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Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 03

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All characters are eighteen or older. Please vote and comment to tell me if you like, thanks!

This takes place a few days after part two.



The strong smell of salt was in the air as my demon and I made our way to the sea side town of Innsmouth. There was a feel of fresh paint and renewal about the place. I learned that the main income of the town was fishing and the center of that industry was the cannery at the edge of town. I felt the demon squirming in my head as we pulled into downtown Innsmouth.

‘What’s wrong,’ I asked the demon.

‘Bad memories,’ the succubus said. ‘I was here about a hundred years ago and it was much darker than it is today.’

‘Sounds like an interesting story,’ I said and I felt her mental shrug.

‘There are darker things than demons in the world,’ she said.

‘Do I taste a hint of fear in your voice,’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ she said and I left it at that.

What was so bad it left a demon shaking in her thigh high boots? I am not sure I wanted to know. I went to one of the many businesses downtown and showed off the box that the silver coin had come in. After a few visits I was given directions to an antiques dealer just off the main drag. I walked the five blocks and did a little people watching as I made my way to the store. There was an interesting mix of races and nationalities in the small town. I made the right hand turn and saw the green awning about halfway down the block; it had large white lettering that announced I had arrived at Lindstrom Antiques. I opened the glass door and heard the bell ring above my head as I entered the establishment. The first thing I noticed was the glass top display case and the ancient man behind the counter. He was dressed in a wool sweater and dark slacks. He smiled at me and extended his age spotted hand.

“Good morning young man,” he said shaking my hand.

“I have something I wanted you to take a look at if you don’t mind,” I said fishing the box out of my book bag. “What do you make of this?”

“Oh my, that place closed down nigh on thirty years now. But that wasn’t located here it was in Old Innsmouth.”

“Old Innsmouth, where is that,” I asked and he just smiled grimly.

“Well, you take the main road back north and oh I don’t know, I guess it’s about two miles before you see a road trailing off on the right towards the beach. You take that road and you’ll find what’s left of the old town. You know you’re in the right spot when you can see Devil’s Reef just off the coast. But nobody lives there anymore since the purge and the burning of the old church.”

“Sounds like a big deal,” I said and he nodded. Then I saw a figure step out from the back of the store. The family resemblance was obvious and I knew that this was Mr. Lindstrom’s son.

“Hey dad, what’s going on,” he said as he closed the difference.

“Well, this here young man was showing me a box from the old trading company,” he said and then he turned back to me. “Where did you find the box sonny?”

“I found it in Arkham, it was behind an old radiator in a magician’s workshop,” I said.

“Drake, you are talking about Drake aren’t you,” the old man said.

“Yeah, I was given a chance to look around after he passed away.”

“Was there anything in the box young man,” he asked.

“As a matter of fact there was,” I said. The demon hissed in my head and warned me not to be too open about the coin.

“He found it,” the old man said slapping his leg. “I told you Drake found it! He found Simon’s coin all those years ago.”

“Calm down dad,” the son said. “You know what doc said about your heart.”

“Where is the coin,” the old man asked.

“Stolen,” I lied. “I barely had it cleaned off when it disappeared from the box.”

“Damn, that is too bad,” he said. “I would have paid handsomely for it. It is not too often someone comes across one of Solomon’s Coins.”

“I don’t understand,” I said playing ignorant. Then the old man launched into a story about King Solomon and how he bound nine powerful demons into silver coins. He said that they were the worst offenders and caused havoc wherever they went. To punish the demons and the wicked of the world he scattered the coins to the corners of his kingdom. It was said his logic was that evil men would use the coins for their own ends and that the righteous would keep them away from the weak willed. Then he looked up and locked eyes with me and his color went white. Then he grabbed his arm as his body fell to the floor.

“Dad,” the son cried out as his father collapsed. I already had my cell phone out and was calling for an ambulance. While his son made his elderly father comfortable I moved outside and waited for the paramedics. It didn’t take them long to arrive and stabilize the older Lindstrom. I apologized to his son but he just nodded and went with his father in the ambulance. I decided it was time to go visit the old part of town. I reversed my course Telsiz Escort and headed back to the car.

‘Old fool,’ the demon hissed in my mind.

‘Tell me you didn’t hurt him,’ I said anger building in me.

‘No Master, I am just upset for telling lies about me,’ she said.

‘The tale about Solomon is inaccurate,’ I said and I felt her anger dissipate.

‘Yes,’ she said.

‘Well when you are ready you can tell me all about it,’ I said. ‘I want your side of the story.’

‘Thank you Master,’ she said her relief quite evident.

I reached my car and took the old man’s directions towards Old Innsmouth. Just a few minutes after leaving the town proper I found the access road and took it. I felt a twinge of fear in the pit of my stomach. Was this the demon’s reaction or mine? The road wasn’t well maintained and that told a tale of utter and complete abandonment. I was dodging potholes that were big enough to put the car out of commission. The smell of the ocean got stronger as I reached the remnants of the old town. The widowed buildings were in a state of severe disrepair. It wasn’t until I reached old down town that I got my first glimpse of Devil’s Reef, I shivered and I could actually feel the demon squirm into a tight ball.

‘We aren’t staying long,’ I said and I felt a wave of relief radiate from her. She remained silent as I parked the car and decided to do a little bit of exploring. Gods what a eerie place! The buildings were built almost on top of one another and seemed to lean over me as I walked around. There were signs of fire everywhere and I guessed the purge included setting fires to cleanse the area. But what were they purging and why? I found the one building that was almost completely destroyed by fire. There were fragments of its structure remaining as well as a singular metallic plaque. Curiosity took over and I bent down and picked up the plaque and turned it over. It was in surprisingly good condition considering the high heat involved in the destruction of the building. The lettering on the piece of metal was bold and easily read, the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Again that shiver ran through me and I dropped the plaque and it hit the ground with a resounding clang. The sound echoed off the buildings and was joined by new sounds. I could feel the brooding shapes of the buildings and I did not like it at all. Just then I saw the hint of movement at the corner of my eye. But it was gone almost as soon as I registered it. I shook my head and walked down towards the beach. There at least the area was open and the sense of smothering would be lessened. I looked around as I walked and every so often I swear I saw someone watching me from the shadows of the ancient buildings. Paving gave way to sand and I could see the entirety of the bay and I had an unrestricted view of the reef. The tide was in so only the very top of the thing was visible. But there was a queer feeling when I looked at it. I don’t know why the thing made me feel so uncomfortable. There was something unnatural about it and unlike most people I listened to my gut instincts and turned to leave.

‘Thank you Master,’ the demon said. I walked back to the car my eyes peering into the darkened shadows of the corpse of Old Innsmouth. They should have burnt the entire thing to the ground. This place was obscene and needed to be removed from the face of the Earth. Maybe one day I would return in the near future with gas cans and do the world a favor.

The drive home was done with the radio blaring and me singing aloud to take my mind off that horrid place. I reached home at dusk and was thankful more than I cared to admit. Alexis came running out to meet me and gave me a huge hug. She even squealed in ear that she was so glad to meet me. The two of us headed inside when Alexis said something that caused me to stop and look at the rear of the car. There was a single handprint on the trunk of the car. I stared at it and felt the overwhelming dread I had worked so hard to forget come rushing back. The four distinct fingers and thumb were clear but so was the webbing between each and every digit. The webbing ran to mid finger and looked quite functional. I shivered, turned away and escorted Alexis inside. I never should have gone there. Let the sea and sand swallow that entire hell hole up, I would never go back there as long as I lived.

My dad was back and the whole family sat down for dinner. I steered all conversation away from me and let dad do all the talking. He seemed pleased at how interested I was in his work. I wondered how happy he would be when he discovered that Alexis was no longer his fuck puppy. Maybe he would return his husbandly desires back to mom where they belonged. If I knew him he would look elsewhere, pity, she was an amazing woman and was a very eager partner. Alexis and I did the dishes and she asked if I was up to helping her with her homework. I was grateful for any chance of taking my mind off the terrible thoughts Escort Telsiz that were swirling around in my head. I followed her upstairs and was wondering what she had in mind.

“I missed you,” Alexis said as she closed her bedroom door.

“Show me,” I said as she locked the door. She walked over, placed her arms around my shoulders and pulled me down to a hungry kiss. As we kissed she pressed her body against mine and the desire for her drowned out all of my anxiety. She broke our kiss long enough to lose her shirt and bra. As she pressed her naked breasts against me her lips found mine again. I ran my hands along her bare back and felt her shiver against me. Her tongue invaded my mouth as her hands undid her tight little jeans and she began to wiggle out of them.

“What are you waiting for,” she said suddenly.

“I was enjoying the moment,” I said.

“The moment is over, get naked so I can fuck you already,” she ordered.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said as I tugged my shirt over my head. But even as I reached for my belt Alexis beat me to the punch. She was on her knees unbuckling my belt, unzipping me and tugging my jeans down. When she looked up she licked her lips as I stepped out of my jeans. Then she was pulling my underwear off and my cock popped up for her inspection. She wrapped her fists around my cock and began to stroke me off, damn that felt good! Alexis spit on the shaft to lube it up and continued jacking me off. Then she lowered her eager lips to the head of my dick and started licking and teasing me. I gasped when she swallowed the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip.

“Oh shit that feels good,” I groaned. Then this legendary cock sucker slowly lowered her head until her lips were wrapped around the base. As I watched she began to move her head up and down. Her tongue slithered around the head and shaft like some sensual serpent. I was moaning louder now and encouraging her the entire time. Oh yeah that’s it, that feels so fucking amazing! I could feel the succubus enjoying the erotic ride in the back of my head. My hips began to move on their own as I fucked her throat in nice slow movements. Not only didn’t she mind she took my hands and placed them on either side of her head. I gripped her hair tighter and thrust a little faster now.

‘Shoot down her throat Master,’ the demon said. ‘You know she wants to taste your delicious cum.’ I nodded silently and drove my cock to the base with each and every thrust now. I could feel the first tingling of my orgasm starting out in my toes. But it was rising fast and Alexis knew it. My cock was swelling in her throat and she was working her way on milking me of one hell of a climax. I was cursing now as my battle to keep from coming became harder and harder. I bit back a blood curdling scream as I shot down her throat and she swallowed every drop like a good little girl. When I tried to pull out of her mouth she sucked hard until my cock came free with a loud pop.

“Yummy,” she said. I couldn’t reply I was still trying to catch my breath. “I can do that every time just so you know. I guess I have an oral fixation and I’d be willing to suck that cock of yours anywhere or anytime you wanted.”

“I will take you up on that,” I said and she smiled brilliantly.

“Are you going to fuck me now,” she asked as she slowly stroked me. Her touch was very light and sensual and had me hard again in no time at all.

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

I stood her up, bent her over the foot of the bed and tugged her t-bar to the side. Her pussy was freshly shaved and dripping wet. I eased the head of my cock inside of her and felt her cunt swallow me slowly. Her pussy seemed to gobble me up. We both moaned as I hit bottom and she whimpered as I began to move. I grabbed her by the hips for better leverage and began to thrust slow and steady. The little slut began to squeeze me with her pussy muscles and even looked over her shoulder at me. What a look, the hunger in her eyes was intoxicating. I thrust harder now and watched her face screw up in pleasure. She was the one panting now and by the looks of it she was on the edge of climaxing. I hammered her pussy harder now and watched as she thrust her hips back against me. She was grunting louder and louder now as she pushed herself over the edge. I watched as she impaled her pussy on my dick over and over again. Then her back arched and her entire body was trembling as she came. I stopped and enjoyed the feel of her pussy spasming on my dick.

“You can move now,” she whispered. I rolled her onto her back so I could more easily see her fuck faces. Then I pushed her knees to her chest for deeper penetration. Only then did I begin to move again and this time it was short quick thrusts that caused her to shudder with each drive of my hips.

“Take that and that,” I said as I fucked her. She remained silent except for her sharp cries and low whimpers. She was my little fuck toy and she welcomed it. Telsiz Escort Bayan I thrust faster and harder now as I pummeled her pussy. I wanted to come again and her pussy was going to be the receptacle of my next load. I pulled her to me with each thrust now trying to drive my cock as deep inside of her as humanly possible. I was rewarded with a deep guttural cry for my efforts. I licked my lips as my mouth became dry the closer I got to my second climax. This one might be stronger than the first. As I hammered her harder and faster she praised me the entire time. She begged me for my cock and I gave it to her. As it swelled inside of her Alexis urged me to shoot my load inside of her. I redoubled my efforts and speed as I lost control. She arched her back and drove me deeper as I fucked her. I was autopilot now and my hips were moving on their own now. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to and I didn’t want to. My only goal was to get off and fill her pussy to overflowing. I grit my teeth and fought the urge to cum as long as I could. All the while I hammered her pussy unforgivingly and if I was right she was close to climaxing herself.

“Almost there,” I grunted in her ear. “Goddamn your pussy feels good.” She said something but I lost it in the mix of her panting and pleas for more. I slowed my pace but thrust all the harder until I could take it no longer. I pulled back one last time and drove home as we came at the same moment. Alexis latched onto me and held on for dear life. I clung to her just as tightly as my orgasm crashed over me. Our sweaty bodies slid against one another as we recovered. It was only then that I realized the demon was silent.

‘You alright,’ I asked.

‘Unnnn yeah, I came with the two of you I will be alright,’ she moaned softly.

‘Glad you enjoyed the ride,’ I said and left it at that.

Alexis and I cuddled on the bed for a while savoring the moment. I pushed the hair from her face and looked at her stunning beauty. I can see why dad was so enamored of her. She was a little slice of heaven and he had been tapping it for months now. It was in the silence of the moment that I heard the sound of a car door closing. I hopped out of bed to see what was going on and there was dad walking from my car to the house. Then I looked at the car and noticed it was bright and clean as if newly washed.

“I need to talk to dad, get your homework done alright,” I said and she nodded. I got dressed and headed downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen fixing dinner while dad sat quietly in the living room staring off into space. Something was wrong and I needed to find out what it was. I grabbed a soda from the kitchen and got a knowing smile from mom.

“How is Alexis,” mom asked and I just smiled. “Oh good, you’ve got that freshly fucked look.” I was glad she sad that soft enough for only my ears.

“What’s with dad,” I asked and she frowned and shook her head. “I will be out there if you need me.”

“Okay sweetie,” she said.

I headed out to the living room and sat opposite my dad. He looked up and had that haunted look I knew only all too well.

“You washed my car,” I said and he nodded. “Why?”

“It was dirty,” he said. There was a long silence and then he continued. “Why did you go to Innsmouth?”

“I found a box at Drake’s magic shop. It was stamped with the Innsmouth Trading Company and I wanted to find out more about it.”

“So what did you see,” he asked his eyes now downcast.

“I didn’t see anything, but someone or something saw me,” I said.

“The handprint,” he said and I nodded. “There is something you need to know. I don’t know how to say this so I will just come out and tell you. Your mentor, Drake the Magnificent, he was your biological father and my brother.” He stopped and let the words sink in. “We never did see eye to eye on anything. While I worked hard on my grades he spent all his free time on his damned magic tricks. Don’t get me wrong he had a real talent for sleight of hand and what he called hand magic. But what he wanted more than anything was to design and build his own illusions. Then he found that damned box from Innsmouth in a resale shop. There were only a few yellowed pages inside but it was enough to drive him and me headlong into madness. I agreed to road trip with him down to the sleepy little town on the edge of the ocean with its faded paint and dilapidated buildings. We spent three long days down there and the longer we stayed the weirder it got. There was something unwholesome about the people there. I don’t know if it was their lackadaisical attitude or their fanatic devotion to the one and only church in town.”

“The Esoteric Order of Dagon,” I said and he nodded.

“This was a few years before the purge, before the state police and military cleansed the town for good. But after seeing that handprint on the car I can only guess that something survived. Anyway, on our third day we left that god forsaken town and not empty handed. He had gotten what he wanted and that was all that mattered. I want you to promise me that you will never go anywhere near there son.”

“You have no worries from me; I never want to see that place ever again. I agree on every point you made. But you said that he was my biological father, how did that happen?”

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