstacked slut stepmom were at the register, paying the bill, the horny waitress still making goo-goo eyes at Kevin. Chad saw the look she was giving him, and immediately recognized it – it was the look she had givenhim just two weeks before!

Chad walked up behind Kevin. “Don’t be so quick to ignore her, man. Two weeks ago she balled me to the wall with that overactive cock-snatcher of hers. Only in town for a month and she’s worked her way through half our starting line-up!”

Kevin turned and grinned at Chad. “Maybe some other time – I’ve got other action tonight,man.”

Trish just stood nearby, waiting to be noticed. “Arrogant asshole,” she thought. “Mr. Football thinks it’s more important to chat-up Kevin than to greet me.”

Her cunt pulsed with anticipation as she absorbed his cockiness. Then she glanced down at this crotch, saw how cock-y he really was, and leaked fuckjuice into her thong. “Fuck!” she thought. “This is going to be good.”

Finally Chad looked over at her. And despite his confidence, he was momentarily startled. Tits that big were usually kept better hidden –- at least in public. And Chad was a major, major tit-man. He smiled. “I’m Chad,” he said reaching out his hand to Kevin – who shook it, and then reached it out again to Trish.

“Hi, doll. Glad you could make it. Kevin, run along and go play with your friend now. Chad and I need to get to know each other.”

Kevin leaned over to her before he took off. “We’re meeting in the lobby at 9 tomorrow?” He was confirming their morning plans.

“Yep. Try to get a little sleep tonight dear! Now go!”

* * *

Kevin walked briskly down the street. His height – he was six feet four inches – and broad shoulders garnered stares from many he passed. People assumed he was a football player himself – which was true, just not yet for any college. His sandy blonde hair and move star good looks startled the co-eds as he strode purposely toward isass-ignation.

There she was. Leaning against the outside wall of the video arcade, head back, looking bored. Or maybe like a street hooker waiting for her next trick. Yeah, that was appropriate, mused Kevin, a slutty-looking girl looking like an actual slut. Her face closely resembled the actress Catherine Bell. She had short brunette hair.

He assessed her as he approached. She was only 19, but fully developed. He worked his way up from her high heels that tensed the ridges of sexy muscle running up along the back of her calves, then starting again at the back of her thighs and disappeared under her white microskirt. No hose, so every contour of the sides of her powerful legs was etched in tanned relief.

Not much of a waist, at least that was how she looked from the side, and what there was of it was bare. Above it, a white halter top holding what looked to Kevin like a whopping shelf of tit. As she leaned back the shelf became a set of missiles, aiming up at a 45 degree angle.

Lisa knew she was built, and she knew what direction Kevin would be coming from. And she knew that her hourglass body would give him the kind of show that would start the evening right.

Lisa may have looked bored, but it was a well-rehearsed act. No girl with her sex drive was ever bored, because when she wasn’t having sex she was planning it, and when she wasn’t planning it she ankara escort bayan was dreaming about it. Sex dominated her existence, and the “boredom” routine was one of many strategies she used for attaining her goal — to attract the most desirable men into her panties! And she knew how many men saw detachment as a challenge.

Lisa’s nipples were stiff and rubbery and pushed arrogantly into the thin halter fabric. The nubs visibly stretched the material, and signaled to whoever was observant enough to notice that right now she was not bored at all.

No, she was daydreaming about Kevin, and how dreamy he had looked earlier that day. She noticed and appreciated how handsome he was, and his chiseled body too, but all she could think about was his cock – that fuckstick had made a real promising bulge in his jeans. Man, there might be as much as eight inches of pleasure in there, she estimated. Or maybe “hoped” was more accurate. Little did she know.

Just like Trish, Lisa couldn’t keep herself from leaking when she got excited. Cuntcream was slowly making its way down the inside of her luscious ripe thighs, tricking most of the way down her long legs. She tensed her ropey inner thigh muscles and they came together and gave her cunt a squeeze. She closed her eyes and almost moaned out loud.

“Hi babe,” he said nonchalantly.

She was startled for a moment, then focused on him. She looked up into his eyes, but since she was close to six feet tall herself it wasn’t hard. She kept her eyes impassive.

“Hi babe yourself,” she answered. “Where are you from?”

“Los Angeles. Well, Santa Monica actually. What about you?”


They bantered for a few minutes.

“Want to go in and play some?” She gestured toward the entrance to the video arcade.

“Sure, let’s do it.”

He let her lead the way. He was polite, but the main reason was to do an ass assessment.

She knew his plan and gave him a show. Not so wild as to be a parody, but she swung her big ass pretty damn hard. Up-and-down and down-and-up, each hip beating a rhythm of pure sex. Her pleated microskirt twitched violently.

“Man, she is too much,” though Kevin. “Most guys would not be able to handle a chick this big and this wild.” Kevin knew he was not “most guys.” His cock lurched.

The sassy slut walked up to her favorite machine – the one with the gun. She stuck in a game card and activated the unit. “You know this one?” Lisa asked.

“Not really, but it looks good.”

“Ok, we can either shoot against each other or take turns. Maybe we should just start by taking turns till you’re used to it.”

He nodded.

“I’ll go first. The idea is to kill as many enemy agents as possible but as few friendly agents as you can. You have two minutes but only 35 shots. You have to be able to aim really well to score big,” she said with a smile – the first time she had smiled at him.

Her well-muscled arms lifted the rifle to her shoulder as she leaned down over the machine. With her left hand she hit the “start” button, and began firing.

Kevin just stared down at the overdeveloped, oversexed tease as she concentrated on the secret agents flying by on the screen. He was on her left, and she was firing with her right hand. As a result he had an unobstructed view of her massive melons, their smooth-as-silk, golden brown tops reflecting the neon lights of the arcade’s ceiling. For the second time that night he noticed those impudent nipples.

Lisa really got into this game. She loved the act of killing – it got her off. Beads of sweat formed on her chest and rolled into her cavernous cleavage. She spread her legs slightly for more leverage, and her ripped thigh muscles tensed and relaxed as she blew away the enemy. Her breathing got heavy, her eyes and cunt dilated and, as she killed three men within a couple of seconds of each other, she felt her twat spasm – and she came. Not too hard, but hard enough to involuntarily squeal.

She caught herself, and turned the squeal into an articulated scream: “Die, you fuckers, die!”

Lisa didn’t look bored anymore.

She stepped back. “Your turn.”

Kevin saw how excited the game made her, but didn’t realize she had orgasmed. He approached the console, hefted the rifle, and hit “start.”

The game was harder than Lisa had made it look. Kevin was having trouble getting away shots that were accurate enough to score. By the time the round ended, he had done ok, but not great.

“Let’s try it again, but this time I’ll help you,” she offered.

Kevin was about to object, but before he could she stepped behind him. He leaned down over the console to begin firing once again, and Lisa moved up against him. The harlot rested her head on his left shoulder, and reached around with her arms to steady the rifle and help him aim. Kevin was tall, but she was too and his bent-over stance made it easy for her to assume the position.

“I’ll etimesgut escort show you when to fire, she breathed into his ear.” “But you have to hold back your shots – cause you only get so many. You don’t want to waste them too early.”

Kevin could barely stand. The bitch had the sexiest whisper he had ever heard, and he was breathing her potent mixture of perfume and sex. Her huge tits were smashed against his back, and he could even feel her hot crotch lodged against his ass. She was burning up.

He did the best he could, but he really didn’t care much. Lisa also helped him the best she could, but she cared even less. It was just an excuse to get her hands on his big muscles, and she thought she had waited long enough – longer than normal, that was for sure.

She began to move her heavy chest in circles on his back. He felt every movement of those amazingly stiff nips as she raked the expanse of his shirt.

“Oh shit shit shit. I’m cumming again. My nipples are too fucking sensitive,” she whispered loudly into his ear.

“Again?” he thought. “When did she cum the first time?” he briefly wondered. But the thought was fleeting, as he reveled in his ability to create uncontrolled lust in the young fox.

In a few moments she stopped, slowly let go of his arms, and stepped back. He put down the gun. “Let’s get the fuck out of here,” he stated the obvious.

* * *

Trish had no interest in video games, or any games for that matter. The cockhound had only one thing on her mind, and that thing was sticking out of Chad’s crotch!

“Your son looks like he plays ball – but you look way too young to be his mother.”

“He does, but I’m not – he’s my stepson. I married his father five years ago.” They were ambling away from the diner, with no destination in mind.

Chad didn’t say anything for a minute.

“So, baby, this is your show. Where do you want to go?” he asked.

Trish stopped and turned to him. The sexy stepmom took a deep breath and let her enormous tits well up out of her top until they were more out than in. Hard, firm mounds that advertised her availability. “Well,baby, she mimicked, I don’t want togo anywhere. Now ask me what I want todo.”

“Ok, I’ll play along. What do you want todo?” Now he was mimicking her.

She reached out and with each of her hands encircled his thick wrists. She lifted them up, meeting no resistance from him. Chad’s arms were heavy, with triceps and biceps that swelled up into giant ribbons of muscle, but she was strong too and she had no trouble bringing both of his arms up over his head. At the same time, she stepped into him, pushing him backwards towards the wall of a store.

The powerful young athlete was taken off guard. He knew the bitch was aggressive, but no woman had ever had the courage or power to physically manhandle him like that.

The oversexed slut walked him back until his ass hit the wall, and then pushed herself up against him — hard. Just as he felt her gigantic tits mash into his chest he saw her tilt her head up, and bringing her mouth forward she planted her lips over his.

Immediately her tongue invaded his mouth, and he took the challenge and tongued her back. She ground her hips into his, all the time continuing to hold his arms high above his head.

Her hips worked their magic, and his trouser snake came alive. She felt it – she craved it. She was amazed by it. She had to have it.

Trish pulled back. “That’s what I wanted to do, for starters. Now I want to take you back to my hotel and fuck your brains out, you hung bastard. I am going to screw you so hard you’ll never forget me or my body. I will be the hardest fuck you’ll ever have, and I am going to cum all over every part of that fabulous body you’ve got,baby!

The vixen let him go. He grinned, and they stepped toward the street to find a taxi.

* * *

Kevin stared down at his bitch for the night. He was pretty damn satisfied – she was Class A pussy! They were in her dorm room. And now she was in her element, with a hung stud in her lair for her to suck, fuck and fuckup.

Lisa was tied to her own bed – at her suggestion. She had produced the ropes from her nightstand and had had Kevin tie each of her wrists and ankles to the four legs of the bed.

On her back, she looked magnificent. Oversized tits dominated the picture, rising defiantly on her chest, trying to scrape the plaster off the ceiling. Her flat, hard stomach tensed with anticipation, her six-pack rippling as she turned and twisted. Lisa’s sleek hips circled in frustration, and as her long, long, legs pulled at the tight ropes her powerful quads flexed.

Lisa was moaning a continuous string of obscenities, and he hadn’t even touched her yet!

“Oh yeah stud, do me now. Fuck my tits, and then do my cunt. Let me see that huge cock of yours – I want to see it now. I want to see it and feel it and suck it and fuck it. Oh, come on man . . .”

Kevin was standing next to her prone bod in his Speedos. He flexed his amazing musculature, teasing her. When he had decided she had had enough, he walked up to her and, with his hips in her face, finally gave her a look at what she had been craving all night – her first view of paradise in the raw!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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